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  2. News, 0ct. 28th is free taco day at Taco Bell.: job, interview - Economics
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  20. News, Yahoo suggests Microsoft should make new offer.: buy, money, San Francisco - Economics
  21. Bretton Woods II: collection, credit, financial, economy - Economics
  22. Hang Seng -12.7%, Nikkei -6.36%: market, theory - Economics
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  33. American dream, American nightmare.: loans, real estate, credit, mortgage - Economics
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  36. Unemployment taking toll on states' funds: insurance, borrow, tax, money - Economics
  37. China Announces 4 Trillion Yuan Economic Stimulus: loan, small business, deduction, debt - Economics
  38. Matthew Lesko: used his techniques?: buy, money, government, program - Economics
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  40. yes we can ........: bankrupt, millionaires, unemployment, work - Economics
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  44. Art Laffer: Pay Peter Schiff that penny, you bastard!: bankrupt, money, financial - Economics
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  53. is this the beginning of our new world order?: union, credit, debt - Economics
  54. 7 of the 9 banks receiving bailout funds say it won't work: tax, money - Economics
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  56. AAA currency exchange: conversion, company, fees, exchanging - Economics
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  58. can someone explain: loan, mortgage rates, interest, money - Economics
  59. Ben Bernanke: money, financial, banks, recession - Economics
  60. News, 5 former AIG execs face 14 -17 years life) in prison.: lawyer, invest - Economics
  61. Dr doom. Bailout wont help markets! (video): credit, work, government - Economics
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  66. Top 10 America icons that are not American.: union, credit, purchase - Economics
  67. Corn, Soybeans Plunge as Slowing World Economy Cuts Grain Use: credit, debt - Economics
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  69. The Silver Lining of the Financial Crisis: money, economy - Economics
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  74. Are you spending?: insurance, retirement plan, debt, borrow - Economics
  75. Service Sector shrinks..our bread and butter: real estate, debt, companies - Economics
  76. unemployment will be worst then expected tomorrow more likely then not: student loan, insurance - Economics
  77. Continuing jobless claims hit 25-year high: credit, buy, tax, unemployment - Economics
  78. GM burn rate… and mine…: loan, retirement plan, union, expenses - Economics
  79. What will history call this?: capitalism, credit, debt, recession - Economics
  80. Stimilus Checks Before Christmas!: money, income, recession, paying - Economics
  81. Dems Target Private Retirement Accounts: retirement plan, debt, buy, tax - Economics
  82. IOUSA 30 minute film on why social security and medicare are bankrupting us.: collection, expenses - Economics
  83. Can you eat for $1 a day?: money, costs, stock, dollar - Economics
  84. AIG sidles up for another pull at the teat: loans, insurance - Economics
  85. 700 Billion Becomes 5 Trillion Dollar Bailout !!!: loans, credit, borrow, mortgage - Economics
  86. What is the real unemployment rate?: calculate, percentage, accounting - Economics
  87. this is an interesting article!: transaction, debt, buy, companies - Economics
  88. BAIT AND SWITCH: Bailout Money Will Not Be Used For Intended Purpose: student loan, insurance - Economics
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  91. 1099 and/or W2: small business, contractor, buy, tax - Economics
  92. Dollar Collapse: mortgage, money, financial, inflation - Economics
  93. how is a dollar created?: calculate, transaction, real estate, credit - Economics
  94. feel like I do...: credit, debt, mortgages, buy - Economics
  95. I'm going to write the FED for a bailout, too: bankrupt, student loan - Economics
  96. Peter Schiff in 2006-laughed at by MSM experts: credit, debt, sell - Economics
  97. UK now under serious threat: free market, real estate, interest, money - Economics
