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  1. Oregon Native American tribes Fisheries: Umatilla, Warm Springs: license, land, deal (OR)
  2. Looking for a good realtor willing to work with us: Salem: real estate, renting - Oregon (OR)
  3. Mental Health Jobs, QMHA? How are the jobs prospects in this area?: home - Oregon (OR)
  4. Beaverton? What to expect?: Portland, Cedar Hills: apartment complexes, rent, condo - Oregon (OR)
  5. Beaverton (and Portland) vs. Madison, WI: Hillsboro: house, closing, live - Oregon (OR)
  6. Bennett Pearson Chater: Portland, Salem, Beaverton: apartments, for rent, day care - Oregon (OR)
  7. Tenants Law: eviction, lawyer, landlord - Oregon (OR)
  8. Are the Blue Mountains part of the Rockies?: Wallowa: estimated, yard - Oregon (OR)
  9. Is coos bay a nice area?: to rent, unemployment rate, bankrupt - Oregon (OR)
  10. How similar would you say Oregon is to Montana?: Portland: real estate, live (OR)
  11. Dick Erath another sell out to Corporate America!: tobacco, chateau - Oregon (OR)
  12. Reno Elevation might be making me sick: Eugene, Roseburg: rent, vacation home - Oregon (OR)
  13. Johns Peak Medford Oregon: Central Point: 2015, renting, installation (OR)
  14. Brookings worth the drive?: Grants Pass, Redwood: how much, vs., beach - Oregon (OR)
  15. Troutdale Terrace Apartments: Portland: neighborhoods, live, moving - Oregon (OR)
  16. My Oregon quest: My impressions: Portland, Eugene: for rent, motel, houses (OR)
  17. newlyweds looking for a new start: Eugene, Salem: apartment, house, employment - Oregon (OR)
  18. Leaving the City for the Suburbs: Portland, McMinnville: schools, live, friendly - Oregon (OR)
  19. Southern Oregon Health Insurance?: farm, dental, company (OR)
  20. Best place for overnight stay in Eastern Oregon: Portland, Pendleton: hotel, casino (OR)
  21. Ready for a New Journey: Portland, Medford: real estate, employment, good schools - Oregon (OR)
  22. Rentals in Grants Pass: for sale, real estate, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  23. Wendt Family Gives Up Control of Jeld-Wen: Portland, Klamath Falls: sale, bankruptcy - Oregon (OR)
  24. Housing & environment in Albany/Corvallis area: Lebanon: apartments, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  25. What is North Bend Oregon like?: Portland, Coos Bay: motel, to live, trailer (OR)
  26. Pacific Decadal Oscillation: Antelope: to move, education, best - Oregon (OR)
  27. relocation to coos bay: Portland, Bend: homes, unemployment, best school - Oregon (OR)
  28. Astoria questions - thinking of relocating!: Portland, Warrenton: sales, camp, sales tax - Oregon (OR)
  29. Brookings Questions!!! help!: Yachats: employment, living, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  30. Transmit/Receive Files With NO Landline Service: house, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  31. Beer: Portland, Bend, Redmond: sales, construction, organic - Oregon (OR)
  32. Medford, Oregon - Employment: Joseph: job market, minimum wage, move to (OR)
  33. Oregon coast sunshine comapred to NW WA: Astoria, Lincoln City: gated, live in (OR)
  34. Train to OR and then renting an RV: Portland, Eugene: rental car, rental - Oregon
  35. Moving back the great West Coast (Oregon) to be closer to my family... Questions!: Portland: rentals (OR)
  36. Ashland gay / lesbian community & place to raise child?: Portland: real estate, house - Oregon (OR)
  37. new nurse moving to oregon: Portland, McMinnville: employment, neighbourhoods, school - Oregon (OR)
  38. Suggestions needed for where in Oregon to relocate: Portland, Hillsboro: for sale, rent (OR)
  39. McKenzie Pass Ready to Open: Baker City: college, campground, living - Oregon (OR)
  40. Tell me about La Grande: Portland, Eugene: school, university, income - Oregon (OR)
