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  1. Realistic commute times for best schools . . .: Portland, Beaverton: rentals, house, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  2. German Shepherd Dog Friendly Apartments in Downtown Portland?: to rent, landlord - Oregon (OR)
  3. Suggestions for apartments in Portland area: Gresham, Brooks: middle-class, lease, homes - Oregon (OR)
  4. Woohoo!: Portland, Gresham, Beaverton: apartment complexes, for rent, condo - Oregon (OR)
  5. So many food carts too few days!!!: Portland, Eugene: live, oil - Oregon (OR)
  6. Moving to Hillsboro for summer, looking to avoid traffic: Portland: sublet, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  7. Weightloss Doctors Prescribing Diet Pills: Portland: sales, living, safe - Oregon (OR)
  8. How's parking at Elmonica MAX?: homes, station, park - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  9. Sales/use tax when buying a car: Portland: home, income - Oregon (OR)
  10. The Call of the Northwest: Rainier: amusement park, beach, stations - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  11. excited about the Timbers?: Portland: live, price, MLS - Oregon (OR)
  12. Leatherman Tools: Portland, Pendleton: live, shop, best - Oregon (OR)
  13. South Tabor neighborhood - opinions?: Portland: crime, buying a home, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  14. Breivik from Portland: inspection, safety, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  15. nice, cheap, dog friendly hotel on way to portland?: Gladstone: extended stay, hotels - Oregon (OR)
  16. neighborhood help for move: Gresham, Troutdale: home, neighborhoods, school - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  17. Is Portland good for outdoor activities?: Hillsboro: appointed, camper, living in - Oregon (OR)
  18. Neighorbood Help -- Relocating for job at Portland VA Hospital: Raleigh Hills: cheap apartment, house - Oregon (OR)
  19. flipping burgers in Portland: Beaverton, Hillsboro: find a job, subsidized, minimum wage - Oregon (OR)
  20. PSU questions + more questions!: Portland: 2014, home, employment - Oregon (OR)
  21. When to start growing starters..: houses, buying, cost of - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  22. Summer only sublets?: Portland: apartments, rentals, month-to-month - Oregon (OR)
  23. Not Fitting into Bay Area--Portland the Place?: Oakland: fit in, cliquey - Oregon (OR)
  24. visiting with small children: Portland, Beaverton: best suburbs, crime, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  25. Places to see between PDX and Hood River: Portland, Troutdale: for sale, house - Oregon (OR)
  26. preventing mold and mildew: how much, house, landscaping - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  27. Hood River Guided Fishing: Portland: place, closest, good - Oregon (OR)
  28. : Safety of the following apartments: Portland, Union: apartment complexes, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  29. Another place to live post. Sorry. :-): Portland: apartment, for rent - Oregon (OR)
  30. Portland in May!!: taxi, airport, pub - Oregon (OR)
  31. Rental Challenge!: Portland: apartment, rentals, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  32. Who makes the best sourdough bread in portland?: store, grocery - Oregon (OR)
  33. Is this Portland ?: Whole Foods, racism, park - Oregon (OR)
  34. Cheap/Safe/Fun Neighborhoods for 2-month stay in Portland: renting, home - Oregon (OR)
  35. in beaverton 4 months...impressions: Raleigh Hills, Granite: apartment complex, how much, house - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  36. What do you guys think of the NW suburb areas?: Portland: crime, homes - Oregon (OR)
  37. Today is so pretty!!!: yard, dinner, pictures - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  38. OR resident selling car to WA resident: Portland: credit, loan - Oregon
  39. Furnished Office/Law Firm Space In The Portland Area: subletting, leasing - Oregon (OR)
  40. Veggie/Flower Planter Construction?: Portland: landscaping, neighborhood, maintenance - Oregon (OR)
  41. Did/Do the natives that live around the Portland area build totem poles?: building - Oregon (OR)
  42. Seeking OB/GYN, Hospital, and Pediatrician: Portland, Beaverton: obgyn, insurance, home - Oregon (OR)
  43. Relocating to Portland Area, Advice: Salem, Silverton: low crime, good schools, food - Oregon (OR)
  44. Watch Repair Service?: Portland, Beaverton, Cedar Hills: shop, best, metro - Oregon (OR)
  45. SE Flavel - What's the area like?: Portland: 2014, rental - Oregon (OR)
  46. moving to Portland, about neighborhood demographics: Beaverton, Lake Oswego: home, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  47. For bossa nova fans: club, Portuguese, great - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  48. How awesome is Portland?: theater, live in, restaurants - Oregon (OR)
  49. I'm in Portland!: rental, house, moving - Oregon (OR)
  50. Local kid on The Voice: Tigard: high school, live - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  51. Which high schools/ neighborhoods would you consider the best?: Portland: credit, home - Oregon (OR)
