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  17. Mitosis: convert, God, Adam and Eve, people - Christianity
  18. Prodigal Son: church, prayers, confess, faith - Christianity
  19. Seek The Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near: believer, scripture - Christianity
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  21. Let us search and try our ways!: tradition, punishment, church - Christianity
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  30. Wishing you all a belated Happy Reformation Day!: history, Jewish, mention - Christianity
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  51. Who Said Christianity Is Not A Bunch Of Rules If You Put Your Trust In Jesus Christ ?: testimony, doctrine
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  54. My Spiritual Gift: church, beliefs, verse, experience - Christianity
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  56. Comprehensive List of Bible Named Apostles: disciples, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Matthew - Christianity
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  58. World Communion Sunday, Started 80 years ago.: presbyterian, experience, Christians - Christianity
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  60. The Nativity Narratives - history or just stories?: Micah, tradition, Gospel - Christianity
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  64. The Sermon of the Mount: believe, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, salvation - Christianity
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  67. Food Charities?: Gomorrah, Lutheran, Mormons, LDS - Christianity
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  71. Am I in the right church?: Lutheran, hell, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  72. The Rapture Will Never Come For One Simple Reason: This Generation Is Over: abomination, church - Christianity
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  74. I Get No One Comes To The Father But By Me: Gospels, Revelation - Christianity
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  76. Does Your Pastor Mainly Do Topical Preaching or Exegetical Preaching?: Gospels, hell - Christianity
  77. Future stronghold for Christianity.: churches, agnostic, believer, sin
  78. Caught Stealing--Testimony: prayers, Jesus, confess, salvation - Christianity
  79. If your fear death, are you saved?: Gospel, believe, disciples - Christianity
  80. Praying to God, through Jesus?: Mormon, doctrine, churches, Revelation - Christianity
  81. Which Christian Religions are Recognized as a Cult and Why?: Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons - Christianity
  82. Adolph Hitler before the Great White Throne: crucified, Gospel, hell - Christianity
  83. Don't Think Of God As Anything Less Than The Very Best You Could Imagine Him To Be: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  84. How to Forgive Someone and Forget ?: women, prayer, Jesus Christ, Matthew - Christianity
  85. Steven Furtick (pastor in North Carolina) and ur thoughts on him: Gospel, Leviticus - Christianity
  86. At a catholic church..: churches, priest, Jesus, experience - Christianity
  87. Is The Ecumenical Movement Alive & Well?: Gospel, testimony, abomination - Christianity
  88. Is faith alone?: Gospel, preacher, believe, scripture - Christianity
  89. Would you celebrate Christmas if it were changed to September: Leviticus, myth - Christianity
  90. Importance Of Prayer Today: church, preacher, scripture, Moses - Christianity
  91. The Apostle Junia--A Woman, New Testament: women, church, beliefs, Christ - Christianity
  92. Surgery reason to get close to God?: Gospel, hell, church - Christianity
  93. Bill O’Reilly's Killing Jesus Book: crucifixion, Messiah, beliefs, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  94. Did Matthew deliberately alter scripture?: Gospel, zachariah, Messiah, exodus - Christianity
  95. I have a problem with the cross...: crucifixion, Gospel, Lutherans - Christianity
  96. News, Pastor bans fried chicken from church events.: Gospel, hell, presbyterian - Christianity
  97. Do Believers in Eternal Torment Have An Underlying Sadistic Streak?: crucifixion, hell - Christianity
  98. Christian Polyamory: procreation, hell, women, church - Christianity
  99. Can Women Preach, Teach and Prophesize?: Gospel, Jehovah, church, believe - Christianity
  100. Is The Apocrypha Canonical?: Torah, traditions, doctrine, church - Christianity
  101. Contradictions in the Bible due to translation? Do they exist?: tradition, Gospels - Christianity
  102. The NT insists that you must obey Jesus to gain eternal life!: paradise, Eden - Christianity