  41. Schools in Medford: Eugene, Ashland, Central Point: credit, how much, home - Oregon (OR)
  42. galleries in Roseburg?: Eugene, Medford, Grants Pass: how much, theater, live in - Oregon (OR)
  43. Town in Oregon with the most jobs: Portland, Eugene: employment, college (OR)
  44. Homeschoolers in Umatilla county: Medford, Pendleton: school district, college, living in - Oregon (OR)
  45. Big R in Brookings, Oregon: Medford: offices, corporate, location (OR)
  46. mental health: Salem: 2015, transfer, moving - Oregon (OR)
  47. trying Kate's advice: Paisley: budget, property, areas - Oregon (OR)
  48. Driving through Oregon on a road trip...: Portland, Newport: restaurant, vs (OR)
  49. QOL in The Dalles: Portland, Gresham: appointed, crime, house prices - Oregon (OR)
  50. Black Mold/Mold in Oregon: Bend, Coos Bay: apartments, foreclosure, houses (OR)
  51. Brace for the heatwave: Portland, Medford: place to live, best, hot water - Oregon (OR)
  52. Curry County trailer regs: vs., manufactured, property - Oregon (OR)
  53. Life expectancy for coastal counties in Oregon: dangerous, health care (OR)
  54. Medford oregon a safe place?: high crime, relocate to, top - Oregon (OR)
  55. Good places to hobby farm, are there spots I've forgotten?: Salem: for sale, foreclosure - Oregon (OR)
  56. What's the temperatue right now on the Gardner Ridge in Brookings, OR?: station - Oregon
  57. Yamhill Valley Tourism Guide: McMinnville, Union: college, club, installation - Oregon (OR)
  58. Viral Oregon Legislature: democratic, people, Republican (OR)
  59. Urban Areas for under $600/month?: Portland, Eugene: apartments, for rent, college - Oregon (OR)
  60. Moving to Oregon coast - considerations: Lincoln City, Florence: house, heat pump, maintenance (OR)
  61. Klamath Falls: Medford: for sale, homes, elementary schools - Oregon (OR)
  62. John Day Fossil Beds: Bend, Gates: school, place, Indians - Oregon (OR)
  63. Can I use my dorm address to get an oregon license/license plate?: Eugene: vehicle registration - Oregon (OR)
  64. Another New York Times Article: Portland, Ashland: fences, castles, cars - Oregon (OR)
  65. Moving to Oregon in a few years, but not sure what part?: Portland: 2014 (OR)
  66. Idleyld - Glide a place to live free from violence in nature?: lease - Oregon (OR)
  67. Looking for a French teaching position in Oregon: Portland: bankruptcy, private schools (OR)
  68. Medical Facilities in Medford: Gold Beach: attorney, living in, beach - Oregon (OR)
  69. Driving from SF area to Eugene, OR, Advice: Portland, Roseburg: neighborhood, theater - Oregon
  70. Moving to Antelope! from (near) that area?: Portland: house, incomes - Oregon (OR)
  71. Does it rain more in Portland than Seattle?: Oakland: heat pump, live - Oregon (OR)
  72. Where to retire on the Oregon Coast: Coos Bay, Newport: appliances, how much (OR)
  73. Fire and Rescue: Portland: home, living in, budget - Oregon (OR)
  74. Yurt/Cabin Alternatives: camper, cabins, trailer - Oregon (OR)
  75. Hood River Night Life: house, restaurant, shops - Oregon (OR)
  76. Will I have to pay income taxes on out of state rental property?: Oregon City: to buy (OR)
  77. Corvallis Housing for OSU Post-Bacc: Albany, Lebanon: apartments, foreclosure, leases - Oregon (OR)
  78. planned relocation to oregon: Portland, Eugene: transporting, to rent, loan - Oregon (OR)
  79. Looking to buy land to build a house that's semi close to bigger city: Eugene: how much - Oregon (OR)
  80. Union County - North Eastern Oregon: La Grande, Ontario: fit in, home, live in (OR)
  81. Why does it say Klamath Falls has bad air pollution?: Medford: rentals, crime - Oregon (OR)
  82. Got a job in Lake Oswego: Portland, Tigard: apartments, rentals, buying a house - Oregon (OR)
  83. Searching for 10-20 (affordable) acres in southeast Oregon for Animal Rescue: Medford: foreclosed, lease (OR)