  98. This bad economy was caused by what problems?: loan, expenses, real estate - Economics
  99. That is it - I am boycotting christmas!: buying, companies, bank - Economics
  100. use Gold Card from Amex?: credit card, american express, purchase, companies - Economics
  101. President Bush's defense of free market capitalism: bankruptcy, credit, mortgage - Economics
  102. Nearly everyone I know works a second job, do you?: small business, buy - Economics
  103. GM bailout poll, yes or no?: union, pension, buying, company - Economics
  104. The real problem is most Americans spend too much and don't save at all: loans, credit card - Economics
  105. The Crash of 1929, The film: interest, stock market, investor, inflation - Economics
  106. fail proof businesses?: bankruptcy, foreclosure, property, lawyer - Economics
  107. American's purchasing power has been on the decline for the past 50 years.: bankrupt, debt - Economics
  108. Update on Iceland from The New York Times: debt, borrow, sell - Economics
  109. Has heard anything about a march on Wall Street?: credit, company - Economics
  110. GM can survive if it can get a monthly 2 billion dollar taxpayer cash infusion.: bankruptcy, loan - Economics
  111. Automatic enrollment to 401k: percentage, deduction, pension, purchase - Economics
  112. 11/5/08 Market will RALLY like no other day !: agent, real estate, debt - Economics
  113. AIG takes $343,000 junket with your tax dollars.: agent, credit, company - Economics
  114. Your opinion; should we let GM die? Yes or no.: bankrupt, loans - Economics
  115. If unemployment rises rapidly to 15%, do you expect massive Civil Unrest?: bankrupt, insurance - Economics
  116. FED refuses to disclose who is getting our money: loans, banking, lawsuit - Economics
  117. What will cause the current Recession to eventually end?: bankruptcy, conversion, free market - Economics
  118. Before Bailout GM, Ford and Chrysler should have a controlled bankruptcy!: insurance, union - Economics
  119. How high will unemployment get?: companies, interest, money, corporation - Economics
  120. answer to the economy one word: stimulus - Economics
  121. postal service looking to layoff 40,000!: insurance, collection, small business, union - Economics
  122. Now is the time to buy oil!: credit, companies, money - Economics
  123. Fired, applied at hundreds of places, no one will hire me!: companies, unemployment - Economics
  124. Savers are creating this recession.: credit card, debt, mortgages, buy - Economics
  125. I was right!!!!!: loan, real estate, credit, borrow - Economics
  126. Consensus emerges: Deficits don't matter: credit rating, debt, borrowing, companies - Economics
  127. Bernanke endorses more stimulus for weak economy: creditors, debt, buy - Economics
  128. Student Loans and Credit Cards: Next?: bankruptcy, expenses, debt, borrow - Economics
  129. Small Business - Tax related: accountant, contractor, expenses, debt - Economics
  130. is what's currently going on a classic example of the u.s. government 'priming the pump'?: credit, debt - Economics
  131. The Greatest Depression, as seen on the covers of The Economist: debt, buying - Economics
  132. Greed-Based Business Behavior: small business, credit card, pension, companies - Economics
  133. Taxes explained by this eample....drinking a beer(university of Georgia prof explains): insurance, tax - Economics
  134. When There's No Hand to Feed You: buy, companies, taxes - Economics
  135. Can Cridit Card Debt be Transferred on Death?: loans, insurance, collection - Economics
  136. I need 54 Million Dollar Pants.: sell, interest, money, fees - Economics
  137. Gas Prices: money, cost, paying, government - Economics
  138. Wall Street Lifestyle: deduction, free market, credit card, buying - Economics
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  140. So much for inflation: credit, purchase, sell, interest - Economics
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  142. Peter Schiff: Just stop paying: loans, union, foreclosure, credit card - Economics
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  146. Who should be the next Treasury secretary?: economy, Washington - Economics
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  148. US house prices face long fall to bottom: analysts: insurance, transaction, expenses - Economics
