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  17. Diet, Genetics, and Longevity: drugs, gasoline, regular, how much - Great Debates
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  22. declaration of my political views.: global warming, compared, permit, world - Great Debates
  23. Americans and their language.: states, languages, Maine, Australia - Great Debates
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  25. and people still want to legalize prostitution....: ethics, illegal, drugs - Great Debates
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  31. Porn Industry: The only place in the world where women have a better salary than men?: salaries, conspiracy - Great Debates
  32. Debtors' Prison: Pelosi, health care, regular, insurance - Great Debates
  33. Latest Christmas Retail Ads Ring False: Obama, crime, economy, Walmart - Great Debates
  34. Why are Americans so scared?: Iran, enemy, heroin - Great Debates
  35. Concealed Carry: ethical, illegal, weapons, violent crime - Great Debates
  36. If Asian women are considered so desirable why no Top Movie Stars?: drug, lawyer - Great Debates
  37. Is the person that interviews the best, the best person for the job?: employment, election - Great Debates
  38. Does Find This Inappropriate?: drugs, lobby, stereotypes, Michigan - Great Debates
  39. So, do you think there are too much racism in the us?: generation, suspect - Great Debates
  40. Is the US too Big to Manage?: generation, healthcare, Canada - Great Debates
  41. 75% of US's military-age population ineligible to serve!!: fast food, wage, generation - Great Debates
  42. The NEXT Great Recession: unemployed, money, world, stimulus - Great Debates
  43. Is racial diversity the key to having better race relations?: downturn, solution - Great Debates
  44. The Evils of Public Companies: wages, solution, cost, economic - Great Debates
  45. Natures Population Control: serial killers, health care, deaths, cost - Great Debates
  46. My Space, Facebook and the social networking revolution: companies, high school - Great Debates
  47. Do you believe in heaven and hell?: death, world, best - Great Debates
  48. When is it time to let go? (Pickling our seniors): health care, death - Great Debates
  49. Bill of Rights and government powers: house of interstate, Congress, health care - Great Debates
  50. The end of honey we know it: gallon, death, economic - Great Debates
  51. A Society of cold automatons?: generation, activist, independent, free speech - Great Debates
  52. Swine flu - Bioterrorism attack ?: interviews, conspiracy, accent, permit - Great Debates
  53. Are Lotteries a Farce?: dollar, education, money, government - Great Debates
  54. Ecosystem damaged by extinction: Brown, states, Australia, million - Great Debates
  55. Is a socialist system inevitable in the U.S.A.?: interstate, soldiers - Great Debates
  56. There is no such thing as hate crimes on white people...: racism, crime - Great Debates
  57. US military too offensive oriented?: Congress, Iran, enemy, weapons - Great Debates
  58. Is the process of death, part of life's experience?: Kennedy, independent, lobby - Great Debates
  59. Name One thing Mankind Has Ever Done, to Help Our Planet: voted, Houston - Great Debates
  60. High School Volleyball player gets playing time cut due to pregnancy: legal, waiver - Great Debates
  61. The Tacoma Police Slayings: now comes the controversy: Huckabee, drugs, gasoline - Great Debates
  62. Do celebrities forfit their privacy for fame and fortune.: salaries, crime, cost - Great Debates
  63. How much Gubment do We really Need???: Congress, parties, elections - Great Debates
  64. is it time to get rid of Nasa?: healthcare, Kennedy, rating - Great Debates
  65. City Swimming Pools: school, kids, campaign - Great Debates
  66. Baby Boomers ruin the Instution of Marriage?: generation, Missouri, gay people - Great Debates
  67. American worry: racism, crime, Hispanic, economic - Great Debates
  68. Fastest way to get rid of welfare & the abortion topic: solution, abortions - Great Debates
