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  1. foreclosures in Florida: Lee: short sales, real estate, zip codes (FL)
  2. New Car Insurance: Lee: lender, to buy, living in - Florida (FL)
  3. Egrets Landing or Hammock Trace: Jupiter: to rent, preschool, live in - Florida (FL)
  4. Where are the best beaches in Palm Beach and Broward Counties?: Miami: restaurants, shops - Florida (FL)
  5. FWB Law Firms????: Fort Walton Beach: legal, moving to, beach - Florida (FL)
  6. tennis areas: Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Vero Beach: to buy, club, gardens - Florida (FL)
  7. hernando real estate: Vero Beach: homeowners insurance, new house, buying - Florida (FL)
  8. Nursing jobs on the Gulf?: Fort Walton Beach, Niceville: price, moving to, beach - Florida (FL)
  9. Florida Vanity Plate ..: license, activities, prevent (FL)
  10. Looking for home town feel in North Florida: Panama City: sales, broker (FL)
  11. Racquetball, Scuba, Fishing, Sailing Rent a home: to rent, best - Florida (FL)
  12. University of Florida....: Pensacola: middle-class, credit, homes (FL)
  13. more tax stuff: house, purchase, taxes - Florida (FL)
  14. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !: living in, safe, beach - Florida (FL)
  15. about cement homes: Christmas: house, design, PVC - Florida (FL)
  16. Is it an emergency !: house, transfer, live - Florida (FL)
  17. News, In lieu of jail, offenders must carry signs, wear chicken suits.: Palatka: crimes - Florida (FL)
  18. Looking to relocate: Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland: school district, living in, low cost - Florida (FL)
  19. The new alternative to gated communities:: 2013, moving, title - Florida (FL)
  20. Legalized Gambling To Come To Tampa: Seminole: crime, schools, casinos - Florida (FL)
  21. Most unusual death of the week award: Miami: move to, eat - Florida (FL)
  22. Real Estate ..: foreclosure, mortgage, loans - Florida (FL)
  23. Moving from NH to Daytona Beach: Port Orange: apartments, to rent, home - Florida (FL)
  24. Buying a car in Florida - UK resident: renting, vehicle registration (FL)
  25. Water shortage and your well: Crestview: 2014, construction, cost - Florida (FL)
  26. Homestead or Palm Bay: moving to, beaches, farm - Florida (FL)
  27. Your Assistance: real estate, legal, move - Florida (FL)
  28. Mystery creature in Baker County not monkey or Bigfoot: Jacksonville: union, woman - Florida (FL)
  29. Universities launch new program to recruit math, science teachers: Miami: middle-class, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  30. well thats nice to hear: insurance, buyers, property taxes - Florida (FL)
  31. Pine Acres, 33414.......: West Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach: houses, buy, best schools - Florida (FL)
  32. Luxury real estate 1.5 to 3.5 Million US - bubble?: Miami, Tampa: insurance, second mortgage - Florida (FL)
  33. Relocating to Sebring, Fl: home, living, moving to - Florida (FL)
  34. Cape Coral vs. Jupiter Farms: Jacksonville, Hialeah: houses, to buy, schools - Florida (FL)
  35. Heron Creek - Good for Families?: Englewood: renters, homes, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  36. FL Road Rage: Miami, Orlando: sales, rentals, condo - Florida
  37. Does want to leave Florida !: house, living (FL)
  38. Job Search in FL? Relocation costs?: Pensacola, Panama City: rent, find a job, moving - Florida
  39. vacation condo in Florida: Tampa, Orlando: rental, insurance, mortgage (FL)
  40. opa locka murder rate 2007 opa locak murder capital of florida: Opa-locka: sales, crime rate - Florida (FL)
  41. where to move + construction jobs: Jacksonville, Tampa: apartment, contractor, income - Florida (FL)
