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  1. Duke's La Jolla: MBA, good, coffee - San Diego, California (CA)
  2. Sharp Nurses Strike Set For Monday November 28: 2013, shop - San Diego, California (CA)
  3. need recommondation for hotel and bike rentals: San Diego: hotels, vs. - California (CA)
  4. Hiking trails in Temecula?: Santa Rosa, Murrieta: parks, reviews, free - San Diego, California (CA)
  5. Good weekly hotels in the Long Beach area: Los Angeles, San Diego: extended stay, moving - California (CA)
  6. Rancho Penasquitos KB Home Sea Cliff experiences?: new home, buying - San Diego, California (CA)
  7. La Mesa for family with young children?: San Diego, Chula Vista: apartment, for rent - California (CA)
  8. Public hearing for SDGE to pass 2007 fires cost to customers: Escondido: insurance, contractors - San Diego, California (CA)
  9. Regents road bridge: San Diego: maps, capita, capital - California (CA)
  10. Farmers Insurance Open-Torrey Pines: San Diego, Del Mar: to live, parking, best place - California (CA)
  11. UCSD School of Global Policy and Strategy: office, schedule - San Diego, California (CA)
  12. Birthday in San Diego ideas?: Corona, Carlsbad: coupons, apartments, rentals - California (CA)
  13. Apartment heat: apartments, landlords, utilities - San Diego, California (CA)
  14. Public School Spring Break Date?: worth, district, year - San Diego, California (CA)
  15. Crazy to commute from Carlsbad to downtown SD?: San Diego, Encinitas: job transfer, university - California (CA)
  16. renting with teenagers: San Diego, Riverside, Oceanside: apartment, rental, home - California (CA)
  17. La Mesa and Marijuana: zoning, legal, shops - San Diego, California (CA)
  18. s on El Cajon?: San Diego, Vista: apartments, to rent, condos - California (CA)
  19. Single 26yr Lvn: San Diego: how much, living in, title - California (CA)
  20. Traveling from SD to LA on December 26th: Redondo Beach, Azusa: how much, home - San Diego, California (CA)
  21. San Diego Union-Tribune Top Workplaces 2016: insurance, mortgage, casino - California (CA)
  22. Finding Snow in SD: Los Angeles, San Diego: live, zip codes, store - California (CA)
  23. American citizens who became Mexican citizens too?: real estate, 2013 - San Diego, California (CA)
  24. Living in Carlsbad, drive to Coronado?: San Diego, Encinitas: camp, taxi, military - California (CA)
  25. Does know of a food bank in South bay that will come to my house for donations?: neighborhood - San Diego, California (CA)
  26. Roommate questions: Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas: sublets, leases, eviction - San Diego, California (CA)
  27. Point Loma Heights: San Diego, Ramona, Borrego Springs: coupons, 2013, renting - California (CA)
  28. Why so many more blonde men then women in San Diego?: area, county - California (CA)
  29. Looking for candle light dinner on beach?: Laguna, Laguna Beach: hotel, romantic restaurants - San Diego, California (CA)
  30. Short stay in San Diego: Los Angeles: sublets, apartments, renters - California (CA)
  31. Are Red Light Cameras a Thing Again in SD?: San Diego: legally, safety - California (CA)
  32. What's it like to grow up in Lakeside?: San Diego, Winter Gardens: apartments, crime - California (CA)
  33. delivery driver jobs available that uses own company car?: San Diego: places, drivers - California (CA)
  34. Green San Diego: to live in, property, county - California (CA)
  35. Single Mom move to Oceanside: San Diego, San Clemente: apartments, home, schools - California (CA)
  36. Poway New Student - July Registration Concern: transfer, school district - San Diego, California (CA)
  37. Recommendations for first birthday party: San Diego, El Cajon: rentals, townhome, living - California (CA)
  38. how to obtain CA car license plates: refinance, loan - San Diego, California
  39. Garage Door Repair/Replace: Home Depot, live, near - San Diego, California (CA)
  40. Weekday parking near Santa Fe Station downtown: San Diego: live in, cost of - California (CA)
  41. In your opinion, are people in San Diego Happy or Sad: London: tax, living - California (CA)
