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  1. another accolade for Gainesville,Fl: news, 2007, starting - Florida (FL)
  2. If You Care: house, homosexual, doctor - Florida (FL)
  3. A new way to get around the lower taxes: calculator, assess - Florida (FL)
  4. Love bugs back: house, car, paint - Florida (FL)
  5. St. Augustine's 442nd birthday: best city, house, move to - Florida (FL)
  6. Get a new car using my california Driver License: insurance, DMV - Florida (FL)
  7. Ruptured Septic Tank? Who to contact?: houses, health, county - Florida (FL)
  8. Interesting web site: town, good - Florida (FL)
  9. South Walton County housing: Miami, Panama City: low income, real estate, renters - Florida (FL)
  10. Best small towns in Central/South Florida?: Miami, Fort Myers: low crime, homes (FL)
  11. Just the Facts....Florida the only state with 5: Jacksonville, Tampa: car insurance, credit (FL)
  12. News, Man Reaches 101st Birthday, 100 Grandkids.: West Palm Beach, Riviera Beach: house, live, beach - Florida (FL)
  13. Mulberry: Lakeland, Fort Meade: houses, to live in, home furnishings - Florida (FL)
  14. Is anxious and feeling helpless?: Jacksonville, Fort Myers: city hall, insurance - Florida (FL)
  15. What percentage of your income do you spend on housing?: West Palm Beach: insurance, mortgage - Florida (FL)
  16. The Villages: homeowners insurance, house, property tax - Florida (FL)
  17. Countrywide Homeowner's Insurance: Fort Myers, Estero: real estate, mortgage, credit - Florida (FL)
  18. Mr. Bones: Anna Maria: food, island, kids - Florida (FL)
  19. single mom moving to Fla.: Miami, Palm Beach: home, to live in, restaurant - Florida (FL)
  20. Finding a job as a guidance counselor in Florida: Jupiter: school districts, live in (FL)
  21. Dental technician jobs in SW Florida: Sarasota, Bradenton: employment, school, salary (FL)
  22. Ever Wonder What The Top FL School Districts Are?: Sarasota: home, community college - Florida
  23. moving to seminole county florida: Orlando, Lakeland: for sale, home, elementary schools - Florida (FL)
  24. Credit Freeze?: Miami: insurance, mortgage, credit report - Florida (FL)
  25. What's it Like In Plant City?: real estate, taxes, to live in - Florida (FL)
  26. School Enrollment in Monroe County up first time in 9 years: Key West: real estate market, insurance - Florida (FL)
  27. Allstate Homeowners Insurance in SW FL: Sarasota, Venice: area, flood zone, great - Florida
  28. DUI campaign: Drunk drivers end lives: Jay: sales, home, buying - Florida (FL)
  29. fla schools: Miami, Lee: home, best school, voucher - Florida (FL)
  30. Schools for special needs child: Melbourne, Pensacola: public school, safety, to move - Florida (FL)
  31. Need a landscaper: Orlando, Deltona, Sanford: rental, house, landscaping - Florida (FL)
  32. Suburban FLA: Miami, Tampa, Orlando: condo, crime, house - Florida
  33. Canyon Lakes: Lake Worth, Hypoluxo, Bell: real estate, foreclosures, houses - Florida (FL)
  34. Moving, need advice!: Pensacola, Ocala, Brent: real estate market, to rent, homeowners insurance - Florida (FL)
  35. Save The Greyhounds-is This A Scam?: income, tax, car - Florida (FL)
  36. Tallahassee, Quincy & Perry Questions: Midway: to rent, high crime, house - Florida (FL)
  37. Will Florida get a Fed bail out ?: Bradenton: foreclosures, mortgage (FL)
  38. Motorcycle riding in Florida...: Orlando, Lakeland: insurance, vacation home, buying (FL)
  39. 4 Large Florida Cities Riskiest Housing Markets: Miami, Tampa: real estate market, houses (FL)
  40. good news for me!: Key West: foreclosures, homes, property tax - Florida (FL)
  41. Rentals Furnished or Unfurnished?: Lakeland, Bradenton: houses, neighborhood, tenant - Florida (FL)
