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  1. Do you worry about Oregon's environmental future/drought?: Portland: school, tornado - (OR)
  2. Recc for hotel near food trucks?: Portland: good hotel, neighborhood, restaurant - Oregon (OR)
  3. The best thing that has happened to Portland in years!: radio, summer - Oregon (OR)
  4. Art student with family: Portland: apartment, rent, houses - Oregon (OR)
  5. Visiting Portland for the first time: restaurants, shops, bars - Oregon (OR)
  6. Installing Door Security: Portland: apartment, lease, credit - Oregon (OR)
  7. Freeways Closed in Portland: closing, maintenance, live - Oregon (OR)
  8. I am curious, why no single clubs or taverns in Portland.: live, club - Oregon (OR)
  9. Tech Web Designer Recommendation?: Portland: moving, area, companies - Oregon (OR)
  10. West Linn schools feedback: Lake Oswego: houses, middle school, to live - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  11. Portland: homes, title, job - Oregon (OR)
  12. local breweries following German Beer Purity Law: Portland, Beaverton: shop, ferry - Oregon (OR)
  13. Job - Mechanic: Beaverton, Milwaukie: high school, income, income tax - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  14. Business Analyst / Product Manager Jobs in Portland?: Echo: job market, live - Oregon (OR)
  15. Moving to Portland next week: What (and where) should we explore first?: new home - Oregon (OR)
  16. Canine agility training equipment: to rent, buy, deal - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  17. HEEELLP! 'Bad' or Good areas of Hillsboro??!! Need help asap, will potentially put in an offer soon!: Portland: low income - Oregon (OR)
  18. The Really Big One: Portland, Seaside: 2015, loans, house - Oregon (OR)
  19. Is Sherwood family friendly/ up and coming ? Other suburbs or hidden gems that locals can help with :)?? Thanks!: Portland: to rent - Oregon (OR)
  20. Moving to Portland - NEED HELP!: Beaverton, Gladstone: apartment, condo, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  21. Sanctuary City: Portland: cities, town, free - Oregon (OR)
  22. Looking for well established locally owned appliance store: Portland: appliances, where to buy - Oregon (OR)
  23. rental dilemna: Beaverton, Hillsboro, Aloha: apartment, crime, credit - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  24. I booked one week in Portland... what next?: Enterprise: car rental, 2014 - Oregon (OR)
  25. Airport hotels: McMinnville: how much, house, live in - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  26. Replacing sewer line in Beaverton - cutting into street/grass strip: city hall, house - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  27. moving to newport: Portland: rent, house, buy - Oregon (OR)
  28. Japan’s Meiji Yasuda to buy StanCorp Financial for $5 billion: Portland: area, jobs - Oregon (OR)
  29. I am moving to Portland: Beaverton, Hillsboro: apartment complexes, rentals, home - Oregon (OR)
  30. Cost of Living for Family of 3: Portland: sales, coupon, rent - Oregon (OR)
  31. advice a move to Portland area: Gresham: rent, high crime - Oregon (OR)
  32. Visiting portland: 2014, renting, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  33. I5 and 205 Bridges: Portland, Sandy: live in, airport, moving - Oregon (OR)
  34. looking to move to Beaverton or Vancover area: Portland: rent, HOA - Oregon (OR)
  35. Road trip from Portland to La Crosse, WA...: home, move - Oregon (OR)
  36. Trimet pass: Portland: inspector, buses, bill - Oregon (OR)
  37. Tina Kotek's gender: how to, woman, appropriate - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  38. Estheticians in the Portland Area?: employment, neighborhood, relocating to - Oregon (OR)
  39. brawdway bridge: working, drive, town - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  40. Food Carts: Big-Ass Sandwiches vs Fat Sub: Lebanese, bistro - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  41. Portland least affordable housing market for construction workers; fourth-worst for teachers, report finds: 2015 - Oregon (OR)