  42. Internationally-Headquartered Companies with Presence in San Diego Area?: London: contractors, college - California (CA)
  43. Moving to San Diego County from Bay Area - Where to live?: Oakland: apartments - California (CA)
  44. Young professional moving to San Diego, where can I meet the most people?: Sacramento: extended stay - California (CA)
  45. Cigarette smoke coming through walls: apartment, townhome, live in - San Diego, California (CA)
  46. Police Radar in the middle of the road: law, dangerous - San Diego, California (CA)
  47. Condo HOA noise: renter, condos, landlord - San Diego, California (CA)
  48. Ferris Wheel at Embarcadero: 2015, restaurant, estate - San Diego, California (CA)
  49. Looking to relocate to Poway, CA: San Diego: apartment complexes, rental, moving - California
  50. Wow, this ad for a roommate...LOL: real estate, rent - San Diego, California (CA)
  51. Recommendation for Car Tinting: San Diego, Chula Vista: university, prices, legal - California (CA)
  52. Valley Center/Escondido: house, living, horses - San Diego, California (CA)
  53. Dental Work in Tijuana: home, pharmacy, taxi - San Diego, California (CA)
  54. Proposal help from locals?: San Diego, Corona: rent, purchase, salary - California (CA)
  55. Carlsbad or Rancho Penasquitos?: Vista, Santee: condo, townhomes, school district - San Diego, California (CA)
  56. Just arrived in Carlsbad, need help: Oceanside, Vista: house, to buy, price - San Diego, California (CA)
  57. Only one day in La Jolla/Torrey Pines- What would you do?: San Diego: to rent - California (CA)
  58. San Diego Environs Relocation: rental market, house, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  59. Condo remodel - where to shop aside from the big four?: Mesa: countertops, appliances - San Diego, California (CA)
  60. need replacement shingles for roof: Home Depot, roofing, town - San Diego, California (CA)
  61. DMV Registration/title/ELT help!: insurance, live, licensed - San Diego, California (CA)
  62. Encinitas - Moonlight Beach or La Jolla Shores?: hotel, commute - San Diego, California (CA)
  63. Speed limit increases: Mesa: home, activity, ticket - San Diego, California (CA)
  64. Fine Arts High School Programs in San Diego: Corona, Coronado: private school, university - California (CA)
  65. Visiting the Long Beach area: San Diego, Belmont: neighborhoods, live, restaurants - California (CA)
  66. A tee and Tee versus Cox: Woodland: live in, moving, best - San Diego, California (CA)
  67. Lower-Cost Rental Areas Near Oceanside: San Diego, Escondido: real estate, home, neighborhood - California (CA)
  68. High waves: best place, places, black - San Diego, California (CA)
  69. Working 4S Ranch Area-San Bernardo and Renting--??: San Diego: to live, zip codes - California (CA)
  70. Help me ...: San Diego: university, casino, taxes - California (CA)
  71. Accused squatter renting out rooms in the College Area: San Diego: lease, house - California (CA)
  72. Effective Monday, You Can Bring Back Cuban Cigars/Rum from Tijuana Legally: purchasing - San Diego, California (CA)
  73. Various Licence Plates in SD: San Diego: buy, living, legal - California (CA)
  74. Commission to rental specialist: San Diego, Avalon: real estate, apartment, brokers - California (CA)
  75. Carlsbad high or San Marcos High: La Mesa, Mesa: mortgage, house, construction - San Diego, California (CA)
  76. Pay for my Own Live-Scan (Fingerprints): universities, design, permit - San Diego, California (CA)
  77. Restaurants open late downtown: San Diego: live, prices, food - California (CA)
  78. Driving an Electric Scooter in town...: San Diego: how much, DMV, legally - California (CA)
  79. Power Outrages: San Diego: 2015, homes, earthquake - California (CA)
  80. I'm curious if this is a 1950s era clothing line?: house, Lowes - San Diego, California (CA)
  81. Restaurants with Lindbergh Field views: airport, eat, expensive - San Diego, California (CA)
  82. Cheap Massage in SD?: La Mesa, Mesa: price, best, money - San Diego, California (CA)