  52. Southeast, East Portland.....: apartments, rentals, houses - Oregon (OR)
  53. Areas with gangs?: Portland, Ontario: crime rate, attorney, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  54. Motorhome Repair: Portland, Wood Village: sales, camping, stores - Oregon (OR)
  55. Neighborhood ideas: Portland, Gresham: apartment, rental, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  56. moving to Portland this summer: Warm Springs, Wasco: cost, rated, money - Oregon (OR)
  57. Phl -> pdx: Portland, Beaverton: real estate, apartments, rental - Oregon (OR)
  58. Moving to Oregon from CA: Portland, Beaverton: renting, neighborhoods, buying - (OR)
  59. Wood cutting/firewood?: Bend, Forest Grove, Clatskanie: house, buying, live - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  60. Relocating back to Portland/Beaverton neighborhood tips?: Tualatin, West Slope: for sale, houses - Oregon (OR)
  61. with the culture at OHSU?: university, bike - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  62. Commute to NW Industrial District: Portland, Beaverton: homes, purchasing, ferry - Oregon (OR)
  63. Portland Renters rights: house, unemployed, tenants - Oregon (OR)
  64. Rentals in the Pearl: Portland, Hillsboro: apartments, lofts, condo - Oregon (OR)
  65. If you had to do it all over again.: Portland: neighborhoods, living in - Oregon (OR)
  66. Trip to Portland - hotels/areas to stay: living, price - Oregon (OR)
  67. * HELP me find THE DRESS! *: Portland: wedding, shops, trip - Oregon (OR)
  68. What's the real deal with Portland?: employment, transfer to, schools - Oregon (OR)
  69. Donating office equipment: upkeep, costs, bill - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  70. Looking for Good Property Management Company in Portland: Beaverton, Hillsboro: apartment complexes, renter - Oregon (OR)
  71. Dog trainer recommendations: house, neighborhood, reviews - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  72. Cabin In The Forest Near Portland: Eugene, Bend: rentals, wedding, camping - Oregon (OR)
  73. a for gardeners: garden, summers, landscape - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  74. Recommendations for a good calzone: Gresham, Aloha: appointed, price, title - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  75. SE Portland and Milwaukie?: Clackamas: houses, to buy, schools - Oregon (OR)
  76. Native Americans in Portland: live in, housing, cities - Oregon (OR)
  77. Another yummy restaurant: live, sushi, food - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  78. Moving to Portland - looking for apartments: Beaverton, Hillsboro: rental, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  79. Have you ever wondered the wages of Portland Police officer, the mayor, city attorney it is: how much - Oregon (OR)
  80. Day laborers around Portland? I need help.: apartment, buy - Oregon (OR)
  81. Swap Homes- Corvallis for Portland?: campus, bedroom, near - Oregon (OR)
  82. Walkable City?: Portland: hotels, bus, light rail - Oregon (OR)
  83. Moving to Portland, but don't know what area: Gresham, Beaverton: apartment, rental market - Oregon (OR)
  84. Park & Ride for Trimet: bus, transportation, parking - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  85. How would you rate the weather since January?: Portland, Wilsonville: live, moving - Oregon (OR)
  86. Automotive Technician and Attorney moving to Portland: how much, attorneys - Oregon (OR)
  87. Restaurant recommendations around 97236 zip: Portland: salons, restaurants, zip code - Oregon (OR)
  88. looking for a hair stylist.: Portland: salons, schools, shop - Oregon (OR)
  89. It's official - hello Wal-Mart: Hillsboro, Tigard: 2013, how much - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  90. I'm surprised no one has mentioned...: Portland: pollution, deals, underwater - Oregon (OR)
  91. a move to Portland. Opinions: Dallas: appointed, transplants - Oregon (OR)
  92. Parking in front of stop signs/lights: Portland: apartment, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  93. Moving to Portland - neighborhood suggestions?: 2015, apartments, for rent - Oregon (OR)
  94. Off-the-beaten-path tourist things to do: Portland, Beaverton: neighborhood, live, restaurants - Oregon (OR)
  95. Working in Salem, living in/close to Portland--is it: Hillsboro: home, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  96. Thrift Stores in Portland?: Milwaukie, Clackamas: consignment, house, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  97. Where I come from, Fred Meyer is a Jewelry Store: Portland: Home Depot, buy - Oregon (OR)
  98. May attend Lewis and Clark law school next year, need advice.: Portland: apartments, transfer to - Oregon (OR)
  99. where does the tap water come from?: Portland: insurance, live - Oregon (OR)
  100. Texas native, Portland bound.: Clackamas: salary, living in, costs - Oregon (OR)
  101. landlord websites that aren't property managers: Portland: apartment, renter, houses - Oregon (OR)
