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  1. Local Group Looks to Decriminalize Marijuana: New Orleans: 2015, crime, tax - Louisiana (LA)
  2. What areas should you avoid in New Orleans?: hotel, prices - Louisiana (LA)
  3. Would the Saints really trade Drew Brees?: shop, move - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  4. A About the Mardi Gras 2015 Performances: New Orleans, Calvin: high school, live in - Louisiana (LA)
  5. Copa Airlines is starting service to New Orleans: Atlanta: 2015, living in - Louisiana (LA)
  6. Schools in NOLA: Jefferson: real estate, home, neighborhood - New Orleans, Louisiana
  7. Thoughts on Gallier, Pauline or Manzant Sts.: New Orleans, Elizabeth: to rent, hotel - Louisiana (LA)
  8. Freaking love your city: New Orleans, Grand Isle: apartment, rent, crime - Louisiana (LA)
  9. What is it like to live in New Orleans?: rental, crime - Louisiana (LA)
  10. What exactly is happening with Federal City?: New Orleans: houses, neighborhoods - Louisiana (LA)
  11. Which ones of New Orleans suburbs do you like? (You can choose more than one)...: Metairie: houses - Louisiana (LA)
  12. Relocating to New Orleans work in Metairie: apartment complexes, for rent - Louisiana (LA)
  13. Relocating to Slidell this Summer: Chalmette: real estate, lease, how much - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  14. Rush hour???: bus, area, cities - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  15. good Alligator stories you can tell (in New Orleans)?: house, dangerous - Louisiana (LA)
  16. Yats: do they have an innocence unlike all other white Southerners...: New Orleans: garden, suburbs - Louisiana (LA)
  17. Crawfish spots next weekend (4/3/15)?: Kenner, Fisher: camp, restaurant, price - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  18. 2014 Update on neighborhoods on Northshore..: New Orleans, Metairie: crime, houses, school district - Louisiana (LA)
  19. Is There Parisian Limestone near the Ursuline Convent?: New Orleans: military, architecture - Louisiana (LA)
  20. Know of driving to Seattle in April? I need help...: transport companies, insurance - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  21. Why is bicycling safety such an afterthought in NOLA?: New Orleans: insurance, home - Louisiana
  22. Tatttoo Rec: shop, accent, artist - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  23. Suggestions for Happy Hour (Private Room) in FQ/CDB?: restaurant, floor - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  24. Spring Break trip - which area?: house, neighbourhood, taxis - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  25. Tampa Bay to New Orleans: Baton Rouge: apartments, rent, home - Louisiana (LA)
  26. energyconsultants: job, occupation, better - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  27. Ruston is a good city to move?: New Orleans: theatre, restaurants - Louisiana (LA)
  28. With a 5 year old, are we crazy?: New Orleans, Elmwood: homes, buy - Louisiana (LA)
  29. Barnes and Noble?: New Orleans, Metairie: live, store, suburban - Louisiana (LA)
  30. Possibly relocating to the New Orleans area: Lafayette, Slidell: low crime, house - Louisiana (LA)
  31. Coming to New Orleans with 5 year old.. which of hotels is best to stay at?: Metairie: rental - Louisiana (LA)
  32. Mardi Gras Parades and Cops: Slidell, Atlanta: live, military, buses - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  33. bar recommendations: neighborhood, club, bars - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  34. Uptown/Magazine Street - quite expensive?: New Orleans, Franklin: crime, house, public schools - Louisiana (LA)
  35. About Parking During Mardi Gras Weekend: New Orleans: rental car, rental - Louisiana (LA)
  36. reasonable (!) places for students to live: New Orleans: rent, safe area, school - Louisiana (LA)
  37. The World Focuses On New Orleans Entrepreneur Week: sales, activity - Louisiana (LA)
  38. Lower Garden District- Safety: New Orleans, Lafayette: renting, hotel, neighborhood - Louisiana (LA)
  39. What is there to do besides the French Quarter?: New Orleans: houses, neighborhoods - Louisiana (LA)