  83. Moving to San: Carlsbad, Encinitas, Temecula: for rent, houses, safe neighborhood - San Diego, California (CA)
  84. recourse for someone parking in front of your house for a week?: San Diego: apartment complexes, houses - California (CA)
  85. my opinion: the bag law is a failure: to buy, price - San Diego, California (CA)
  86. Moving to San Diego - how to find apartments for rent by owner?: Oceanside: rentals, HOA - California (CA)
  87. Looking for a place in Oceanside or surrounding area: San Diego: extended stay, apartment - California (CA)
  88. Rancho Santa Fe ...which golf club for us?: San Diego, Encinitas: fit in, real estate market - California (CA)
  89. SD on 50K?: San Diego, Crest: apartments, for rent, health insurance - California (CA)
  90. Unrelated Questions: San Diego, San Marcos, La Mesa: neighborhood, community college, live - California (CA)
  91. Atlanta, GA vs. San Diego, CA. What area offers the most for active families and organic choices?: San Francisco: transplants, rent - California
  92. San Diego Magazine: Best Places To Live in SD 2017 Issue: Oceanside: best neighborhoods, real estate - California (CA)
  93. What's up with all the violent crime and robberies lately?: San Diego: crime rate, felony - California (CA)
  94. San Dieguito Alum Eddie Vedder playing at Presidential Farewell Address: San Diego: skateboarding, to buy - California (CA)
  95. Choice of High schools Carlsbad: San Diego, Encinitas: for sale, real estate, oceanfront - California (CA)
  96. Can you offer advice on where to live by San Diego?: Corona: how much, home - California (CA)
  97. Fed up, noisy neighbors..what should I do?: San Diego, La Mesa: renting, HOA - California (CA)
  98. Scam artists Con shoppers telling they lost their wallet need gas money: San Diego: HOA, home - California (CA)
  99. Anza Borrego Wildflowers: San Diego, Lancaster, Laguna: allergies, association, parks - California (CA)
  100. I-78/I-5 Merge: San Diego: live, moving, budget - California (CA)
  101. How do you find a job: San Diego: mover, promotional - California (CA)
  102. Pouring Rain: San Diego: apartment, home, to live - California (CA)
  103. Thinking about moving from San Francisco to San Diego...: Los Angeles: real estate, apartments - California (CA)
  104. I'm sure this gets old.....: San Diego, Temecula: salons, apartment, rental - California (CA)
  105. Paving a Private Street: for sale, real estate, HOA - San Diego, California (CA)
  106. Is University of San Diego still a Catholic school?: Santa Clara: credit, catholic schools - California (CA)
  107. Moving to San Diego. Want good schools & chill vibe: Chula Vista: apartments, to rent - California (CA)
  108. Young couple from Europe moving to San Diego. Where to live?: Encinitas: apartment, to rent - California (CA)
  109. NHite potentially moving to SD....recommendations :): San Diego: real estate, apartments - California (CA)
  110. Possibly moving to SD, should I?: San Diego: apartments, to rent, home - California (CA)
  111. San Diego public school budget problems and layoffs: Los Angeles, Long Beach: 2013, loan - California (CA)
  112. How is Downtown San Diego doing days?: San Jose, Marina: 2015, apartment - California (CA)
  113. Job relocation to La Jolla area, need help with housing!!: San Diego: appointed, apartment - California (CA)
  114. How is San Diego State University regarded?: San Jose, Stanford: top school, universities - California (CA)
  115. What part of Southern California has the most former Midwesterners?: San Diego: fit in, crime - (CA)
  116. Coming from long Island NY: San Diego, Carlsbad: rentals, student loan, home - California (CA)
  117. Live in SD with 65-70k?: San Diego: apartment, renting, how much - California (CA)
  118. TJ Airport bridge: San Diego: hotel, live, prices - California (CA)
  119. Moving to SD, working in Sorrento Valley, how bad is the commute from PB/La Jolla/Downtown?: San Diego: apartment, rentals - California (CA)
  120. Convince us NOT to buy a home in Coronado!: San Diego: renting, buying a home - California (CA)
  121. MLS targeting San Diego: Los Angeles: sales, how much, home sales - California (CA)