  102. Powell's Books: Portland: shopping mall, financed, place - Oregon (OR)
  103. Does Portland have a city feel to it?: neighborhoods, law school - Oregon (OR)
  104. Water/Sewer Costs: Portland: city hall, how much, house - Oregon (OR)
  105. Pearl District vs. South Waterfront: Portland: renting, neighborhood, buying - Oregon (OR)
  106. still sooo pretty!: Rockaway Beach: landscaping, neighborhood, live - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  107. Outsiders unwanted: Portland: rentals, house, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  108. What was Portland like in the eighties?: Gresham, Tigard: apartment, houses - Oregon (OR)
  109. What are the worst parts of Portland to live?: Beaverton: crime rates, felony - Oregon (OR)
  110. 24 year old moving to Portland; need help finding environmentalist, young neighborhoods: Eugene: apartment complex, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  111. Landlord taking me to the cleaners...: Portland: apartment, renters, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  112. Yes, Springfield is THAT Springfield: Portland, Eugene: school, bus, suburb - Oregon (OR)
  113. moving to Portland within 1 year: insurance, hotel, to live - Oregon (OR)
  114. Housemate living for free: Portland: fit in, rental, felony - Oregon (OR)
  115. Should I teach in Portland or Austin?: job market, private schools - Oregon (OR)
  116. Quite a predicament: Portland, Salem: apartment, lease, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  117. SW 185th Ave in Beaverton\Aloha: Portland, Hillsboro: fit in, sales, crime - Oregon (OR)
  118. Missing Portland: Vale, Mission: home, job market, living - Oregon (OR)
  119. Expensive Portland: health insurance, credit card, student loan - Oregon (OR)
  120. I am No Longer Pondering Portland...: Hillsboro, Milwaukie: rental, house, employment - Oregon (OR)
  121. Thinking about moving from Houston to Portland: Beaverton, Hillsboro: sales, 2013 - Oregon (OR)
  122. North - Mississippi,: Portland: middle-class, transplants, renting - Oregon (OR)
  123. Moving to Portland from Brooklyn, seeking advice.: Hillsboro, Cedar Mill: car rental, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  124. The TV show Grimm: Portland: neighborhood, shop, title - Oregon (OR)
  125. Good area for a young family: Portland, Green: real estate, apartments, rental market - Oregon (OR)
  126. Desirable Neighborhoods and Affordable Apartments: Portland, Burns: real estate, rentals, month-to-month - Oregon (OR)
  127. What does the term close-in mean?: Portland, Sherwood: apartment, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  128. A Fun Look at Portland....: winter, between, great - Oregon (OR)
  129. Japanese influenced towns in Oregon?: Portland, Salem: neighborhood, camps, to live in - (OR)
  130. Wanting to move to Portland: Beaverton, West Linn: house, job market, utilities - Oregon (OR)
  131. I'm coming back for another visit: Portland, Salem: real estate, rentals, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  132. Better to sell everything and buy new in PDX?: Tigard: truck rental, fit in - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  133. Portland Good For California Teenager?: Gresham, Oregon City: home, find a job, public schools - (OR)
  134. mt hood and the coast...amazing: Portland, Tigard: neighborhood, store, move to - Oregon (OR)
  135. Shanghai Tunnel tours?: Portland: price, bill, tickets - Oregon (OR)
  136. Can you give me examples of the most succesful Sustainable Development and Urban Planning in Portland ?: loft, condos - Oregon (OR)
  137. Coming soon making the mobile home cool.: appliances, buy - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  138. Traffic Patterns in Portland: Sandy: sales, neighborhood, construction - Oregon (OR)
  139. Scammers listing house for sale for rent: Portland, Beaverton: transplants, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  140. Eclectic Family Moving From Florida To Portland....Need REAL Advice....: Salem: RV parks, low income - Oregon (OR)
  141. Is The Good Sushi Hidden?: Portland, Beaverton: neighborhood, restaurant, price - Oregon (OR)
  142. Which state is best for gun owners... Oregon or Washington?: Portland: home, transfer - (OR)
  143. Urban Planning and Economic Development: Portland, Beaverton: brokers, unemployment, income - Oregon (OR)
  144. ne streetcar: Portland: car, area, buildings - Oregon (OR)
  145. Discovering Something Annoying in Portland: live, store, car - Oregon (OR)
  146. AZ to OR moving company: Portland, Phoenix: truck rental, 2013, apartment - Oregon
  147. Moving to Portland Need: Gresham, Beaverton: appointed, affordable apartments, foreclosure - Oregon (OR)
  148. Made In China?: Portland, Hillsboro, Tillamook: coupons, organic, to live - Oregon (OR)
  149. my husband found us a rental house: Portland, Beaverton: HOA, affordable house - Oregon (OR)
  150. Life in Cannon Beach?: Portland, Astoria: to rent, dorms, safe area - Oregon (OR)
  151. Looking to make a move - need manufacturing job: Portland: sale, lease - Oregon (OR)