  149. Economist: US to possibly head into Depression: percentage, accounting, credit card - Economics
  150. Ain't it the truth!!?: insurance, collection, millionaires, credit card - Economics
  151. Debt as Money: loans, accounting, credit rating, borrowing - Economics
  152. The cause of the melt down and the wrong medicine…: bankruptcy, loans - Economics
  153. For housing, no easy fix - or is there???: insurance, taxable, credit - Economics
  154. News, GM suspends payments into 401K plans: pension, tax, jobs - Economics
  155. News, Complaints surge as bill collectors get tough.: bankruptcy, credit card, debt - Economics
  156. it's not about houses-Greater Depression On Its Way?: real estate, debt, buy - Economics
  157. Bond markets are betting on deflation: loans, credit, mortgage, sell - Economics
  158. Can someone explain how the Fed manage money? How does the goverment get trillions of dollars?: loan, 2013 - Economics
  159. I just met a real end of the world idiot,with a plan???: bankruptcy, complaint - Economics
  160. Dangerous Precedent : Argentina Grabs Pension Funds: IRA, buy, need money - Economics
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  162. The Amero : USA, Mexico, Canada Currency: union, sell, recession, Euro - Economics
  163. I can understand why folks are abandoning equities: bankrupt, retirement plan, small business - Economics
  164. Fed's cut rate: loans, accounting, union, credit - Economics
  165. Holy Cow, Market up almost 900 Points!!!!!: debt, buying, job, define - Economics
  166. Credit card bailout next ?: debt, mortgage, buy, companies - Economics
  167. News, GM asks for 10 billion rescue package to support merger with Chrysler.: bankruptcy, loan - Economics
  168. Debt collecters from a decade ago?!: collection, limitations, credit report, debt collector - Economics
  169. Exxon Mobil...RECORD PROFITS..: credit, debt, status, borrow - Economics
  170. Condo and HOA disasters beginning to hit: foreclosure, debt, status - Economics
  171. Euro-denominated bank account in U.S.?: loans, transaction, contractor - Economics
  172. Is Today the Day of the Crash ??: money, stock market, invest - Economics
  173. Pay $1800 loan off now or later?: credit card, debt, amex, interest - Economics
  174. OPEC slashes production, oil down by 5%+: real estate, buying, companies, money - Economics
  175. Circuit City list of stores that will close!: buy, closing, paying - Economics
  176. Circuit City on death's door 155 stores close tomorrow: bankruptcy, warranties - Economics
  177. The World is not ending: real estate, debt, companies, taxes - Economics
  178. Black American Express card?: expenses, millionaires, credit card, debt - Economics
  179. Ideas For $1k Per Month Extra?: buy, sell, tax - Economics
  180. Overseas call centres: agent, credit card, company, costs - Economics
  181. Dem's moving to eliminate 401(k)'s?: retirement plan, borrow, pension, interest - Economics
  182. Indoor sprinkler systems for Business?: company, work, check, exam - Economics
  183. Hedge Fund Manager: Goodbye and ---- You: companies, money, bank - Economics
  184. News, ExxonMobil biggest quarterly profit ever, $14.8B.: companies, money, corporation - Economics
  185. Global Warming -- the next bailout: buying, government, exam, areas - Economics
  186. Helped or Hindered?: salaries, unemployment, increase - Economics
  187. EE Savings Bonds, feedback?: interest, economy - Economics
  188. about Paulsen's Euro Sales this past July: stocks, dollar - Economics
  189. Bretton Woods and the Amero: accounting, union, pension, financial - Economics
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  191. Someone is a Schiff cultist: vs - Economics
  192. hope this helps: housing, NYC - Economics
  193. Ever See Electric Grid Power prices go Down?: costs, increase, price - Economics
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  195. bank with IGOBanking?: savings - Economics
  196. Paulson won't bail out Automakers: bailout - Economics
  197. Fed Sets Up New Program to Buy Assets From Money Market Funds: debt, paying - Economics
  198. hahaha....this guy for president!: capitalism, sell, companies, interest - Economics
  199. 401K and Social security: pension, companies, make money, cost - Economics
  200. How best to pay U.S. citizen living abroad as independent contractor: union, company - Economics