  42. Need advice from natives: Portland, Forest Grove: insurance, mortgage, house - Oregon (OR)
  43. I moved to Portland last year and I like it: sales, income - Oregon (OR)
  44. Seats at the Keller for ballet: noise, system, good - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  45. help me make this decision!: Portland, Beaverton: best neighborhoods, sales, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  46. Moving from Berkeley/San Francisco: Portland: lease, unemployed, school districts - Oregon (OR)
  47. Interviewing... Nike?: Portland: contractor, vs, to move - Oregon (OR)
  48. Body modification shows?: Portland, Eugene: live, nightlife, location - Oregon (OR)
  49. Commute Advice. Moving to Portland.: Beaverton, Raleigh Hills: apartments, rentals, live - Oregon (OR)
  50. Spanish Immersion Preschools in WL/LO/Tualatin/OC: Portland: transfer, preschool - Oregon (OR)
  51. SE Vancouver to NE Portland rush hour help: Sandy: home, school - Oregon (OR)
  52. help.. Moving to Portland with kids: Lake Oswego: houses, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  53. a move to Portland Oregon: Oregon City, Gladstone: how much, house, neighborhood - (OR)
  54. Relocating from Seattle to Portland: Beaverton, Clackamas: appointed, high crime, buying a home - Oregon (OR)
  55. Portland Rental: Lake Oswego: sale, real estate, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  56. Suggestions for star-gazing near Portland: Milwaukie, Hood River: coupons, homes, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  57. Oregon is second as the worst state to make a living: Portland: best cities, 2015 - (OR)
  58. Forested rural neighborhoods: Oak Grove, Jennings Lodge: for sale, houses, school - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  59. Multnomah and Portland burn ban - Fireplaces: air quality, rating - Oregon (OR)
  60. Buying a house that needs a new sewer? Would you do it?: Portland: loan - Oregon (OR)
  61. Portland Public schools boundary changes: neighborhood, middle schools, kindergarten - Oregon (OR)
  62. Home Addition costs, pros and cons: Portland: 2nd mortgage, lender, house - Oregon (OR)
  63. Trying to find a place, job between Gresham and Beaverton Oregon: Portland: renting, day care - (OR)
  64. An area of Portland that has a village feel: Tualatin: neighborhood, live - Oregon (OR)
  65. Weather in Portland vs Seattle -drought: Sandy: live in, best time, average - Oregon (OR)
  66. Job market for civil/roadway transportation engineers?: Portland, Salem: to live, office - Oregon (OR)
  67. Parking for Forest Park?: Portland: neighborhood, live in, rating - Oregon (OR)
  68. Beautiful and crowded: Top 10 places to avoid in Oregon's outdoors: 2015, houses - Portland, (OR)
  69. Maritime jobs in Portland? Is the Port in a decline?: Canby: employment, living - Oregon (OR)
  70. Jobs/housing in or around Newberg, OR?: Tualatin, Sherwood: how much, neighborhood - Portland, Oregon
  71. 4th of July fireworks: Portland: moving, swimming pool, best place - Oregon (OR)
  72. Neighborhood to retire?: Portland: real estate, condo, townhouse - Oregon (OR)
  73. Portland for Lovers: Vale: Valentine's day, hotels, house - Oregon (OR)
  74. can you help me find my perfect neighborhood?: Portland, Eugene: fit in, for sale - Oregon (OR)
  75. 22 yr old moving from new york city to portland ????: fit in, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  76. Relocating to Portland or Vancouver: for rent, taxes, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  77. recommended moving unloaders: Portland: movers, car, reviews - Oregon (OR)
  78. SE Division MAX: neighborhoods, to live, move - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  79. Renting in PDX: Portland: extended stay, appointed, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  80. Portland area school districts for autism: Lake Oswego, West Linn: assess, moving to, children - Oregon (OR)