  103. Strange happenings, world events and discoveries, signs of the times?: Revelation, believe - Christianity
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  105. A to Mormons: Latter-Day Saints, Gospel, LDS, testimony - Christianity
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  107. Choices Choices Options Options: Gospel, churches, preach, agnostic - Christianity
  108. Is Transference of Sin (Scapegoating) Acceptable Today?: lordship, Deuteronomy, preach - Christianity
  109. Mary Ann Collins (former Nun). Author of books against Catholics.: testimony, woman - Christianity
  110. The Aging Christian: punishment, doctrine, women, church - Christianity
  111. Is it for a Christian to be a well liked person on Earth?: church, Jesus - Christianity
  112. Christian definition of marriage: woman, church, believe, Christ - Christianity
  113. The faithful Believer and Eternal Rewards: punishment, Revelation, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  114. To go or not to go? That is the: Gospel, woman - Christianity
  115. Parental Rights are Limited: believe, prayers, Jesus, verses - Christianity
  116. Salvation and the Rich Young Ruler.: Gospels, woman, dogma, scripture - Christianity
  117. Halloween hatemongers: church, preach, believers, priest - Christianity
  118. Is Rapture really Bibilical?: Gospel, Epistles, incarnation, doctrine - Christianity
  119. TBN Fall Beg-a-thon is starting on Nov. 3 2013 (time for BEG-A-THONS to end on Christian TV ??: Gospel, church - Christianity
  120. Validity Of Reasons why the Bible is God's Word: tradition, myths, church - Christianity
  121. Interpretation of 1 Corinthians 6:9-11: Sodom, church, lukewarm, Messiah - Christianity
  122. Beware of Satan: allegory, believe, scripture, abortion - Christianity
  123. And “the crown of life” passages simply annihilate OSAS!: Gospel, churches - Christianity
  124. Should Christians Be Celebrating Halloween?: tradition, testimonies, churches, beliefs - Christianity
  125. I Refuse To Be Baptized Into Your Church!: crucified, Mormonism, believe - Christianity
  126. What is one's opinion of Hal Lindsey and Jack Van Impe and Jan Markell: churches, preach - Christianity
  127. Is Religious Liberty Threatened?: woman, churches, abstinence, believe - Christianity
  128. Can identify the artist of this painting?: church, Antichrist, preacher - Christianity
  129. How many will go to heaven?: Gospel, hell, church, Messiah - Christianity
  130. About Forgiveness: believe, pray, divorced, grace - Christianity
  131. Mirror, Mirror---Beautiful Reflections: church, believe, mysticism, Bible - Christianity
  132. Do you pray for your non-believing friends to believe?: prayers, Jesus Christ, Bible - Christianity
  133. Is REALISTIC adivce about Sex & waiting until marriage by Churches to Singles now?: celibacy, testimony - Christianity
  134. Have You Been Told You Were Wrong And Admitted It?: Jehovah's Witness, myth - Christianity
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  136. LDS General Conference: Latter Day Saints, Mormons, doctrine, church - Christianity
  137. Are denominations in keeping with god’s will? Part II: crucifixion, Gospels - Christianity
  138. Why is it OK to bash Catholism?: doctrine, churches, preach - Christianity
  139. Why Would Jesus Say Keep My Commandments But Your Not Under The Law ?: Gospels, Leviticus - Christianity
  140. At the end of the ages, would you be upset: hell, believe - Christianity
  141. The Manner in which Satan Conducts his Affairs in Human History: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  142. Give No Resistance To Evil: crucified, doctrine, Messiah, funeral - Christianity
  143. My grandmother talks to me in church via spirit?: Jehovah, Leviticus, women - Christianity
  144. Which Is Worse-Crucifixion or Burned At The Stake: women, church, belief - Christianity
  145. Monergism/Synergism: believe, Moses, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  146. The Place of the Word of God in Worship: Gospel, testimony, doctrine - Christianity
  147. Was Jesus a Carpenter or Not?: tradition, Gospels, Moses, priest - Christianity
  148. Have You Ever Told A Preacher You m Wrong?: Jehovah, doctrine - Christianity
  149. Right Theology, Led by the Spirit: testimony, church, Revelation, believer - Christianity
  150. Sun-day, a day of pagan worship.: church, Jesus, Bible, translate - Christianity
  151. Isaiah 66: abominations, Messiah, believe, scripture - Christianity
  152. Does The Bible Contradict Itself?: Gospel, hell, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  153. Hitler -Was He The Devil?: believe, Jesus, Israel, Creator - Christianity