  40. Tell me about New Orleans and the best neighborhoods for me and my son: Atlanta: transplants - Louisiana (LA)
  41. Safety: St. Roch Ave. & Marais: New Orleans: neighborhoods, live in, safe - Louisiana (LA)
  42. One Vietnamese family's saga in New Orleans: 2015, home - Louisiana (LA)
  43. Cost of 1 week vacation on Bourbon Street...: hotels, live - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  44. Algiers wants to secede from New Orleans: 2015, house - Louisiana (LA)
  45. CBD safety?: New Orleans: safe area, safe, area - Louisiana (LA)
  46. What is 'The Irish Channel' like?: New Orleans: high crime, houses, neighborhood - Louisiana (LA)
  47. Moving to NOLA in 18-24 months: to rent, attorney, house - New Orleans, Louisiana
  48. Potentially moving to N. Rampart and Alvar!: New Orleans: crime, house - Louisiana (LA)
  49. Metairie/Lakeview/Mid-City rentals: New Orleans: apartments, house, safe neighborhood - Louisiana (LA)
  50. Skyline View: New Orleans, Chalmette, Terrytown: land, best, park - Louisiana (LA)
  51. Working For New Orleans Police?: Jackson, Iowa: health insurance, home, college - Louisiana (LA)
  52. How often do New Orleanians go up to the North Shore?: New Orleans: mattress, house - Louisiana (LA)
  53. How Do Newcomers Get a Spot in NOLA Public/Charter Schools???: New Orleans: private school tuition, college - Louisiana
  54. Is it true in New Orleans there’s no pressure to be moral or immoral: living - Louisiana (LA)
  55. Shopping in downtown N.O.: New Orleans, Fisher: live, shops, bus - Louisiana (LA)
  56. New Orleans will blow my mind :): plantations, food, things to do - Louisiana (LA)
  57. The American Experience: New Orleans: great, document - Louisiana (LA)
  58. Camera captures the moment rail cars were blown off a viaduct: Ama: driving, bridge - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  59. Little red church on Octavia and Camp St: school, zoned - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  60. Sister Want's to Move Close To LSU DownTown NO: New Orleans: school, college - Louisiana (LA)
  61. are there safe African American/Hispanic neighborhoods in New Orleans ?: Metairie: 2013, cheap house - Louisiana (LA)
  62. Orleans vs Jefferson Parish: New Orleans, Shreveport: transplants, sale, real estate market - Louisiana (LA)
  63. Jazz Fest 2015: New Orleans: food, tickets, places - Louisiana (LA)
  64. New Orleans Research (Requesting residents of New Orleans help): transplants, 2015 - Louisiana (LA)
  65. garden district / st charles street: renting, crime, hotel - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  66. NOLA transfer research: New Orleans, River Ridge, Jefferson: rent, homes, job market - Louisiana
  67. i hope this comes to fruition: 2015, linear, moving - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  68. Surveillance cam captures parking lot shooting (WARNING: GRAPHIC!): New Orleans, Eastwood: 2015, daycare - Louisiana (LA)
  69. Does New Orleans have primo nice suburbs with old architecture?: Metairie: fit in, for sale - Louisiana (LA)
  70. Hey NOLA, moving home this year. Need advice on hoods and such.: Metairie: low income - New Orleans, Louisiana
  71. Kehoe-France Metairie School - How is this school?: New Orleans, Jefferson: 2015, school districts - Louisiana (LA)
  72. Smoking Compromise: Private Clubs: New Orleans: sale, legal, bars - Louisiana (LA)
  73. New Orleans summer bar/club jobs: Atlanta: hotel, find a job, living - Louisiana (LA)
  74. Fri. afternoon New Orleans to Baton Rouge Rush Hour: to eat, dinner - Louisiana (LA)
  75. Shuttle vs taxi from Airport to French Quarter: Jefferson, Many: hotels, taxi driver - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  76. Would you recommend Forest Isle Apartments?: living, dangerous, good place to live - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  77. Hanukkah celebrations?: 2014, live in, kids - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  78. Trick-or-treating?: Claiborne: houses, neighborhoods, homeowner - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  79. Inside scoop on the westbank: New Orleans, Marrero: to rent, crime, house - Louisiana (LA)