  42. So...: Sarasota: real estate, mortgage, appliances - Florida (FL)
  43. John Penny Camp- Key Largo: park, programs, teenagers - Florida (FL)
  44. Another of the people we trust.: single, residents, positions - Florida (FL)
  45. Where to buy in Lakeland: Tampa, Orlando: real estate market, rental, insurance - Florida (FL)
  46. More FL job losses: Orlando: leasing, live, location - Florida
  47. Insurance Rates / Help!!: Hollywood: car insurance, credit, to move - Florida (FL)
  48. Irish TV roadtrip show suggestions: Daytona Beach: things to do, horse - Florida (FL)
  49. Does this place exist?: for sale, apartment, to rent - Florida (FL)
  50. how do you start poll: how to, used - Florida (FL)
  51. How to drive in Florida. *funny*: Jacksonville, Miami: construction, dental, cell phone (FL)
  52. Nationwide Insurance dropping policies: homes, company, location - Florida (FL)
  53. Toll Costs?: Orlando, Cape Canaveral: airport, metro area, area - Florida (FL)
  54. Podiatrist looking to relocate- which is better Jax or Tampa?: Jacksonville: job market, restaurant - Florida (FL)
  55. Less Traffic This Summer?: Miami, Plantation: home, construction, plantation - Florida (FL)
  56. Seeking on FL Gulf Coast Riverfront Communities: Tampa, Orlando: crime, houses - Florida
  57. South Florida Blue Crab hunting: Miami, Delray Beach: live, restaurants, shop (FL)
  58. Most affordable area in South Florida?: Miami, Lake Worth: crime, homes, schools (FL)
  59. I Need a Motel near Live Oak/Suwuanne Music Park!!!: Lake City: where to stay, wedding - Florida (FL)
  60. Fruit and vegetable prices across Florida.: Naples: how much, houses, to buy (FL)
  61. where to move?: Tampa, Spring Hill, Palm City: low crime, chapel, home - Florida (FL)
  62. Your Opinion on Converting British Pounds to US Dollars.: Lee: for sale, home - Florida (FL)
  63. Are you relocating to Tyndall Air Force Base Florida?: cul-de-sac, for sale (FL)
  64. time zone: Tallahassee, Panama City: live, county, map - Florida (FL)
  65. mobile home park: Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland: buying, live in, gardens - Florida (FL)
  66. A Healthier Florida: Jacksonville, Miami: eat, office, buffets (FL)
  67. Dade/Broward Counties: Miami, Pembroke Pines, Kendall: low crime, house, employment - Florida (FL)
  68. Moving from RI to Florida: Orlando, Palm Beach: real estate, rentals, good schools (FL)
  69. Real Estate Bad Everywhere: transplants, for sale, real estate market - Florida (FL)
  70. There's something Going on in SRQ All the Time!: Sarasota: homes, theater - Florida (FL)
  71. Adams Homes: Tampa, Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie: sales, insurance, countertops - Florida (FL)
  72. Clermont (Minneola), Florida: Miami, Orlando: homes, landscaping, tornadoes (FL)
  73. Smith Farms: Wellington, Lake Worth, Palm Beach: elementary school, gated community, live - Florida (FL)
  74. Security work?: low crime, salary, living - Florida (FL)
  75. HELP....Orlando, Tampa, and Saint P: to rent, selling a house, to live in - Florida (FL)
  76. Relocating to Florida from Scotland - where should I buy?: Jacksonville: apartment, insurance (FL)
  77. Lakeland, FL???????: Tampa, Orlando: crime, home, neighborhoods - Florida
  78. Questions on school enrollment: St. Lucie, Lee: insurance, taxes, prices - Florida (FL)
  79. Relocating to Putnam County: Gainesville, Palatka: for sale, real estate, rentals - Florida (FL)
  80. Urgent!!!: Tampa: restaurant, price, eat - Florida (FL)
  81. PB County student count falls by 2,000: Palm Beach: home, construction, school district - Florida (FL)