  122. Relocating from NJ to San Diego- best area for a 6 yr old?: Riverside: apartments, to rent - California (CA)
  123. Senior Citizen looking to move to San diego: Vista: low income, 2013 - California (CA)
  124. Would a 30 year old feel out of place?: fit in, 2015 - San Diego, California (CA)
  125. Questions about San Diego: August, Mesa: homes, find a job, transfer to - California (CA)
  126. San Diego becoming more Democratic: lease, racist, companies - California (CA)
  127. San Diego airport ranked third best in US: restaurants, shop - California (CA)
  128. vote Democrat and you'll go to hell!: San Diego, Bishop: school, university - California (CA)
  129. Short term rental ban: San Diego, San Francisco: apartment, rentals, HOA - California (CA)
  130. Finding my 67 year old Mom a place to live: San Diego: section 8, apartments - California (CA)
  131. Ramona - Oak Tree Ranch: Santee, Poway: lease, HOA, insurance - San Diego, California (CA)
  132. San Diego project need advice: Vista, Buena Vista: best neighborhoods, 2015, rental - California (CA)
  133. How conversavative is San Diego?: Berkeley: to live, title, friendly - California (CA)
  134. Am I missing something by not going EAST of The Coast ?: San Diego: motels, buying - California (CA)
  135. Can I break a lease due to termites issue?: attorney, landlord - San Diego, California (CA)
  136. Property Taxes: San Diego, Chula Vista, Oceanside: real estate, house, buyer - California (CA)
  137. How spread out is San Diego?: San Jose, Chula Vista: neighborhoods, live, bars - California (CA)
  138. Plastic Bag Ban: Encinitas: credit, option to buy, shop - San Diego, California (CA)
  139. San Diego County had largest voter turnout in California: Alpine: how much, school - (CA)
  140. WHY do people drive black cars with white tops??: buy, auction - San Diego, California (CA)
  141. Election Day 2016 San Diego: Chula Vista, El Cajon: sales, lease, hotel - California (CA)
  142. Trendy men's clothing stores ?: San Diego, Del Mar: purchase, club, outlet mall - California (CA)
  143. Male-female ratio: San Diego, Mesa: school, colleges, income - California (CA)
  144. North Park/Hillcrest/Bankers Hill neighborhood - utilities and credit union advice?: San Diego: lease, loan - California (CA)
  145. Carlsbad: the village is gone forever: Merced, Encinitas: real estate, credit - San Diego, California (CA)
  146. Flying trucks: Corona, Coronado: condo, live, office - San Diego, California (CA)
  147. Hollywood Casino Jamul: San Diego, Chula Vista, Vista: houses, neighborhood, high school - California (CA)
  148. Fighting a Traffic Ticket: Palo Alto, La Mesa: attorney, school, calculating - San Diego, California (CA)
  149. Cox Cable Bill. How Much ?: layoffs, movies, tax - San Diego, California (CA)
  150. Just bought a condo in North Park: San Diego: real estate, apartment - California (CA)
  151. How affordable is san diego?: August: fit in, apartment, student loan - California (CA)
  152. temperature will go up 17 degrees in 2 days!: San Diego, Santa Ana: house, live - California (CA)
  153. New to SD, Need help! (stuck in motel due to bad credit): San Diego: apartments, renters - California (CA)
  154. for a single in san diego: Chula Vista, Oceanside: apartment, high crime - California (CA)
  155. experience for intra-transfer in poway school district?: renting, house - San Diego, California (CA)
  156. Have moved to San Diego from the Southeast Coast of U.S.?: Corona: houses, buy - California (CA)
  157. Moving to San Deigo instead of LA: San Diego, Pasadena: rental, insurance - California (CA)
  158. Is Vista an affordable and nice area to live?: San Diego: rent, HOA - California (CA)
  159. CA DMV - Do I need to take the written test?: San Diego: transfer, exemption - California
  160. Aldi's: San Diego, Chula Vista, Vista: house, construction, organic - California (CA)
  161. Moving To San Diego, California: real estate, apartment complexes, rentals - (CA)
  162. Where to take wife for her birthday in Southern California: Riverside: condo, townhome - San Diego, (CA)