  69. Should HUMMers be Pulled?: Iraq, Baghdad, rating, citizen - Great Debates
  70. The Catholic Church Is One Of The Most Vile Organizations To Have Ever Graced The Planet: statistics, regular - Great Debates
  71. Do all humans have conscience?: Iran, enemies, illegal aliens, soldiers - Great Debates
  72. where morals come from.: school, claim, laws, murder - Great Debates
  73. Churches should pay taxes: salaries, how much, dollars, leader - Great Debates
  74. Alcohol Policy: attorney, brainwashing, lobby, crime - Great Debates
  75. Why Are Corporations Exempted From Patriotism?: wages, enemy, military, dollar - Great Debates
  76. Wedding rings engagment rings?: legal, accuse, dollars, party - Great Debates
  77. Should Cities Be Required to have Public Facilties??: cost, Chicago, government - Great Debates
  78. Do you do volunteer work?: Congress, illegal, regular, borders - Great Debates
  79. How Health Care and Freeways are Related: premium, gasoline, highway - Great Debates
  80. How do you feel about a Prenup: money, states, income - Great Debates
  81. Why do dentists have the highest suicide rate?: health care, stats, school - Great Debates
  82. Stimulus Money: unemployment, Iran, drugs, 9/11 - Great Debates
  83. American Individualism: enemies, high school, elect, government - Great Debates
  84. Laws in general: legal, attorney, Missouri, cost - Great Debates
  85. Can Religion Survive The New Science?: generation, suspect, economic, vs - Great Debates
  86. Is Ladies Night legal?: illegal, holidays, soldiers, citizen - Great Debates
  87. Judge Judy: ratings, elect, program, TV - Great Debates
  88. Federal Extensions of unemployment insurance has become a welfare program: NAFTA, unemployment rate - Great Debates
  89. At What Age Should Children Be Taught Self Defense?: Brown, school, money - Great Debates
  90. What age is best for first sexual experience??: Memphis - Great Debates
  91. Should children be treated and tried like adults?: drugs, economic, government - Great Debates
  92. Can you be a animal lover and eat animals?: enemy, gun, work - Great Debates
  93. Issues crime and race. Productive and proactive dialogue needed: attorneys, health care - Great Debates
  94. Women Pumping Gas: gallon, gasoline, school, teenage - Great Debates
  95. Are cell phones a blessing or a curse?: carry, elect, abuse - Great Debates
  96. At What Point Does Internet Addiction become too much ???: regular, states, Las Vegas - Great Debates
  97. University to require Fat Class for obese students to graduate: employment, legal - Great Debates
  98. Got Swine Flu?: Mexican, drug, regular, suspect - Great Debates
  99. The problem of the poor--a conservative solution: Iraq, generations, Israel - Great Debates
  100. face bitter choice: Pay up or lose care: Corporate Profits, Iraq, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  101. Cigarette butts--: work, news - Great Debates
  102. Can one call him/herself a christian if...: middle east, ethical, Jesus - Great Debates
  103. Are we protecting the egos of todays children to much: high school, compared - Great Debates
  104. Do Americans care about their national sports teams?: Canada, school, Michigan - Great Debates
  105. Beauty, Talent, Perception: how much, dollars, biased, money - Great Debates
  106. What is a yankee and how do you perceive them?: border, invasion - Great Debates
  107. Prejudice or Racism ?: legal, bias, felony, elect - Great Debates
  108. People should speak properly: Alabama, speech, high school, examples - Great Debates
  109. Has Music Gone Mad?: Iran, generations, illegal, independent - Great Debates
  110. I've changed my mind on ObamaCare: drugs, health care, premium, Canada - Great Debates
  111. Men or Women, Girls or Boys: differences, reasons - Great Debates
  112. So What are Americans Getting Ready For ???: Obama, government, handguns - Great Debates
  113. News, Abortion Addict Confesses 15 Procedures in 16 Years.: abortions, parenting, psychologically - Great Debates
