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  1. Grandfather hands stranger's toddler $20 bill in Target for most tragic reason - Current Events
  2. Mother, shot her two daughters, aged five and seven, dead as they slept spent weeks planning to kill them. - Current Events
  3. Letter written by Hitler found in Serial Killer's Home - Current Events
  4. Teacher hailed as hero for taking down high school gunman - Current Events
  5. Man who Owned company that Made Anti-bullying Videos Arrested on Child Porn Charges - Current Events
  6. City officials probe KCI parking lot workings after body sat undiscovered for 8 months - Current Events
  7. Post Irma - Two Men Arrested Stealing a Power Pole in Jax - Current Events
  8. Perfect timing of being in the wrong place at the wrong time - Current Events
  9. Women Charged With Attempted Murder Of Homeless Man - Current Events
  10. NYC Pizza fest ! - Current Events
  11. Dumb burglar - Current Events
  12. CTE and athletics - Current Events
  13. Three teens stabbed outside Church Festival in Hawthorne - Current Events
  14. Woman photos, videos on social media to fake kidnapping: Cops - Current Events
  15. Another depravity involving distribution of music instruments... - Current Events
  16. The ICU Grandpa - Current Events
  17. Facebook to fight revenge pörn by getting users to upload their own nüdes - Current Events
  18. Mom Kills Son, 6, Then Takes Him On Train To Grandparents - Current Events
  19. Women Steals Tip from Uber driver - Current Events
  20. Man wins fight to the death against 23ft python - Current Events
  21. Chinese woman blinded in one eye after playing game likened to electronic heroin - Current Events
  22. patient involved in the Utah nurse blood draw arrest dies - Current Events
  23. Saudi women 'to be allowed driving licences' - Current Events
  24. LAPD forms Hollywood Sexual Harassment Task Force - Current Events
  25. News, Police: Boy tied to minivan's roof to hold down plastic pool - Current Events
  26. 82-Year-Old Woman Takes Care Of Business When Confronted By Mugger - Current Events
  27. It appears hurricane Irma is going to interfere with my Duck Key vacation. Doesn't look good. - Current Events
  28. 7 Year Old Boy Mauled To Death By Pit Bulls - Current Events
  29. Woman Killed After 12-Year-Old Boy Jumps From Overpass Onto Her Car In Suicide - Current Events
  30. Cat hair helps nab woman accused of mailing bombs - Current Events
  31. Toddler's body found encased in concrete inside rental home - Current Events
  32. 5 yo Girl Uses Birthday Money to help Harvey Victims - Current Events
  33. Had His Stereo Turned Up Too Loud, Too! - Current Events
  34. Teacher stabbed to death -- 911 call - Current Events
  35. Irma By Webcam. - Current Events
  36. Flight 666 lands safely in HEL on its final flight today Friday the 13th - Current Events
  37. Louisiana father arrested after 11-month-old daughter left in car dies - Current Events
  38. People upset with each other need to leave their kids the heck out of it!! - Current Events
  39. Fire at ATT store - Current Events
  40. Cat hair helps nail would-be bomber - Current Events
  41. Woman arrives home to find moose attack her Prius - Current Events
  42. News, She threatened violence when her ‘sugar daddy’ cut her off. She followed through, police say - Current Events
  43. Johnny Depp Slams New Foreclosure Threat in Fight Over His Lost Fortune - Current Events
  44. Women rescued after months lost at sea - Current Events
  45. serial killer 'terrorizing' Florida neighborhood - Current Events
  46. Couple fakes home invasion, shoots themselves and thinks it is a get rich quick scheme! - Current Events
  47. Teens charged with murder after rock thrown from Michigan overpass kills a person - Current Events
  48. ‘Indifference to Human Life’: Iowa Parents Charged in Death of Baby Allegedly Left in Swing for Days - Current Events
  49. Police: Man breaks woman's neck after she refuses to marry him - Current Events
  50. 10 year old boy leads police on high speed chase - Current Events
