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  25. About Celebraties that claim Christainity but don't show it.: church, preach, Bible - Christianity
  26. ROMANS - Paul commendeth his calling to the ROMANS, TO ALL IN ROME, BELOVED OF GOD, CALLED TO BE SAINTS...: Gospel, women - Christianity
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  44. Done.: Gospel, hell, women, preach - Christianity
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  49. Opera Company of Philadelphia Hallelujah Chorus! w\ largest pipe organ in the world \ 650 voices: holidays, Christmas - Christianity
  50. In THREE DAYS...: crucified, believe, priest, sinners - Christianity
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  52. Victory in Jesus - Christianity
  53. How To Really Overcome: paradise, Gospel, churches, zealous - Christianity
  54. One Riot One Ranger: Jesus, verses, divorce, Creator - Christianity
  55. Methodist Church: Lutherans, presbyterian, women, churches - Christianity
  56. Why does God create sub standard souls?: hell, church, belief - Christianity
  57. online tracts: Gospel, Christian - Christianity
  58. How the truth becomes a lie: traditions, doctrine, churches, Revelation - Christianity
  59. Martin Luther was, and Protestants are supposed to be, Gnostic: tradition, Lutheran - Christianity
  60. biblical Goddess mentions: church, spiritual, God, Hebrew - Christianity
  61. Heaven ... obtainable by a process or by proclamation: dinosaur, myth, Messiah - Christianity
  62. What Happens To Your Pets When They Die?: believe, pray, Bible - Christianity
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  66. The Deity of Jesus Christ and the Granville Sharp rule of Greek Grammar: crucified, Gospels - Christianity
  67. News, Orlando Theme Park Built for Jesus.: Jesus Christ, Almighty, communion - Christianity
  68. If You Internet-Shop You OWE Your State a Use Tax .: believe, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  69. Old testament prophecies about Israel's supposed latter day restoral to their ancient land: Gospel, Epistles - Christianity
  70. The Cost of Looking Good in The Magic Kingdom: traditions, hell, churches - Christianity
  71. Will We Still Have Our Sin Nature in Heaven?: Eden, hell, women - Christianity
  72. Why did Jesus say forgive them Lord: crucified, hell, believe - Christianity
  73. The stage is being set for the final act..........: coffin, doctrine, church - Christianity
  74. Have no fear.: hell, Revelation, beliefs, sin - Christianity
  75. Get dressed!!: believe, Solomon, Jesus, verse - Christianity
  76. Another pastor admits he was gay all along: hell, woman, church - Christianity
  77. Why isn't Moses a Saint?: hell, myth, church, believe - Christianity
  78. I am coming , Saith the Lord: messages, Revelation, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  79. Customizing Christianity: the passion, Gospel, testimony, woman
  80. Another Gospel....... It's Not Needed!!: hell, doctrine, preach, believe - Christianity
  81. Universal Reconciliation (UR) - The Hypocrisy: hell, doctrine, woman, churches - Christianity
  82. UR vs. ET debate, is it a distraction?: Gospel, hell, church - Christianity
  83. Eternal Damnation is not Annihilation: reincarnate, hell, doctrine, Revelation - Christianity
  84. The One Verse That Appears to Debunk Universal Redemption: Gospels, hell, punishment - Christianity
  85. Who are the “little flock” of 144,000 ?????: Jehovah's Witnesses, women, church, Messiah - Christianity
  86. The Trinity theology and the facts: doctrine, woman, church, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  87. If I hate someone, am I going to hell?: sin, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  88. Believers - do you find something odd about parallel accounts?: Gospels, testimony - Christianity
  89. Whose Son is David's Lord?: crucify, Gospels, Jehovah, church - Christianity
  90. Touching interview of woman who left Islam for Christianity: hell, women, Israel
  91. Pictures and art of Jesus: myth, priests, Kingdom, Matthew - Christianity
  92. Good servants and wicked servants: hell, doctrine, beliefs, Jesus - Christianity
  93. Eternal sin??: Gomorrah, Sodom, punishment, belief - Christianity
  94. Pastor: No Facebook: church, sin, marriage, faith - Christianity
  95. war or not to war?: crucified, punishment, believe, pray - Christianity
  96. Once Saved, Always Saved: Are all Disciples Saved?: believe, scripture, pray - Christianity
  97. Christian or Christian-American?: traditions, Gospel, church, preacher - Christianity
  98. Do you believe in a 6000 year old Earth and What is Your Religion?: Lutheran, church - Christianity
  99. Atheist pastors???: doctrine, churches, preacher, believe - Christianity
  100. Proof of Salvation after Death: Gospel, Revelation, scriptures, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  101. For who believe in end times theology: doctrine, godless - Christianity
