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  1. Going back to college for undergrad. Which college?: Dallas, Richland: credit, student loans - Texas (TX)
  2. Are there Moe's restaurants left?: Dallas, Atlanta: live, shop, food - Texas (TX)
  3. Buying home in Lewisville: Castle Hills: new home, castle, top - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  4. areas in DFW immune from foundation problems?: Dallas, Austin: home, garden - Texas (TX)
  5. Job in Carrollton/Farmer's Branch. Family with young kids moving from NC. Where to live?: Dallas: rental - Texas (TX)
  6. Moving dallas area HELP: Grand Prairie, Bishop: affordable apartments, living, shop - Texas (TX)
  7. Relocating to Dallas area from Florida-best place to live???: Irving: to rent, construction - Texas (TX)
  8. Looking for a Preschool in Plano for my infant!!!: Early: credit, daycares - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  9. Single mom relocating to the dallas area: Houston, Austin: apartment, rental - Texas (TX)
  10. Plano Youth Baseball Leagues: Dallas, Mesquite: high school, authority, association - Texas (TX)
  11. Traffic . Royal and NDT to Main St. in Frisco: Meadow: home, safe - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  12. moving from long island: Dallas: rent, how much, houses - Texas (TX)
  13. Pretty good Cost of Living Analysis of Plano vs other states' top cities: Huntington: middle-class - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  14. 2012 Thanksgiving Day Dining Options & Holiday Events: Dallas, Cedar Hill: hotel, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  15. about renter's rights (dallas): apartment, movers, credit - Texas (TX)
  16. Moving from NC to South Dallas: Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill: for sale, to rent, low crime - Texas (TX)
  17. Wilshire Baptist Early Childhood Learning Center: daycare, preschool, live - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  18. Denton Co - purchase a mortgage foreclosure at courthouse??: Howe: tax lien, for sale - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  19. Sharp Dallas police cuts leave fewer detectives working crimes: Fort Worth: apartments, crime rate - Texas (TX)
  20. relocating from ca to plano texas: Dallas, Carrollton: appointed, homes, neighborhood - (TX)
  21. Where can I find cool eyeglasses?: Dallas, Southlake: live, restaurant, shops - Texas (TX)
  22. Early 20s Couple & Small Biz Owners looking to relocate to DFW!: Dallas: lease - Texas (TX)
  23. Exotic Mens Cowboy Boots: Post: buy, costs, legally - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  24. Swimming Pool Structural Engineer, knows one?: buyer, general contractor - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  25. I'm moving from Sudan, Africa. to Dallas, TX what should I expect?: Winters: apartments - Texas
  26. Curbside check-in at DFW - do they care what your bags weigh?: home - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  27. Do you think Parker or Murphy would be a good fit for my family?: Plano: cul-de-sac - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  28. Home Inspections: How to Find a Good Inspector?: Dallas, McKinney: real estate, how much - Texas (TX)
  29. Single Mom of 4 relocating to Dallas from Las Vegas: Plano: rental, insurance - Texas (TX)
  30. Visiting Richardson: Dallas, Spring, Jacksonville: renting, house, taxi cab - Texas (TX)
  31. Meet in the Middle...: Dallas, Irving: 2013, townhouse, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  32. New academies in Plano: Richardson, Robinson: 2013, credit, how much - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  33. Online Subdivision plat maps for Plano: property tax, property, map - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  34. North Oak Cliff, Uptown, or Las Colinas?: Dallas, Grand Prairie: low income, apartments - Texas (TX)
  35. in Dallas lived length of time in Raleigh?: Austin: sales, apartment - Texas (TX)
  36. Can't decide where to move for better job? Dallas or Houston?: 2013, apartments - Texas (TX)
  37. What Am I Seeing on Google Maps (Satellite view)?: Center: dorm, construction - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  38. What do you pay for typical home expenses in Dallas?: Combine: HOA fees, homeowners insurance - Texas (TX)
  39. s for things to do?: Dallas, McKinney: restaurants, bus, garden - Texas (TX)
  40. What is considered as a good salary in Plano, TX?: Dallas: apartments, renting - Texas