  51. Florida State bans virtually all Greek life and alcohol at all student events in response to student's death - Current Events
  52. Owner shuts down business instead of allowing union! - Current Events
  53. Daylight Savings Time Ends on 11/5/17 - Current Events
  54. 11 year old commits suicide after bullying - Current Events
  55. Jilted woman accused of murder after maimed ex chooses euthanasia - Current Events
  56. 21 NY college students charged with hazing frat pledges with alcohol, vomit, urine - Current Events
  57. Student charged with sticking roommates toothbrush where the sun don't shine and smearing bodily fluids. - Current Events
  58. Study: genes associated with autism may have persisted because they're associated with intelligence - Current Events
  59. Nurse Reaches $500,000 Settlement with Salt Lake Police - Current Events
  60. He robs hotdog stand then accidentally shoots himself in the penis - Current Events
  61. Grandmother, 60, scattered nude photos of son's ex-girlfriend around high school where the victim's child is a student. - Current Events
  62. Thieves don't get more brazen than this! - Current Events
  63. Mother kills 4 year old, puts rotting body in dumpster because the child talked back! - Current Events
  64. Scientists Develop Drug That Can 'Melt Away' Harmful Fat - Current Events
  65. Elderly man accused of choking 23-year-old woman he met on dating site - Current Events
  66. Bully Fractures Teen's Skull - Current Events
  67. CVS to offer nationwide next-day delivery in preemptive shot at Amazon - Current Events
  68. Teen Mom Jams Rock Down Her Newborn's Throat - Current Events
  69. CVS employee stole winning $1 million lottery ticket, lawsuit claims - Current Events
  70. Argentine submarine lost at sea - Current Events
  71. Indiana teacher is arrested after being filmed by students 'snorting cocaine' in the classroom. - Current Events
  72. A Broken Hip Over Kmart Merchandise - Current Events
  73. Eccentric plans to fly in his homemade steam-powered rocket to prove earth is flat - Current Events
  74. Judge Jeanine Pirro ticketed for driving 119 mph - Current Events
  75. New Way DNA Is Finding Suspects - Current Events
  76. Bullfighter gored in the groin - Current Events
  77. Family sues after child died inside rotating restaurant - Current Events
  78. 8 year-old steals mom's Jeep and is arrested - Current Events
  79. 3-foot sword found near victim killed in 'violent attack,' man arrested for murder - Current Events
  80. Teen dubbed 'Corpse Bride' reportedly had 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie - Current Events
  81. Mark Zuckerberg's sister harassed on a 3 hour flight.... - Current Events
  82. Man walks into a Waffle House.. - Current Events
  83. Matt Lauer FIRED from NBC Nov 29, 2017 - Current Events
  84. Two different children, dead from neck getting stuck in car window - Current Events
  85. Mariah Woods, Amber Alert, Jacksonville North Carolina - Current Events
  86. Man shoots neighbor, she was a deer - Current Events
  87. Nashua Mall Santa Allergic To Service Dog, Mom Mad - Current Events
  88. Student sues university for ADA violations over service dog in sorority house - Current Events
  89. Navy pilot draws penises in the sky... - Current Events
  90. The **timing** of accusations makes me their validity... - Current Events
  91. notice a huge uptick in scam calls lately? - Current Events
  92. Oklahoma woman sentenced for incestuous marriage with birth mother - Current Events
  93. He was his wife's designated driver. A drunken driver hit him head-on and then he died. - Current Events
  94. Suspect's farts makes police stop interview in Kansas - Current Events
  95. Stray cat is a suspect in attempted murder of elderly woman in Japan - Current Events
  96. Juice On The Loose - Current Events
  97. Grilled-cheese sandwich suspected in young boy’s death - Current Events
  98. New York Hasidic village secedes - Current Events
  99. Airline passenger bit by dog; Jet Blue won't help track down the owner - Current Events
  100. Dallas prosecutor is FIRED after Uber driver claimed she berated and hit him, called him 'a legitimate retard. - Current Events