  84. Semi-Rural in Oregon ( Sandy / Wilsonville / Boring / Canby ): Portland, Gresham: rentals, low crime (OR)
  85. Sandy, OR: Portland, Gresham: rent, how much, attorneys - Oregon
  86. Seeking rural/agricultural land with house w/ mix of grazeland/trees in southeast Oregon: Medford: real estate (OR)
  87. Does involvement or a university's prestige matter more?: Portland: foreclosure, student loans - Oregon (OR)
  88. Relocating west (back home) looking for ..: Portland, Medford: buying, bankruptcy - Oregon (OR)
  89. Korean Classes - Central Point, Medford, Gold Hill.: Portland, Ashland: home, schools - Oregon (OR)
  90. Questions about Florence - trying to find place to relocate!: Portland: 2013, college - Oregon (OR)
  91. Best time to visit the Hart Mtn./Warner Wetlands Country?: Antelope: area, mosquito - Oregon (OR)
  92. Beacon state park or Ainsworth: Portland: camp, live in, places - Oregon (OR)
  93. want cheap trailer with horse priviliges, open to: for sale, mobile home - Oregon (OR)
  94. Cities/suburbs near Temperate Forests?: safe neighborhood, university, to live in - Oregon (OR)
  95. Oregon City.. Other Quaint Little Towns Close To Portland?: Gresham: neighborhoods, school (OR)
  96. News, Woman’s yard sale to pay medical bills gets shut down.: Salem: sales - Oregon (OR)
  97. Number 8! Number 8!: live, statistics, farmers market - Oregon (OR)
  98. s On Good Elementary Schools In Oregon City?: Beaver: appointed, home (OR)
  99. Eagle Point: Beaverton, Medford, Grants Pass: sale, real estate, foreclosures - Oregon (OR)
  100. East Coasters - what surprised you about moving to Oregon?: Medford: sale, houses (OR)
  101. Klamath, Oakride, Cottage Grove, Bend, Sisters, or Hood River?: Klamath Falls: for sale, real estate market - Oregon (OR)
  102. Where do the wild turkeys go???: Grants Pass, Ashland: crawl space, place, winter - Oregon (OR)
  103. Retirees planning a scouting trip to Oregon, s?: Portland: RV park, to rent (OR)
  104. Drive from Eugene to Ashland versus to Bend: Portland, Medford: living, cost of living - Oregon (OR)
  105. Thoughts about Newberg?: Portland, Salem, Beaverton: rentals, house, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  106. Brookings OR neighborhood critters: best towns, house, living - Oregon
  107. Hood River Lonely Place for Single Guy/Non-Wind Surfer: Portland: credit check, home - Oregon (OR)
  108. moving! but where to..?: Portland, Eugene: apartment, job market, private schools - Oregon (OR)
  109. Roseburg: Portland, Eugene, Salem: for sale, lease, credit - Oregon (OR)
  110. Best Fishing for Kids in S. Oregon?: Medford, Grants Pass: how much, live (OR)
  111. HELP US! Where to move to?: Portland, Eugene: house, unemployment - Oregon (OR)
  112. Why higher unemployment / has always been higher: Portland, Eugene: transplants, attorneys - Oregon (OR)
  113. Road trip Portland to Medford in 2.5 days....: Eugene, Bend: waterpark, casino - Oregon (OR)
  114. Does it make sense for us to consider SW Oregon for our retirement?: Medford: real estate, rent (OR)
  115. Closest spot on map to escape Oregon winters? (driving only): Portland: casinos, shop (OR)
  116. Mid Twenties Couple Possibly Moving to Coos Bay from Indianapolis: Portland: sales, casino - Oregon (OR)
  117. Trying to move from Michigan to Oregon! Help needed!: Portland: sales, cheap apartment (OR)
  118. Thinking of moving to Coos Bay.. tell me what you love and hate: Bend: rent, crime - Oregon (OR)
  119. What would I be able to do: Portland, Eugene: find a job, cinema - Oregon (OR)
  120. New tallest building in Eastern Oregon?: Portland, Pendleton: hotels, movie theater, casinos (OR)
  121. Relocating to Oregon From Cali need help!!: Portland, Eugene: best town, cheap apartments (OR)
  122. Applegate Valley: Portland, Grants Pass, Central Point: renting, affordable houses, buying - Oregon (OR)