  82. job forums: Sarasota, Bradenton: for sale, construction, tax - Florida (FL)
  83. Apartments in Lakeland: Tampa, Orlando, Clearwater: renters, condo, appliances - Florida (FL)
  84. people just don't get it!: lease, mortgage, home - Florida (FL)
  85. Do they teach Art/Music in Public Schools in FL?: Tampa: daycares, school district - Florida
  86. Parasailing accident: Pompano Beach: beach, best, pictures - Florida (FL)
  87. Crime in Southwest Florida: Fort Myers, Palm Beach: neighborhood, to live, shops (FL)
  88. bright light and loud noise?: North Port: hot, near, Sunday - Florida (FL)
  89. Gainsville: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa: real estate, crime, elementary schools - Florida (FL)
  90. Why wont Miami and Florida Play football against each other anymore: fit in, private school (FL)
  91. David weekly homes help: North Port, Celebration: renting, home builders, construction - Florida (FL)
  92. What is FL doing to improve the school system?: Miami: real estate, renting - Florida
  93. Foreclosures Spike in Highlands Co.: Boca Raton, Port Charlotte: for sale, lease, assessors - Florida (FL)
  94. Homeowners: it's not entirely your fault: Fort Myers: balloon payment, rentals, assessors - Florida (FL)
  95. great/affordable cities to live in while attending mdc: Miami: school, community college - Florida (FL)
  96. Tampa one of the best places to rent: Spring Hill: sales, real estate - Florida (FL)
  97. Christmas decorated restaurant: Spring Hill, New Port Richey, Port Richey: live in, place, summer - Florida (FL)
  98. ever live in BOTH Portland, OR AND Jax and/or Tampa??: Jacksonville: middle-class - Florida (FL)
  99. about Palm Coast: St. Augustine: foreclosure, renter, houses - Florida (FL)
  100. Home Building in SW FL?: for sale, rental, insurance - Florida
  101. Real Estate - Who is National Transfer Services?: foreclosures, mortgage - Florida (FL)
  102. Hypothetical - Global Warming: Miami, Venice: houses, buying, property tax - Florida (FL)
  103. Florida deposit laws: rental, credit, attorney (FL)
  104. Moved to TN from Miami and....: Tampa, Memphis: for rent, insurance, houses - Florida (FL)
  105. Was the Cuban Crime Wave real?: Miami, Coral Gables: hotel, house, to live in - Florida (FL)
  106. Florida Health Care: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa: health insurance, opthamologist, mobile home (FL)
  107. Pay In Florida: Jacksonville, Sarasota, St. Augustine: insurance, attorneys, home (FL)
  108. West coast or east coast florida better?: Tampa, Orlando: crime, good schools - Florida (FL)
  109. Someone tell my why they LOVE FLA: Jacksonville, Tampa: transplants, oceanfront - Florida
  110. Need a recommendation for an area to look in: Miami: houses, gated - Florida (FL)
  111. taking the plunge: house, buyers, property taxes - Florida (FL)
  112. Time in the sun, think about it: Miami, Christmas: how much, home - Florida (FL)
  113. about property taxes: Homestead, Rio: sales, real estate, assessor - Florida (FL)
  114. Relocating to Florida & looking for help: Tampa, Orlando: real estate market, rentals (FL)
  115. Business Owner in # 1 Speed Trap City - In The Country - Waldo,FL: Gainesville: appointed, live - Florida
  116. wanting to move to florida: Jacksonville, Miami: real estate, apartment, rentals - Florida (FL)
  117. Am I the only one who doesn't know many of my neighbors?: Jupiter: homes, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  118. Panama City - Racist?: Miami, Tampa: appointed, spring break, for sale - Florida (FL)
  119. i'm from Canada and I need healthcare advice: Ocala: health insurance, purchase - Florida (FL)
  120. Moving To FL (Help): Jacksonville, Tampa: rentals, low crime, house - Florida
