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  1. Pros and Cons of Living in Houston: Lake Jackson, Center: theatre, school - Texas (TX)
  2. Major props and good luck to Katy ISD....: Houston, La Porte: layoffs, high school - Texas (TX)
  3. Downtown Living!!: Houston, Center, West: apartment, rent, lofts - Texas (TX)
  4. Property Taxes in Fall Creek after Homestead Exemption: Spring, Humble: house, taxi - Houston, Texas (TX)
  5. Moving to Houston from Dubai: Sugar Land, The Woodlands: theater, taxes, living in - Texas (TX)
  6. Summerwood to Downtown (Texas) commute route: Beaumont: construction, live in, traffic - Houston, (TX)
  7. HOA's in Firethorne: Katy: homes, purchase, requirement - Houston, Texas (TX)
  8. Buying in Heights, Sunset Heights, or Brooksmith area - HELP!: Houston: foreclosures, houses - Texas (TX)
  9. Silver Ranch or Grand Harbor: Houston, Katy: high crime, new home, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  10. Best neighborhoods for christmas lights: Houston, Pearland: house, school district, subdivision - Texas (TX)
  11. First time buyer. Need help!!!: Mission, Mission Bend: crime, affordable houses, neighborhood - Houston, Texas (TX)
  12. know of good Messianic congregation aka Messianic Jewish churches: Houston: friend, production - Texas (TX)
  13. have u-verse phone service?: Houston, San Antonio: home, live in, friendly - Texas (TX)
  14. How to Keep the Fence color intact: HOA, new house - Houston, Texas (TX)
  15. Would you rent to me in Clear Lake/Sugarland/League City/Katy?: Houston: short sale - Texas (TX)
  16. Telfair Inventory homes: deals, builders, sold - Houston, Texas (TX)
  17. Kindergarten: Houston, Sugar Land, Early: daycare, home, preschool - Texas (TX)
  18. minute maid park development: Allen, Coleman: condo, homes, to live - Houston, Texas (TX)
  19. Work in League City, live 30 min f/Mo City?: Houston: construction, to live - Texas (TX)
  20. copy of police report: Houston, Center: attorney, law, office - Texas (TX)
  21. I can't make up my mind, help!!!: Houston, Galveston: fit in, loans - Texas (TX)
  22. Armed men rob woman in Chelsea Harbour: Houston, Sugar Land: apartment complex, home - Texas (TX)
  23. Garage Floor Paint: Howe, Deport, Moore: how much, house, buy - Houston, Texas (TX)
  24. Recommendation for a realtor for Cinco Ranch SW: Katy, Howe: real estate, houses - Houston, Texas (TX)
  25. Communities map & Firethorne: Katy, Cinco Ranch: houses, neighborhoods, schools - Houston, Texas (TX)
  26. THE BEST Carpet Cleaners In Houston?: Sugar Land, Galveston: coupons, rent, mover - Texas (TX)
  27. Vet Recommendation: Seabrook: live, nicest, office - Houston, Texas (TX)
  28. Commute from Summerwood to Fall Creek/Downtown: Houston, Beaumont: house, construction - Texas (TX)
  29. Is it too early looking for a rental?: Houston, Bellaire: real estate, apartment complexes - Texas (TX)
  30. Newly Completed Home - How low can you go?: Richmond: real estate, how much - Houston, Texas (TX)
  31. Houston Skyline from Westpark: Center: 2013, build, skyscraper - Texas (TX)
  32. Realtors with Homesold Guarantee?: Houston: real estate, home builders, buying - Texas (TX)
  33. Insurance Frustration.... Taking it out ..: Houston: credit, house, buy - Texas (TX)
  34. Sign of the times? New license plates in Houston.: Katy: home, transfer - Texas (TX)
  35. has have experience renting out their home/s?: Houston: real estate, rentals - Texas (TX)
  36. Looking For Fire Wood: West, Mason: live, price, delivery - Houston, Texas (TX)
  37. Fun things and places a 25 year old would like: Houston: college, to move - Texas (TX)
  38. Houston First in Job Growth.....again: Dallas, San Antonio: leasing, house, job market - Texas (TX)
