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  8. Do you thing that Jesus would lets us in heaven as we are?: paradise, Leviticus - Christianity
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  32. where do christians get the 6000 year old earth beleif from.: myth, church - Christianity
  33. What's The Search And Excitement All About Today ??: church, preach, believe - Christianity
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  37. Can the Church top leaders can, and interpreter Godís laws and can they change laws?: Mormonism, Bible - Christianity
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  59. Repent.It is the end.Warn others - Christianity
  60. for believers...: believe, praying, Holy Spirit, faith - Christianity
  61. I'm really weary of the universalist highjack of the Christian: Gospel, punishment - Christianity
  62. can one me a answer about a mystery kept secret since the world began world?: Gospel, Revelation - Christianity
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  66. Properly Understanding the Greek word 'Aionios' and the Hebrew word 'Olam'.: Torah, purification - Christianity
  67. Is God or Jesus a idol or Image that we should worships at a church, or at home?: woman, believe - Christianity
  68. Bigger picture examples?: testimonies, believe, verse, faith - Christianity
  69. Major Archeological Discovery supporting Christianity: believe, Biblical, Christians, cross
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  71. Traditional Christianity, Stealing the glory from God ...: traditions, Gospel, myth
  72. Love Wins a NEW Book from Rob Bell: church, believe - Christianity
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  77. The doctrine of the fall of lucifer in early judao-christianity: Eden, tradition
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  80. The Great Flood - Historic or Still to Come?: myths, fanaticism, beliefs - Christianity
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  82. Which is right? Are we declared righteous by faith or by works?: crucifixion, Lutheran - Christianity
  83. Can You Be A Christian Without All The Bible ??: women, church, believe - Christianity
  84. Who committed genocide against jews in the Holocaust? Fundamentalist Christians, that's who ...: Antichrist, believe - Christianity
  85. Nice has left the building: believe, experience, children, people - Christianity
  86. Why is this board dominated by UR?: Mormons, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  87. Would a Christian Landlord Have to Let a Tenant Live Rent-Free?: scripture, Jesus - Christianity
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  89. *_*_*_*_*_*_Is God Responsible for Man's Condition? _*_*_*_*_*: Gospel, hell, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  90. Let's Honor Christ's Resurrection instead of Easter Egg and Bunnies: messages, churches - Christianity
  91. Bible Rap: scripture, Jesus, translate, Satan - Christianity
  92. I have a dream: believe, creation, Creator, faith - Christianity
  93. Without obedience, you don't belong to Jesus: believe, scriptures, sin - Christianity
  94. Unless you know Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic, Your Bible's Translation is Limited.: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  95. Upcoming New Age Deception: hell, women, church, Revelation - Christianity
  96. Universalism is not of God .... it has failed --- Jesus: scriptures, sin - Christianity
  97. False teachers at Colosse were distorting the gospel: crucified, tradition, Gospels - Christianity
  98. Christians live more righteously: beliefs, scripture, prayer, sin - Christianity
  99. Can we prove God's existence?: Gospel, church, believe - Christianity
  100. If Universalism is not of God it will fail: hell, doctrine, church - Christianity
  101. What does AIONIOS mean: Gomorrah, Jehovah, Sodom, punishment - Christianity
  102. The Sabbath: Gospel, Leviticus, church, Revelation - Christianity
  103. The LOVE: doctrine, scriptures, prayer, sinners - Christianity
  104. Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.Matt 5:7: believe, Jesus - Christianity
  105. The hypocrisy of the religious, and the beauty of sacrifice: hell, doctrine - Christianity
  106. Repent..!: doctrine, believe, scriptures, praying - Christianity
  107. New billboards: You Don't Need God. Signs of the times in which we live.: churches, believe - Christianity
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  113. Intentional Provocation is Shameful: church, preacher, pray, Jesus - Christianity
  114. God has harsh words about us. The Unfaithfulness of the Israel- The Church: Sodom, abominations - Christianity
  115. Why do Liberal Christians worship in old traditional style, Conservatives Christians in contemporary style?: tradition, Lutheran - Christianity
  116. Universalism was Not the predominant belief of the Early Church. Eternal Punishment for the wicked was!: crucified, traditions - Christianity
  117. Observations on Matthew 24: Gospels, Epistles, church, Revelation - Christianity
  118. Is Shacking UP A Sin?: believe, scripture, Isaac, divorce - Christianity
  119. is there a verse : God gives a hundred fold return?: Gospel, churches - Christianity
  120. Was Jesus born of the virgin Mary?: Messiah, believe, scripture - Christianity
  121. Was it Evil for God to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?: Leviticus, woman - Christianity
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  123. I will not be a fence sitter: prayer, sin, Jesus - Christianity
  124. Are you willing to move forward?: Gospel, testimony, doctrine, Revelation - Christianity
  125. No Time For That, TIMES RUNNING OUT!!: pray, Jesus, salvation - Christianity
  126. I can't stand it anymore the lies from wolf's in sheep clothing.... the only accepted way a person is saved:: church, beliefs - Christianity