  114. Will the USA survive?: wages, generations, illegal, extremist - Great Debates
  115. News, Commentary: Let Elton John and his partner adopt.: employment, radical, government - Great Debates
  116. Burn US flags in american territory?: illegal, desecration, government, states - Great Debates
  117. Marriage is dead!: holidays, revolution, independence, examples - Great Debates
  118. Women in the Military: Iraq, Israel, Marines, soldiers - Great Debates
  119. Recent research shows that possessing a gun in an assault increases risk of getting shot: drug, poll - Great Debates
  120. Communism and Capitalism...: regime, leader, parties, economic - Great Debates
  121. Should we nationalize airlines?: Obama, cost, rating, economy - Great Debates
  122. A reasonable monthly health insurance bill: wages, health care system, premium, suspect - Great Debates
  123. Is having a father in the home crucial in raising children?: wisdom, violent crime - Great Debates
  124. Peace, Violence and Guns: illegal, regular, weapons, crime - Great Debates
  125. At what point do we all become Americans?: generation, Mexican, Brown - Great Debates
  126. Does Iran Matter?: middle east, Israel, soldiers, weapon - Great Debates
  127. Vegetarians are cruel: fast food, death, propaganda, pregnant - Great Debates
  128. Deification of Youth: Baby Boomers, premium, wisdom, brainwash - Great Debates
  129. The great Autism scare: Al Gore, serial killers, regular, Brown - Great Debates
  130. Lighters on planes?: Limbaugh, illegal, drugs, Canada - Great Debates
  131. An Innovative Way To Beat The State: radical, death, parties - Great Debates
  132. So, you think Law Enforcement and Investigators are ethical?: legal, attorneys, statistics - Great Debates
  133. Do you think bigotry is widespread with Classroom Teachers today ?: Reagan, school - Great Debates
  134. Most women in this country who are not black, donít respect black men?: racist, solution - Great Debates
  135. How many chances are enough for entitled Dog Owners breaking the law where you are involved ?: unemployed, illegal - Great Debates
  136. what goes around, comes around: Reagan, Simpson, Clinton, Obama - Great Debates
  137. On this 8th anniversary of the September 11th attacks...: Iraq, enemy, Taliban - Great Debates
  138. Is economy really that bad.. POLL: how much, national debt, money, million - Great Debates
  139. hen an American gets sick in a foreign country who pays?: wages, illegal - Great Debates
  140. Thou shall not cuss at the Cops!: Minnesota, speech, laws - Great Debates
  141. Why The False Accusation - And What Should Happen?: legal, drug, attorney - Great Debates
  142. Where Do Rights Come From?: ethical, how much, government, state - Great Debates
  143. Are we a self-centered society?: generation, CNN, examples, government - Great Debates
  144. Black women infatuation with thugs, gangsters and lowlives: lawyers, Boxer, stereotypes - Great Debates
  145. Jesus Lucifer and Muhammad 1 numeric key one same total: conspiracy, market, American - Great Debates
  146. Socialism and national socialism: enemies, regular, nationalist, Obama - Great Debates
  147. Is America the Freest Country in the World?: regime, borders, how much - Great Debates
  148. Companies who contract with the Federal Government....: rating, leader, examples - Great Debates
  149. Dealing with gangs....: legal, drugs, attorneys, regular - Great Debates
  150. Overall, has Advertising made America better, or worse?: fast food, wisdom, independent - Great Debates
  151. Has Television Gone Mad...?: legal, weapon, suspect, lobbyists - Great Debates
  152. Should we have state sponsored marriage?: legal, death, myth, money - Great Debates
  153. Have Americans destroyed our nation and culture on behalf of multiculturalism?: Mexicans, ethic - Great Debates
  154. Retirees are bad for Florida (North vs South): generation, drugs, stats - Great Debates
  155. Is racial segregation still really that bad?: enemy, legal, statistics - Great Debates
  156. Tea Parties and Hypocrisy: unemployed, Congress, Iraq, accuse - Great Debates
