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  7. Leesburg, FL Hero: Marathon: 2013, home, live - Florida
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  11. Young Adult Bucket List Requests-Visiting Vero/Sebastian Area: Orlando, Vero Beach: live, safest - Florida (FL)
  12. Florida retirees: place, winter, year round (FL)
  13. Madeira Beach?: Clearwater: home, parks, area - Florida (FL)
  14. Why no Florida Keys section?: insurance, buy, live (FL)
  15. about the average utility costs in Key Largo: apartment, to move - Florida (FL)
  16. Moving to Florida- HELP!: Jacksonville, Miami: rent, high crime, how much (FL)
  17. Back to Florida?: Jacksonville, Jupiter, Panama City: low crime, house, neighborhoods (FL)
  18. Gulf coast vs Atlantic coast: Pensacola, Titusville: houses, beach, distance - Florida (FL)
  19. Florida temperatures are really in Celcius: Miami, Tampa: average, temperature, good (FL)
  20. Just how it used to be: transplants, condo - Florida (FL)
  21. Electrical engineering jobs in Florida: Orlando, Melbourne: how much, job market, wages (FL)
  22. 23 year old Brit moving to south Florida - advice: Miami: crime, home (FL)
  23. When is the hurricane season: Miami, Orlando: average, humid, date - Florida (FL)
  24. Key West - Florida: Miami, Homosassa: insurance, hotels, homes (FL)
  25. Undeveloped land in the PanHandle Area: Gainesville, Starke: to buy, place to live, horses - Florida (FL)
  26. Ditch easement on creek - liability?: real estate, HOA, attorney - Florida (FL)
  27. Citizens' customers: get ready to subsidize a start-up insurance company: Tampa: 2013, homeowners insurance - Florida (FL)
  28. It's Florida corn season: buy, store, people (FL)
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  31. Camping in the Keys in December?: Tampa, Big Pine Key: buy, live, moving - Florida (FL)
  32. Things to see in Key Largo: Miami, Key West: low income, appointed, rental - Florida (FL)
  33. on out of state -> florida vehicle registration requirements: sales, car registration - Florida (FL)
  34. know a great lender in North Port FL: mortgage broker, credit - Florida
  35. Best gulf side location: Sarasota, Port Charlotte: insurance, condos, new home - Florida (FL)
  36. Safe neighborhoods/subdivisions in Wesley Chapel, FL: Tampa: to live in, area - Florida
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  38. Florida ranked 47th least peaceful state [Link]: safest, moving (FL)
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  40. From Miami to Tampa or Orlando?: Jacksonville, Clearwater: insurance, homes, I.T. jobs - Florida (FL)
  41. Cheap Auto Insurance: Ormond Beach: area, company, county - Florida (FL)
  42. relocating & need: Tallahassee, Gainesville: rent, how much, job market - Florida (FL)
  43. help: Is Meadowpointe subdivision in Wesley Chapel, FL safe?: Country Walk: for sale, lease - Florida
  44. Miami Beach vs Las Olas: Fort Lauderdale, Jupiter: real estate, condos, crime - Florida (FL)
  45. Where to visit Florida in late December?: Miami, Tampa: moving to, beach (FL)
  46. for Invernes, fl: Clearwater, Sarasota: home, live, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  47. Keys weather this weekend??: location, summer, conditions - Florida (FL)
  48. Where's all the flooring?: Melbourne, Pensacola: sale, foreclosures, lender - Florida (FL)
  49. South Florida Vacation: Miami, Key West, Naples: renting, ferry, car (FL)
  50. Can relocate anywhere within 5 hours of Charleston, SC: Jacksonville, Melbourne: for sale, real estate - Florida (FL)
  51. St Augustine - Retirement location?: Jacksonville, St. Augustine: condo, buying a house, buying - Florida (FL)
  52. Moving in August - Suggestions on cities - California or Florida: Miami: spring break, renting (FL)
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  54. destin flordia wedding help!!!: club, cheaper, market - Florida (FL)
  55. Waldo, FL - LIKE IF!: Sarasota: live, safest, smog - Florida
  56. floridans relocating back to FL: Orlando, Fort Lauderdale: houses, safe area, buying - Florida
  57. Is Fl for me?: Pensacola, Crestview: for rent, good schools, college - Florida (FL)
  58. MDX expressway authority wrongfully billing me, not my car: Miami: credit report, lawyer - Florida (FL)
  59. Moving from Texas to the Panhandle. Where do I live?: Pensacola: job outlook, school - Florida (FL)
  60. In Need of Opinions on American Heritage Delray: Plantation: elementary school, universities - Florida (FL)