  42. Florida cities: Jacksonville, Orlando, Ocala: homes, income, live (FL)
  43. Time Share Incentives?: sales, to buy, live in - Florida (FL)
  44. This may sound silly, but I'm dead serious: Miami, Davie: move, eat - Florida (FL)
  45. No more RV living: Seminole: lease, house, to buy - Florida (FL)
  46. Floridians Vacation Spot during the Christmas Season: St. Augustine: cabin, trees - Florida (FL)
  47. Left turn on red legal if 1-way to 1-way?: Vero Beach: school, price - Florida (FL)
  48. Moving to Ormond Beach: Holly Hill: for sale, foreclosures, renting - Florida (FL)
  49. Where is the water still warm enough for swimming??: Orlando: waterparks, beaches - Florida (FL)
  50. Lee foreclosures may mean $272 million hit: Cape Coral, Fort Myers: construction jobs, to buy, construction - Florida (FL)
  51. Primary Care Physicians in Florida: Sarasota, Panama City: live, moving, beach (FL)
  52. FSU fan shot and killed in Gainsville....who is right or wrong?: Orlando: moving - Florida (FL)
  53. Bobcat Trail - North Port: Plantation, Port Charlotte: best neighborhood, for sale, real estate - Florida (FL)
  54. Rentals: Tampa, Orlando: sale, real estate, insurance - Florida (FL)
  55. on Davenport?: house, live, to move - Florida (FL)
  56. Mt. Dora living: Ocala, Tarpon Springs, Sebring: salons, shops, moving to - Florida (FL)
  57. wanting to move from england...need on how?: Miami: schools, universities - Florida (FL)
  58. Florida suspends withdrawals from state investment fund: Orlando, Tallahassee: sales, real estate (FL)
  59. Tomorrow is the last day: Tallahassee: rent, insurance, new house - Florida (FL)
  60. News, Town Of Christmas Provides Holiday Postmark.: Orlando: live, post office - Florida (FL)
  61. Quick tips: Orlando: where to stay, apartment complexes, house prices - Florida (FL)
  62. Halifax Plantation in Ormond Beach?: Palm Coast: for sale, real estate market - Florida (FL)
  63. HOA Dissolution: Orlando: condo, mortgage, lawyer - Florida (FL)
  64. Relocating to Jasper Florida: Jacksonville, Lake City: rent, condo, purchase (FL)
  65. Palm Coast: cost to clear land,: for sale, real estate - Florida (FL)
  66. Manhunt in Pompano!: Miami: transporting, law, transport - Florida (FL)
  67. From NJ to Florida driving: Memphis, Valrico: rent, home, buy (FL)
  68. Trying to decide which Flordia city to move to once I graduate: Miami: real estate - Florida (FL)
  69. Need help finding seasonal rental: Dunedin, Tarpon Springs: real estate, apartment, rentals - Florida (FL)
  70. Eglin AFB commute: Tallahassee, Pensacola, Panama City: real estate, apartments, houses - Florida (FL)
  71. florida .Sorry, New York Isn't Crime Capital of U.S.: Jacksonville: credit, how much - Florida (FL)
  72. Poinciana Florida resident power bill: Holiday: rentals, how much, house (FL)
  73. Boca Raton/Fort Lauderdale Recommendation: real estate, estate, agent - Florida (FL)
  74. Teacher moving to Gainesville: teaching jobs, elementary school, education - Florida (FL)
  75. Association Fees?: Seminole: HOA, house, established neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  76. Water Shortages in SW Florida: Naples: rich, rating, quality (FL)
  77. Tampa vs. Ft Lauderdale ??: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: real estate, construction, incomes - Florida (FL)
  78. Homeowner's Insurance Crestview, FL: buying a home, buying, taxes - Florida
  79. Musicians Near Daytona/Flagler Beach: Cleveland: moving to, winter, good - Florida (FL)
  80. S W Florida need jobs.: crime, construction jobs, to buy (FL)
  81. looking to move to florida after graduation....: Miami, Christmas: school, live in - Florida (FL)
  82. Got my tax bill today: home, school, taxes - Florida (FL)