  41. Is there a downtown Coppell or Flower Mound?: Plano, Carrollton: houses, theater - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  42. Need Affordable & Reliable Movers: Dallas, Fort Worth: fit in, new house, buy - Texas (TX)
  43. Daytime nurse looking for affordable good daycare/preschool in Dallas area: Austin: live, restaurant - Texas (TX)
  44. Best commute option to go from Houston to Dallas for a short trip: San Antonio: rent - Texas (TX)
  45. Rowlett DART Opens up Dec 3rd w/Dec 1st Super Saturday celebration for the opening!: Rockwall: light rail - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  46. Have you had foundation work on a pier & beam home: insurance, lawyer - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  47. More Street/Utility Construction within Dallas Proper than Usual?: Howe: place to live, activity - Texas (TX)
  48. Apartment for young couple working for AA: Valley View, Lawn: apartment complexes, living in - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  49. will work in north Irving, now live near coit& PGBT. move or commute?: apartment complexes - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  50. Allen,Plano,Murphy, Richardson: McKinney, Spring: rental, mortgage, house - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  51. Professions of upper class in Dallas and Fort Worth?: Plano: real estate, mortgage - Texas (TX)
  52. Grapevine or Trophy Club (Do I stay or do I go now..): Southlake: real estate market - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  53. Moving choice (Dallas VS. Fort Worth): Plano, Irving: rent, condo, townhouse - Texas (TX)
  54. From the Totally Awesome File - local Rhodes Scholar: Dallas: home, education - Texas (TX)
  55. Moving to Dallas early next year from UK: Irving, Lewisville: theater, good schools - Texas (TX)
  56. Single AA female moving to Dallas - Where to live???: Duncanville: apartment, rental - Texas (TX)
  57. Ridiculous Letter Fishing for Listings: real estate, house - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  58. Live/Work Lofts in Downtown Dallas (or surrounding areas)?: Bishop: apartments, leases - Texas (TX)
  59. Help with home builders , I have a lot.: Dallas: inspections, zoning - Texas (TX)
  60. Bail Bonding in Dallas: living in, safe, moving to - Texas (TX)
  61. Selling hot beverages to Black Friday shoppers???: Dallas, Fort Worth: car insurance, lawyer - Texas (TX)
  62. Relocating to Dallas Area (Interracial Dating Viable?): Plano, Addison: living, suburb - Texas (TX)
  63. Can compare DFW suburbs to ATL suburbs?: Dallas, Plano: neighborhoods, live - Texas (TX)
  64. Relocated to Dallas from Boston Area.Need: Plano, Irving: new house, to buy - Texas (TX)
  65. Is West Plano aging out for young families?: Dallas, Richardson: renting, condos - Texas (TX)
  66. Working at Methodist Charlton Hospital for 13 weeks more where to live?: Dallas: apartment complexes - Texas (TX)
  67. R.I.P Larry Hagman: Dallas, Fort Worth: condo, live, restaurant - Texas (TX)
  68. computers used in Dallas schools ?: Richardson, Coppell: home, elementary school, move to - Texas (TX)
  69. Neiman Marcus Christmas Display: Dallas, Lucas: parking, business, dinner - Texas (TX)
  70. Dallas-need to buy a small house.: Frisco, Little Elm: houses, safe neighborhood, subdivision - Texas (TX)
  71. I need information about Denton: Dallas, San Antonio: apartments, dorms, job market - Texas (TX)
  72. Box Rail / rolling barn door style HARDWARE….: Dallas: best, builders - Texas (TX)
  73. Air duct & Dryer vent cleaning: Coppell: how much, house, construction - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  74. North Oak Cliff good place for older single women?: Dallas: real estate, apartment complex - Texas (TX)
  75. Subdivision: Dallas, Plano, Allen: custom home, neighborhood, school district - Texas (TX)
  76. Best Apartments in Las Colinas: leasing, young professionals, restaurant - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  77. Doctor/Dentist Recommendations - Park Cities area: Dallas, Highland Park: insurance, elementary schools - Texas (TX)
  78. North Garland vs South Garland: Dallas, Plano: custom home, neighborhoods, to buy - Texas (TX)
  79. Best Hair Colorist: Dallas, Rowlett: salon, location, road - Texas (TX)
  80. 32 Year old single female, in love with North Oak Cliff as a future home, but...: Dallas: rental - Texas (TX)