  101. What is 26 inches tall and costs 450 million dollars? - Current Events
  102. Charles Manson terminally ill? - Current Events
  103. Bad health saves man from imminent death! - Current Events
  104. Gabriel Fernandez - 8 year old tortured and beaten to death - verdict reached - Current Events
  105. Dad who punched and killed his two-day-old baby daughter is found dead in his cell - Current Events
  106. AMERICAN man has been arrested after he tried to cross into North Korea - Current Events
  107. Cop gives himself a ticket - Current Events
  108. High School boy fatally shoots self on school grounds - Current Events
  109. You too , Louis CK ? - Current Events
  110. 325-pound woman charged with killing her 9-year-old cousin by sitting on her as punishment - Current Events
  111. Where do you get the news of the day? - Current Events
  112. Death Wish Coffee recall - too much truth in advertising? - Current Events
  113. Two Women Arrested For Taunting and Abusing Child With Autism - Current Events
  114. Woman catches mechanic taking an apparent joy ride in her limited edition car - Current Events
  115. British kayaker dies in the Amazon after posting her fears online - Current Events
  116. Hurricane Irma threats - Current Events
  117. Mad Pooper on the loose in Colorado - Current Events
  118. Naval hospital staffers booted over disturbing pics of newborn - Current Events
  119. News, Deadly earthquake hits off the coast of southern Mexico - Current Events
  120. Virginia woman bitten by copperhead snake inside a LongHorn Steakhouse - Current Events
  121. Hasidic Jews find new way to fly: Blindfolded. - Current Events
  122. TN Womans Eyeballs Removed During Domestic Assault - Current Events
  123. Have you ever cried reading the news/watching the news? - Current Events
  124. Woman trapped in window trying to retrieve poo after Tinder date - Current Events
  125. Cops went looking for child porn. The guns and bombs they found were just as ‘troubling’ - Current Events
  126. Woman dragged off Southwest flight over “life-threatening dog allergy. - Current Events
  127. Dyson going from vacuums to electric cars - Current Events
  128. Heartbreaking Details About The 8-Year-Old Boy Who Died Protecting His 7-Year-Old Sister From A Child Molester - Current Events
  129. Jane Fonda shuts Megan Kelly's Intrusive Questions about cosmetic surgery. - Current Events
  130. 9/19 quake - Current Events
  131. Toys 'R' Us files for bankruptcy ahead of holiday season - Current Events
  132. Pregnant Woman Reportedly Denied Service At Restaurant For Wearing A Crop Top - Current Events
  133. Family discovers 6-foot boa constrictor had been living in their attic for years - Current Events
  134. 130-ton 'monster fatberg' clogs London sewer - Current Events
  135. Men's Center Opens for Male Victims of Abuse, Fathers Struggling with Divorce - Current Events
  136. Before Irma hit, a stranger gave the last generator to a crying woman for her ailing father - Current Events
  137. Chicago Woman Wrests Gun Away From Robber..Shoots him! - Current Events
  138. Meet the 6ft 9in Russian model with the longest legs in the world - Current Events
  139. Harvey and Irma, married 75 years, marvel at hurricanes bearing their names - Current Events
  140. Mother and son abducted; Mother thrown off cliff; boy beat to death - Current Events
  141. Porsche driver accused of shooting homeless man who asked her to move car - Current Events
  142. Mother who murdered son admitted to NYU doctoral program after being denied at Harvard! - Current Events
  143. Cleveland Indians streak - Current Events
  144. Retail places that have frequent shoplifters...nuisance businesses? - Current Events
  145. Nashville man with over 530 arrests busted for another PI. - Current Events
  146. 8 people die in nursing home with no power after Irma - Current Events
  147. Wichita bank calls police on depositor, ain’t no robber! - Current Events
  148. Mom says 17-year-old was left 'embarrassed and horrified' by teacher who said she was too 'busty' and 'plus-size' - Current Events
