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  1. Agree or Disagree: Warfare built modern civilisation/technology and advanced civilisation to it's present state: Putin, Iraq - Great Debates
  2. Why arent criminal gangs not terrorist groups?: drugs, FBI, weapons - Great Debates
  3. Should Compliance be an issue organ transplant?: ethical, legal, drugs - Great Debates
  4. do you hide money from family members?: drugs, school, New York - Great Debates
  5. economics of slavery: minimum wage, legal, economy, money - Great Debates
  6. More Guns Less Crime.: illegal, weapons, school, terrorism - Great Debates
  7. Correlation between gun ownership and homicide rate.: illegal, statistics, weapon - Great Debates
  8. Establishing Equality in Wealth Building: generation, controversial, racism, Obama - Great Debates
  9. do people really believe the crime rate is going down?: generations, illegal - Great Debates
  10. Overuse of the Word Random and Its Implications: obsession, world - Great Debates
  11. A Nation of Obsessions ?: interview, wages, health care, Canada - Great Debates
  12. How does declaring money stop money laundering and terrorism?: Mexican, legal, drug - Great Debates
  13. Make a donation, forget what happened and why.: Massachusetts, money, states - Great Debates
  14. Is there definitive opposite or antithesis to modern-day Internet adult-theme models? If so, what would that be?: generations, ethical - Great Debates
  15. Do You Want To Know How Long You Will Live?: ethical, legal - Great Debates
  16. New York Stop and Frisk...: illegal, drugs, weapons, deaths - Great Debates
  17. Battle it Out. Dem's verses Republicans: unemployment rate, wages, health care, statistics - Great Debates
  18. The concept of innate self-worth is crap: Alabama, state, declaration - Great Debates
  19. What Would Happen To Capitalism Without Caffeine?: ethic, drug, Utah - Great Debates
  20. Governments ability to govern being hamstrung.: Congress, Reid, Obama - Great Debates
  21. In fear of being bullied - How to live?: Austin, doctor, female - Great Debates
  22. Time Magazine vs Field & Stream Magazine: compare, workers, news - Great Debates
  23. Do you think that interrethnic relationships will be the norm in integrated societies?: enemy, generation - Great Debates
  24. Penmanship and what could it say of you?: school, examples, doctor - Great Debates
  25. Inability to point out?: accuse, Seattle, teenage, New York - Great Debates
  26. Justice Clarence Thomas Speaks And Oh What A Speech!: interview, legal, lawyers - Great Debates
  27. Canada wants to bury nuclear waste in Lake Huron.: 2013, news, thoughts - Great Debates
  28. Forcing old or foreign political movements into the modern US framework - an instant discussion-killer: generation, borders - Great Debates
  29. Your experience Shopping Insurance - share: health care, premium, Obama - Great Debates
  30. Common Core issues: solution, high school, education, program - Great Debates
  31. One Adam?: school, money, claims, female - Great Debates
  32. Today's Howling Laugh Item: independent, government, 2013, agent - Great Debates
  33. Rural counties in the US lose population overall for first time, according to Census estimates: how much, Pennsylvania - Great Debates
  34. The Role of Conspiracist Ideation and Worldviews in Predicting Rejection of Science: healthcare, conspiracy - Great Debates
  35. The end of privacy and anonymity: employment, ethical, illegal, party - Great Debates
  36. Was the Constitution intended to be Pro-Plutocracy?: unemployment, wisdom, revolution - Great Debates
  37. True or False: Native American tribes are more united now than pre-Columbus: percentage, history - Great Debates
  38. College professors and politics: radical, abortion, school, leader - Great Debates
  39. Who is responsible for the meaning of something you say?: languages, women - Great Debates
  40. Sources/Informants vs Leaking Classified information? Whats the difference?: ethical, treason, crime - Great Debates
  41. Social Networks: generations, revolution, independent, fence - Great Debates
  42. If a national background check is adopted: felons, money, waiver - Great Debates
  43. Could slavery actually exist in America today?: minimum wage, Mexican, ethical - Great Debates
  44. 190 Billion dollars just from Obesity???: generation, Baby Boomers, accuse, health care - Great Debates
  45. Why do we divide ourselves?: racist, stereotypes, state, citizen - Great Debates
  46. Why do people fight cancer?: regime, death, money, mortality - Great Debates
  47. Rabbits are skinned alive to make wool?: death, wisdom, vs - Great Debates
  48. How do we definition and value Life? And how does it relate to abortion laws.: ethical, illegal - Great Debates
  49. Is America racist or classist?: unemployed, generation, suspected, racism - Great Debates
  50. Global Warming and the systems of the earth and chaos.: Rush Limbaugh, Al Gore - Great Debates