  39. Spring Branch 77043: Houston, West, Stratford: sale, apartment complexes, renters - Texas (TX)
  40. Hoodie Season in Houston: mall, cell phone, place - Texas (TX)
  41. Houston media market?: Atlanta: stations, metro area, households - Texas (TX)
  42. I-45 construction around Clear Lake: Webster: schedule, complete - Houston, Texas (TX)
  43. Houston Rockets: big house, salary, property taxes - Texas (TX)
  44. Help find a place to live!: Houston, Missouri City: foreclosures, homes, safe area - Texas (TX)
  45. Sugar Land to Kingwood in rush hour...?: Houston, Humble: live, title - Texas (TX)
  46. Information on Fall Creek: Houston, The Woodlands: real estate, apartments, crime - Texas (TX)
  47. Ever notice how Galveston stays significantly warmer than Houston?: Port Arthur: area, humidity - Texas (TX)
  48. Private Investigator: heating, travel, good - Houston, Texas (TX)
  49. AIG (American International Group): Houston: insurance, live, statistics - Texas (TX)
  50. Alternate to Entouch in Cinco SW: West: living in, area - Houston, Texas (TX)
  51. Fall Creek vs Canyon Gate Park Lakes: Atascocita, Humble: low crime, appliances - Houston, Texas (TX)
  52. hotel in Houston: rent, theater, luxury - Texas (TX)
  53. Galveston is back!: Houston, Victoria, Moody: homes, gardens, money - Texas (TX)
  54. Paging TSTONE! Car stuff!!: inspection, codes, shop - Houston, Texas (TX)
  55. Store/source for Texas theme Xmas cards?: Houston, Sugar Land: stores, land - (TX)
  56. Need a Divorce Attorney: Houston, Austin: lawyers, live, price - Texas (TX)
  57. Construction work (houston): Austin, Port Arthur, Galveston: insurance, homes, horses - Texas (TX)
  58. Electricity/Internet Service around Tomball?: Houston: house, residential, electric - Texas (TX)
  59. Thanksgiving Parade: Houston, Post, Turkey: house, taxis, buses - Texas (TX)
  60. Dentist near Hwy 59/Edloe / W. University: West: insurance, office, park - Houston, Texas (TX)
  61. Houston Getting Final Four: 2011 and 2016: San Antonio, Alamo: stadium, cities, place - Texas (TX)
  62. Need good location for 1st bday...: Houston: train, station, aquarium - Texas (TX)
  63. Relocating, Need serious on schools: Houston, Austin: credit, best schools, college - Texas (TX)
  64. Insurance Companies: Houston: credit score, how much, luxury - Texas (TX)
  65. Happy Thanksgiving, Houston!: traffic, year, great - Texas (TX)
  66. cost of living in houston compared to new jersey: Katy: for sale, real estate - Texas (TX)
  67. FSN Houston: time, channel, event - Texas (TX)
  68. Mother's Day Out: Houston, West: programs, applications, central - Texas (TX)
  69. working for Boeing, Houston, TX: League City, Pearland: neighborhoods, high school, contractors - Texas
  70. HR Jobs in Houston: amusement parks, movies, college - Texas (TX)
  71. took the road test recently in Harris County?: parking, driving - Houston, Texas (TX)
  72. new to missouri city texas: Houston, Sugar Land: neighborhoods, live in, restaurants - (TX)
  73. sewer bill: Houston, Brady: house, neighborhood, buying - Texas (TX)
  74. Christmas Boat Parade: best place, place, damaged - Houston, Texas (TX)
  75. Cinco Ranch prices?: house prices, subdivisions, shop - Houston, Texas (TX)
  76. Job at I-10 and 6 from Midtown: Katy, Rice: lofts, condo, townhouse - Houston, Texas (TX)
  77. Apartment Lease: Sugar Land, Howe: sublease, sublet, leasing agent - Houston, Texas (TX)
  78. Closed Today On Our House In Tomball!!: Spring: new home, to move - Houston, Texas (TX)
  79. Looking at Memorial/Spring Valley neighborhoods: Houston, Sugar Land: new house, to buy, best schools - Texas (TX)
  80. Toy shop on Westheimer: train, business, location - Houston, Texas (TX)
