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  105. Thanks a lot!!!: warm, good - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  106. know of apple orchards in our area?: Bixby: for sale, live in - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
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  117. Homeschool groups autistic/special needs kids in Tulsa?: attorney, public school - Oklahoma (OK)
  118. Tulsa TV The Way It Used To Be: Muskogee, Ada: home, theatre - Oklahoma (OK)
  119. Owasso?: Tulsa, Collinsville, Howe: best suburbs, apartment, home - Oklahoma (OK)
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  125. Barking Dogs and People that Don't Pick Up: Tulsa, Kansas: condo, house - Oklahoma (OK)
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  158. African American: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Broken Arrow: fit in, crime, cheap house - (OK)
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  164. Kendall Whittier Neighborhood: Tulsa, Cleveland, Central High: apartments, assessor, crime - Oklahoma (OK)
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  166. Ticks and Chiggers: Tulsa: house, camping, living in - Oklahoma (OK)
  167. Whats Bixby Like: Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso: assessor, houses, buying - Oklahoma (OK)
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