  154. Must Churches Change With The Times?: lordship, Gospel, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  155. Judge Not--A Test: woman, church, Messiah, abortion - Christianity
  156. Time For 100% Bible Believers To Come Out The Closet For Jesus ?: Revelation, believe - Christianity
  157. How Christians Are Deceived: hell, doctrine, woman, churches - Christianity
  158. What you believe Matters!!!: beliefs, Jesus, Bible, verse - Christianity
  159. There are that will not be forgiven: Gospel, Jehovah, church - Christianity
  160. Catholic Church: OK to Have Conversations With The Deceased.: messages, paranormal, Leviticus - Christianity
  161. Can the kingdom of God be found ?: believe, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost - Christianity
  162. Your favorite Christian music?: traditions, Book of Mormon, church, prayer - Christianity
  163. What Happens When We Cherry Pick The Scriptures?: doctrine, churches, belief - Christianity
  164. How the New Testament Quotes the Old Testament; by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum: Micah, Torah - Christianity
  165. Do you meditate? How and Why?: incarnation, believe, priest, Jesus - Christianity
  166. News, Vatican misspells Jesus's name on commemorative medals.: recall, God, Christian - Christianity
  167. Paul's super-crafty writing to the Romans crushes OSAS: punishment, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  168. Freely you have received freely give: believe, scripture, disciples, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  169. Is It Time For The Tree To Be Pruned?: tradition, presbyterian, myth - Christianity
  170. Am I Judging You If I Want To Know You And Seek Fellowship With Real Bible Believers Only ?: women, church - Christianity
  171. Our Baptism is A Marriage: churches, preacher, believer, priest - Christianity
  172. Hebrews 8:8-13--Speaking of Contradictions: Gospels, woman, Messiah, Moses - Christianity
  173. Rachel Weeping Has Absolutely NOTHING To Do W/ Herod's Slaughter of the Innocents: Gospel, women - Christianity
  174. Paul Said--No, No, No: Gospel, women, churches, believers - Christianity
  175. Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore: lordship, traditions, Gospels - Christianity
  176. Jesus said to them, “Does this offend you? Why does the truth offend?: Gospel, woman - Christianity
  177. More Proof that Religion Can Make People Go Crazy: crucifixion, punishment, church - Christianity
  178. Was Jesus Sinless?: doctrine, exodus, scriptures, pray - Christianity
  179. Women Pastors--is it Biblical?: Gospel, Epistles, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  180. How Do I Deal With The LDS Church?: Mormon, pray, Jesus - Christianity
  181. We live in the darkest time of human history: Gomorrah, Sodom, testimony - Christianity
  182. Advice For A Christian-Divorce: women, church, Bible, Matthew - Christianity
  183. I want to fight for who went to hell.: Gospel, church - Christianity
  184. Is The Bible Relevant?: hell, doctrine, Revelation, beliefs - Christianity
  185. Will this rich woman's life in Heaven be much better than her life on Earth?: paradise, believe - Christianity
  186. Thinking of going to church - non-denominational church?: doctrine, women, churches - Christianity
  187. How did Jesus teach religion?: Buddhism, hell, doctrine, church - Christianity
  188. The law that Jesus CAME NOT TO ABOLISH is the GOSPEL'S LAW: Gospels, hell - Christianity
  189. Calvanism.. states we have the choices to do wrong, but that the want to is enslaved to our sinful inclination: Gospel, coffin - Christianity
  190. Who Said Christians Are Lovers And Courageous People Only ?: Gospel, hell, testimonies - Christianity
  191. How Come People Like Meetings But Hate Knowing People Enough ?: Gospel, believe - Christianity
  192. How Much Salvation Doctrine Is Enough To Be Saved ?: testimonies, believers, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  193. Fellowship Is Preached But How Much Unity Do People Need With Each Other In Christ ?: church, preach - Christianity
  194. Rest In Peace Fr. Pablo: church, translation, Articles - Christianity
  195. If You Don't Know People Enough Have You Accomplished Anything Avoiding Debates Only ?: church, believers - Christianity
  196. To Steal, Kill and Destroy: believe, Jesus, faith, God - Christianity
  197. Is Religious Liberty Threatened? - Christianity
  198. What Can The Cross Do For You Blood Boasting Only?: Gospel, women - Christianity
  199. Are We Meeting With People To Be Loving, Worry Free Folks With Goals Accomplished Only ?: Jesus Christ, Matthew - Christianity
  200. Only A God Idea In The Right Church To Stay In A Relationship With Jesus Christ ?: baptism, Christian - Christianity