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  1. Eastland Texas: Stephenville, West: rentals, high school, university (TX)
  2. DFW burners: tickets, event, whole - Texas (TX)
  3. Piney Woods Ranching?: Tyler, Lufkin, Nacogdoches: live, gardens, rich - Texas (TX)
  4. Eastland, Texas: rental, houses, employment (TX)
  5. Wichita Falls winter....: how much, winters, systems - Texas (TX)
  6. Help with a hotel along I-10 shortly after El Paso heading East: Cedar Park: new home - Texas (TX)
  7. Where for lunch in Brenham??: hotel, restaurant, shops - Texas (TX)
  8. Favorite/hated things about Texas: Vega, Nevada: apartment, lease, car registration (TX)
  9. The best Restaurant in small town East Texas: Nacogdoches, Mineola: home, store (TX)
  10. Meet and Greet - Texas (TX)
  11. Texas Muscians: electric, town, debt (TX)
  12. Commerce/Greenville Texas: Dallas, Rockwall: apartments, dorms, movies (TX)
  13. is an aerial image of Dumas, TX: Fort Stockton, West: rail, farm - Texas
  14. Spanish Immersion Program in Bedford, Texas: about (TX)
  15. Which city is best Houston - Austin - Dallas for IT days?: Irving: credit - Texas (TX)
  16. Young Female moving 2 LAKE JACKSON: Houston, Pearland: hotel, transfer to, theatres - Texas (TX)
  17. How is the on-base daycare at Fort Hood?: day care, how much - Texas (TX)
  18. ORACLE DBA openings around?: relocate to, job, positions - Texas (TX)
  19. Temporary Residence Drivers License Needed?: Dallas, Howe: sales, co-op, college - Texas (TX)
  20. need attorney referral to speak to about a Dr and Physical therapist: Odessa: lawyer - Texas (TX)
  21. Royse City. Utilities-Horses-HVAC jobs: Hico: renting, house, construction - Texas (TX)
  22. Relocating to central Texas: Waco, Killeen: hotels, home, find a job (TX)
  23. Who is the nicest?: West: low crime, to live, friendly - Texas (TX)
  24. Might move to Temple-what area of TX good place for 28 single, active young professional??: Austin: lease - Texas
  25. Texas Roofing?: Lubbock, Abilene, San Angelo: homes, neighborhood, costs (TX)
  26. lease not signed?: Austin, Howe: apartment, leasing, month-to-month - Texas (TX)
  27. Finding a house with horse proprety for rent: Stephenville, Dublin: rentals, buy - Texas (TX)
  28. Would people move to Texas if it were an independent nation?: Houston: income, income tax (TX)
  29. I want to relocate to the gulf coast in tx.........: Corpus Christi: apartment, high crime - Texas (TX)
  30. Places to take dog swimming near Ft. Hood: Temple, Fort Hood: beach, park - Texas (TX)
  31. A Texan fertility dance ?: Dallas, Fort Worth: high school, education, rank - Texas (TX)
  32. Texas County Unemployment Rates: Panhandle: cities, counties, jobs (TX)
  33. Lake Waco: home, living in, airport - Texas (TX)
  34. lawyers with community property laws in Texas?: Howe: crimes, mortgage (TX)
  35. Moving to Texas: Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington: neighborhoods, public schools, college (TX)
  36. Photo ID?: credit card, bars, license - Texas (TX)
  37. looking for on quitman TX. ( jobs ,house people ): find a job, schools - Texas
  38. Over 65 Property Tax Deferment: for sale, real estate, home - Texas (TX)
  39. Relocating to Texas..: Dallas, Lancaster: transfer, neighborhoods, school districts (TX)
  40. Tinted Tail Lights: car, ticket, working - Texas (TX)
  41. Marble falls thief: live, address, valid - Texas (TX)
  42. International Texas (foreign consulates by city): Houston, Dallas: to live in, discount, top (TX)
  43. It was 62 this morning in...: Houston, Austin: airport, humid, town - Texas (TX)