  81. New resident - Unpaved roads: Portland, Beaverton: house, neighborhoods, buyers - Oregon (OR)
  82. Washington or Oregon?: Portland, Gresham, Beaverton: sales, 2015, house - (OR)
  83. 'No Californians' stickers being slapped on For Sale signs in Portland: 2015, foreclosures - Oregon (OR)
  84. Why is it so difficult to find work: Portland: employment, buy - Oregon (OR)
  85. Suburbs with good mountain views: Portland, Gresham: real estate market, condo, custom home - Oregon (OR)
  86. Moving from East Coast to Portland: Beaverton, Hillsboro: for rent, house, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  87. Possibly Relocating to Tigard: Portland, Beaverton: apartments, rental, condos - Oregon (OR)
  88. Just took a job in Lake Oswego: Monroe, Riverside: employment, neighborhood - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  89. Portland's Food Carts Being Supplied By Meat Stolen By The Homeless: 2015, city hall - Oregon (OR)
  90. Need a good apartment in the right neighborhood: Portland, Milwaukie: apartments, for rent - Oregon (OR)
  91. Moving from Knoxville, TN to Portland, OR: Gresham: appointed, sales - Oregon
  92. Oregon sheds 5,300 jobs in September: Portland: 2015, to rent, mortgage - (OR)
  93. Portland - Narrow and Very Scary Freeways?: live, areas - Oregon (OR)
  94. Portland has more humid summers than people think: Phoenix: live in, stats - Oregon (OR)
  95. Teaching and living in Portland: Beaverton, Tigard: sales, apartment, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  96. Just got a $400 water bill from the city for one quarter: Portland: house, calculated - Oregon (OR)
  97. About Portland Bike Thefts: 2015, crime rate, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  98. Portland will become the next San Francisco: Salem: sales, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  99. Portland is most like this city ...: living, castle, title - Oregon (OR)
  100. Portland's expensive housing and its leadership vacuum: Editorial Agenda 2015: city hall, rental - Oregon (OR)
  101. Is the mega-earthquake topic passé?: Portland, Adams: homes, schools, roofing - Oregon (OR)
  102. Movie theaters with reserved seating: Beaverton, Oregon City: buying, school, living - Portland, (OR)
  103. All this rain in August...: Portland: live, beach, activities - Oregon (OR)
  104. Is Portland worth the move: how much, salary, moving - Oregon (OR)
  105. What's the dog walking/pet sitting scene like in Portland?: daycare, home - Oregon (OR)
  106. Portland's Other Kind Of Cart: Sherwood: apartment, hotel, camps - Oregon (OR)
  107. So early signs are pointing to a normal winter...: Portland: costs, statistics - Oregon (OR)
  108. Moving from Texas to Oregon!: Portland, Eugene: 2015, HOA fees, condos - (OR)
  109. For of you who have been in Portland for a while, ever you'd see the day...: Silverton: rental, loans - Oregon (OR)
  110. Relocation From Detroit To Portland - Need advice!!: transplants, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  111. What do you Like/Love about Portland?: sales, lease - Oregon (OR)
  112. Moving to Tigard or Beaverton: Portland, Lake Oswego: new house, neighborhoods, school districts - Oregon (OR)
  113. Three more murders overnight; Portland hits murder total for 2014: 2015, rent - Oregon (OR)
  114. Affordability Of Portland Area: Beaverton, Tigard: real estate, apartment, rent - Oregon (OR)
  115. 'Don't move to Portland, Oregon' movement aims to de-hype the over-hype: transplants, 2015 - (OR)
  116. Commute from Vancouver WA to Portland OR?: sales, apartments - Oregon
  117. Housing: Is this another bubble? Opinions?: Portland, Beaverton: real estate market, 2015, lease - Oregon (OR)
  118. Where did the homeless go?: Portland: fit in, 2015, home - Oregon (OR)
  119. Thoughts On Oregon's Hobo Tax And How It Affects Portland?: 2015, buying - (OR)
  120. So You Want To Move To Portland? LOL!: 2015, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  121. Best walkable/bikable neighborhoods for young people?: Portland: real estate, rent - Oregon (OR)