  163. Young professional family moving from LA - Bird Rock, Mission Hills, Pt Loma, Solana or other?: Corona: houses, neighborhoods - San Diego, California (CA)
  164. I'll take my 61 degrees: San Diego, Palm Springs: house, ranked, place - California (CA)
  165. I feel blessed...: San Diego, Poway: apartment, renting, condo - California (CA)
  166. Think she deserved to be dragged off the airplane?: San Diego: military, safety - California (CA)
  167. Release of Haitian illegals into San Diego: house, live - California (CA)
  168. About Local News Broadcasts: Chula Vista, Vista: live, business, roach - San Diego, California (CA)
  169. Questions about where to move in the San Diego area.: section 8, sales - California (CA)
  170. get ready for gas stations to cheat you again: San Diego: buy, camp - California (CA)
  171. Moving to Carlsbad from bird rock?: San Diego, Encinitas: real estate, rental, condo - California (CA)
  172. Heading to San Diego: Chula Vista, Corona: fit in, rentals, mortgages - California (CA)
  173. Road trip to Vegas: San Francisco, Bakersfield: hotels, construction, restaurants - San Diego, California (CA)
  174. I had a wonderful time in San Diego!: Los Angeles, San Francisco: rental car, low income - California (CA)
  175. Minimum Wage Increase Causes Inflated Restaurant Bills: San Diego: 2014, leases - California (CA)
  176. UCSD opening permanent downtown outpost: San Diego, San Jose: lease, condos, hotels - California (CA)
  177. Avoiding traffic on 15/163/805/8: San Diego, Escondido, Mesa: college, live in, parking - California (CA)
  178. My City sure has changed: Los Angeles, San Diego: credit report, house, neighborhood - California (CA)
  179. Fun Stuff To Do During the Holidays in San Diego County: Corona: house, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  180. Military housing or rent?: San Diego, Chula Vista: lease, house, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  181. Are there Iranian (Persians) in San Diego?: Los Angeles, Poway: neighborhood, school - California (CA)
  182. What's a good place to live for an extrovert in SD? (Moving: San Diego from Sacramento): Stockton: apartments, for rent - California (CA)
  183. relocation from Chicago: Cost of living: Carlsbad, San Marcos: real estate, HOA fees - San Diego, California (CA)
  184. Sewing machine repair: Chula Vista, Escondido, Vista: how much, school, shop - San Diego, California (CA)
  185. About section8: San Diego: section 8, rent, sex offender - California (CA)
  186. Chargers moving: Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland: rent, stadium, relocation - California (CA)
  187. Airport Parking for a week?: San Diego, Encinitas: limo, home, college - California (CA)
  188. Where to the nerds hang out?: Corona, Coronado: living, Walmart, campus - San Diego, California (CA)
  189. Possibly relocating. Work in El Cajon. Where can I live thats affordable and cooler weather?: San Diego: apartment, rent - California (CA)
  190. Jan 21st Women's March San Diego: how much, compensation, tax - California (CA)
  191. 4 SD County Schools Receive National Blue Ribbon for Excellence: San Diego: 2013, school district - California (CA)
  192. Mortgage brokers and Property management companies, Carlsbad: area, drive - San Diego, California (CA)
  193. Education online: university, degree - San Diego, California (CA)
  194. Get-It-Done website: San Diego, La Mesa, Mesa: live in, street, problems - California (CA)
  195. SD's Single-Family Home Market Sixth-Hottest in Nation: San Diego: local - California (CA)
  196. Looking for cohousing in SD?: moving to, areas, community - San Diego, California (CA)
  197. Overnight Parking at Oceanside Transit Center: garages, train station, Amtrak - San Diego, California (CA)
  198. decently nice apartment complexes around the Mission Valley/Del Cerro/San Carlos areas?: school - San Diego, California (CA)
  199. Fire in Oside: Oceanside: warehouse, factory, inside - San Diego, California (CA)
  200. how long for ticket courtesy notice?: La Mesa, Mesa: date - San Diego, California (CA)