  81. Robson ranch: Lubbock: sales, living in, retirement - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  82. Coyotes at White Rock Lake: trees, area, distance - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  83. Calling all LVNs: homes, job market, transfer - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  84. Apt Search 2.0 (Uptown Area) Help !: Henderson, Lawn: apartments, rentals, condos - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  85. Real Estate Lawyer - DFW: builder, good, paperwork - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  86. Greenwood Hills neighborhood in Richardson: Canyon, West: real estate, houses, landscaping - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  87. Cash back from realtor for new homes: lender, buying - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  88. Music Entertainment - Bands DFW area ?: Dallas, Fort Worth: live, clubs, cities - Texas (TX)
  89. Places to volunteer with kids: shop, limit, household - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  90. St. Monica School: Dallas, Plano: 2013, daycare, preschool - Texas (TX)
  91. Red Light Ticket concerns: Plano, Point: car registration, safe, car - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  92. Cottonwood Valley/Enclave at Windsor Ridge/TPC: neighborhoods, school - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  93. College Grad Relocating to Dallas?: apartment, lease, public schools - Texas (TX)
  94. preschool help in Coppell: Denton: budget, child care, education - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  95. Desoto School system (Elementary) should I go private or not?: Cockrell Hill: transferring to, magnet schools - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  96. 75044 vs 75040: Garland: houses, buying, MLS - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  97. Water accumulating near pool,no idea from where: contractors, plumbing - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  98. Lawn Care Suggestions - Prosper Area: Frisco: house, neighborhood, yard - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  99. Halloween Houses: Plano, Richardson: cul-de-sac, neighborhoods, live in - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  100. Airbus A380 into DFW?: Houston, Dallas: live, law, airport - Texas (TX)
  101. hijab/abaya stores in Dallas area: Plano, Irving: buy, shops, clothing - Texas (TX)
  102. Planning to move to Plano from India: Dallas, Parker: apartment, to rent - Texas (TX)
  103. Dallas county election information: Fort Worth: offices, ticket, place - Texas (TX)
  104. apartments within walking distance of?: Dallas, Plano: live, area, building - Texas (TX)
  105. Valley Creek Subdivision Garland Opinions: Center, Centerville: for sale, home, neighborhoods - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  106. have experience with Sofa Works in Irving?: Howe: prices, stores - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  107. Dallas-Jewish (modern Orthdx) neighborhoods: Irving, Richardson: 2014, apartment, rental - Texas (TX)
  108. Houston or Dallas? Which has a better job market for patent prosecution: Marshall: insurance, headhunter - Texas (TX)
  109. House orientation in Dallas area... consider the sun: West: living, deposit - Texas (TX)
  110. Proper Names: Preston Hollow, North Dallas, & Safety?: Plano: leasing agent, chapel - Texas (TX)
  111. Texas Smart Metering - Monitor Electricity Usage Online: Houston, Plano: apartment, renting - Dallas, (TX)
  112. Foundation issues usual timings: Dallas, West: new house, buy, construction - Texas (TX)
  113. Jasper change in PISD: Plano, Highland Park: 2015, house, dorm - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  114. New Girl In Town>>> New to Dallas: Houston: live, professionals - Texas (TX)
  115. American Airlines to launch DFW-Seoul/Lima/Fargo/Beaumont/Columbia, MO: Dallas: 2013, cost - Texas (TX)
  116. Moving to DFW, have a few questions :): Dallas, Fort Worth: fit in, sales - Texas (TX)
  117. Neighbors Ruining Lawn: Plano: HOA, landscaping, neighborhood - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  118. Another Gator found ?: Dallas, Fort Worth, Lewisville: live, beach, swimming - Texas (TX)
  119. Relo from Farmington Hills Michigan to Dallas: Plano, Richardson: houses, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  120. Dallas Rains as much as Seattle?: Houston, Plano: weddings, live, vs - Texas (TX)