  83. SW FL area, what's a good business to open with limited income?: Sarasota: sales - Florida
  84. Sink hole that has been repaired: Dunedin: insurance, houses, purchase - Florida (FL)
  85. HELP WANTED for corporate jobs and industry leaders!: transplants, college - Florida (FL)
  86. U.S. House OKs national fund to insure against major disasters: Memphis: insurance, tornadoes - Florida (FL)
  87. 1-2 br Apt. Utilities in Daytona: Orlando, Port Orange: apartments, rentals, appliances - Florida (FL)
  88. If the price is right, the price is right: lease, condo - Florida (FL)
  89. Pictures of of cute FL critters: University, Palmetto: house, university - Florida
  90. 24/f interested in moving to the Keys- help!: Jacksonville: real estate, employment - Florida (FL)
  91. Moving To St Augustine ???: University, St. Augustine: real estate, rentals, house - Florida (FL)
  92. What's this black stuff growing on my shrubs?: house, moving - Florida (FL)
  93. Cracker House???: Gainesville, Homestead, Micanopy: houses, floors, cabin - Florida (FL)
  94. Anything good about SW FL?: Orlando, Fort Myers: rent, houses, unemployment - Florida
  95. Florida Theme Song!!!!: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa: neighborhoods, school, living in (FL)
  96. Young newly married couple moving to Florida: Jacksonville, Naples: income, living (FL)
  97. Tell me what you think my house is worth: Plant City: comparable sales, for sale - Florida (FL)
  98. Another crazy cop.: home, law, assess - Florida (FL)
  99. decent schools in FL?: Orlando, Coral Springs: job market, best schools, college - Florida
  100. The best weather ?? Eastcoast or westcoast ?: Jacksonville, Miami: living, shop, statistics - Florida (FL)
  101. Daytona: Shady Side of Town: Daytona Beach, Port Orange: low crime, motel - Florida (FL)
  102. Treehouses?: Fort Lauderdale, Naples: rent, lawyer, landscaping - Florida (FL)
  103. Inflation, House Prices, and the Economy: real estate market, foreclosures, mortgage broker - Florida (FL)
  104. Florida favorite movies for the holidays: Christmas, Bell: home, bill, vacation (FL)
  105. Gainesville questions, esp. apts.: Tampa, University: low income, for sale, apartments - Florida (FL)
  106. HOA(Homeowners Association) - Your Kids are not welcome if you have lived there more than 5 years: to rent, buying a house - Florida (FL)
  107. Spanish exploration of Panhandle: Pensacola, Treasure Island: condos, house, university - Florida (FL)
  108. Let's compare north Florida to south Florida and see why: Jacksonville: fit in, construction (FL)
  109. Florida might ban cell phone use by teen drivers: insurance, home (FL)
  110. An apology from a formally hositile Midwestern turned Floridian -: Coral Springs: transplants, home - Florida (FL)
  111. Humidity: Tampa vs Miami/Lauderdale?: Orlando, Weston: live, area, places - Florida (FL)
  112. North Port Wild Panther: Everglades: house, safe, eat - Florida (FL)
  113. Where Should I Move To In Florida: Jacksonville, Miami: real estate market, renting (FL)
  114. Recession symptoms near fever level in South Florida: Mexico Beach: for sale, apartment (FL)
  115. housing prognosis?: Tampa, Vero Beach: for sale, real estate, condos - Florida (FL)
  116. Mobile home park price extremes -opportunity?: Tampa, Coconut Creek: for sale, real estate, rent - Florida (FL)
  117. Florida is the best!!!: transplants, crime, hotel (FL)
  118. Buyers market for overseas folks @ Florida: Hallandale: sales, real estate, foreclosures (FL)
  119. A look at Florida's economy: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: condos, credit, buy (FL)
  120. Why do I want to live in Florida?: Miami: homes, to move (FL)
  121. Floridians, is this article true?: Naples: colleges, law, homeless - Florida (FL)