  152. Buy a new house - square footage discrepancy: loan, buying a home - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  153. When do you start mowing?: Portland: renter, house, job market - Oregon (OR)
  154. transportation questions (bus and bike) to OHSU: safe area, construction - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  155. Moving to Portland from out of state: apartment complexes, transporting - Oregon (OR)
  156. relocation to Portland...: Gresham, Sunnyside: real estate, apartments, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  157. Review: Portland: Salem, Gresham, Beaverton: to rent, house, buy - Oregon (OR)
  158. sheldon perkins: Corvallis: living in, health, phone number - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  159. Early bloomers!: Portland: sale, apartment, landscaping - Oregon (OR)
  160. Moving to Hillsboro: Portland, Beaverton, Green: apartment complex, leases, condos - Oregon (OR)
  161. Another artical about Portland.: Salem, Beaverton: transplants, home, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  162. Where are the other set of food carts?: Portland, Green: stores, bus - Oregon (OR)
  163. 3 to 4 br for $1200/mo?: Portland, Beaverton: apartment, house, living - Oregon (OR)
  164. Inappropriately dressed people: Portland: home, high school, living - Oregon (OR)
  165. Looking for areas with affordable rent with-in 45 minutes driving time: Portland: apartment, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  166. what's the deal with rentals staying empty?: Portland, Eugene: for sale, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  167. excess noise: Hillsboro: apartment, city hall, lease - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  168. Portland DIY Wedding: Molalla, Sandy, Metzger: house, wedding reception, camping - Oregon (OR)
  169. Best SE Neighborhood to buy a house?: Portland, Beaverton: apartment complexes, lease - Oregon (OR)
  170. Best Portland suburbs with rentals for retirees with pets?: Eugene: neighborhood, tenant - Oregon (OR)
  171. What's the Best meal had in Pdx?: Portland, Milwaukie: hotel, house - Oregon (OR)
  172. Portland's Streetcar lines: Green: how much, transfer, to live in - Oregon (OR)
  173. work at Hillsboro/Portland as an Intel senior process engineer?: Beaverton: apartment complexes, condos - Oregon (OR)
  174. School Decision Beaverton or Lake Oswego: Portland, West Linn: spring break, home, best schools - Oregon (OR)
  175. took the blueline to portland: Beaverton, Tigard: transplants, home, buy - Oregon (OR)
  176. spring is on the way? lots of flowers: Portland: apartment, house - Oregon (OR)
  177. Where are the jobs in Portland?: best cities, health insurance, homes - Oregon (OR)
  178. Overnight in Portland: Astoria, Hood River, Cannon Beach: hotel, live, airport - Oregon (OR)
  179. super random gas or electric stove?: Sandy, Clackamas: apartments, rentals - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  180. Valentine's Day restaurants/plan recommendations?: hotel, price, food - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  181. Has more cranky comments than usual tonight?: live, winter - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  182. Relocating to Lake Oswego. help me to get with the town!: Portland: apartment, consignment - Oregon (OR)
  183. When does it get consistenly sunny?: Portland, Milwaukie: hotels, new home, school - Oregon (OR)
  184. Tri Met Ridership Increases Along With Fares: Portland, Hillsboro: transfer, college - Oregon (OR)
  185. psych intern moving to Hillsboro: Beaverton, Forest Grove: low income, apartment, rentals - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  186. Public transit in portland: Burns, Union: apartments, lease, hotels - Oregon (OR)
  187. Portland area winters?: Hillsboro: apartments, rental market, house - Oregon (OR)
  188. Portland neighborhoods map: Halsey: apartments, condo, crime - Oregon (OR)
  189. Portland is often compared to Brooklyn, NY?: transfer, organic - Oregon (OR)
  190. Portlandia: home, to live in, horses - Oregon (OR)
  191. Just got job at Nike / Moving to Portland Area - Recommendations: Beaverton: rentals, condos - Oregon (OR)
  192. Portland rated most patriotic city: house, transfer, military - Oregon (OR)
  193. Portland or Seattle--which one is more family friendly?: Lake Oswego, Redmond: low crime, headhunters - Oregon (OR)
  194. 2 Days in Portland: hotel, houses, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  195. Relocating to Hillsboro: Aloha, Forest Grove, Cornelius: rentals, house, to buy - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  196. Moving to Portland from Boulder, CO: Gresham, Milwaukie: apartment complexes, rental, homes - Oregon (OR)
  197. We Go Again And Again: income, maintenance, to live - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  198. Ten Grands: tickets, available - Portland, Oregon (OR)
  199. family-friendly apartment communities: Portland: safe, relocating to, parks - Oregon (OR)
  200. McMenamins Kennedy School: travel - Portland, Oregon (OR)