  44. from Clifton, the Norwegian capital? Or know much about it?: Commerce: home - Texas (TX)
  45. I need help .. trying to decide where to move in Texas.: Fort Hood: homes (TX)
  46. Electronic Dance Parties making comeback: Austin: music, people, Sunday - Texas (TX)
  47. Galveston County sex offenders?: home, to buy, live - Texas (TX)
  48. Lone Star Saddle Co, Laredo Tx: West, Spur: shops, horse, title - Texas (TX)
  49. will be moving and which small town in texas would be a good place for me to start a new life: Wimberley: land - Texas (TX)
  50. writing retreat in texas?: Dallas, San Antonio: rent, house, taxi - Texas (TX)
  51. Does have opinions about the Sherman Denison area?: Whitesboro: rental, house - Texas (TX)
  52. Galveston & Galveston Bay 8-09 (Photos): Dickens, Cool: home, island, pictures - Texas (TX)
  53. Do you think Dallas will ever have a taller building than the Bank of America Plaza???: Plano: lease - Texas (TX)
  54. getting an address: house, post office, property - Texas (TX)
  55. Wichita falls, TX: Housing within Fowler Elementary boundaries: Lindale, West: sex offenders, crime rate - Texas
  56. Property Taxes in Texas: exemption, live, appraisal (TX)
  57. Is 'spanish-speaking' ability, a must to practice medicine in Texas ?: Houston: to live, costs (TX)
  58. Midland Deputies embarrass Department and City of Midland: Austin, Odessa: gated, legally - Texas (TX)
  59. 1st home buyer, choices: Rockwall, Fate, Royse City, Greenville: Quinlan: real estate, houses - Texas (TX)
  60. Recent College Graduate Looking for a job in Texas: Houston: job market, internship (TX)
  61. Moving to Beaumont & looking for best area for exotic dancing/to work: Houston: transfer - Texas (TX)
  62. Trial of Sharon Keller (CJ, Texas Ct. of Crim.App.) Wraps Up (TX)
  63. Texas Open Beaches Act: Galveston, Howe: condos, hotels, homes (TX)
  64. How can I get Runge, Texas souvenirs?: San Antonio, Gonzales: school district, college (TX)
  65. Which city should I move to?: Lubbock, Abilene: rent, live, moving to - Texas (TX)
  66. South Padre Island Causway: Port Isabel: rain, near, hurricane - Texas (TX)
  67. The best...???: Houston, Dallas, El Paso: house, property taxes, living in - Texas (TX)
  68. Fort Hood: Killeen, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights: day care, transfer, utilities - Texas (TX)
  69. Relocation to coastal texas...suggestions?: Houston, San Antonio: house, schools, living in - Texas (TX)
  70. Was ever a member of that was hosted by the Midland Reporter News?: Austin: activity - Texas (TX)
  71. want to move to the south for grad school: Houston: live, moving - Texas (TX)
  72. Thinking of buying a Bed & Breakfast - looking for advice from current innkeepers and B&Bs!: Waco: for sale - Texas (TX)
  73. Thinking about transferring to Tech or ASU: Lubbock, San Angelo: lease, credit - Texas (TX)
  74. Is there a good place to raise a family in Texas that still has jobs available?: San Antonio: house (TX)
  75. Moving to Brownsville: Solis: cheap apartments, crime, home - Texas (TX)
  76. My Electric Coop charging more than deregulated providers!: Granbury, Howe: apartment, house - Texas (TX)
  77. Brownsville Annexation??: San Benito: move, land, cities - Texas (TX)
  78. Texas and Newcomers: college, living, moving to (TX)
  79. Laredo Schools: homes, school district, education - Texas (TX)
  80. Laredo Residents - Help with apartment choice: Houston: apartments, school - Texas (TX)
  81. Pecos, Texas: schools, living in, population (TX)
  82. British lad looking to experience the best Texas has to offer: Houston: home, wedding (TX)