  81. Apartments in the Westchase area of Houston: Richmond, Briar: apartment complexes, appliances - Texas (TX)
  82. carpet: Houston, Buffalo, Cove: floor, good, service - Texas (TX)
  83. Relocating to Houston: Pearland, Kirby, River Oaks: sublease, transfer, university - Texas (TX)
  84. Hotel/Motel/Weekly Rates: Houston, West: extended stay, apartments, lease - Texas (TX)
  85. Northeast Houston New Construction: Spring, Humble: high school, fitness, spring - Texas (TX)
  86. FEMA Post-Ike Cleanup Continuing?: Sugar Land: house, neighborhood, live - Houston, Texas (TX)
  87. Katy vs. Sugar Land: Houston, Austin: daycare, houses, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  88. Quick HELP re DTV converter box?: Mart: sales, coupon, buying - Houston, Texas (TX)
  89. Coming in to Katy January 9-11: Houston, Cinco Ranch: real estate, hotels, homes - Texas (TX)
  90. Electricity Rates: Houston, Sugar Land: bills, best, charge - Texas (TX)
  91. What Kind of Neighborhood is The Hill in Sugar Land: Austin: for sale, apartment - Houston, Texas (TX)
  92. Endeavor Condo's on Clear Lake A Bust: Houston, Dickinson: foreclosure, for rent - Texas (TX)
  93. Daycare around Fall Creek: Spring, Atascocita: day cares, new house, preschool - Houston, Texas (TX)
  94. Daycare for westheimer lake north and west side of cinco ranch?: Houston: daycares, homes - Texas (TX)
  95. First time buyer !: sales, lender, how much - Houston, Texas (TX)
  96. Teaching Jobs in Houston: Spring, Katy: low income, find a job, safe neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  97. Is East downtown the best kept...: Live Oak, Howe: apartments, lofts, townhouse - Houston, Texas (TX)
  98. Calling Houston Astronomy Buffs: West, Earth: moving, eat, kids - Texas (TX)
  99. Address look up for Clear Creek ISD?: Houston, Corpus Christi: real estate, how much - Texas (TX)
  100. Is it easy to meet people in Houston?: transplants, quality of life - Texas (TX)
  101. Houston or Austin: Portland, West: rent, crime rate, job market - Texas (TX)
  102. Clear Lake vs. Pearland vs. Friendswood: Houston, Sugar Land: for sale, renting, crime - Texas (TX)
  103. Houston neighborhoods for Austin lovers: Dickinson, Katy: condo, home, technology jobs - Texas (TX)
  104. Snow Showers: Katy: schools, authority, best - Houston, Texas (TX)
  105. Sharpstown Body dump: Houston, Sugar Land, Pearland: apartment complexes, crime, houses - Texas (TX)
  106. Terrible reporting by The Chronicle: Post: safety, manufactured, vehicles - Houston, Texas (TX)
  107. Cold weather, do you dislike it or like it?: Houston: house, contractors - Texas (TX)
  108. Favorite Restaurant(s) in Houston: Dallas, Mesquite: HOA, house, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  109. Ho, Ho, No!: Cinco Ranch: neighborhood, suburban, cars - Houston, Texas (TX)
  110. Eastwood: Houston, Garland, West: low income, fit in, best neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  111. Humidity Houston: Atlanta: house, YMCA, camping - Texas (TX)
  112. Should i move to dallas or houston?: San Antonio, Austin: how much, university - Texas (TX)
  113. Why on earth there is no fence/barrier between the lakes and streets on new communities !!!: Houston: HOA, house - Texas (TX)
  114. Moving to Spring TX: Houston, The Woodlands: real estate, low crime, house - Texas
  115. Katy Main Street Project: Houston, Galveston: lofts, hotels, houses - Texas (TX)
  116. Westbury: Spring, Bellaire, Post: apartments, houses, neighborhood - Houston, Texas (TX)
  117. Which Houston grocery store chain has the lowest prices on food staples?: Mart: fit in, sales - Texas (TX)
  118. North Atlanta Or Houston: Sugar Land, The Woodlands: sales, neighborhoods, living in - Texas (TX)