  61. Moving from Hawaii to the Mainland: Tampa, Deerfield Beach: real estate, 2013, rental market - Florida (FL)
  62. Wanting to move from Jax to another part of FL and need help figuring out where?..: Jacksonville: spring break - Florida
  63. Interested in FL: Miami, Orlando, West Palm Beach: rental, job market, college - Florida
  64. Halifax Landing - Daytona Beach: Port Orange, South Daytona: days on market, sales, real estate - Florida (FL)
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  66. Israeli Investors buying up Land in Florida?: vacation, deal (FL)
  67. Recommendations for Real Estate Agencies (for apt rental): Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood: apartments, foreclosed - Florida (FL)
  68. New to this whole forum situation...can someone help: Miami: crime, employment - Florida (FL)
  69. Buying property: sale, real estate, insurance - Florida (FL)
  70. How long does it take to get a FL driver's license: insurance, credit card - Florida
  71. German Tourists in Florida and Job Opportunities: Miami, Orlando: homes, stations (FL)
  72. Promisory Notes - do they have to be notarized in state of FL: money - Florida
  73. How old are you and what FL city are you in?: Naples: live in, best - Florida
  74. Relocating to FL > small town, less tourist-y, very dog friendly, family friendly: Jacksonville: crime - Florida
  75. Lakeland vs Winter Haven: Tampa, Orlando: homes, elementary schools, pros and cons - Florida (FL)
  76. relocating to Eastern Florida from the Boston Area: Miami: home, professionals (FL)
  77. postdoc at the Uni. of Florida: Gainesville: daycare, how much, preschool (FL)
  78. polk county florida public schools: 2013, layoffs, school districts - Florida (FL)
  79. how to visit the eastcoast, gulf and panhandle in 19 days: Jacksonville: rental car, rental - Florida (FL)
  80. Would like insight for relocation: Melbourne, Bradenton: income, living in, cost of - Florida (FL)
  81. sarasota/venice vs. naples/bonita springs: Siesta Key: condo, purchase, movies - Florida (FL)
  82. Help, moving from NC to Florida: Deltona, Port Orange: renting, transfer, safe neighborhood (FL)
  83. From CA; Moving to Gotha, FL soon: Orlando, Oviedo: sales, college - Florida
  84. Cedar Key, Florida - locals, tell me about it: Gainesville: for sale, insurance (FL)
  85. PET Friendly lodging in Keys?: Key West, Villas: restaurants, eat, vacation - Florida (FL)
  86. Retiring soon - best Gulf Coast location: Fort Myers, Port Charlotte: 2013, condo - Florida (FL)
  87. are there retirees on this board?????: house, taxes - Florida (FL)
  88. Melbourne vs Tampa: Orlando, Clearwater, Palm Bay: home, safe area, high schools - Florida (FL)
  89. Best neighborhoods in Port Orange, Daytona Beach?: Daytona Beach Shores, Ponce Inlet: buying, live - Florida (FL)
  90. Fla. schools tracking children without parental consent: 2007, scanner - Florida (FL)
  91. Trooper fired for offering Florida lawmaker break on speeding ticket: attorney, law (FL)
  92. Alachua: medical care: Gainesville: allergies, moving to, drive - Florida (FL)
  93. Best neighborhoods between Delray and South Beach that are near beach and walkable??: Miami: rent - Florida (FL)
  94. help decide if moving to FL from TX is for us: Orlando: rental car, fit in - Florida
  95. Florida Just Got MegaMillions Lottery: buying, pool, ticket (FL)
  96. Leaving Chicago for FL?: Miami, Key West: sales, apartment, home - Florida
  97. FPL Whole-House Surge Protectors ?: renting, HOA, insurance - Florida (FL)
  98. Best FL Coastal City for Allergies?: Miami, Daytona Beach: house, living in, mold - Florida
  99. Best beach towns in Florida?: Jacksonville, Tampa: crime, employment, neighborhoods (FL)
  100. Florida House rejects billions to provide health.....: Tampa: 2014, health insurance (FL)
  101. Thinking about moving back to FL from Chicago: Miami, Tampa: sales, apartment - Florida
  102. What does the rest of florida think about the panhandle?: Tallahassee: college, live - Florida (FL)
  103. Looking for a new home in central/south Florida: Orlando: appointed, apartments (FL)
  104. Best place on Gulf Coast for winter retirement?: Tampa, Sarasota: HOA fees, insurance - Florida (FL)
  105. Best Surfer Town/Area?: Jacksonville, Jupiter: house, university, shops - Florida (FL)
  106. A friendly South Florida?: Miami, Miami Beach: transplants, neighborhoods, universities (FL)
  107. Where are you escaping to for hurricane evacuation?: Jacksonville, Tampa: hotels, house - Florida (FL)