  83. Which medium/large Texas town has...: San Antonio, El Paso: high school, to live in, move to (TX)
  84. Son and family moving to Pittsburg TX from KY: Tyler: rental, day care - Texas
  85. Which Texas towns are the Best????: Austin, Lubbock: real estate, chapels, homes (TX)
  86. For all the Texas Pug lovers!: Portland: dog, husband (TX)
  87. 2+2 program Alamo Community College~~It's never too late folks: Houston: appointed, student loan - Texas (TX)
  88. Public Transit: Dallas, Irving, Center: hotel, limo, college - Texas (TX)
  89. Help!!!!!!!!!: Dallas: fit in, buy, cost - Texas (TX)
  90. 55-mile storm barrier proposed for Texas: dangerous, to move, oil (TX)
  91. moving to fort hood need help!!: Dallas, Austin: homes, middle schools, subdivisions - Texas (TX)
  92. cowboys in Mansfield?: Arlington, Midlothian: house, bars, metropolitan area - Texas (TX)
  93. zoysia or bermuda for west texas lawn???: how much, costs - Texas (TX)
  94. Video Tour of Beaumont, Texas: things to do, relocating to, hot (TX)
  95. Browns Landing - Lake Palestine: Tyler: houses, new construction, subdivision - Texas (TX)
  96. Im Moving to Georgetown in April 2010 and bringing my job with me need: Austin: leasing - Texas (TX)
  97. moving to arlington: Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie: to rent, house, to buy - Texas (TX)
  98. What is Fruitvale, Texas like?: Tyler, Denison: real estate, school, live (TX)
  99. hows the traffic?: buy, place to live, pit bulls - Texas (TX)
  100. Hello kitty stores: home, area, selling - Texas (TX)
  101. Goodbye Texas: Belton, Lone Star: to live, safe, move (TX)
  102. Tar balls and oil blobs on Texas beaches...: Houston, Galveston: floor, activities (TX)
  103. Right to work state: law, free, workers - Texas (TX)
  104. Let's rename the Cowboys: Dallas, Arlington: schools, college, move - Texas (TX)
  105. Best Texas Gulf Coast Fishing Without Paid Guide: Corpus Christi, Port Arthur: best towns, pollution (TX)
  106. Texas has the largest domed stadium in the world!: Houston: lease, home (TX)
  107. Lufkin?: Houston, Austin, Tyler: rental, crime, home - Texas (TX)
  108. 6 public schools in CA are better than UT Austin - embarassing!!!!: San Antonio: school rankings, universities - Texas (TX)
  109. Where is Arlen?: Houston, Dallas, Austin: home, neighborhood, living in - Texas (TX)
  110. What Texas Means to Me.: Houston, Dallas: fit in, lawyers, home (TX)
  111. Corpus Christi vs. McAllen Metro: Houston, Dallas: sales, city hall, lease - Texas (TX)
  112. with Nuevo Laredo?: San Antonio, Austin: live, dangerous, shop - Texas (TX)
  113. New Statewide Traffic, Criminal Laws set to go into effect Sept. 1: Alamo: low income, sale - Texas (TX)
  114. Older Germans living in New Braunfels: San Antonio, Roma: coupons, home, to buy - Texas (TX)
  115. Why do Texans hate each others cities?: Houston, Dallas: to live in, vs. - Texas (TX)
  116. Will Texas Go To The Democrats In The Next 20-25 Years?: income, live (TX)
  117. 'Texas Public Schools Now Required To Teach The Bible': Dallas: house, school districts (TX)
  118. with Fredericksburg ISD?: New Braunfels, Kerrville: buying, private school, contractors - Texas (TX)
  119. Houston or San Antonio???: Austin, Galveston: crime, house, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  120. positives about the Northeastern part of the U.S.?: Dallas: for sale, low crime - Texas (TX)
  121. Cities: 50-100,000: Houston, Austin, El Paso: college, live in, estimate - Texas (TX)
  122. From Italy to Texas!: Houston, Austin: real estate, lawyer, house (TX)