  122. What happens when Hurricanes strike and damage your place of employment, where you earn your living, well runs dry?: Christmas: insurance, houses - Florida (FL)
  123. Where is the water still warm enough for swimming at this time of year??: Tampa: beach, swimming pool - Florida (FL)
  124. What Florida Beaches Are Open For Swimming And Surfing During The Winter??: price, shop (FL)
  125. I need a positive only now...: Jacksonville, Miami: real estate market, rental - Florida (FL)
  126. For who have moved to Fla in 06 and 07: Ocala: sales, insurance - Florida (FL)
  127. Moving to Florida...Help!: Orlando, Kissimmee: apartments, rent, homeowners insurance (FL)
  128. rate my cities (relocating): Tampa, Orlando: to rent, low crime, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  129. NJ/NY vs. Living in Florida: Jacksonville, Miami: best cities, real estate, apartment complex (FL)
  130. NC Fla./Gainesville: What to wear!: Ocala: pools, title, best - Florida (FL)
  131. One Quarter Of Florida Residents Lack Health Insurance Coverage: to buy, college (FL)
  132. Fun Things To Do In Florida: Miami, Tampa: houses, college, casino (FL)
  133. 'Perfect Storm' in Panama City Beach: Miami, Miami Beach: for sale, real estate market, oceanfront - Florida (FL)
  134. Why is Key West and Monroe County losing population?: Homestead: to rent, insurance - Florida (FL)
  135. Gas Prices in Florida??: Tampa, Fort Walton Beach: car, station, paid (FL)
  136. homeowner's insurance; optional or mandatory?: homeowners insurance, mortgage, refinance - Florida (FL)
  137. Lauderdale, Boca or Sarasota?: Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton: real estate, rent, insurance - Florida (FL)
  138. A good thing about Florida: Oak Ridge: sales, new house, neighborhood (FL)
  139. The best and worst cities for obtaining a decent paying job: Jacksonville: insurance, home - Florida (FL)
  140. Southeast Florida: Is it like another country?: Miami, Melbourne: to move, beach (FL)
  141. NAR Chief Economist: Florida is ground zero for the housing slump: Poinciana: sale, real estate (FL)
  142. Despite all the negative threads, I'm moving to North Port soon!: Miami: appointed, house - Florida (FL)
  143. Help a Dutchman find a bikeable place to live in Florida ...: Orlando: leasing, neighborhood (FL)
  144. Motor Home in Seminole Area: Tampa, Largo: RV parks, rent, insurance - Florida (FL)
  145. Looking for Lake City Florida Information: Jacksonville, Orlando: real estate, sex offenders, crime (FL)
  146. A about trespassing in FL: Fort Myers: house, contractors, living in - Florida
  147. How many of you forumers were born in FL?: Miami: house, living in - Florida
  148. Homeowner's Insurance: homeowners insurance, broker, new home - Florida (FL)
  149. Ponder this Floridians: foreclose, mortgage, homes - Florida (FL)
  150. Should Tallrick be president? Or at least governor of Florida?: Key West: middle-class, assessor (FL)
  151. Florida culture: Tampa, St. Petersburg, Tarpon Springs: theater, living in, restaurants (FL)
  152. how come?: spring break, apartments, house - Florida (FL)
  153. Insurance increase again?: real estate, refinance, home - Florida (FL)
  154. Geico in Lakeland always hiring full time 30K to start know if they are a decent employer?: Tampa: big house, salary - Florida (FL)
  155. work from home jobs in Florida?: Tampa: insurance, house, live in (FL)
  156. 4 point inspection to lower home insurance??: real estate, credit, buying a home - Florida (FL)
  157. Growth, is it really all that?: real estate, condos, how much - Florida (FL)
  158. News, No smoking at work. Or at home.: Orlando: insurance, house - Florida (FL)
  159. Where Are All The Bugs?: apartment, house, to buy - Florida (FL)