  121. Florida's water supply: Miami, Okeechobee: homes, dangerous, move (FL)
  122. Poll: Retiring in Florida?: Tallahassee, St. Augustine: co-op, homes, landscaping (FL)
  123. They still do this?: Miami, Naples: lawyer, houses, moving - Florida (FL)
  124. Kid friendly area near Palm Coast?: Tampa, Orlando: home, good schools, gated community - Florida (FL)
  125. Florida's Upcoming Tax Vote: real estate, insurance, selling a home (FL)
  126. Florida........Lightning capital: Miami, Tampa: insurance, house, water heater (FL)
  127. Crawfordville?: Miami, Tampa, Tallahassee: apartments, lease, low crime - Florida (FL)
  128. have an opinion on North Florida?: Jacksonville, Tampa: low crime, how much (FL)
  129. Husband wants to move...: Jacksonville, Miami: rentals, low crime, houses - Florida (FL)
  130. what area in Southwest Florida: Sarasota, Fort Myers: real estate, homeowners association, crime (FL)
  131. Can we sue for fraud?: Miami: lawyers, home, property tax - Florida (FL)
  132. Moving to Gainesville: Alachua: apartments, rental, condos - Florida (FL)
  133. OK, why don't people like Florida: house, to live in, beach (FL)
  134. WHere are the seagulls?: Destin, Christmas: living, cost of living, dangerous - Florida (FL)
  135. Traditions - Negotiating w/Builders?: Orlando, Port St. Lucie: sales, real estate, rentals - Florida (FL)
  136. 2007 Property Tax in oh boy...: Orlando: for sale, real estate, renters - Florida (FL)
  137. inspections: sale, homeowners insurance, brokers - Florida (FL)
  138. is everyone leaving???: appointed, foreclosure, insurance - Florida (FL)
  139. Gutters?: St. Augustine: new house, construction, dangerous - Florida (FL)
  140. Almost 2 months in Palm Coast...: Orlando, St. Augustine: to rent, new home, wedding - Florida (FL)
  141. Got my tax bill.: homes, calculated, property tax - Florida (FL)
  142. Florgia: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa: how much, homes, living in - Florida (FL)
  143. Florida in a nut shell: insurance, how much, big house (FL)
  144. Slump hits other areas, making life difficult in Southwest Florida: Lee: for sale, real estate (FL)
  145. ? About Proposed Tax Ballot For Full Time FL Homeowners: sale, real estate - Florida
  146. From sunny PR to sunny FL: Sarasota, Bee Ridge: apartment, renting, buying - Florida
  147. GIANT Spider!! What is it?: Clearwater, Punta Gorda: house, live, dangerous - Florida (FL)
  148. New To Florida: Tampa, Naples: mobile home, construction, living (FL)
  149. If you could live anywhere in Florida????: Miami, Tampa: real estate, renters (FL)
  150. Is this a formula for a crash or success?: Fort Myers: fit in, real estate market - Florida (FL)
  151. Are all FL. Staffing Agencies scammers ?: credit, Home Depot, school - Florida
  152. Florida is what you make it: Miami, Tampa: apartment, condo, home (FL)
  153. Florida Pets: Largo, Treasure Island: sales, insurance, day care (FL)
  154. Negotiating insurance settlements: Jacksonville: mortgage, attorney, home - Florida (FL)
  155. My thoughts on Florida.: Ocala, Inverness: insurance, buying a house, job market (FL)
  156. Local job picture is gloomy: Tampa, Orlando: mortgage, loan, hotel - Florida (FL)
  157. FL drivers-Are they really that bad?: Jacksonville, Miami: 2013, insurance, how much - Florida
  158. Nursing salaries in Florida: Sarasota, Vero Beach: for sale, condos, low crime (FL)
  159. on FL universities.: Jacksonville, Miami: apartments, best schools, pharmacy - Florida
  160. How many are self employed?: Miami, Orlando: sales, real estate, renting - Florida (FL)
  161. Florida's Hell Heat !: Naples, Punta Gorda: construction, to live, beach (FL)