  123. Noahides in Texas: Austin, Odessa, Pittsburg: shops, kosher, cities (TX)
  124. Accident on I-35 today (8/26/09): San Antonio, Austin: home, high school, university - Texas (TX)
  125. help need advice on Texas cities with good jobs and low rent!: Houston: best city, to rent (TX)
  126. Hollywood and New York seem to bent on making Texas look bad: Houston: high schools, gated (TX)
  127. More Rick Perry stupidity: insurance, vs., companies - Texas (TX)
  128. Texas Metro Population Growth Forecast: Lubbock, Laredo: military, estimates, farm (TX)
  129. With such a low tax burden...: Vega: high income, maintenance, taxes - Texas (TX)
  130. Best places to retire in Texas?: Houston, San Antonio: transfer, tornadoes, living in (TX)
  131. How is Brownsville?: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio: crime, hotel, dorms - Texas (TX)
  132. Stephenville, Texas - Good? Bag? Ugly? or Go For It!: Austin: rentals, house (TX)
  133. Adivce on living in the McAllen Area,: Houston, Edinburg: salons, apartment complexes - Texas (TX)
  134. McAllen only metro in country to gain jobs this year!: San Antonio: unemployment, wage - Texas (TX)
  135. Gambling in Galveston!: Lott: home, schools, casinos - Texas (TX)
  136. Where in Texas is MOST mixed in race?: Houston, Dallas: universities, to live (TX)
  137. We are looking to move to Midland: Austin, Fort Worth: unemployment rate, transfer to - Texas (TX)
  138. KKK in vidor: Houston, Beaumont, College Station: lawyers, home, asbestos - Texas (TX)
  139. Curious about towns in Texas: San Antonio, Austin: low crime, job market, schools (TX)
  140. Relocating to Texas from San Diego: Houston, Dallas: mortgage, job market, neighborhood (TX)
  141. Texas Medical Center in HOU poised to overtake Downtown Dallas in 5-6 years: Houston: schools, zoning (TX)
  142. Nacogdoches?: Houston, Austin, Spring: renters, buying a home, buying - Texas (TX)
  143. Ahem, fake testicles on the back of trucks and a law banning them?: school, live in - Texas (TX)
  144. Relocation from MA to TX??? Crazy??: Houston, Dallas: sales, rentals, vehicle registration - Texas
  145. The Economist: Texas vs California - America's Future: Houston, San Antonio: appointed, bankrupt (TX)
  146. South Padre Island: Howe: real estate, condo, hotel - Texas (TX)
  147. Midland Developments: El Paso, Lubbock, Odessa: consignment, hotels, movie theater - Texas (TX)
  148. Humorous piece about moving to Texas: Dallas, Cactus: house, to live, cost (TX)
  149. Texas Residential Construction Commission - what happened?: Houston, Austin: appointed, home builders (TX)
  150. NE Texas milliped the house.: Houston, Odessa: construction, inspectors (TX)
  151. Just how bad is Laredo...Really??: Houston, Howe: apartments, crime rate, hotel - Texas (TX)
  152. Perry or Hutchinson: Bailey: how much, house, property taxes - Texas (TX)
  153. looking to relocate to texas from pennsylvania: Houston, Corpus Christi: rent, mortgage - Texas (TX)
  154. What's good about Waco, TX?: Houston, Dallas: hotels, houses, neighborhood - Texas
  155. Thinking about moving to Texas after high school: Houston, Dallas: apartment, rental (TX)
  156. Trans-Texas Corridor?: Dallas: construction, contractor, assess (TX)
  157. Need Restaurant in Waco, TX: Center, Franklin: broker, live in - Texas
  158. How many Alamos are there in Texas?: San Antonio, Austin: apartments, rent (TX)
  159. Lonesome Dove tx?: Austin, Grapevine, Del Rio: homes, restaurant, store - Texas (TX)
  160. Suggestions Requested: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio: transplants, apartments, to rent - Texas (TX)