  123. I need a change of scenery: Portland, Salem: apartment, renting, house - Oregon (OR)
  124. Will my kids get picked on in Medford?: Grants Pass: find a job, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  125. Need help finding our dream town in Oregon: Salem, Bend: ski resort, fit in (OR)
  126. about moving to oregon: Portland, Eugene: violent crime, job market, good schools - Oregon (OR)
  127. Need a small town near a forest: Ashland, La Grande: live, pine - Oregon (OR)
  128. Taxes and cost of living-Oregon vs. Washington: Portland, Eugene: sales, renters (OR)
  129. Skiing and winter travel: Portland, Bend: ski resorts, home, high school - Oregon (OR)
  130. Thinking of moving to Oregon - Need advice: Portland, Eugene: real estate, how much (OR)
  131. Hello Oregon,: Portland, Roseburg, La Grande: fit in, house, neighborhood (OR)
  132. Sales Tax: Portland, Grants Pass, Ashland: rentals, how much, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  133. Son looking for Colleges in Oregon: Portland, McMinnville: job market, transfer, high school (OR)
  134. Oregon & Allergies/a few other questions!!: Portland, Eugene: sales, to rent (OR)
  135. Need for Lakeside-North Bend-Coos Bay: Portland, Bandon: apartment, lease, houses - Oregon (OR)
  136. about OR (Eugene/Corvalis) and land use.: Portland, Springfield: Home Depot, job market - Oregon
  137. Getting a real estate license with bankruptcy in my past?: sales, sex offender - Oregon (OR)
  138. Buying from a Farm: Portland, Salem: appointed, organic, live - Oregon (OR)
  139. Weather worth the affordabe rent/cost of living?: Portland, Beaverton: apartment, condo - Oregon (OR)
  140. Summer Fun : Fireflies in Oregon?: live, design, things to do (OR)
  141. Ashland, Oregon and Dogs: Portland, Eugene: schools, college, places to live (OR)
  142. Places to visit in Eastern Oregon for kids?: Portland, Bend: rent, amusement parks (OR)
  143. Oregon #2 in food stamps: Salem, Ashland: low income, mortgage, home (OR)
  144. Retiring to the Willamette Valley - but where?: Portland, Eugene: real estate, modular homes - Oregon (OR)
  145. Eastern Oregon Roadtrip: Portland, Pendleton, La Grande: hotels, school, floor (OR)
  146. How's spring coming along in your corner of Oregon?: Portland: transplants, garden (OR)
  147. Oregon Vacation Suggestions: Portland, Bend, Grants Pass: condos, motel, camp (OR)
  148. Oregon Coast Weather?: Coos Bay, Newport, Lincoln City: RV parks, to rent, camping (OR)
  149. I'm a single Christian mother of a teenage boy relocating to Oregon. What town (southern, Or) would you recommend?: Medford: find a job, buying (OR)
  150. Looking at Roseburg: Medford, Bend, Green: for sale by owner, houses, FSBO - Oregon (OR)
  151. Hey oregonites tell me about ur town: Portland, Ashland: live, move to - Oregon (OR)
  152. restaurants that serve odd foods?: Portland, Salem: school, live, versus - Oregon (OR)
  153. Is oregon really depressing weather wise?: Portland, Medford: school, live in, price - Oregon (OR)
  154. How much rain in Roseburg?: Portland, Eugene: school, live, cottage - Oregon (OR)
  155. What parts of Oregon are liberal aside from Portland?: Eugene: theater, universities (OR)
  156. What areas around Medford are nice/affordable? What areas to avoid? Is White City trashy?: Ashland: to rent, crime rate - Oregon (OR)
  157. Jobs: Bend, Donald: sales, house, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  158. Grants Pass neighborhoods?: Beaverton, Redwood, Brookings: crime, motorhome, employment - Oregon (OR)
  159. Thinking about moving to Oregon: Portland, Eugene: car insurance, condo, how much (OR)
  160. 25 Years After the Rajneesh: Portland, Salem: buying, living, law - Oregon (OR)
  161. Corvallis: Portland, Eugene, Albany: middle-class, fit in, for sale - Oregon (OR)