  162. if home prices are dropping...: Lake Worth, Palm Beach: fit in, real estate, foreclosures - Florida (FL)
  163. What goes around comes around!: Pinecrest: tax lien, appointed, real estate - Florida (FL)
  164. Could not take it anymore.: apartment, mobile home, contractors - Florida (FL)
  165. Log home in Florida??: Fort Pierce, Key West: real estate market, insurance, loft (FL)
  166. Prices about to drop?: Fort Myers, Belleair: 2014, foreclosures, insurance - Florida (FL)
  167. Moving to Florida from Ireland: Naples: to rent, house, buying (FL)
  168. Homeowners Insurance Rates in Florida: Miami, Lakeland: mortgage, credit score, broker (FL)
  169. Relocating to Florida: Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg: apartment, foreclosures, to rent (FL)
  170. Can move to Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Vero area, which one?: Orlando: low crime, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  171. No Fault Car Ins Vs. Fault Car Ins.: car insurance, deductible - Florida (FL)
  172. Let's see that beautiful FL wildlife!!: Brooker: spider, build, pictures - Florida
  173. Someone explain to me Florida's poor job output / low pay: Tampa: sales, real estate (FL)
  174. Why hate Florida: Tampa, Lutz, Valrico: insurance, crime, mortgage (FL)
  175. Belle Glade, Clewiston, South Bay or West Coast? Which is best for retirees on a budget?: Cape Coral: insurance, crime - Florida (FL)
  176. Best SMALL/MEDIUM sized cities in FL for younger people??: Miami: houses, job market - Florida
  177. Love Florida and Dont want to leave: Miami, Palm Beach: mortgages, credit (FL)
  178. We are being replaced.: Miami: transplants, insurance, house - Florida (FL)
  179. Florideans -- don't risk it, not once: Tampa, Bell: insurance, home - Florida (FL)
  180. Just heard on the news that mortgage rates went down.: real estate market, credit - Florida (FL)
  181. Miamification?: Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando: crime rates, how much, salaries - Florida (FL)
  182. The more and more I read it like Florida is a nice place to visit(vacation) , but not live true?: Jacksonville: house, neighborhoods (FL)
  183. Nice to meet you!: Jacksonville, Miami: rent, mortgage, loan - Florida (FL)
  184. Best/Worst: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa: best neighborhood, high crime, house - Florida (FL)
  185. Florida and the fat list.: how much, house, live (FL)
  186. new home offer: Ocala, Belleview, Bell: sale, foreclosed, how much - Florida (FL)
  187. Anything selling?: Cape Coral, Sarasota, Fort Myers: for sale, real estate, foreclosures - Florida (FL)
  188. Unions: Lee: credit, day care, home - Florida (FL)
  189. FL Isn't that bad afterall...for me: Miami, Tampa: houses, living - Florida
  190. the manors of south of westbridge.. on it would be great.: to rent - Florida (FL)
  191. Wake Up Lot Owners -Time to Challenge the Taxman: real estate, city hall - Florida (FL)
  192. comedy clubs: Jacksonville, Pensacola, Crestview: area, about, love - Florida (FL)
  193. Good Apts. in Lakeland?: apartment complexes, to rent, house - Florida (FL)
  194. Moving to Gainesville area. Communities, sailing?: Key West: house, neighborhood, price - Florida (FL)
  195. Mom wants to move to Deerfield area, Florida: for sale, apartments (FL)
  196. Job Fair: store, companies, location - Florida (FL)
  197. State reverses itself, says drivers will still need insurance: legal, safety - Florida (FL)
  198. Moving to Avon Park, Florida: leases, house prices, schools (FL)
  199. iggyhouse?: home, used - Florida (FL)
  200. Efficiency Apts in Flagler County: Palm Coast: to rent, transfer, to buy - Florida (FL)