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  52. Do you like Friskas brand garden tools?: cat, buying, cut
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  64. elongated twig ant: lawn, bugs, tree, containers - Garden
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  87. Most of my plants in my garden are dying: irrigation, fertilizers, vegetables
  88. Lawn Drying Out: irrigation, fertilizer, grass, mowing - Garden
  89. Prickly pear ID needed: cacti, pines, cover, Illinois - Garden
  90. canopies & Gazebos: summer, shade, cement, Florida - Garden
  91. Brown thumb...?: flowers, tree, crape, nursery - Garden
  92. Ideas??: iris, growing, Ferns, Hydrangea - Garden
  93. I hate to scare away my new BF, but what's a gal 2 do???!: bugs, tree - Garden
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  95. Does do companion planting ?: flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers - Garden
  96. how to keep animals out of garden: groundhogs, vegetables, yard
  97. Should I turn my Oleander?: grown, leaves, plant, pets - Garden
  98. News Video, Judge Settles Dispute Between Town and Blind Gardener Over His Potent Composte.: cucumber, potato
  99. Venus fly-trap: growing, bugs, trees, spring - Garden
  100. Great organic growing information: fertilizers, gardening
  101. Name that Bug: spiders, bugs, insects, city - Garden
  102. 2 dumb questions from a brown thumb: grow, trees, tomato, plants - Garden
  103. Crab Grass and other weeds in lawn: lawns, crabgrass, tomatoes - Garden
  104. Bonsai!!!!!!!!!!!: trees, north, growth, water - Garden
  105. Too late for tomatoes?: growing, vegetables, spring, planting - Garden
  106. What the heck was that? Help: flowers, city, fast, summer - Garden
  107. Compost?: lawn, manure, vegetable, backyard - Garden
  108. Caladium / Calladium (??) questions: grow, grass, trees, front yard - Garden
  109. Plants that deer don't eat: flowers, landscape, Ferns, Forsythia - Garden
  110. hummingbirds: flowers, tree, spring, south - Garden
  111. My drought tolerant plants look sad (Esperanza, Plumbago): irrigation, landscape, growing - Garden
  112. Trioxx or Roundup?: lawns, growing, lawn, vegetables - Garden
  113. Vines: flowers, landscaping, growing, Clematis - Garden
  114. Who puts seed down in the fall?: lawn, growing, seeding - Garden
  115. Where to find a garden 'statue' ?: flower, cats, violet, concrete
  116. Need gift Idea for a gardener....HELP!!: yard, spring, nursery
  117. What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Grass So You Can Replant Something: lawn, landscaping - Garden
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  119. Monarchs/caterpillas/chrysalis??????: butterfly, worm, leaves, orange - Garden
  120. Do I have to remove grass to plant ground cover, flowers,: lawn, landscape - Garden
  121. Pond - How to Keep the Water Clean/Clear: growing, palms, back yard - Garden
  122. Vegetable Garden 101...the basics, how to start?: lawn, growing, fertilizer
  123. Winter sowing: flowers, growing, Butterfly Bush, grass - Garden
  124. Problems with Craftsman lawn tractor: mower, how to, sale, best - Garden
  125. The official cacti and succulent plant ..: grass, plants, greenhouse - Garden
  126. Can I water my plants with (green) pool water?: flowers, lawn, landscape - Garden
  127. ID this Caterpillar: lawn, grow, cat, butterfly - Garden
  128. Tomato plants are crap this year!: grown, tomatoes, cucumbers, north - Garden
  129. Tomato blight - need help: tomatoes, Arizona, vegetables, spring - Garden
  130. Need another insect ID: Never seen ANYthing like this: bug, grass, tree - Garden
  131. Does Too Much Water Prevent Tomatoes from Ripening?: flowers, grown, fertilizer - Garden
  132. Mystery plant- it was grape vine now not so sure: growing, Ivy - Garden
  133. getting rid of rose of sharon seedlings in lawn: passion flower, flower, growing - Garden
  134. Hydrangeas: flowers, backyard, leaves, plant - Garden
  135. Morning Glory: flower, growing, mower, weeds - Garden
  136. type of mulch to use: lawns, tree, weeds, - Garden
  137. Wind Chimes: Advice on types: cold, birds, porch, winter - Garden
  138. zucchini problems: spider, growing, fertilization, bugs - Garden
  139. Purple Balloon Flower: growing plants, spring, how to, plants - Garden
  140. When to pick peaches?: grow, trees, squirrel, how to - Garden
  141. What is this plant: flowers, grown, corn, nursery - Garden