  122. recycling/deposit return: Portland, Beaverton, Medford: middle-class, get credit, how much - Oregon (OR)
  123. Portland Salary Inquiry - What is a good salary ?: Oregon City: fit in, real estate - (OR)
  124. Commute to Nike: Portland, Beaverton, Raleigh Hills: buying a house, neighborhoods, buying - Oregon (OR)
  125. Visiting Portland for First Time and Need Advice: Astoria, Seaside: rental car, rental - Oregon (OR)
  126. Looking to meet people, make new friends.: Portland, Hillsboro: spring break, 2015 - Oregon (OR)
  127. Is Portland a stagnant city propped up by foreign money?: real estate market, 2014 - Oregon (OR)
  128. Another Moving to Portland: fit in, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  129. Moving from CA to Portland: for sale, real estate, rent - Oregon (OR)
  130. Portland's Weather & Overall Job Economy: apartment, rentals, job market - Oregon (OR)
  131. Was very excited to relocate to Portland until....: Tigard: living in, moving - Oregon (OR)
  132. Is Portland still a good place to be young?: Gresham: violent crime, credit - Oregon (OR)
  133. 'Don't Californicate Oregon,' A view of recent visitor.: Portland: transplants, condo - (OR)
  134. Where do Nike employees live?: Portland, Beaverton: apartments, renting, day care - Oregon (OR)
  135. Does This Exist in Portland? Seeking Your Advice.: 2014, condo - Oregon (OR)
  136. Protesters dangling off of the St. Johns Bridge: Portland, Astoria: 2015, live - Oregon (OR)
  137. Inter-racial couple moving to Portland/Beaverton, OR. advice is greatly: Tigard: sales, real estate - Oregon
  138. Scappoose: Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro: appointed, real estate, houses - Oregon (OR)
  139. Which do you think is a better city for me, San Diego or Portland?: fit in, theater - Oregon (OR)
  140. Space between city sidewalk and street.: Portland: home, maintenance, cost - Oregon (OR)
  141. WSU Vancouver vs Portland state college vs Oregon state university: find a job, transfer to - (OR)
  142. Visiting Portland on a Budget: hotel, neighborhoods, buy - Oregon (OR)
  143. Is this heat wave in Oregon normal ?: Portland: live, company - (OR)
  144. Not a debate, just my experience.....: Portland, Beaverton: to buy, living in, restaurant - Oregon (OR)
  145. Portland, Oregon - A City for Masochists and Druggies: real estate, apartment - (OR)
  146. Washington names Portland as 1 of USA's best food cities: 2015, 2nd mortgage - Oregon (OR)
  147. Visiting Portland in October? Worth it?: sale, credit, hotels - Oregon (OR)
  148. Can Portland's public transportation reasonably be compared to Seattle's?: construction, university - Oregon (OR)
  149. Climate in Portland?: how much, estimate, average - Oregon (OR)
  150. If you dont like Portland why not just move out: rental, living - Oregon (OR)
  151. If you are a single hetero male, important thing to consider...: Portland: 2015, school - Oregon (OR)
  152. Oregon ranked 2nd worse state to make a living: Portland: sales, real estate - (OR)
  153. Hillsboro for Married Couple with Young Kids?: Portland, Beaverton: real estate, lease - Oregon (OR)
  154. Why all the anti-Portland lately?: 2015, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  155. Right of way in Oregon (while driving): Portland: neighborhood, DMV - (OR)
  156. what can i do if i runaway at 17 in oregon: Portland: apartment, rental - (OR)
  157. moving to Portland, Oregon: Eugene, Philomath: crime, job market, neighborhoods - (OR)
  158. ID on this? Wasp? Hornet?: 2014, house, buy - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  159. photography drives near Portland: Salem, Hillsboro: hotels, house, gardens - Oregon (OR)
  160. Moving to Portland - Savings but no Job - Need Apartment: apartments, rental - Oregon (OR)
  161. Is Portland the mecca of the USA?: Beaverton, Beaver: income, live - Oregon (OR)
  162. MUST pay OR's state income tax no matter what, COL then cheaper in Washington Or Oregon: Portland: sales, to rent