  108. What would the best Florida city be for me?: Jacksonville: houses, job market (FL)
  109. thing strange about Florida: Jacksonville, Miami: transplants, living in, dangerous (FL)
  110. Holly hill: Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach: real estate, 2013, rent - Florida (FL)
  111. The where to live: Tampa, Orlando: rent, chapel - Florida (FL)
  112. Me & my boys want sunshine! help!: Jacksonville, Miami: transplants, to rent - Florida (FL)
  113. Florida Insurance Rates...: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Doral: homeowners insurance, condo, mortgage (FL)
  114. East or West Coast? coming from NJ: Tampa, Clearwater: living, price - Florida (FL)
  115. Sensationalism for TWC?: Orlando, Naples: houses, school, tornado - Florida (FL)
  116. I Guess I Do Like It: Miami, Tampa: home, living - Florida (FL)
  117. Moving to FL from Nebraska: Orlando, Port St. Lucie: real estate, 2014, apartment - Florida
  118. small to medium 1950's type white beach towns left in Florida?: Miami: crime, to live in (FL)
  119. TB Weather: live, shop, pictures - Florida (FL)
  120. Spider in my house: University: university, live in, waterbugs - Florida (FL)
  121. Best beach town in Florida...: Jacksonville, Miami: low income, income, live in (FL)
  122. Where in Florida should a young (30s) couple with no kids move?: Jacksonville: spring break, condo (FL)
  123. Does a South Florida accent exist?: Miami: college, corporate (FL)
  124. What part of Florida has the strongest economy?: Jacksonville, Miami: 2013, home (FL)
  125. Want to Move from NYC to Florida: Jacksonville, Miami: apartment, rent (FL)
  126. Moving from CT to Florida, looking for nice location near beach.: Jacksonville: appointed, transplants (FL)
  127. My own customer DIED right in front of my eyes: Daytona Beach: restaurant, to eat - Florida (FL)
  128. Best growing areas in Florida for young families?: Tampa, Orlando: transplants, crime rate (FL)
  129. Absolutely Sick and Tired of South Florida: Miami, Sarasota: crime, buying (FL)
  130. Moving to Daytona Beach Area: Clearwater, Port Orange: low income, apartments, for rent - Florida (FL)
  131. Does know of places or groups for a 19 year old guy to meet single girls my age around Volusia county?: Daytona Beach: school, live in - Florida (FL)
  132. Family moving south from Michigan, but where to???: Jacksonville, Tampa: rental market, insurance - Florida (FL)
  133. Looking at highrises for vacation home...: Miami, St. Petersburg: live, price, groceries - Florida (FL)
  134. Best city to live in Florida? Vote: Jacksonville, Miami: low crime, job market (FL)
  135. northeastern on east coast where do northwesterns settle: Jacksonville, Tampa: versus, moving to - Florida (FL)
  136. Are people from up North ugly ?: how much, winters - Florida (FL)
  137. Opinions on living in Citrus County, Inverness, Hernando, Homosassa?: Tampa: insurance, crime - Florida (FL)
  138. Need advice-Has just packed up&moved w/no job because they can't stand where they're living anymore?: Miami: low income, apartment - Florida (FL)
  139. Florida to become part of New Jersey: Jacksonville, Miami: move to, beach (FL)
  140. Avon Park?: Winter Haven, Sebring, Lake Placid: home, camps, place to live - Florida (FL)
  141. Department of Revenue tracked down my Internet purchase, demanding I pay tax: sales, house - Florida (FL)
  142. Where can I find wild polar bears?: Fort Lauderdale, Naples: vacation home, beaches - Florida (FL)
  143. I want out of Hillsborough County: Jacksonville, Miami: to rent, HOA, crime - Florida (FL)
  144. Florida Reforming the death penalty: Miami, Tallahassee: crime, statistics, rated (FL)
  145. Moving to Key West. Southern point/Stock island? Advice? Jobs?: Largo: rental, insurance - Florida (FL)
  146. The University of Florida Gives Florida a Very Bad Rap: Tallahassee: best city, transfer (FL)
  147. Key West for retirement: Weather issues: Miami, Sunset: to rent, how much, hotels - Florida (FL)
  148. Is there a place for us in FL?: Jacksonville, Miami: homes, employment - Florida
  149. Which Florida Beach do you prefer?: Miami, Miami Beach: nicest, things to do, summer (FL)
  150. Very New to the whole forum thing: Weston, University: low crime, home - Florida (FL)
  151. One Year, Three Months in Daytona: Orlando, Daytona Beach: condos, crime, mobile home - Florida (FL)
  152. Better to visit Florida in May or September?: Miami, Orlando: appointed, to rent (FL)
  153. Returning to Florida: Miami, Orlando: extended stay, fit in, lease (FL)