  149. The iPhone X is designed for a generation of selfie takers - Current Events
  150. Musk Building Rocket Shuttle That can Reach Most Places in 30 Minutes - Current Events
  151. Red Cross hindering volunteers in Texas - Current Events
  152. News, Driver in fiery crash hailed cab as woman died in burning car. - Current Events
  153. Pigging and Other Sad Text/Internet Dating Fads - Current Events
  154. Last Of it's Kind Worcester Hardware Store Closing After 235 Ye - Current Events
  155. Woman arrested for Catfishing ex-Boyfriend for 2 years - Current Events
  156. Joshua Boyle and Caitlan Coleman freed, but lots of questions as to why they were in Afghanistan in the first place - Current Events
  157. News flash-this WON'T put wife in the mood - Current Events
  158. Woman mocked for claiming she's 'too beautiful' to find love - Current Events
  159. Toddler Zonks Out On .... Er ... Make That IN The Pot - Current Events
  160. All The Bleeding People From Harvey - Current Events
  161. A Really Positive Current Event - Current Events
  162. Teacher confiscates cell phone from 4th grader, parents brick her in the face - Current Events
  163. David Blaine Accused of Rape - Current Events
  164. Teenager defends family from burglary suspects, stabs one with kitchen knife - Current Events
  165. NASA: Planet X is real - Current Events
  166. Long Beach restaurant under fire for serving Popeyes chicken - Current Events
  167. Woman who runs over toddler dragged from SUV, beaten - Current Events
  168. Too sensitive to horrific news stories - Current Events
  169. Repossession... Of a Grave Marker - Current Events
  170. 3-Year-Old Left at Utah Corn Maze; Mom Realized the Next Day - Current Events
  171. Couple Finds Hidden Camera Above Bed in Airbnb Rental, Homeowner Arrested - Current Events
  172. Will horrific events like this keep on escalating? - Current Events
  173. Jeopardy contestant ruled incorrect due to regional dialect - Current Events
  174. Florida Woman Arrested For Kicking And Stomping On Her Small Dog In Elevator - Current Events
  175. Married mother is indicted on 14 sexual assault charges after she had sex with her 17-year-old student. - Current Events
  176. GM ditching gas and diesel- going all electric - Current Events
  177. Mother Has Affair with Son-In Law; then tries to run him over - Current Events
  178. O.J. Simpson Released - Current Events
  179. Another Radical Muslim Kills In France - Current Events
  180. A Michigan woman will spend seven days in jail - Current Events
  181. 'We want sauce': police called after McDonald's Rick and Morty promotion heats up - Current Events
  182. I swear, if something bad happens to this little girl... - Current Events
  183. Do you still read newspaper printed editions? - Current Events
  184. Coricidin cough and cold leads to murder? - Current Events
  185. Sonoma and Napa Counties On Fire, Santa Rosa Major Evacuations Lots of Buildings Burned Down. - Current Events
  186. Angry Man Caught On Video Holding Onto Front Of Moving School Bus - Current Events
  187. Saudi king's gold escalator breaks down - Current Events
  188. Ford Dealer Gives New Truck to Vet Who Drove Victims to Hospital - Current Events
  189. Pittsburgh first airport to let non-flyers beyond security since 9/11 - Current Events
  190. DNA Proves Viking Warriors Were Women Too - Current Events
  191. Palos verdes high school student charged with gang related homicide - Current Events
  192. Visible Proof Lasers Used in 911 Cal Fires - Current Events
  193. Oregon woman is jailed for life after arranging for her boyfriend to murder her ex-husband. - Current Events
  194. Teen with cerebral palsy scores a touching 80-yard touchdown run with help from teammates - Current Events
  195. First same-sex Anglican church wedding takes place in Edinburgh - Current Events
  196. Renoir Stolen - Current Events
  197. Serial Killer Shoots 4th Victim in Tampa - Current Events
  198. Amazing Story about American Ninja Warrior Contestant's Wife - Current Events
  199. North Korean soldier defects through DMZ to South Korea - Current Events
  200. Man breaks into house & takes nap - Current Events