  119. Houston's long-term future is bleak without serious mass transit and efforts to lure young professionals: Dallas: real estate, home - Texas (TX)
  120. mirrors for my bathroom - where can I buy them?: Houston: house, shop - Texas (TX)
  121. For One Night Only!: Houston, Spring: school, subdivision, place to live - Texas (TX)
  122. help the digital-camera challenged...: Houston, Sugar Land: home, transfer, buying - Texas (TX)
  123. swimming lessons for adults?: Bellaire, Center: YMCA, university, live in - Houston, Texas (TX)
  124. City Mug--Houston (Starbucks): League City, San Diego, Magnolia: for sale, how much, stores - Texas (TX)
  125. Alarm Monitoring System: Plano, Howe: house, neighborhood, pricing - Houston, Texas (TX)
  126. experience with ASI Lloyds - Homeowner's Insurance?: homeowners insurance, mortgage broker - Houston, Texas (TX)
  127. Beltway 8 conversion to tollway: Houston, Crosby: construction, moving, housing - Texas (TX)
  128. Bugs in Houston: Dallas, San Antonio, Austin: houses, scorpion, live in - Texas (TX)
  129. Misconceptions About Houston: Howe: appointed, hotel, transfer - Texas (TX)
  130. Out of towner to be in Houston area the 2 days after Christmas - so what should i see/do?: Galveston: hotels, buy - Texas (TX)
  131. Johnson Space Center/Space Center Houston - worth it?: Mission: coupons, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  132. Afro-Caribbean Female Needs Opinions: Houston, Dallas: lawyer, house, theater - Texas (TX)
  133. How do they build houses?: Cinco Ranch: home builder, general contractor, inspector - Houston, Texas (TX)
  134. Does LIKE Comcast? And can I have cable Internet w/o cable TV?: Houston: HOA, how much - Texas (TX)
  135. Covered Patio - Select or not or build - new home: HOA, how much - Houston, Texas (TX)
  136. National Oilwell Varco: Houston, Sugar Land, San Felipe: employment, prices, shop - Texas (TX)
  137. What is your water bill like?: Houston, Sugar Land: how much, homes, subdivisions - Texas (TX)
  138. Cost of living in Houston: Dallas, Sugar Land: fit in, apartments, crime - Texas (TX)
  139. Black Friday: Mart: sales, price, shop - Houston, Texas (TX)
  140. How hard is it to get a job with Harris County?: Houston: salary, office - Texas (TX)
  141. Why I love Houston: Katy: home, live, food - Texas (TX)
  142. Bridgeland + General Growth = ???: Cinco Ranch, Roma, Roman Forest: houses, buying, bankruptcy - Houston, Texas (TX)
  143. Holiday traffic in/out of the area: Houston, Dallas: construction, to live in - Texas (TX)
  144. waiter position: Houston, West: how much, college, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  145. What's with the midtown security?: Houston, Post: apartment, wage, live in - Texas (TX)
  146. Suggest Good Movers: Houston, Katy: apartment, how much, price - Texas (TX)
  147. using Spark Energy?: Howe: sales, month to, bill - Houston, Texas (TX)
  148. Moving to Houston NEXT WEEK!! Help !: Cinco Ranch, Richmond: extended stay, apartments - Texas (TX)
  149. Does Own A Westin Home?: Houston, Stafford: hotel, new home, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  150. young, african american woman who wants to move from Pittsburgh to Houston, TX or Charlotte,NC: Sugar Land: apartment, renting - Texas
  151. Madonna's Houston Performance - reviews, comments?: appointed, credit - Texas (TX)
  152. houstons gem: Austin, Waco, Spring: home, safe area, wedding - Texas (TX)
  153. Help!!! How important is a community pool?: Houston, Howe: how much, new house - Texas (TX)
  154. thinking about buying a home in Lakes of Savannah: Houston: appointed, sales - Texas (TX)
  155. How to get comparables?: Houston, Dallas: sales, real estate, loan - Texas (TX)
