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  79. Why can't I find Siennas/Odesseys under $18K without high mileage?: vehicles, Japanese - Automotive
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  97. good first cars: insurance, manual transmission, sedan, credit - Automotive
  98. What's your odometer reading and what make and model is your car?: manual transmission, gasket - Automotive
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  100. What Are The Symptoms For Bad 'cv' Joints?: CV joint, purchase, engine - Automotive
  101. stupid Fast and Furious cliches: fuel, race car, truck - Automotive
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  108. I bet most people don't realize that the mileage warranty on tires if a load of bull.: vehicle, van - Automotive
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  110. 442: manual transmission, convertible, brakes, seats - Automotive
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  112. 16 year old driver: vehicle, Germany, air bag, traction - Automotive
  113. Source Of Fuel 50 Years From Now: vehicles, 2010, truck, mileage - Automotive
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  119. Best water fording stock SUV or pickup: vehicle, auto, engine - Automotive
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  121. Roadrunner: MPG, exhaust, engines, Dodge - Automotive
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  124. Run Flat Tire: tires, Corvette, buy, replace - Automotive
  125. The Buicks, Lincolns, and the Elderly.: insurance, Japanese, SUV, braking - Automotive
  126. Wagon, 5 speed, 30 mpg+, and under 10k?: vehicles, traction, SUV, fuel - Automotive
  127. Honda Accord or VW Jetta: vehicle, auto, sedan, fuel - Automotive
  128. Converting Diesel Engines to Used Restaurant Oil: vehicle, fuel, best - Automotive
  129. Leasing a car verses buying a car?: lease, vehicle, credit - Automotive
  130. News, Mini to the max: Will the Smart car grow on U.S. drivers?: vehicle, motorcycle - Automotive
  131. News, Congress approves fuel economy mandate.: vehicles, auto, idle, hybrid - Automotive
  132. Sexy rear ends: red light, Corvette, buy, BMW - Automotive
  133. You might be a ricer if...: muscle car, red light, auto, motorcycles - Automotive
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  143. Cell Phones and Driving: traction, lane, drivers, message - Automotive
  144. Most sexy car maker?: F150, Japanese, pickup, Aston Martin - Automotive
  145. What do/did you name your cars?: auto, Civic, Mercury - Automotive
  146. Has Your Taste In Automobiles Changed?: muscle car, lease, vehicles, German - Automotive
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  148. Why would you use the remote car starter??? Makes no sense for me.: fuel, mileage - Automotive
  149. Premum fuel required?: muscle car, vehicles, plugs, octane - Automotive
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  154. No more SUVs or minivans?: vehicle, coupe, fuel, MPG - Automotive
  155. $3 gallon for gas is on the way! $4 gallon may be before the end of 2008!: car payments, vehicle - Automotive
  156. Check engine light trouble: vehicle, best, replace, gas - Automotive
  157. i'm a girl who wants to work on my car :): muscle car, insurance - Automotive
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  161. Top Gear TV Show on BBC America: best, pickup truck, Corvette - Automotive
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  165. Craziest car you ever did see!: Jeep, highway, cars, paint - Automotive
  166. How much do you pay a year for your license plate(s)?: vehicle, truck - Automotive
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  169. mechanics: auto, buy, engine, replace - Automotive
  170. You Don't Talk To Your Car? Then, You're abnormal?: exhaust, drivers, Ford - Automotive
  171. Thinking about buying a 4X4 Truck? What about a 4X4 Unimog Truck?: camper, best - Automotive
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  180. '08 Challenger Commercial: Dodge, 2008 - Automotive
  181. BioDiesel Fuel: used - Automotive
  182. check before you fill up: gas, prices, USA - Automotive
  183. Do you own a Kubota product? - Automotive
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  185. Never mind. Tried to delete - Automotive
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  187. News, SUV with mind of its own wins robot car race.: vehicle, Chevy - Automotive
  188. News, Judge: Speeding Not 'As Bad' in Miles.: driver, 2007, police - Automotive
  189. News, The Gender Wars Take to the Road.: auto, pickup trucks, buy - Automotive
  190. Ever felt this frustrated??: America, world - Automotive
  191. News, States test-drive hybrid school buses.: fuel, diesel, emissions, cost - Automotive
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  193. News, Frank Pringle has found a way to squeeze oil and gas from just about anything.: best, 2007 - Automotive
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  198. Happy turkey day folks. now drive safe!!!: weather - Automotive
  199. have access to a 86 Chevy c10 service manual: GM - Automotive
  200. News, Man Holds Record For Being Thrown By Car.: highway, 2008, mph - Automotive