  51. Psychopaths: interstate, legal, weapons, radical - Great Debates
  52. Not thankful for Thanksgiving.: holidays, how much, insurance, school - Great Debates
  53. Traditional marriage: love or a system of barter to acquire wealth, heirs and workers?: ethic, legal - Great Debates
  54. Why to be rude about peoples looks?: attractive, jobs, own - Great Debates
  55. How do you feel about people smoking e-cigarettes in public places?: school, biased - Great Debates
  56. Marxism, Catholics, and Liberation Theology: Rush Limbaugh, Congress, generations, health care - Great Debates
  57. Whats with all the veteran worship?: unemployment, Iraq, military, companies - Great Debates
  58. Why isn't there a cure for cancer: drugs, conspiracy, companies - Great Debates
  59. Is the weather really getting more extreme?: global warming, suspect, states - Great Debates
  60. What would happen if we all looked the same?: generation, racism, money - Great Debates
  61. If kids could make an adult's wage: minimum wage, legal, lawyer - Great Debates
  62. Should private Businesses built infrastructure in cities?: interstate, legal, independent - Great Debates
  63. The Prison-Industrial-Complex in the USA: Mexican, illegal aliens, drugs, attorneys - Great Debates
  64. Why do US employers pay their employees health care ?: Congress, wages, salaries - Great Debates
  65. Are you aware? Are you awakened?: gallon, global warming, conspiracy, borders - Great Debates
  66. What would you fix about the ACA: enemy, drug, health care system - Great Debates
  67. The glorifcation of homeownership: cost, money, government, income - Great Debates
  68. simply NOT interested in Facebook?: regular, high school, teenage - Great Debates
  69. Is There Female Privilege?: generations, state, advantages, pay - Great Debates
  70. Why such resistance to secession?: racism, brainwashing, military, school - Great Debates
  71. Is Capitalism on the Way Out?: drugs, Rockefeller, revolution, lobbyists - Great Debates
  72. Should mandatory minimum sentences be abolished?: employment, Reagan, drug, Canada - Great Debates
  73. Is being Straight a Choice?: parties, percentage, Muslim, children - Great Debates
  74. What would happen to America if everyone born starting tomorrow was a genius?: minimum wage, generation - Great Debates
  75. What If We Got Rid of Health Insurance: healthcare, premium, death - Great Debates
  76. Capitalism better than socialism: employment, Congress, salary, health care - Great Debates
  77. Is the US splitting into different nations?: interstate, generations, ethic - Great Debates
  78. Drug wars.: salaries, illegal, heroin, cocaine - Great Debates
  79. Should the North Korea threat be taken seriously?: Iran, Afghanistan, border - Great Debates
  80. Does a person owe it to society to work?: death, independent, insurance - Great Debates
  81. Why is prostitution illegal in the US?: drugs, regular, marijuana - Great Debates
  82. Doctors and nurses need to be replaced by computers and robots (long post!): wages, ethical - Great Debates
  83. Drones - the end of privacy?: Putin, solution, military, cost - Great Debates
  84. Why People Are Divided by Politics and Religion: pros and cons, radical, Clinton - Great Debates
  85. Should American employers hire Americans for GOOD JOBS?: generations, illegal, Obama - Great Debates
  86. Why is it to Post Anti-Israeli items but not Anti-Islam?: Palestinians, illegal - Great Debates
  87. Did 9/11 happen how the American government claims it happened?: conspiracy, insurance, terrorists - Great Debates
  88. Is Internet Trolling an Art?: education, abuse, state, 2014 - Great Debates
  89. The nouveau rich never stay rich, s why...: generations, heroin, drugs - Great Debates
  90. Why do the majority of US employees get such short paid holidays ?: Christmas, suspect - Great Debates
  91. Rape and cold weather.: legal, drug, statistics, violent crime - Great Debates
  92. Does a person have the right to end their life?: Iraq, rating - Great Debates
  93. Thug the new n-word ?: crime, school, world - Great Debates
  94. Texting more dangerous than drunk driving: statistics, how much, crime, compared - Great Debates
  95. What are your thoughts on reckless drivers who put others lives at risk?: military, school - Great Debates
  96. Is dog ownership essentially narcissistic?: ethics, rating, leader, election - Great Debates
  97. If the USA was liberal would it be more prosperous ?: health care, suspect - Great Debates
  98. Feminism gone wrong: myth, leader, education, support - Great Debates
  99. Bullying - the new moral panic?: borders, solution, high school, terror - Great Debates
  100. USA is a better place to live in than the UK...let's debate: wages, legal - Great Debates
  101. Do you ever worry about all the chemicals and hormones in our food?: fast food, premium - Great Debates
  102. California gets stranger every day.: legal, school, examples, government - Great Debates