  80. po boy fest: Shreveport: live, restaurants, store - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  81. To all New Orleanians who have watched the HBO series Treme!: New Orleans: university, gated - Louisiana (LA)
  82. New Year dinner: New Orleans: house, living in, party - Louisiana (LA)
  83. Safety of French Quarter During Holiday Season: New Orleans: 2014, crime - Louisiana (LA)
  84. Shrieking Dog in the LGD: apartments, home, quality of life - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  85. New Orleans - One night, where to reserve a room: Jefferson: hotels, university - Louisiana (LA)
  86. Exchange student needs advice on housing: apartment, rent, home - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  87. Light shirts and jackets week of Dec. 6th?: New Orleans: vacation, humidity - Louisiana (LA)
  88. social security year of 66 birthday: New Orleans: move, working, limit - Louisiana (LA)
  89. School Conundrum: New Orleans, Metairie, Jefferson: to rent, buy, school district - Louisiana (LA)
  90. Where to exersize run in the Lowe Garden District: camp, safe - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  91. russians or ukranians in Louisiana: New Orleans: neighborhood, food, island - (LA)
  92. Relocating to New Orleans, need advice about apartments: Metairie, Kenner: apartment complexes, homes - Louisiana (LA)
  93. Katrina - help from Germany: New Orleans: school, university, pharmacy - Louisiana (LA)
  94. Booking through tour companies or hotel?: New Orleans, Metairie: crimes, how much, hotels - Louisiana (LA)
  95. New Orleans Voodoo experience/practicioners?: shop, educational, stereotypical - Louisiana (LA)
  96. New Orleans in July: how much, hotels, taxes - Louisiana (LA)
  97. Vacation in New Orleans next week: Baton Rouge, Metairie: rent, crimes, hotels - Louisiana (LA)
  98. Moving to NOLA. Need advice.: New Orleans, Metairie: apartment complexes, to rent, low crime - Louisiana
  99. All taxis take credit cards?: school, airport, licensed - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  100. first cool spell: home, summers, people - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  101. No Limit Records: New Orleans: theater, school, stores - Louisiana (LA)
  102. visiting New Orleans in December: architecture, places to visit, architect - Louisiana (LA)
  103. Are there FREE Counseling services in New Orleans? And where?: low cost - Louisiana (LA)
  104. Witch doctors?: store, business, visiting - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  105. Questions and Recommendations on landscpaing Fill Dirt in NOLA: New Orleans: for sale, rent - Louisiana
  106. Advice on best wholesale to the public seafood markets: Westwego: costs, food - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  107. Professional staffing agencies?: New Orleans: moving to, good, services - Louisiana (LA)
  108. walkable convenient areas around New Orleans?: Kenner, Hammond: houses, theatre - Louisiana (LA)
  109. Relocating from Ohio: New Orleans: crime, private schools, live - Louisiana (LA)
  110. Moving to New Orleans from Idaho: neighborhoods, family, important - Louisiana (LA)
  111. streetcar: New Orleans: buy, university, casino - Louisiana (LA)
  112. Disney-ABC shuts down all productions filming: Atlanta: 2015, credit, movies - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  113. the Dave and Busters franchise is the new orleans market: Metairie: 2015, high crime - Louisiana (LA)
  114. in New Orleans lived in (or would like to on) St.Petes/Tampa Florida?: living in, restaurants - Louisiana (LA)
  115. The 60-day Rule....: New Orleans, Many: crime, live, law - Louisiana (LA)
  116. Monthly Home Inspections in New Orleans: apartment, rent, neighborhood - Louisiana (LA)
  117. is the worst of New Orleans comparable to the worst of Baltimore?: Arabi: for sale, real estate - Louisiana (LA)
  118. in NOLA, need to move out of mom's house: New Orleans: apartments, school - Louisiana
  119. Alligators in New Orleans? Haven't heard of it, but like you'd have 'em?: Westwego: house, university - Louisiana (LA)
  120. Is New Orleans worth it?: Jefferson: for sale, rental, crime - Louisiana (LA)