  154. Sinkhole: Tampa, Spring Hill, Hernando: rentals, insurance, attorneys - Florida (FL)
  155. Northerners, love FL but pave over everything?: trees, place - Florida
  156. Oh my, the rainy season appears to be getting under way!!: how much, live - Florida (FL)
  157. Who remembers McCoy Air Force Base?: Orlando, Sanford: houses, transfer, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  158. Teaching in Florida Schools: Tallahassee, Alachua: renting, how much, home (FL)
  159. Moving to Deland, Detona, Palm Coast?: Deltona, Daytona Beach: oceanfront, HOA, hotels - Florida (FL)
  160. Purchasing condo in FLA, very young, need advice?: Miami: spring break, real estate - Florida
  161. Shortage of doctors in the future: insurance, to live, professionals - Florida (FL)
  162. Cuban Culture: Tampa or Miami: crime, living in, cost of - Florida (FL)
  163. Moving from Orlando to Jacksonville FL or Charlotte NC: best neighborhoods, real estate market - Florida
  164. Gov. Scott Vetoes Alimony Bill: 2013, law, assessment - Florida (FL)
  165. Florida Residents Only ------ POLL: crime, homes, law (FL)
  166. What kind of lizard is this?: house, live, garage - Florida (FL)
  167. Where should we move to? Details inside.: Tampa, Brandon: to rent, low crime - Florida (FL)
  168. Where to go in the southwest of Florida for a three month vacation?: Miami: rent, theater (FL)
  169. Things different in Florida than where you moved from.: apartments, homes (FL)
  170. Average Florida places with least Rural-Type people: Tampa, Clearwater: transplants, home (FL)
  171. Central Florida area: Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland: rent, employment, to buy (FL)
  172. In what ways would South Florida be better than South Texas?: Fort Lauderdale: 2013, apartment (FL)
  173. How do you prepare for hurricanes?: Naples: apartments, renting, insurance - Florida (FL)
  174. Is it to live in a car in South Florida?: rent, college (FL)
  175. What would be the cheapest rent you could get in South Florida?: Coral Springs: low income, apartments (FL)
  176. Affordable and Safe area for Transgender person in Florida?: Miami: real estate, apartments (FL)
  177. Where would you move in Florida?: Jacksonville, Tampa: to live in, restaurants, shops (FL)
  178. Who were all gang types on the beach in Daytona today, april 27th?: Daytona Beach: hotels, houses - Florida (FL)
  179. Southern Florida VS Arizona: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: crime, job market, neighborhoods (FL)
  180. HOORAY for common sense in government! Road Rage Bill Passes Senate: Miami: dangerous, safe - Florida (FL)
  181. Moving back to FL, but could use: Jacksonville, Orlando: amusement parks, low crime - Florida
  182. Has lived in both Florida and Texas to compare? Which is better and why?: Tampa: cheap house, employment (FL)
  183. Where in Florida Has Best Climate?: Jacksonville, Miami: good schools, live, move (FL)
  184. Interest rate to charge for lending money: Tampa: bad credit, loans - Florida (FL)
  185. Pros and cons of moving to Florida?: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: 2014, apartments (FL)
  186. Florida Officials About To Refuse National Health Care.: Cleveland: low income, 2014 (FL)
  187. Are There Other Florida Natives On Who Are Indifferent To Beaches?: transplants, rent (FL)
  188. relocating to Florida from Louisiana: Jacksonville, Miami: real estate, apartment, job market (FL)
  189. When will Florida outlaw smoking in bars?: restaurants, law (FL)
  190. Family of five + MIL, FL and confused. help! :): Miami: sale, low crime - Florida
  191. Mi Ami Italian Cafe: Miami: home, restaurant, prices - Florida (FL)
  192. would like to buy home in Florida: renting, information (FL)
  193. have experience with Gainesville apartments & Neighborhoods?: Villas: affordable apartments, school - Florida (FL)
  194. Moving to Lakeland/Winter haven area: apartment, mobile home, safe area - Florida (FL)
  195. Looking to relocate to the Niceville, Florida area: real estate, school (FL)
  196. High-Season Hospitality Hiring: Tampa, Orlando, Palm Harbor: live, safe, move - Florida (FL)
  197. Destin!! Good seafood and other good restaurants? - Florida (FL)
  198. What's going on in Debary?: crime, houses, statistics - Florida (FL)
  199. Need indoor basketball in panama city beach!!: park, summer - Florida (FL)
  200. lodging recommodations in Micanopy?: Gainesville, Hawthorne: places to stay, places, trip - Florida (FL)