  142. Boston Fern looking bad.. brown leaves... thoughts?: grow, fertilization, Ferns - Garden
  143. birds eating garden: flower, growing, bugs, cat
  144. Vegetable Gardeners, Greenville, South Carolina: growing, fertilizing, grass, containers
  145. Electric Weed Wacker: flower, mower, summer, bulb - Garden
  146. Cilantro problem...: flowers, growing, veggies, south - Garden
  147. Pesky Neighbor's Cats: flowers, butterfly, squirrel, backyard - Garden
  148. Burn Marks?: lawn, landscaping, fertilizing, grass - Garden
  149. Butterflies: passion flower, flowers, grow, Butterfly Bush - Garden
  150. Janpanese Beatles: flower, growing, bugs, tree - Garden
  151. Need Crash Course Cliff Notes Version On Lawn Care, Stat!!: flower, lawns - Garden
  152. elephant ears: growing, spring, leaves, frost - Garden
  153. my heirloom tomatoes are cracking!: fertilizer, vegetables, city, plant - Garden
  154. HELP - Lawn burned from fertilizer!: flower, green lawn, growing, grass - Garden
  155. Help with tomato plants: growing, bug, trees, tomatoes - Garden
  156. squirrel after bird's eggs???: lawn, Honeysuckle, tree, tomatoes - Garden
  157. Hibiscus and Magnolia not blooming...: flowers, fertilizing, magnolias, spring - Garden
  158. Coffee grounds ..: growing, Ferns, Hydrangea, magnolia - Garden
  159. Rudbeckia?: flowers, growing, seeding, peach - Garden
  160. Backyard Composters: flowers, grow, bugs, grass - Garden
  161. Little Gem Magnolia: landscape, growing, fertilizing, magnolias - Garden
  162. Big Fat Bumblebees: flower, grown, leaves, tractors - Garden
  163. Can ID Yucca?: grow, grass, tree, snake - Garden
  164. like Yuccas?: landscaping, grow, poinsettia, trees - Garden
  165. Consolea rubescens care help: growing, spring, cacti, plants - Garden
  166. BUMMER - my Blueberry bush has problems - HELP!: flowers, growing, fertilizing - Garden
  167. Oak trees turning brown?: growing, fertilizers, yard, leaves - Garden
  168. plant ideas between houses: flowers, growing, Honeysuckle, grass - Garden
  169. No freakin' peppers! :(: flowers, growing, trees, vegetables - Garden
  170. Identifying bird from laid egg: grass, trees, snakes, vegetable - Garden
  171. can you grow olive plants in the deep south: grown, trees, olives - Garden
  172. Mystery plant...what is this??: flowers, growing, cat, tree - Garden
  173. Irrigation System: lawn, landscaping, grow, grass - Garden
  174. A citrus tree in the backyard has sprouted three fruits: flowers, grow - Garden
  175. What's your favorite tomato?: tomatoes, vegetables, north, plant - Garden
  176. More dumb questions: Planting things now, will they still bloom?: flowers, growing - Garden
  177. Harbor Freight Tools...good or bad?: lawn, landscaping, Ivy, northern - Garden
  178. Itty bitty frog on my hydrangea...: tree, violet, leaves, plants - Garden
  179. How to stop Toad/Frog Massacre? :O: lawn, grow, grass - Garden
  180. I just planted an apple tree: growing, apple trees, violet, spring - Garden
  181. Orchids blooming?: flower, grow, poinsettia, weeds - Garden
  182. Worms eating my corn!: bugs, insects, how to, city - Garden
  183. chinese fan palm: landscape, grow, palms, nursery - Garden
  184. Need another cactus ID: flowers, grown, cacti, south - Garden
  185. Help identify this strange thing on leaves: tree, nursery, California - Garden
  186. Feeding the Bees: flowers, butterflies, plants, natural - Garden
  187. Plant ID: flowers, growing, tree, vines - Garden
  188. Growing cantaloupe: flowers, vines, tomatoes, cucumbers - Garden
  189. News, Despite high prices, farmers' markets still thrive.: strawberries, Washington, year - Garden
  190. News, As crops burn, farmers increasingly use sunscreen.: vegetables, fruits, prevent - Garden
  191. Sick Solomon: flowers, leaves, growth, potato - Garden
  192. Planning my planting...: violet, hostas, violets, weeds - Garden
  193. spectacular exotic trees for zones 9a-9b: flowers, growing, palm - Garden
  194. News, Woman shoots foot while hunting woodchuck.: vegetable, Wisconsin, Madison - Garden
  195. News, Your backyard could feed the hungry.: growing, violet, vegetables - Garden
  196. grow tomatilloes?: grown, year - Garden
  197. Flower Gardening Helper Guide - too neat!: plant
  198. News. Wine-makers turn to marijuana.: growing, plant, grapes, Washington - Garden
  199. Ornamental Peppers/Diseases?: backyard, leaves, plants, Atlanta - Garden
  200. Need information difference between Lawn Mower Blade, String trimmers and Lawn Edger.: new - Garden