  102. Idolizing the cross: the passion, crucifixion, Leviticus, punishment - Christianity
  103. Why Christianity: reincarnation, Buddhism, woman, church
  104. Harold Camping is Crazy - Family Radio is a cult: churches, preacher - Christianity
  105. Death and Life are in the Power of the Tongue: Gospel, church - Christianity
  106. Rapture or death?: church, believe, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  107. Luke 12:48 I Do Not Comprehend: the passion, Mormonism, hell, punishment - Christianity
  108. The NT and circumcision: women, believe, scripture, Jesus - Christianity
  109. Who Did Jesus refer to when He said 'This Generation will not pass away.'?: Gospel, Messiah - Christianity
  110. Does the Baptist Church Have a Bad Name?: hell, presbyterian, churches - Christianity
  111. Do you think it is Un-Christian to believe in ghosts?: paranormal, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  112. Not expecting answers, but for who preach doom and gloom...?: believe, Jesus - Christianity
  113. Why do the Abraham religions not use God’s true name?: crucified, Jehovah's Witness - Christianity
  114. Earth's Age: dinosaur, testimony, Darwin, believe - Christianity
  115. Does God Love the Sinner and Hate the Sin?: woman, believe, scripture - Christianity
  116. Do you make an effort to welcome newcomers to your churches?: Gospels, hell - Christianity
  117. Walking out of homosexuality: Lutheran, hell, presbyterian, churches - Christianity
  118. Eternal torment has never entered the mind of God: abominations, women, prayer - Christianity
  119. Fear (hell) Vs. Respect (reaping and sowing): tradition, Revelation, preach - Christianity
  120. Works Churches: Gospel, hell, doctrine, zealous - Christianity
  121. Christianity in the workplace: women, church, beliefs, prayer
  122. How does it feel.......: Gospel, doctrine, churches, preacher - Christianity
  123. Love is the most important thing. Can I get an amen?: scriptures, sinners - Christianity
  124. The sinner is separated from Christ...and God does not hear the prayers of sinners.: crucifixion, scripture - Christianity
  125. Crystal Cathedral Declares Bankruptcy: church, preach, Christians, service - Christianity
  126. The only good news there can be is universal salvation: hell, beliefs - Christianity
  127. Are you Christian or Catholic?: Lutherans, church, believe, Jesus - Christianity
  128. Jesus is Firstborn of EVERY CREATURE (Col.1:15): preach, believe, exodus - Christianity
  129. Christianity without indoctrination or tragedy: church, believe, Jesus, theist
  130. The idea of 'justice' according to Christians...: hell, punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  131. Parable of the Talents (Lazy Servant) Proves We Can Lose Our Salvation: tradition, hell - Christianity
  132. A for that believe: hell, churches, scripture, Jesus - Christianity
  133. Oh, no! Might be fulfilled?!!: hell, church, Revelation, allegory - Christianity
  134. Evil era?: Sodom, church, believe, abortion - Christianity
  135. Who answers the prayers of who believe in the wrong God ?: Deist, traditions - Christianity
  136. Am I A Religionist?: traditions, church, beliefs, scriptures - Christianity
  137. You have heard it said 'hate your enemy' but I tell you Love your enemy: Leviticus, believe - Christianity
  138. Catholic conversion: doctrine, churches, prayers, priest - Christianity
  139. The white dog and the black dog.: Bible, Orthodox, Jewish - Christianity
  140. The Relationship between God the Father and Jesus Christ: incarnation, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  141. For The Wayward Saints That Will Be Left Behind: Gospel, woman, churches - Christianity
  142. Is Suffering Like This Now?: testimony, believe, prayer, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  143. The Redeemed! Who are they? The Sanctified! Who are they? SAINTS!..THAT'S WHO THEY ARE!!! NONE OTHER!!: Gospel, Leviticus - Christianity
  144. Why are so many anti-Mormon?: Latter-Day Saints, reincarnation, Buddhism, Mormons - Christianity
  145. Catholicism: Why Priests are Called Father: birth control, Gospel, Lutherans, women - Christianity
  146. Belief in Inspired books: Book of Mormon, evolution, mystic, Bible - Christianity
  147. 'Sister wives' Kody Brown and foursome faces charges in Utah.... is it Bigamy or Big of me: women, believe - Christianity
  148. Why do most God in your opinion?: messages, believe, Christ - Christianity
  149. If you (a Universalist) found out that the Eternal Hell was real.....: abomination, doctrine - Christianity
  150. Would you give up your place in heaven for your child?: hell, punishment - Christianity