  121. thinking about moving to the big easy: New Orleans, Atlanta: sales, real estate market - Louisiana (LA)
  122. Do NOT call EMS during a thunderstorm - smh but NOT surprised: New Orleans: transporting, safety - Louisiana (LA)
  123. N'Orleans - Vacation- After: New Orleans, Baton Rouge: lawyers, houses, construction - Louisiana (LA)
  124. Tip for Jazz Fest 2016: DO NOT Bring a Stroller: New Orleans: sales, home - Louisiana (LA)
  125. Graduate student moving to New Orleans for Tulane.: Henderson: apartment, crime - Louisiana (LA)
  126. N'Orleans - Post-Visit - Questions: New Orleans, Metairie: apartment complex, condos, hotels - Louisiana (LA)
  127. Moving to NOLA with kids: New Orleans, Jefferson: house, best schools, university - Louisiana
  128. NOLA relocation: nice areas of the city or the north shore?: New Orleans: best city, rental - Louisiana
  129. Why is the former site of Six Flags New Orleans still abandoned?: Baton Rouge: 2014, amusement park - Louisiana (LA)
  130. Uptown Safety?: New Orleans, Lafayette, Jackson: violent crime, houses, safest area - Louisiana (LA)
  131. Advice on Bathroom Attendants: flat fee, buying, live - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  132. NCIS: New Orleans: Many: neighborhoods, live in, ratings - Louisiana (LA)
  133. Bodies on I-10?: Metairie: 2015, condo, vehicle - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  134. Is there a Musician in the house?: New Orleans: good hotel, restaurants - Louisiana (LA)
  135. New Orleans' Ethnic Enclaves: Metairie, Kenner: school, live, restaurant - Louisiana (LA)
  136. New Canal Street Hotel: 2015, to live, moving - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  137. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival: Elton: live, pit bull - Louisiana (LA)
  138. New Orleans: can I get from point a to b on the bus?: Elmwood: best neighborhoods, home - Louisiana (LA)
  139. What's the matter with this house?: New Orleans: for sale, foreclosure, countertops - Louisiana (LA)
  140. on Mardi Gras 2015: New Orleans, Metairie: flat fee, hotels, university - Louisiana (LA)
  141. Do you watch Treme?: New Orleans, Jackson: appointed, crime, neighborhoods - Louisiana (LA)
  142. Ripleys on Decatur?: living, pub, rated - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  143. Odd ball sort of...: humidity, year, better - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  144. Going to the Mardi Gras?: New Orleans, Metairie: RV park, crime, hotel - Louisiana (LA)
  145. Good novel set in New Orleans?: Baton Rouge, Ama: university, living in, title - Louisiana (LA)
  146. Thoughts on the NOPD?: New Orleans: neighborhoods, taxi, salary - Louisiana (LA)
  147. Moving to NOLA, need advice.: New Orleans, Metairie: apartments, for rent, high crime - Louisiana
  148. Where does the middle class live??: New Orleans, Metairie: appointed, apartment complexes, crime - Louisiana (LA)
  149. Relocating to NOLA - Can someone give me an idea of average commute times?: New Orleans: neighborhood, universities - Louisiana
  150. is New Orleans now filled with transplants ?: neighborhoods, moving to - Louisiana (LA)
  151. Why do people like New Orleans?: best city, crime, home - Louisiana (LA)
  152. Cajun food recommendations in New Orleans: live, restaurants, price - Louisiana (LA)
  153. Job opportunity in New Orleans: Metairie, Slidell: real estate, rent, homeowners insurance - Louisiana (LA)
  154. Yat identity: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Metairie: 2015, mobile home, neighborhood - Louisiana (LA)
  155. Street Musicians of New Orleans....: Ball, Bienville: rich, horse, bike - Louisiana (LA)
  156. time of stay in new orleans for non drinker?: rent, restaurants - Louisiana (LA)
  157. What are areas of NOLA with the most diversity?: New Orleans: best cities, neighborhoods - Louisiana
  158. French quarter at night: New Orleans: hotels, prices, dangerous - Louisiana (LA)
  159. best Gulf beach near NOLA over the holidays: New Orleans, Grand Isle: rent, house - Louisiana
  160. Should I move to New Orleans or the Triangle (NC) area?: Slidell: transplants, crime - Louisiana (LA)