  103. Should A Felony Stay On Someone's Record? Closed: legal, violent crime, felons - Great Debates
  104. Receiving Charity: Merry Christmas, wisdom, dollars, money - Great Debates
  105. Do you think the US has a chance of beating China in innovation...: premium, vs - Great Debates
  106. Strange sense of worth?: salary, how much, dollars, school - Great Debates
  107. What degree of health care is everyone's RIGHT?: drugs, health care system, premium - Great Debates
  108. Humanity, society and governance.: legal, health care system, Amish, myth - Great Debates
  109. Is the death penalty human sacrifice?: interview, salary, legal, attorney - Great Debates
  110. Do you think a felony should stay on someone's record? (Part 2): border, crime - Great Debates
  111. should east indians living in the U.S. call themselves indians: racism, Canada - Great Debates
  112. Do you think the US will last as a union through the 21st century?: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  113. Do people treat you better when you have money?: school, economic, examples - Great Debates
  114. Could free money be the best way to end poverty and homelessness?: fast food, minimum wage - Great Debates
  115. Do you think buying Made in the USA products makes a major difference?: wages, Canada - Great Debates
  116. Does think message boards are the great liar/denier?: fast food, salaries - Great Debates
  117. Money is the Key to Happiness: employment, holidays, Canada, revolution - Great Debates
  118. Would the world be better off or worse without religion?: brainwashing, solutions - Great Debates
  119. Let's kill Hitler: Israel, highway, death, school - Great Debates
  120. Do you think the ideology of american exceptionalism hold the USA back?: unemployment, minimum wage - Great Debates
  121. Why do people think Minorities are the main beneficiaries of Affirmative Action?: generation, statistics - Great Debates
  122. Does Biology Dictates the way men and women love each other ?: suspect, death - Great Debates
  123. are people more lonely and isolated compared with past times: regular, Walmart - Great Debates
  124. A solution to childhood obesity: generation, health care system, regular, highway - Great Debates
  125. Has America always been medicore from an education point of view?: employment, wage - Great Debates
  126. Why Shouldn't Celebrities Be Held to a Higher Standard of Conduct?: Congress - Great Debates
  127. Are your twenties the most important decade....: generations, fence, myth - Great Debates
  128. Did George Zimmerman lie?: claims, handgun, murder, - Great Debates
  129. Will marijuana, or another drug, enter the mainstream of society?: illegal, heroin - Great Debates
  130. There is no problem with out of wedlock birthrates African Americans.: generation, drugs - Great Debates
  131. Where have all the heroes gone?: legal, lawyers, Kennedy, independence - Great Debates
  132. The New Sexism: interview, wages, generations, heroin - Great Debates
  133. Is Victoria's Secret mall advertising pornography?: examples, vs, European, world - Great Debates
  134. Costs of Saving a life?: death, military, cost, dollars - Great Debates
  135. Let's insult skinny people but shun that insult fat people?: injection, drugs - Great Debates
  136. A for the masses...: wages, drugs, statistics, regular - Great Debates
  137. is Victoria's Secret mall advertising pornography?: legal, death, Obama, solutions - Great Debates
  138. Oprah upset because clerk she was a regular person: racism, money - Great Debates
  139. Why does US society expands all rights one?: legal, weapons, deaths - Great Debates
  140. Do Americans Hate Their Poor?: Corporate Profits, unemployed, wages, generation - Great Debates
  141. Texting While Driving - Teen is Subjected to Three Years in Prison: illegal, highway - Great Debates
  142. Do most millennials want to live without a car and will they stay that way?: unemployment rate, generations - Great Debates
  143. What if tax payers could decide how their money is used?: interstates, Congress - Great Debates
  144. Is Capitalism failing most Americans?: employment, minimum wage, salaries, illegal - Great Debates
  145. What rights should an unmarried father have to his child, if: legal, drugs - Great Debates
  146. Are Gay Pride Parades damaging to the community: March, military - Great Debates
  147. Abortion Restrictions! Yes!!!: Taliban, health care, Brown, abortions - Great Debates
  148. Is lack of understanding the main reason for one's choosing to be childless?: ethical, suspect - Great Debates
  149. Is prison too easy?: cocaine, drugs, healthcare, death - Great Debates
  150. It's not the place, its the person ?: Iran, Iraq, independent - Great Debates
  151. Women: Abortion vs Men: Deadbeats: wages, illegal, controversial, border - Great Debates