  160. snow birds: Panama City, Panama City Beach: real estate, leasing, Home Depot - Florida (FL)
  161. HELP! Hate Tampa MOVING SOUTH!: Lakeland, Sarasota: rent to own, house, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  162. Cut Property Taxes Now: Tampa, Homestead: sales, real estate, insurance - Florida (FL)
  163. Bike riding: Fort Lauderdale, Lakeland, Wright: motorhomes, neighborhoods, school - Florida (FL)
  164. 33411 zip code **advice**: West Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach: crime, roughest, big home - Florida (FL)
  165. Florida Property Tax - Proposed Amendment: Tampa, Homestead: sales, rental, insurance (FL)
  166. Why move to Florida?: Cocoa, Cocoa Beach: for sale, real estate, renters (FL)
  167. Home Prices ?: Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Port St. Lucie: for sale, real estate, foreclosures - Florida (FL)
  168. Florida famous HOt Dogs: Miami, Orlando: sales, homes, restaurants (FL)
  169. Which Florida city would you pick?: Jacksonville, Tampa: condos, townhomes, school (FL)
  170. Key West for Young Families? Schools?: Largo, Homestead: apartment, to rent, homes - Florida (FL)
  171. Where in Florida?: Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland: real estate, foreclosure, homeowners insurance (FL)
  172. Should my wife and I start a family or get out of dodge: middle-class, home - Florida (FL)
  173. Worst/Best Towns in Florida?: Jacksonville, Miami: condos, crime, homes (FL)
  174. Sellers Market: real estate, rent, insurance - Florida (FL)
  175. News, Can Florida's Tax Revolt Stay Alive?: Tallahassee: sales, mortgages (FL)
  176. Relocating with Autism to Eglin AFB/Hurlburt Field: Pensacola, Naples: insurance, best school - Florida (FL)
  177. Jasper surrounding areas: Jacksonville, Lake City: living in, commute, small town - Florida (FL)
  178. Work Related Relocation: Orlando: deal, place, summer - Florida (FL)
  179. Probate: Depositions.: attorney, testing, change - Florida (FL)
  180. Best place to live: low crime, price, moving to - Florida (FL)
  181. Gnats in Fiddlers Creek: moving to, area, about - Florida (FL)
  182. Tampa area job market: license, driver, certification - Florida (FL)
  183. relocation to Canal Pt....: living, cost of living, housing - Florida (FL)
  184. News, Florida Backs Away From Water Deal.: drought, temporary (FL)
  185. Flu Vaccination Week Begins Monday: safe, health, children - Florida (FL)
  186. Thank you all in Forum: Naples: to rent, home, taxi - Florida (FL)
  187. Video Montage: event, hurricane - Florida (FL)
  188. The sneaky snowbird ~ ?: Christmas: to relocate, room, person - Florida (FL)
  189. Looking for a living situation or elderly roommates in Deltona?: Iona: house, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  190. Relocating to Florida from New Orleans: Miramar, Pensacola: rental, public schools, to move (FL)
  191. Fla. malpractice insurance rates down: county, expensive, quality - Florida (FL)
  192. Spouse Program Takes Off in Florida: Jacksonville: tenant, construction, military (FL)
  193. State's Graduation Rates Differ From National Figures: Orlando: high schools, education - Florida (FL)
  194. WWII Vintage Flyers hit the skiesin Northwest Florida: Destin: airport, schedule (FL)
  195. Appraisal??: Fort Pierce, St. Lucie: sales, real estate, condo - Florida (FL)
  196. Lakeland is it a safe place for families?: homes, gated communities - Florida (FL)
  197. Need on dangerous dog laws, BSL, in Flagler county...: Palm Coast: homes, live in - Florida (FL)
  198. Demographics: Miami: population, counties, top - Florida (FL)
  199. Living in Lealman, Kenneth City: renting, county, single - Florida (FL)
  200. Doctors in Perry, FL: medical, clinic, medicine - Florida