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  144. experienced conscious IV sedation?: teeth, pulled, implants - Dental Health
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  155. Electric Toothbrush: teeth, gums, hurts, dentist - Dental Health
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  157. MetLife won't pay my I have to pay?: cost, procedure - Dental Health
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  170. use a water flosser instead of dental floss?: teeth, gums, side - Dental Health
  171. gone to a biological dentist?: teeth, mouthwash, pain, side - Dental Health
  172. Physically feel cavity but dentist says I have none?: teeth, pulling, gums - Dental Health
  173. When fillings need repairs do they drill, drill, drill, to remove it and put in a new one?: teeth, pulling - Dental Health
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  179. No personal attacks - Dental Health
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  183. Find A Dentist In San Ramon - Dental Health
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  189. Dental Assistance for Disabled, Elderly or Medically-Compromised Individuals Who Cannot Afford Necessary Treatment: dentist - Dental Health
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  194. Smile: teeth - Dental Health
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