  162. Oregon College Savings Plan: sale, school, colleges (OR)
  163. Oregon we come! needed! *LONG*: Portland, Eugene: for sale, apartments (OR)
  164. It's starting...: Portland, Bend, Ashland: transplants, unemployment, school - Oregon (OR)
  165. Oregon Gang Violance: Portland, Eugene, Salem: low income, sales, renting (OR)
  166. What baseball teams do Oregon natives root for?: Portland, Eugene: transplants, home (OR)
  167. Medford, Eugene, Salem or Portland?: Bend, Corvallis: transplants, house, employment - Oregon (OR)
  168. Small hippie towns in Oregon?: Portland, Eugene: transplants, coop, homes (OR)
  169. Full Time RVer's: Portland, Salem, Coos Bay: RV parks, real estate, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  170. Finding a Community: Portland, Eugene, Beaverton: real estate market, to rent, low crime - Oregon (OR)
  171. South Oregon coast solar panels: Coos Bay, Brookings: sales, rent, credit (OR)
  172. Is Oregon really cheaper than rural CA?: Portland, Eugene: fit in, sales (OR)
  173. Oregon Taxes for Washington Citizens: sales, home, buy (OR)
  174. Favorite State Park: Salem, Medford, Roseburg: camping, live in, restaurants - Oregon (OR)
  175. Where would you raise your children?: Portland, Eugene: violent crime, job market, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  176. Relocating to Albany in Fall: Portland, Corvallis: apartment complex, to rent, house - Oregon (OR)
  177. Scouting trip to Oregon: Portland, Eugene: to rent, camper, live in (OR)
  178. a move to Oregon - advice on where to look: Portland: real estate, homes (OR)
  179. Advice before I go nuts...: Portland, Astoria: lease, insurance, home - Oregon (OR)
  180. teaching: Portland, Bend, Lake Oswego: fit in, affordable houses, teaching jobs - Oregon (OR)
  181. WOW: I did not know Oregan had it like that!: Lincoln City: for sale, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  182. Thinking about Oregon... tired of sunishine: Portland, Eugene: transplants, how much, neighborhood (OR)
  183. information for safe places for runaways to go: Oakland, Cove: house, homeless - Oregon (OR)
  184. Coastal, sunnier areas?: Seaside, Brookings, Gold Beach: to live in, beach, distance - Oregon (OR)
  185. Ashland Oregon? What can you tell us about it?? Looking to move to southern Oregon: Portland: fit in, best town (OR)
  186. Is this crazy?: Portland, Salem, McMinnville: for rent, how much, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  187. Racism in Oregon?: Eugene, Salem, Bend: neighborhood, taxes, living in (OR)
  188. in Oregon with Asthma??: Portland, Bend: allergy, to live in, move to (OR)
  189. Help us find a place along the coast: Portland, Eugene: to rent, house - Oregon (OR)
  190. been to the Sandcastle Competition at Cannon Beach?: Astoria: restaurants, eat - Oregon (OR)
  191. I am looking to relocate to Oregon-HELP!: Portland, Roseburg: real estate, apartment (OR)
  192. Does the rain make us fatter?: Portland: home, live, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  193. Relocating to Oregon from another country: Portland, Eugene: apartments, rentals, homes (OR)
  194. Army sending us to Umatilla Chemical Depot: Pendleton, Hermiston: sales, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  195. Places to eat after Crater lake?: Medford, Bend: casino, camp, live - Oregon (OR)
  196. The Dalles: Boring and Backward or Up and Coming?: Hood River: crime, school - Oregon (OR)
  197. News, Pig helps Oregon school waste not, want not.: Portland: food, weather (OR)
  198. Hellp!!! Looking for Information--Brookings Oregon: dermatologist, live in, medical (OR)
  199. Toddler Activities in McMinnville, OR: things to do, area, classes - Oregon
  200. Overspray from Astoria-Megler Bridge work on vehicles: office, company - Oregon (OR)