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  17. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John: Gospels, disciple, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
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  19. News, Mormons Search the Web and Find Doubt: Latter-Day Saints, messages, doctrine - Christianity
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  22. Pope in South America-Focus on the poor: Gomorrah, Gospel, Sodom - Christianity
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  24. Damascus: Jesus, Bible, Israel, Isaiah - Christianity
  25. Why Are Christians Trying To Know Strangers ?: Gospels, testimonies, women - Christianity
  26. Why does the WBC choose law over grace?: Gospel, hell, churches - Christianity
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  28. Hebrews 4:9-11: Gospel, churches, Revelation, beliefs - Christianity
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  30. Spirit & Soul - take the self quiz: Gospel, hell, pray - Christianity
  31. Members of The Church: doctrine, churches, Antichrist, believe - Christianity
  32. Humor: church, prayer, Jesus, protestant - Christianity
  33. What Trivia Law Is Evil Today Unless You Mess With The Old Law Ordinances By Moses ?: believers, Bible - Christianity
  34. If Fellowship Is Important What Is Fellowship For Christians ?: hell, women, church - Christianity
  35. Easier To Discern Fake Money Then Fake Christians ?: doctrine, women, church - Christianity
  36. John 6:39-40; A Very Strong Guarantee of the Believer's Eternal Security. Jesus Will do the Will of the Father!!!: doctrine, lukewarm - Christianity
  37. Illegitimate children of priests: celibacy, women, believe, scripture - Christianity
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  42. Favorite Christian Authors of Fiction (Novels)? - Christianity
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  52. Amanita Muscaria And Eternal Life: gnostic, Solomon, creation, Christians - Christianity
  53. will the rich people be able to enter Heaven?: Jehovah, believe, prayers - Christianity
  54. How Unique Is Your Testimony Of Being A Christian ?: women, church, Revelation - Christianity
  55. God...: churches, Revelation, exodus, Moses - Christianity
  56. Definition of soul from tradition, church, scripture, pray - Christianity
  57. Under grace, the sacrifice is greater than the judgment: Revelation, sin, Jesus - Christianity
  58. Where in the Bible does it talk about the Israelites worshiping Baal?: woman, believe - Christianity
  59. read Iscariot by best-selling author Tosca Lee?: Gospels, disciple, Jesus - Christianity
  60. Can Explain How Christians Are Different From The World ??: Gospel, testimony - Christianity
  61. Antichrist a quantum computer?: believe, minority, rituals, evolution - Christianity
  62. The creative spirit in christianity: woman, scripture, prayers, Holy Spirit
  63. What Are God's People Born Again With Really ?: women, church, Revelation - Christianity
  64. Abundance of music: churches, believe, Jesus, worship - Christianity
  65. Illuminati symbols flash during Cubs game: pray, Biblical, devil, Romans - Christianity
  66. Into His Eyes: church, prayer, sinners, Jesus Christ - Christianity
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  70. Was The Verdict in the Travon Martin case mentioned in your church today?: Gospel, preacher - Christianity
  71. For ETers - where is the flesh to burn?: hell, church, Revelation - Christianity
  72. ready to be a Christian?: preach, believe, sinners, disciples - Christianity
  73. Jesus' end times prophecy was in error.: Gospel, church, Messiah - Christianity
  74. about salvation: Gospel, doctrine, church, Revelation - Christianity
  75. Is Self-steem Contrary to Christianity?: lordship, Gospels, believe, scriptures
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  77. How can have God hear my prayers? Im trying: Jehovah, church, preach - Christianity
  78. Why is it when you disagree with evangelical fundamentalists: myth, woman, Revelation - Christianity
  79. Do only Catholics genuflect?: tradition, Lutherans, churches, funeral - Christianity
  80. This May be Shocking to You, But Your Bible Isn't God's Inspired Word: doctrine, gnostic - Christianity
  81. Who Are We? Who Are Christians?: Gospels, dinosaur, doctrine, women - Christianity
  82. Would allowing Catholic priests to marry stop boy molestation?: celibacy, woman, churches - Christianity
  83. Dear God : Better Than Hellfire and Damnation?: punishment, doctrine, Revelation - Christianity
  84. Faith without works is dead?: Gospel, hell, punishment, church - Christianity
  85. Fornication and cohabitating.: woman, churches, preacher, believe - Christianity
  86. Repentance brings Salvation.: paradise, reincarnate, doctrine, Messiah - Christianity
  87. Hebrews 4:12: hell, punishment, church, preach - Christianity
  88. The Doctrine of Eternal Security: crucify, Gospel, church, preach - Christianity
  89. Judgment for America?: lordship, Gospel, godless, church - Christianity
  90. Born again: what it is, what happens: Gospels, hell, punishment - Christianity
  91. Not a Word About Cell Phone Use: Gospel, hell, church - Christianity