  161. Tax-free weekend?: Howe: sales, buying, school - Texas (TX)
  162. What cities in Texas have the best tourist and historical attractions?: Houston: good hotels, place to live (TX)
  163. Why are Texas people so proud?: Alamo, Jefferson: live, military, reputations (TX)
  164. Is there a rivalry within Texas?: Houston, Dallas: high school, college, live (TX)
  165. Why are buildings in San Antonio so short?: Austin, Fort Worth: real estate, condos - Texas (TX)
  166. Relocating to Amarillo: Lubbock, Pampa, Portland: apartment, to rent, violent crime - Texas (TX)
  167. The Truth about the Armadillo: Abilene, Round Rock: movers, home, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  168. Abilene?: Dallas, Midland, Commerce: real estate, rentals, broker - Texas (TX)
  169. Possibly moving to Denison. What are the people and town like?: Dallas: section 8, rentals - Texas (TX)
  170. Help! Is austin, dallas, or houston better: San Antonio, Corpus Christi: low crime, tornado - Texas (TX)
  171. Commute time from South Austin to the very Norteast tip of San Antonion right off 135?: New Braunfels: buy, construction - Texas (TX)
  172. vegetarian moving from Chicago to Texas: Houston, Dallas: job market, movies, school (TX)
  173. Your Favorite Musical Genre: Houston, Alamo: club, building, top - Texas (TX)
  174. Slap yo Mama restaurant?: Houston, Dallas: live in, prices, food - Texas (TX)
  175. Athens, Texas - Just for Retirees?: Dallas, Tyler: real estate, crime rate, homes (TX)
  176. Favorite style of Texas Cooking: vs., gardens, food (TX)
  177. Abilene Restaurants: Allen, Lockhart, Winters: movie theater, price, food - Texas (TX)
  178. To find the Real Texas, where should I go, what should I eat, drink, see, and do?: Austin: public schools, best (TX)
  179. Kilgore,Texas: Houston, Dallas, Tyler: high school, college, live in (TX)
  180. Where to move to in Texas: Houston, Dallas: job market, schools, college (TX)
  181. opinions on Big Spring, TX?: Dallas, Midland: house, to live in, costs - Texas
  182. Carfree Living - Which small cities in Texas?: Austin, Fort Worth: houses, schools (TX)
  183. Perry Vetoes Smart Growth: Houston: homes, neighborhood, contractors - Texas (TX)
  184. to teachers in texas: sublet, job market, transfer to - Texas (TX)
  185. Affordable renters policies: price, average, liability - Texas (TX)
  186. from Perryton? - Texas (TX)
  187. HB 2154 To Bring Massive Tobacco Tax Hikes On 9/1: increase, smoking - Texas (TX)
  188. looking to move (what is mcallen/el paso like?): to live in, military - Texas (TX)
  189. Cedar Breaks Park?: Austin: how much, camp, pay - Texas (TX)
  190. Callaway Villas: College Station: water heater, college, electric bill - Texas (TX)
  191. Galveston ISD and the Community: apartment, crime, how much - Texas (TX)
  192. Apartment/Townhome Help!: Arlington: apartments, crime, townhomes - Texas (TX)
  193. Help!!!!!!!!!: Dallas, Van: homes, moving to, apts - Texas (TX)
  194. Went to Summer Mummers in Midland: live, annual, event - Texas (TX)
  195. Tornado or Microburst on I45, Sunday July 26th 2009: Madisonville: car, buildings - Texas (TX)
  196. Texas: best cities, to move, public transportation (TX)
  197. Shelby County: friendly, accents, great - Texas (TX)
  198. moving to ft.hood, lookin for a roomate: Campbell: to rent, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  199. Oil and gas work in Longview, Kilgore area: hotel, home - Texas (TX)
  200. need rental home in Cotulla: apartments, credit, house - Texas (TX)