  121. Where to live in Dallas with a young family if employed downtown: Plano: apartments, leasing - Texas (TX)
  122. Propane refill in Dallas: Garland, Greenville: how much, live in, vs - Texas (TX)
  123. Moving from edison, nj to Dallas, tx 75254: fit in, 2013 - Texas (TX)
  124. Your last day in Dallas. What do you do?: Fort Worth: live, prices - Texas (TX)
  125. Ethanol and Gas Stations in Dallas area that does not mix it with Gas: Irving: to buy, live - Texas (TX)
  126. Single, professional, childless, 40s ....feel like such a rare bird.: Houston: apartment complexes, condo - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  127. Getting Roku, need help choosing internet provider: how much, to buy - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  128. New PGA golf course planned for the Great Trinity Forest in South Dallas: Houston: sale, construction - Texas (TX)
  129. Specifics Master planned communities I should look at in the PISD school district: Plano: appointed, sale - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  130. State fair icon just burnt down: Dallas: golf, build, photos - Texas (TX)
  131. Tear down central expressway?: Dallas, Fort Worth: homes, living, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  132. Texas Lawn Help: Dallas, Flower Mound: how much, house, landscaping - (TX)
  133. Best Sandwich Places in Dallas?: Arlington, Plano: shop, station, gas - Texas (TX)
  134. moved from San Jose or anywhere in California to Dallas?: Plano: home, public schools - Texas (TX)
  135. Christmas Light Displays in Dallas Area?: Austin, Arlington: houses, neighborhoods, shops - Texas (TX)
  136. Suburb of Dallas or Suburb of Charlotte: Plano, DeSoto: chapel, house - Texas (TX)
  137. DFW Paint Trends: house, buyers, living - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  138. Best location for small retail business? Allen/Plano or NRH/Hurst: Dallas: leasing, how much - Texas (TX)
  139. Jobs for Senior Level IT professionals: Dallas, Austin: home, job outlook, salary - Texas (TX)
  140. Fight sprinkler restriction violation ticket: Dallas, Spring: HOA, home, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  141. Dallas suburbs vs Austin suburbs pros and cons: Houston, Plano: appointed, transplants - Texas (TX)
  142. How will I fare in DFW area as a moderate liberal?: Houston: fit in, living in - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  143. What caused sudden Demographic shifts in Dallas Public Schools?: Richardson: section 8, day care - Texas (TX)
  144. Help me find an area like this.........: Dallas, Denton: for sale, schools - Texas (TX)
  145. moving to Coppell ISD/ Flower mound ISD/ Carrol ISD: Plano: real estate, house - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  146. Lovejoy ISD- Is it as challenging as they say?: Dallas: school district, college - Texas (TX)
  147. Choosing an Electric, Internet, Gas Provider in Richarson: Garland, Richardson: transplants, power lines - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  148. Best Dallas Neighborhood for Renovating/Selling Houses: Plano, Pasadena: real estate, apartment - Texas (TX)
  149. Will warrants for traffic items prevent gun ownership in texas?: sale, crimes - Dallas, (TX)
  150. Moving to Dallas for work (in North Dallas)...opinions?: Plano: apartments, rental - Texas (TX)
  151. Home values in last two years: Dallas, Plano: sales, foreclosures, lease - Texas (TX)
  152. Little Elm - What's the Big DEAL?!: Dallas, Plano: real estate, apartment - Texas (TX)
  153. Beware: Packages being stolen from porches: Dallas, San Antonio: apartment complex, renter, insurance - Texas (TX)
  154. Is there a radio station that plays only Christmas songs?: home, oil - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  155. Would you move from TX to CA?: Dallas, McKinney: real estate, mortgages - Texas
  156. Differences/Similarities between Dallas and Tulsa, OK: Austin, Fort Worth: public school, living - Texas (TX)
  157. City of Richardson Doesn't Use Garbage Cans?!?: Garland, Rockwall: 2013, leases - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  158. Looking for a job in Dallas - Oil and Gas: Houston: real estate, attorney - Texas (TX)
  159. Center Turn Lanes: Dallas, Austin: landscaping, tax, living - Texas (TX)
  160. ATT U-Verse or Time Warner Triple Play: Bedford, Hurst: lease, house - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  161. Looking at a House that has had Foundation Repair...Should I Run?: Dallas: for sale, renters - Texas (TX)