  92. Does God ever allow a former marriage to be restored?: woman, believer - Christianity
  93. Is Adolph Hitler in heaven?: hell, believe, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  94. Gender debate (for FUN): Eden, woman, church, believe - Christianity
  95. Three Large Crosses Go Up; What do you think?: Gospel, churches, Deuteronomy - Christianity
  96. Is Universalism Biblical?: paradise, lordship, hell, punishment - Christianity
  97. Priest Saves Baby with Desperate Facebook Plea: women, church, believe - Christianity
  98. Faith in what?: Antichrist, after-life, believe, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  99. Spiritual Dreams ...: hell, Revelation, believe, praying - Christianity
  100. Dead Faith = Faith without Works: Gospel, testimony, doctrine, preacher - Christianity
  101. Historical or Allegorical?: celibacy, tradition, Gospels, Lutheran - Christianity
  102. Churches in debt teaching people to live debt free = hypocrisy?: doctrine, preach - Christianity
  103. Rebuilding walls?: Gospels, doctrine, church, Revelation - Christianity
  104. Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: If you find a Christian, kill him!: churches, praying - Christianity
  105. Genesis: Eden, lordship, woman, allegory - Christianity
  106. Christian painter does amazing painting! You see this!: beliefs, Jesus, blood - Christianity
  107. The Gospel of Barnabas - The true gospel of Prophet Isa [Jesus, PBUH]: paradise, church - Christianity
  108. Baby Christians, well meaning but often misleading: messages, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  109. Three Conclusions: Torah, doctrine, churches, believe - Christianity
  110. Is it a sin...: Gospel, woman, Antichrist, believe - Christianity
  111. HELL...would a Loving God send people there? No, People send themselves there!!!: punishment, Revelation - Christianity
  112. Does struggle with life after death?: paradise, churches, Revelation - Christianity
  113. What do you believe you are saved from ?.: hell, punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  114. The Resentment of the Nations Toward Christ's rule in the Millennial Kingdom: punishment, Messiah - Christianity
  115. Prosperity Gospel, why do so many fall for it?: Gospels, messages, testimonies - Christianity
  116. Do you keep the Sabbath?: church, believer, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  117. How many works or 'works of Christ' does it take to save us?: paradise, crucified - Christianity
  118. How will God accomplish this ?: hell, Revelation, believe, praying - Christianity
  119. Christian/clean joke: Lutheran, Jehovah, dinosaur, hell - Christianity
  120. Are 90% Bible Believers Fake Christians ?: Pentateuch, churches, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  121. Another About the Literal Truth of the Bible: tradition, Gospels, woman - Christianity
  122. News,Pat Roberston.... Spank your disobedient wife: woman, Christian, heaven - Christianity
  123. Bible interpretation confusion: church, believe, scriptures, sin - Christianity
  124. What is the purpose of prayer?: believers, prayers, sin, disciple - Christianity
  125. Free first chapter of a book about abortion: women, Deuteronomy, believe - Christianity
  126. calling all Catholics...: prayers, convert, virgin, Christian - Christianity
  127. Do Muslims and Jews go to heaven? Are they saved?: godless, believe - Christianity
  128. Need Help From God For Tough Situation But Losing Faith: believe, scriptures - Christianity
  129. What does spirit mean?: scripture, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  130. Funeral Service Held for Baby Brutalized in Violent 14-Week Abortion: coffin, godless - Christianity
  131. Is God gonna bless and reward this man in Heaven?: paradise, believers - Christianity
  132. The Need For Worship Encounters: churches, believers, scriptures, prayer - Christianity
  133. Scripture That Makes You Laugh Out Loud: Torah, Leviticus, Messiah - Christianity
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  135. My Basis for Believing the Bible: myths, doctrine, churches, Messiah - Christianity
  136. Gifts of the Holy Spirit: church, believers, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  137. Hey universalists....: hell, punishment, believe, scripture - Christianity
  138. Need a book for a female beginner: women, after life, believe - Christianity
  139. Belief in a creator, but not the God of scripture... how and why?: women, beliefs - Christianity
  140. Heaven's gates and hell's flames.. my thoughts and review: crucifixion, Gospels, doctrine - Christianity
  141. Abby Johnson: Abortion Doc Told Patient “I Will Take Your Sin”: believe, Jesus - Christianity
  142. The Key To Understanding Your Bible.: Torah, Gospel, incarnation, doctrine - Christianity
  143. What we lose by going to heaven: paradise, reincarnate, hell - Christianity
  144. Accepting Christ Is Doing What ?: traditions, dinosaur, doctrine, women - Christianity
  145. Was Jesus really 100% God and 100% man when born of Mary?: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  146. the greatest mystery in scripture (humorous): tradition, Gospel, woman, believe - Christianity
