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  95. People go to Hell Fire and Damnation because they Deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!: Epistles, church - Christianity
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  103. belief?: Gospels, women, agnostic, beliefs - Christianity
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  114. Matthew 5: believers, scripture, pray, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  115. You Can Live Forever in Paradise Only if You are a Jehovah's Witness: Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormon - Christianity
  116. from a 7 year old...: woman, Messiah, believe, Jesus Christ - Christianity
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  127. Paul's writings Authenticated by Peter - says not for the unlearned that wrestle with them to their own destruction: Epistles, doctrine - Christianity
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  129. explain how forgiveness works in Christianity: crucifixion, Lutheran, punishment
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  194. The Sovereignty, Righteousness, and Justice of God as it relates to the theology of God's plan.: doctrine, church - Christianity
  195. The Hypocrisy of Waiting for Christ Alone. What about his Father?: woman, Revelation - Christianity
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  197. Once Your Saved What Are You Put On Earth To Do ?: testimony, Revelation - Christianity
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  199. Prophecy in the news (part 3) the reformation: myth, churches, believe - Christianity
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