  127. Who is God ?: Lutheran, beliefs, pray, Holy Spirit - Christianity
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  129. The Dissemblers Of Modern Christianity: tradition, Gospel, hell, church
  130. Is Fox Punishing us with Glen Beck?: Mormons, church, prayer - Christianity
  131. We are not all God's children: believe, scriptures, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  132. Questions for who believe Bread and Wine become body and blood of Jesus: doctrine, rituals - Christianity
  133. communicating the Holy Spirit.: crucifixion, beliefs, scriptures, prayer - Christianity
  134. Humans suppress the truth, it will not go away!: believe, abortion, euthanasia - Christianity
  135. The Tsunami and Earthquake in Indonesia, India, chili, Jamaica, New Zealand, and Japan.: abominations, women - Christianity
  136. Does on forum observe Lent?: the passion, Lutheran, church, Bible - Christianity
  137. 2 different G-ds in Christianity: beliefs, Israel, Old Testament, faith
  138. Root Fallacy: doctrine, beliefs, scripture, Jesus - Christianity
  139. Many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to: Gospel, beliefs - Christianity
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  146. The Tree Of Life: Gospel, church, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  147. How can we possibly believe all hope is gone for who have died in unbelief ?: hell, scriptures - Christianity
  148. Are you afraid of sinning?: churches, believe, sinners, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  149. Tsunami and Earthquake strike Japan: believe, scriptures, pray, sin - Christianity
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  151. The Blind: sinned, disciples, Jesus, God - Christianity
  152. Rob Bell - Love Wins: church, believe, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
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  156. about love: Gospel, Deuteronomy, believe, scripture - Christianity
  157. why Christ must return before 2020: preaching, gnostic, belief, scripture - Christianity
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  159. A for (evangelical) Christian parents with Athiest children.: church, believe, sin - Christianity
  160. Red Lettered Bibles: Gospels, believe, sin, Solomon - Christianity
  161. A Little Humor: hell, women, prayer, priest - Christianity
  162. God isn't fooled-- by Christians: Gomorrah, Sodom, testimony - Christianity
  163. Good open discussion, not mean-spirited: Gospel, churches, lukewarm, Revelation - Christianity
  164. Why do we believe God is not able to save all that are lost: doctrine, woman - Christianity
  165. News Video, Christian pole dancing class creating controversy.: women, church, sin - Christianity
  166. Why so many who vigorously promoting UR, are so weak on Bible truth and in lifting-up the Christ of the Bible: crucified, hell - Christianity
  167. Can satan...?: sinners, Jesus, Bible, blessings - Christianity
  168. Who exactly was John the Baptist?: reincarnation, Messiah, believe, priest - Christianity
  169. Why is Israel gone?: Bible, verse, spiritual, God - Christianity
  170. God's disaster, but WE have to clean it up!: Gospel, hell, woman - Christianity
  171. I love you guys!!: believe, Holy Spirit, mystic, Jesus - Christianity
  172. The poplular message of dumbing down God's TOS (terms of salvation): beliefs, praying - Christianity
  173. The Truth of the Matter: God will save all men: women, believe - Christianity
  174. Eligibility: believe, scripture, sin, Jesus Christ - Christianity
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  176. The Eternal Security of the Believer in Jesus Christ: Gospels, Epistles, doctrine - Christianity
  177. If I am wrong: tradition, hell, doctrine, believe - Christianity
  178. Need Spiritual Advice: messages, church, believe, prayer - Christianity
  179. Half-truths: preacher, beliefs, pray, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  180. Do you still believe exactly the way you did when you first believed ? .: testimony, doctrine - Christianity
  181. Paying tithes: church, believe, Kingdom, eternity - Christianity
  182. Is there biblical evidence for baptism of the dead?: Gospel, believers, Jesus - Christianity
  183. Spiritual Warfare - Atheism Condemning Nonbelievers: Gospel, hell, punishment - Christianity
  184. Why don't people go to the source and ask homosexuals themselves if being gay is a choice?: women, beliefs - Christianity
  185. Why is modern Christian music so awful?: traditions, Gospels, churches - Christianity
  186. If you believe God is a loving god and everyone goes to heaven,: punishment, scriptures - Christianity
  187. Netanyahu has divided Jerusalem!!: rituals, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Israel - Christianity
  188. I looked over my shoulder when I heard God say this: Solomon - Christianity
  189. Ulc: church, organization, Universalist - Christianity
  190. Can You Have A Testimony & Not A Relationship With Jesus Christ ??: church, believers - Christianity
  191. The Doctrines and Precepts of men, or the Word of God?: Gospel, testimony - Christianity
  192. Expressing God: Revelation, Jesus, creation, confessions - Christianity
  193. Romans Chapter 1: sinners, Adam - Christianity
  194. If You Have Doubt!: Gospel, Revelation, preach, believe - Christianity
  195. Were do prayer go?: prayers, Jesus, Holy Ghost, confess - Christianity
  196. Inspite of it all...HOLD ON!!: Jesus Christ, Lord, Savior - Christianity
  197. a list of short dreams & visions: prophecy, daughter - Christianity
  198. What Sinners Are Saved Today ??: Revelation, believe, prayer, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  199. The Problem Solving Devices of the Christian Way of Life: doctrine, church - Christianity
  200. Their A Unique Purpose With The Goal Of Heaven ??: testimonies, preaching, disciple - Christianity