  147. News, Preacher Arrested for Calling Homosexuality a Sin: Gomorrah, Sodom, evolution - Christianity
  148. Will there be sudden believers when Jesus returns and will they be raptured?: Gospel, church - Christianity
  149. Eternal Salvation; Through Faith Alone, or by Faith plus works?: doctrine, believe - Christianity
  150. Thoughts on Hell: reincarnate, punishment, believe, dogma - Christianity
  151. A personal study of the PreTribulation Rapture: tradition, coffin, hell - Christianity
  152. Why Does Hell Have To Be Fiery and Painful?: punishment, church, Revelation - Christianity
  153. What is the obsession with gender roles amongst Christians?: myth, women - Christianity
  154. Christian advice requested: church, scripture, prayer, Jesus - Christianity
  155. Inspiration of and errors in scripture.: tradition, Gospels, woman, church - Christianity
  156. Did Jesus Condemn or Condone War as a Matter of ChristianTeaching/Faith.: Gomorrah, Sodom - Christianity
  157. There will only be ONE place of safety during the Great Tribulation!: abomination, doctrine - Christianity
  158. Finding God's Secret Place of Safety!: Gomorrah, Sodom, abomination, woman - Christianity
  159. Can Muslim Women Influence Christian Women?: church, believe, Mary, divorced - Christianity
  160. Protestant History: Lutheran, doctrine, church, funerals - Christianity
  161. Nancy Pelosi Ditches Catholic Credentials, Can’t Say if Jesus Has Right to Life: church, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  162. Christian Ethics Employment: Bible, moral, Biblically, God - Christianity
  163. Something that is missing from 100% of the Christian churches I have visited, within the past 15 years...: Lutheran, presbyterian - Christianity
  164. How to - Communion: presbyterian, churches, rituals, praying - Christianity
  165. Surviving Non-Cannon Scriptures.: Torah, crucified, traditions, Gospels - Christianity
  166. Daily Proverb: believe, Jesus Christ, verse, divorce - Christianity
  167. NDE's--Traditional Christianity Has It ALL Wrong!!: hell, punishment, doctrine, woman
  168. Various Trials: hell, beliefs, scripture, rituals - Christianity
  169. Eternal Security What's THAT all about?: church, believe, prayer - Christianity
  170. What is the best way to approach reading the Bible for the first time?: Gospels, woman - Christianity
  171. Lack of Faith and no Sin: Lutherans, testimony, women, churches - Christianity
  172. Hey..... All you who believe in eternal torment: hell, sin, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  173. Burned Out: churches, believe, prayers, Jesus - Christianity
  174. Rapture Theories: doctrine, church, Antichrist, Revelation - Christianity
  175. Did God Create Eve With the Illness, Hypergamy: paradise, Eden - Christianity
  176. Pre-destined, what does it mean?: believe, Holy Spirit, Jacob - Christianity
  177. Are there universalists who are willing to address simple scriptures?: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  178. Mary Magdalene?: crucifixion, tradition, Gospel, women - Christianity
  179. Post a song of love for all to enjoy.: church, worship, spiritual - Christianity
  180. Books like Macarthur's bible commentaries?: church, Revelation, Calvinist, history - Christianity
  181. For who believe in ET--: hell, punishment, woman, church - Christianity
  182. What is repentance?: believers, scripture, prayer, sin - Christianity
  183. Are there Protestant denominations that are widely accepted that you think are cults?: Latter Day Saints, lordship - Christianity
  184. How Are Saints Really Winning Spiritual Battle With Satan Today ?: doctrine, women - Christianity
  185. John 10:11: doctrine, believe, prayer, sin - Christianity
  186. This is what happened to the Roman Catholic Church...: pope - Christianity
  187. History of Canon Law: church, pagan, Catholic, Roman - Christianity
  188. What Good Is Christ Like Character If You Don't Want All The Character Of Jesus Christ ?: woman, preacher - Christianity
  189. The Life of a Worship Leader: churches, believe, praying, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  190. Legionaries of Christ: women, church, marriage, confess - Christianity
  191. The Church Can Have The Worst Sinners In It But Not 90% Bible Believers In It ?: testimony, women - Christianity
  192. Since All Sinners Why Is Jesus Selective And Want Us To Be Selective With Who We Make Buddies With All The Time ?: testimonies, doctrine - Christianity
  193. Is Every Person's Testimony About A Relationship With Jesus Christ ?: church, Revelation - Christianity
  194. Believing Makes You A Doer Of All The Bible For Today!!: believers, disciple - Christianity
  195. You know every act on the way to Gethsame was timed and had significance: crucifixion, punishment - Christianity
  196. A Spiritual Dream: God, people, Alabama, Birmingham - Christianity
  197. Abortionist Curtis Boyd: “Am I Killing? Yes, I Am. I Know That.”: church, Baptist - Christianity
  198. Is Your Church Pastor Just Because They Don't Hate, Steal And Commit Adultery ???: women, Revelation - Christianity
  199. Ran Into So Called Friends Like Job's So Called Friends ?: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  200. From The Father's Heart: Christian - Christianity