  162. living in N Texas w/ Basement? Have One? Know of Having one? Why not have one?: Howe: custom home, to buy - Dallas, (TX)
  163. Looking in Richardson Now...Need Help w/Area 75081: Plano, Garland: low income, condos - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  164. neighborhoods in Dallas: Center, West, Howe: crime, established neighborhood, theater - Texas (TX)
  165. Issaquah/Seattle vs. Plano? Weather, People cost of living: Houston: sale, house - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  166. Neighbors are disgusting slobs: Plano: HOA, houses, neighborhood - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  167. Does $3800 property tax seem high for a 1700 sq ft house?: Dallas: leasing, assessor - Texas (TX)
  168. Klyde Warren Deck Park - cooler than I it would be...: Dallas: neighborhoods, construction - Texas (TX)
  169. Concerned about a dog: Dallas, Frisco: new home, live in, fence - Texas (TX)
  170. What's the word on Chateau du Lac in Flower Mound?: Grapevine: HOA, homes - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  171. 1st time buyer- NY to Dallas area- advice needed: Fort Worth: how much, new home - Texas (TX)
  172. Quantification of utility charges- old homes vs. newer?: rental, appliances - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  173. Starter homes a good idea?: Dallas, Richardson: real estate, apartments - Texas (TX)
  174. Where Can I Find Out if its Legal to Build a Fire Pit in Backyard?: Plano: city hall, house - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  175. Neighborhood recommendations for 1st time home buyers and recent transplants: Dallas: renting, new home - Texas (TX)
  176. Anything other than the Plano school district: Dallas: rental, houses - Texas (TX)
  177. NW Dallas suburb with best access to entire metroplex?: Fort Worth: rentals, buying - Texas (TX)
  178. Entry level Chemical Engineering jobs near Dallas? My back is against the wall.: Houston: unemployment, school - Texas (TX)
  179. Red Wolf Estates: Austin, Plano, Denton: for sale, foreclosure, health insurance - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  180. Luck and good thoughts to DFW students and their parents waiting for TX med. school admission letters.....: schools, live - Dallas, Texas
  181. When did you get: Houston, Dallas: live, job, heating - Texas (TX)
  182. is the North Dallas Tollway: Fort Worth: rental car, renters, how much - Texas (TX)
  183. Would you consider an older home - built in the late seventies?: McKinney: rentals, appliances - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  184. House Buying Has Old A/C, What Should We Do?: Irving: rental, get credit - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  185. Thanks to Our Military: retired, MBA, veterans - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  186. Zillow vs Chase Estimator vs Tax Appr values: Dallas, Plano: sales, condo - Texas (TX)
  187. west Plano vs. Murphy elementary schools: Dallas, Garland: real estate, lawyers, houses - Texas (TX)
  188. Coppell schools vs Frisco Schools: Plano, Lewisville: homes, neighborhoods, to buy - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  189. Community pool vs Own pool - from with experience, is having your own pool worth it?: Dallas: sales, how much - Texas (TX)
  190. Moving from CA to TX: Dallas, Austin: real estate, apartment complexes, leasing - Texas
  191. Moving from Baltimore to Dallas?: Austin, Irving: transplants, rent, house - Texas (TX)
  192. Older Apartment Property Management Co?: Dallas: real estate, rentals, mortgage - Texas (TX)
  193. Cowboys Stadium live crowd camera- gigapixel cam: vs, year - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  194. Headhunters/Executive Search Firms: sales, market, where to - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  195. Phillips Elementary in Frisco, TX at Teel and Panther: Stafford: house, to buy - Dallas, Texas
  196. A Reminder for Education: Garland City Citizens Police Academy: live, legal - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  197. Dallas Beer Week: great, events, local - Texas (TX)
  198. school news: Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano: worth, communities, state - Texas (TX)
  199. Moving to Texas2: Plano, Meadow: apartments, schools, club - Dallas, (TX)
  200. one commute from castle hills or beyond on 121 to Southlake - Dallas, Texas (TX)