  157. There are no mosques in the world that openly accept homosexual lifesyle.: state, claim - Great Debates
  158. The Health Care Solution---WalMart??: wages, suspect, revolution, insurance - Great Debates
  159. H1B Visa program has ruined this country: wages, salaries, illegal - Great Debates
  160. Value of Education: salary, Simpson, high school, bias - Great Debates
  161. Haven't the Terrorists Won?: Congress, Iraq, enemy, Taliban - Great Debates
  162. Evolution: what the left never talks about!: wisdom, how much, school - Great Debates
  163. Limbaugh down a vote in bid to own Rams: Rush Limbaugh, financial, money - Great Debates
  164. Gay Day In Schools Officially Signed Into Calif. Law: holidays, controversial - Great Debates
  165. Is Section 8 Housing Destroying Your Community?: unemployed, county, suburban, assistance - Great Debates
  166. Is There a World-Wide Racism Epidemic?: Brown, work, best, countries - Great Debates
  167. Would stereotypes exist if there wasn't truth???: weapon, bias, state - Great Debates
  168. What will Shame us in the Future?: Iraq, global warming, illegal - Great Debates
  169. American Capitalism Gone With A Whimper?: unemployment, gas prices, wages, health care - Great Debates
  170. No debate- the judge must be disbarred!: illegal, lawyer, racism - Great Debates
  171. Save the family farm? Don't bother!: lobby, companies, dollars, financial - Great Debates
  172. Meanings of dreams?: state, world, work, best - Great Debates
  173. Capitalism and tort reform: salaries, attorneys, health care, insurance - Great Debates
  174. Internet: Does it alter our perceptions?: Al Gore, how much, crime, compared - Great Debates
  175. Al Sharpton-Threatening A Lawsuit: Rush Limbaugh, interview, racism, high school - Great Debates
  176. A Great American Migration?: unemployment, wages, polls, Christmas - Great Debates
  177. Politically Correct Going Too Far?: weapons, school, examples, education - Great Debates
  178. culture shock, america's heartland and why you prefer to live, north or south: interstate, salary - Great Debates
  179. culture shock, america's heartland and why you prefer to live, north or south: Iraq, wages - Great Debates
  180. Fate of Printed Newspapers: independent, money, income, New York - Great Debates
  181. Obama the Nobel Laureate & the Western World: How Desperate & Guilty?: Al Gore, Israel - Great Debates
  182. Uber-rich and their money: wage, companies, dollars, school - Great Debates
  183. Would you knowingly hire an illegal alien or do you feel that is an act against your country?: employment, wage - Great Debates
  184. Violation of Rights: wages, legal, drugs, accuse - Great Debates
  185. North Carolina To Legalize Marijuana!?: illegal, drugs, health care, crime - Great Debates
  186. Single Biggest Issue Facing The World As A Whole?: generations, global warming, economy - Great Debates
  187. Why are gun nerds such failures in life?: John Kerry, Reagan, Brown - Great Debates
  188. A World without Lying: state, society, facts, thoughts - Great Debates
  189. Why do people care about their roots?: generations, soldier, money - Great Debates
  190. Gays in military: abuse, homosexual, female, job - Great Debates
  191. Why are we so divided?: Iraq, generation, Mexicans, illegal - Great Debates
  192. The moon: money, million, patriot, world - Great Debates
  193. Is God all-powerful?: religion, world, work, best - Great Debates
  194. Hypothetical Alien Abduction: illegal, drug, rating, elect - Great Debates
  195. Darwin Awards, Criminal Justice and Age of Consent: generation, legal, how much - Great Debates
  196. Michelle Obama's Slavery Ancestory: Chicago, support, world, children - Great Debates
  197. Nobel Peace? Peace is Noble?: Israel, Canada, Obama, leader - Great Debates
  198. News: AP IMPACT: Statisticians global cooling - Great Debates
  199. A 23 year old white males take on race: Mexican, racism, Obama - Great Debates
  200. A very good video concerning communicating....: issues - Great Debates