  152. If education is the great equalizer, why is our society so profoundly unequal as educated as it is?: unemployed, generations - Great Debates
  153. Is patronizing a street prostitute unethical and expoitive?: interview, illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  154. Why Is Polygamy Illegal?: Congress, accuse, fence, crime - Great Debates
  155. So-called Freedom: employment, minimum wage, salaries, illegal - Great Debates
  156. Living in Areas at Risk of Forest Fire: global warming, statistics, regular - Great Debates
  157. What causes white flight (or flight of sort)?: generation, controversial, highway - Great Debates
  158. Women: Do you feel unsafe traveling alone after sunset?: fast food, illegal, weapon - Great Debates
  159. The benefits of diversity: Mexican, controversial, racism, crime - Great Debates
  160. Do People in the North Really Not Know about this...?: interstate, Iraq - Great Debates
  161. Are the best days for the USA behind us?: Ron Paul, unemployment, CNN - Great Debates
  162. Would you rather be a poor man in a wealthy city or a rich man in a poor city?: unemployment, serial killers - Great Debates
  163. Shoot up at LAX has totally negated the Gun Lobby's argument: Pelosi, weapon - Great Debates
  164. are we being overwelmed with technology?: Putin, wages, revolution, independent - Great Debates
  165. Halloween Has a Blackface Issue: legal, controversial, death, racism - Great Debates
  166. A perspective on Black Americans and crime, something I read.: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  167. What if there were no Hitler?: radical, Clinton, Obama, revolution - Great Debates
  168. Will the future suck for non-competitive/easy-going people?: wages, drugs, holidays - Great Debates
  169. Giving to a charity or other organization and never getting a thank you: salaries, compared - Great Debates
  170. Why do Americans always tiptoe around race?: employment, Mexican, illegal - Great Debates
  171. Does the federal government have the right to set minimum insurance policy standards?: Congress - Great Debates
  172. Can 'Nothing' Exist?: school, elect, state, religion - Great Debates
  173. Who is the MOST responsible for a run-down neighborhood: The Landlords or the Residents?: interstates, cost - Great Debates
  174. Should the Great Lakes States/Provinces Form a Country before its too late for our future generations?: gallon, spokesman - Great Debates
  175. Does society choose what's offensive & what is not?: drugs, racism, border - Great Debates
  176. have you done hard drugs? no judgement: legal, heroin, regular - Great Debates
  177. Society has become INSTANT and IMPATIENT. No?: generation, legal, examples - Great Debates
  178. should the military be teaching that white males have an unfair advantage?: employment, racism - Great Debates
  179. Is the layman jury system a good system?: interviews, legal, drugs - Great Debates
  180. What is the solution to the healthcare issue?: fast food, gallon, salaries - Great Debates
  181. Extinction makes us sad, but doesn't have serious side effects: generations, pros and cons - Great Debates
  182. Food stamps stigma: unemployed, wages, suspect, racism - Great Debates
  183. Could employment return to previous levels?: unemployment rate, fast food, minimum wage, generation - Great Debates
  184. Are Stay at Home Parents Too Self-Righteous????: salary, how much, school - Great Debates
  185. What would happen if everyone stopped paying insurance companies: unemployment, salaries, lawyers - Great Debates
  186. Is The Victim Partly To Blame When Raped?: illegal, drug, death - Great Debates
  187. Does heritage and culture have real practical value?: drugs, millionaire, economy - Great Debates
  188. Is America Ripe For A Great Awakening?: holidays, weapon, death - Great Debates
  189. When do you not talk to the police?: Iran, interviews, legal - Great Debates
  190. Snap judgments - what I learned from Duck Dynasty (not an entertainment: generations, suspect - Great Debates
  191. John Wayne - an American hero ?: Reagan, Edwards, military, carry - Great Debates
  192. Why does the USA use the English imperial measurements and not metric.: gallon, Canada - Great Debates
  193. Should people have a choice to live or to die?: illegal, soldiers - Great Debates
  194. Time for a new Constitution? No agenda Academic.: Congress, salary - Great Debates
  195. Is there really a problem with low voter turnout?: Congress, enemies - Great Debates
  196. guarenteed minimum income as a result of automation: unemployment, wages, Mexican - Great Debates
  197. The Denigration of Work: The unskilled worker.: unemployment, fast food, minimum wage - Great Debates
  198. Thoughts for your consideration: What I saw at an LGBT Pride rally: parade, Reagan - Great Debates
  199. hyper competition: the origins of hegemony?: examples, world, foreign, represent - Great Debates
  200. Four Freedoms --- and Four Devices: abuse, state, firearm, million - Great Debates