  151. If someone couldn't love the ET God, would it be their fault?: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  152. Quantum Physics and the Sea Of Glass in Revelation: agnostic, believe, evolution - Christianity
  153. What sounds scarier: sea of fire, ocean of fire, river of fire, or lake of fire?: church, believe - Christianity
  154. Drunk with the blood of the saints: hell, punishment, church - Christianity
  155. Another Rapture Season Comes & Goes...REALLY? NOT SO FAST....!!!: abomination, Messiah - Christianity
  156. Praising God for good things that happen and blaming God for bad things?: messages, doctrine - Christianity
  157. Eternal Torment vs. Annihilationism vs. Universal Salvation: reincarnation, hell, punishment - Christianity
  158. How unified to you feel with all Christians?: Mormon, churches, beliefs - Christianity
  159. Oh my God...How GREAT! THOU! ART!...this is absolutely breathtaking!: hell, soul - Christianity
  160. The Black Church, Christianity And The Enslavement Of Black People: paradise, Gospel
  161. Salvation and Perseverance by faith or works: hell, doctrine, Revelation - Christianity
  162. God's place in heaven and paradise: hell, Antichrist, Deuteronomy, believe - Christianity
  163. If Eternal Security is Biblical and Sound, Then Prove it!: Gospel, punishment - Christianity
  164. John Calls Christian Liars!!!!: believer, prayers, sinners, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  165. how many are expecting the rapture to take place!!!: hell, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  166. On which day did God create Hell??????: punishment, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  167. End-times chart, proving that 2015! is the year Jesus returns: hell, doctrine, blood - Christianity
  168. As Christians, what sin(s) do you feel you struggle MOST with?: church, believe - Christianity
  169. Pauline epistles: Gospels, zealous, believers, Moses - Christianity
  170. The Triune Personhood of God from the Old Testament: crucified, Gomorrah, Gospels - Christianity
  171. Is It 'The Doctrine of Man', or 'The Written Word' that states that heaven and hell are opposites...?: paradise, Sodom - Christianity
  172. Hebrews 2 verse 14: believe, scripture, Jesus, blood - Christianity
  173. How do you use the multi-quote button?: quotes, people, reason - Christianity
  174. ~~~Define Cult: hell, punishment, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  175. What stream of Christianity are you?: Latter-Day Saints, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormon
  176. How many of you Universal reconcilation folk: Gospel, doctrine, preach - Christianity
  177. Are you able to answer questions?: paradise, crucifixion, hell, Sodom - Christianity
  178. Where is hell?: church, Revelation, believe, pray - Christianity
  179. Warning of Judgement -- but they mock away: Gomorrah, Sodom, women - Christianity
  180. Jesus Christ Superstar- Good Or Bad?: Gospel, presbyterian, doctrine, church - Christianity
  181. Should Christians Pledge Fraternities/Sororities?: testimony, churches, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  182. No Eternal Separation proof:: hell, Revelation, believe, Jesus - Christianity
  183. Are Catholics polytheists?: tradition, doctrine, beliefs, praying - Christianity
  184. Two Sabbath's...The one the Pharisee's dictated..and the ONE JESUS IS THE LORD OF! TWO different Sabbath's..: traditions, hell - Christianity
  185. God is Love: doctrine, church, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  186. A simple arguement for Jesus being God and the Trinity: crucified, Gospel - Christianity
  187. Good news! Christ came to save you...: crucifixion, hell, Sodom - Christianity
  188. Old time Hymns (we need to change them): grace, amazing - Christianity
  189. News, Church Sends Message to Thief Who Stole Air Conditioners.: Baptist, Jacksonville - Christianity
  190. The canonization of mary mackillop: women, church, believers, priests - Christianity
  191. News, City orders weeping statue's removal.: woman, Mary, virgin, people - Christianity
  192. Do Have To Be A Big Shot To Get Enough Bible Revelation All The Time ??: testimonies, believe - Christianity
  193. If Extraordinary People Have Bible Revelation All The Time Only Then How Can A Christian Detour From A Lost Leader ?: Jesus Christ, verse - Christianity
  194. Was the Second Council of Orange vilified?: Holy Spirit, pope, Roman - Christianity
  195. Stories rejected by christianity: church, dogma, Jesus, Catholic
  196. Pope, cardinals don’t need prayer; they need to listen: church, sex - Christianity
  197. Who Know Their Power In God As A Believer ???: testimony, Revelation, Bible - Christianity
  198. Father Tom Doyle on The Sex Abuse Scandal: church, bishop, pope - Christianity
  199. Swiss Catholic Diocese hands out condoms: belief, people - Christianity
  200. cultural church comedy. Take a read.: Holy Spirit, Baptist, God - Christianity