  161. NOLA images that come to mind when you think of ''Metairie ?: Jefferson: zoning, restaurants - New Orleans, Louisiana
  162. Historic Attractions/Architecture in New Orleans: Metairie, Chalmette: how much, hotel, houses - Louisiana (LA)
  163. What can New Orleans do to attract fortune 500 companies?: Atlanta: low crime, home - Louisiana (LA)
  164. Is it Common to Get Harassed at Clubs?: New Orleans: 2013, hotel - Louisiana (LA)
  165. Relocation in June: real estate, city hall, high school - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  166. Hotels in French Quarter: New Orleans: good hotel, budget, parking - Louisiana (LA)
  167. Life in New Orleans? Should I move?: St. Joseph, Sun: 2015, apartments - Louisiana (LA)
  168. New smoking ban proposed for NOLA: New Orleans, Metairie: 2013, how much, employment - Louisiana
  169. Home Prices WAY out of whack!!: New Orleans, Claiborne: real estate, house prices, neighborhoods - Louisiana (LA)
  170. Why do people in the Northern USA assume...: New Orleans: live in, activity - Louisiana (LA)
  171. New Orleans waterfront activities: Baton Rouge, Slidell: rental, new home, school - Louisiana (LA)
  172. New Orleans?? Good areas for me?: Metairie, Gretna: transplants, apartment, condo - Louisiana (LA)
  173. Amari Cooper Says NOLA Stinks --- Literally: New Orleans: 2014, distance - Louisiana
  174. How do you convince others that a repeat of Katrina is nearly impossible?: New Orleans: houses, tornado - Louisiana (LA)
  175. Tip for 3-day in NOLA: New Orleans, Jackson: 2014, rent, crime - Louisiana
  176. 5 Day Vacation to New Orleans: Jackson, Elizabeth: rent, amusement park, coops - Louisiana (LA)
  177. Happy holidays, NOLA-style. (photos): New Orleans, Washington: 2015, neighborhoods, living in - Louisiana
  178. Mardi Gras 2015, on the Wild Side!: New Orleans: RV park, hotels, camper - Louisiana (LA)
  179. State Calls for Charity Hospital Redevelopment Ideas: 2015, condominium - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  180. its Stuff Like This...(Warning: I'm venting): New Orleans, Jefferson: 2015, home - Louisiana (LA)
  181. Is New Orleans a gun-friendly city?: Metairie, Pearl River: crime, home, transfer - Louisiana (LA)
  182. Where to live in (or near) NOLA for 2 years?: New Orleans: safe area, schools - Louisiana
  183. My New Orleans Experience: Jefferson, Jackson: how much, houses, neighborhoods - Louisiana (LA)
  184. Tourist: New Orleans, Iowa, Atlanta: homes, neighborhoods, buy - Louisiana (LA)
  185. How Transgender Friendly Is New Orleans?: best cities, houses, neighborhoods - Louisiana (LA)
  186. Is New Orleans that dangerous?: crime, credit, neighborhood - Louisiana (LA)
  187. Should the Lee Circle statue be removed?: New Orleans, Washington: 2015, move - Louisiana (LA)
  188. First post: Moving to Nola and asking for neighborhood help.: New Orleans: transplants, for sale - Louisiana (LA)
  189. Plan on using airbnb in NOLA?: 2015, hotels, neighborhood - New Orleans, Louisiana
  190. What is a good bulk price for Frozen Soft Shell Crab and where to get it?: how much - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  191. Headhunters/Job Search: New Orleans: headhunter, neighborhoods, to move - Louisiana (LA)
  192. Postmodern Jukebox? Has such a New Orleans sound.... - Louisiana (LA)
  193. Visiting in November, 5 of us driving from WI - where to stay?: New Orleans: to rent - Louisiana (LA)
  194. SAP functional analysts in New Orleans. Is there work?: to move, place - Louisiana (LA)
  195. The David Duke and Klan rumors about Popeyes may have been disproven, but...: racist - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  196. Suggestions on Where to Live: New Orleans: apartment, safe area, school - Louisiana (LA)
  197. A newer cafe in NOLA: place, famous, sell - New Orleans, Louisiana
  198. Summer Internship in New Orleans: safety, area, limit - Louisiana (LA)
  199. Need help on renting a home for a convention: to rent, house - New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)
  200. Planning a vacation to New Orleans! Has the city changed much since 2009? Recommendations: hotel - Louisiana (LA)