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  114. I Believe In The Twinity, Not The Trinity: Revelation, pray, sin - Christianity
  115. The Virgin Birth: Torah, Gospels, Lutherans, incarnation - Christianity
  116. News, 'Serpent-Handling' West Virginia Pastor Dies From Snake Bite: hell, woman, church - Christianity
  117. God and His Christ will Rule the earth as Man, not as an angel: Micah, reincarnation - Christianity
  118. Christian hymns are amazing: church, Jesus Christ, Bible, faith - Christianity
  119. The UR message is Satan's timeless lie ... Surely you will not die: crucify, Gomorrah - Christianity
  120. And if you just can't accept the idea that God will save everyone in the end..: Micah, hell - Christianity
  121. Fundamentalist and Evangelical are not the same thing!: Gospel, doctrine, believe - Christianity
  122. Under UR, Jesus becomes a 'religious accessory': abominations, doctrine, woman - Christianity
  123. Following Sins Won't Allow a Person to see, Inherit, and Enter God's Kingdom, PERIOD!: church, believer - Christianity
  124. Is salvation a gift, or is God bartering?: hell, church, preacher - Christianity
  125. The luselessness of hell: Gospel, woman, preach, believe - Christianity
  126. Living together outside of marriage: woman, church, believe, Moses - Christianity
  127. The Bible shows that man's soul is immortal and that the believer in Jesus Christ goes to heaven when he dies: paradise, Gospel - Christianity
  128. Vengeance is mine: beliefs, sinners, disciples, Jesus - Christianity
  129. What Would YOU Do If They Were On Your Doorstep?: crucify, Jehovah - Christianity
  130. The amazing recovery of the TV evangelist Jim Bakker: messages, doctrine, woman - Christianity
  131. No Temple Needed: abomination, doctrine, Revelation, beliefs - Christianity
  132. Armed forces and Christianity.: messages, doctrine, women, church
  133. It was asked twin, how do you think babies are saved ? ... well, like it or not, s the answer: hell, believe - Christianity
  134. Do you find Catholicism a user-friendly religion?: traditions, Lutheran, church - Christianity
  135. You cannot wake up the people of Gomorrah with the gospel of peace. - Martin Luther: hell, church - Christianity
  136. If you don't believe in Eternal Damnation: purification, Gospel, hell - Christianity
  137. The wickedness of faith without works: Gomorrah, hell, Sodom - Christianity
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  140. Researching the original sin fiasco: hell, women, Revelation - Christianity
  141. 'Thy Kingdom Come: Gospel, incarnation, Messiah, Revelation - Christianity
  142. would jesus follow what you are preaching/teaching?: Gospel, churches, Messiah - Christianity
  143. Baptist and Evangelicals very similar?: crucifixion, Gospel, Lutheran, hell - Christianity
  144. New interpretation of the Shroud of Turin: believe, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  145. Once A Catholic, Always A Catholic?: tradition, Lutheran, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  146. The bible says it, so I believe it: hell, punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  147. Jesus could not be High Priest if the Law was still in effect - From the Tribe of Judah not Levi: Torah, Messiah - Christianity
  148. If you don't believe in Universal Reconciliation/Salvation...: paradise, Gospel, dinosaur - Christianity
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  151. the devil made me do it?: church, lukewarm, Revelation, beliefs - Christianity
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  153. You'll not end up in hell(eternal torment) for believing He IS the Savior of All.: Gospel, believe - Christianity
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  155. Today is the Day of Salvation; Tomorrow May Be Too Late: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  156. Parishoners Stand up to Priest at Mass: hell, churches, Messiah - Christianity
  157. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.: crucify, traditions - Christianity
  158. Wrath: An Attribute of God: crucified, Gospel, hell, punishment - Christianity
  159. Does the Bible still matter in 2012 America?: Jehovah, Sodom, woman - Christianity
  160. Use of the word, Man: women, church, scriptures - Christianity
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  162. Neither do I condemn you: Gospel, women, preach, believers - Christianity
  163. Jesus Got Angry Sometimes - Looking for Bible verses: the passion, hell, women - Christianity
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  165. The Fundamental Basics of Bible Doctrine: tradition, hell, church, believe - Christianity
  166. Does God Hate Sinners?: Gospels, abomination, woman, churches - Christianity
  167. Things satan fears you will reseach as a christian.: Mormonism, agnostic, believe - Christianity
  168. What do you want heaven to be? What's it supposed to be like?: hell, doctrine - Christianity
  169. Who is NOT Born-Again but Still a Christian?: Lutheran, hell, presbyterian - Christianity
  170. How many of you who call yourselves believers in Jesus Christ understand that the believer goes to Heaven when he dies?: believe, Bible - Christianity
  171. You'll Never Believe What This Agnostic Did Tonight: church, prayers, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  172. The rules of the game have changed: crucified, Gospel, messages - Christianity
  173. Relativism of today: Truth is, what man wants truth to be..: hell, woman - Christianity
  174. What Do You Do When Unbelievers Come To You As Christians ???: testimony, churches - Christianity
  175. A statement of faith of the core of the universalist message: Gospel, church - Christianity
  176. What did Jesus mean, Leave the dead to bury their own dead... ?: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  177. Have you ever felt a conflict between your Christian beliefs and scientific evidence?: evolution, Jesus - Christianity
  178. If You Went To Church Today What Was The Message: churches, Messiah - Christianity
  179. URGENT : prayers needed: Jesus, God, bless, Lord - Christianity
  180. Witnessing of Jehovah to Jehovah Witness: Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, churches, Messiah - Christianity
  181. Sisters protest/rally bishops d.c.: spiritual, people, Washington - Christianity
  182. Is Their Really God's Viewpoint With Bible Verse ?: women, church, believers - Christianity
  183. Real PURPOSE.....Get it to the masses!!: testimony, believe, Moses - Christianity
  184. How often do people receive the sacraments in your community?: churches, minority - Christianity
  185. What's The Personality Of The Spritual Enemy Today ???: women, church, preacher - Christianity
  186. Are We Judgmental To Say What The Bible Say About Being Saved ??: doctrine, women - Christianity
  187. CHAOS AND THE VOID: The desperation to believe: church, experience, religion - Christianity
  188. Does The Holy Spirit Have Us With 100 Intrepretations Of All The Bible Today ??: Gospel, Lutheran - Christianity
  189. News, Study: Philippines leads world Ďin belief in Godí: believe, Catholic, people - Christianity
  190. The Mystagogy of Full Preterism: Gospel, doctrine, church, gnostic - Christianity
  191. Author of The Shack video: God - Christianity
  192. How Does A Saint Select A Ministry For Fellowship ???: women, Revelation, preacher - Christianity
  193. Catholic Primate of all Ireland 'failed to act on sex abuse claims'.: myth, church - Christianity
  194. Meanwhile Back in Ireland: priests, Catholic, Vatican, liberal - Christianity
  195. The Mysteries of Daniel and the 70 Weeks: crucifixion, Gospel, Leviticus - Christianity
  196. Open letter to the U.S. bishops: Let's not be a laughingstock, OK?: birth control, believe - Christianity
  197. News, Christians raise $400 to help ailing atheist who railed against their nativity.: believe, Christmas - Christianity
  198. What's Too Legal About Of The Wisdom Of God In The Bible ?: Lutheran, church - Christianity
  199. Troublesome Austrian Priests: woman, sinners, bishop, Catholics - Christianity
  200. The Law, the Prophets, the Son (and coming full circle): believer, scripture - Christianity