  163. I wish I had the means to buy a house....: Portland: real estate, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  164. Rental Information: Portland: transplants, apartment, leasing - Oregon (OR)
  165. Young Professional relocating from DC: Portland, Salem: extended stay, apartment complex, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  166. People moving to Portland (or looking to buy a home in Portland): real estate market, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  167. How worried are you about earthquakes?: Portland: 2015, houses, construction - Oregon (OR)
  168. Cigarette Smoke next door: Portland: renter, houses, law - Oregon (OR)
  169. High rents in downtown Portland: apartments, lease, condos - Oregon (OR)
  170. I bit the bullet and purchased a portable A/C unit: Portland: apartment, townhouse - Oregon (OR)
  171. Apartment complex taking away AC from renters during heat wave!: low income, buy - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  172. Can in identify this spider?: Portland: foreclosure, house, university - Oregon (OR)
  173. Three Months So Far..and counting..: Portland: 2015, apartment, high school - Oregon (OR)
  174. Can we talk about Happy Valley?: Portland, Beaverton: for sale, foreclosed, how much - Oregon (OR)
  175. Relocating from the Mid-Atlantic: Portland, Tualatin: appointed, renting, house - Oregon (OR)
  176. 28 year old looking to softwaredevelopment: Portland: real estate, student loans, houses - Oregon (OR)
  177. Margie Boule goes on a big fat rant: fit in, how much - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  178. Best GB Packer bar in Portland: Green: house, shop, bars - Oregon (OR)
  179. PDX off site parking: Portland: coupon, home, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  180. Wildfire smoke is awful: Portland, Beaverton: neighborhood, living in, store - Oregon (OR)
  181. Family of four on $55k in Portland?: Beaverton, Beaver: for sale, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  182. DMV Headscratchers: Tualatin, Sherwood: closing, most dangerous, license - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  183. Family to relocate to Portland from San Diego: Beaverton: real estate, houses - Oregon (OR)
  184. A non-controversial Portland: low crime, house, job market - Oregon (OR)
  185. Portland vacancy rate lowest in US, rents skyrocketing: Beaverton, Beaver: real estate, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  186. What neighborhood should I move to in Portland?: Beaverton, Tualatin: apartments, for rent - Oregon (OR)
  187. CA transplant wtf I'm doing: Portland: apartment, lease - Oregon (OR)
  188. Entry level job market in Portland: Eugene, Beaverton: 2015, apartments, rent - Oregon (OR)
  189. Welcome to Portland--: to rent, income, tax - Oregon (OR)
  190. Portland, or just Oregon in general for new home: Beaverton: renters, crime rate - (OR)
  191. Need help from knowledgeable PDX morning commuters!: Portland, Oregon City: houses, buy - (OR)
  192. Portland area residents: Have you drove out to Mount Hood?: living, restaurant - Oregon (OR)
  193. Wow, look at that rent shoot up in Portland, Oregon: Eugene: real estate, 2013 - (OR)
  194. SW Portland vs. Clamas/Vancouver vs. ?: Beaverton, Bend: 2014, rent, how much - Oregon (OR)
  195. What opportunities for your kids do you most value in Portland?: Beaverton: how much, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  196. Traffic on Freeways: Portland, Lake Oswego, Tualatin: 2015, apartment, credit - Oregon (OR)
  197. Brother search: Portland, Beaverton, Beaver: living in, medical, working - Oregon (OR)
  198. Twality middle kids: Tigard: skateboarding, school, dog park - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  199. Moving to Lake Oswego - Housing: Jefferson: apartment, bedroom, room - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  200. Good Stylist in Gresham area: today - Portland, Oregon (OR)