  156. Cool shops / restaurants in Houston ?: Kirby, White Oak: sale, neighborhoods, buy - Texas (TX)
  157. Homesteaf Exemption (I searched:): Tomball: bank owned, foreclosures, mortgage broker - Houston, Texas (TX)
  158. Texas Ezpass: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio: credit card, construction, DMV - (TX)
  159. Real estate commission refund site?: Houston: lawyer, houses, buyers - Texas (TX)
  160. Highland Homes good?: Houston, Dallas: countertops, new home, inspection - Texas (TX)
  161. Auto Insurance: Houston, Liberty, Montgomery: renters, credit score, deductible - Texas (TX)
  162. Trends: Houston, Dallas, Sugar Land: condo, house, school - Texas (TX)
  163. Canyon Gate at Lakes Parks: Spring, Humble: for sale, HOA, new house - Houston, Texas (TX)
  164. NYC wants to move to texas.: Houston, Kirby: apartment, lease, how much - (TX)
  165. List of Oil and Gas Companies in Houston for Process/Chemical Engineer: Sugar Land: job openings, university - Texas (TX)
  166. Renting, then buying in Houston suburbs. Advice: Sugar Land, The Woodlands: rental, relocation company - Texas (TX)
  167. ashbury highrise: Houston, Mercedes, Kirby: homes, neighborhoods, luxury - Texas (TX)
  168. ..we've got to clean up the crime in Houston. Enuff z Nuff!!!: city hall, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  169. safe and unsafe areas of Houston: Aldine, Mart: crime rates, buy, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  170. Alarm Company Recommendations: Houston, West, Weston: house, prices, install - Texas (TX)
  171. Suggestions on great places to live within easy commute of Downtown: Houston: attorney, townhome - Texas (TX)
  172. Katy- Preschools?: Pearland, Cinco Ranch, Center: credit, daycare, house - Houston, Texas (TX)
  173. boating around Houston?: Pasadena, Baytown, Galveston: new home, living, dangerous - Texas (TX)
  174. Houston, Do you have Cable/Dish TV or just the free basic channels ?: hotels, movies - Texas (TX)
  175. With or Against Development: Houston, Dallas: apartments, condo, houses - Texas (TX)
  176. Negotiate at the Design center - New Home: sales, home builder - Houston, Texas (TX)
  177. How awesome is the Woodlands? Market street????: Houston, Sugar Land: movie theater, live in - Texas (TX)
  178. KHOU staff changes in the AM: Houston, Austin: ratings, schedule, weather - Texas (TX)
  179. Red Light Cameras: Houston, Dallas: attorney, lawsuit, license plates - Texas (TX)
  180. Girl shot in head at Chevron in Westchase: Houston, Chandler: crime, home - Texas (TX)
  181. Pizza? Bagels?: Houston, Sugar Land, Shepherd: live in, restaurant, shops - Texas (TX)
  182. Moving and Schools!: Houston, Tomball: low crime, house, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  183. Houston (Tomball) vs. New Orleans: Spring, Atlanta: insurance, low crime, homes - Texas (TX)
  184. Pros and Cons of the University of Houston?: Elgin, West: schools, universities - Texas (TX)
  185. Best Place to Get a Christmas Tree?: Houston, Spring: how much, Home Depot - Texas (TX)
  186. Telfair- house with Powerline in backyard and Levy at the back: Houston: power lines, first time home buyer - Texas (TX)
  187. Does it ever snow in Houston?: Galveston, Early: live, metro area, area - Texas (TX)
  188. Can we afford this house in Houston?: El Paso, Dickinson: real estate, HOA - Texas (TX)
  189. from Phoenix move to Houston? How do the two cities compare?: Dallas: apartment, house - Texas (TX)
  190. Stafford Housing: Houston, Pasadena, Sugar Land: apartments, rent, houses - Texas (TX)
  191. remember Randi's nightclub?: West: club, area, building - Houston, Texas (TX)
  192. relocating from the uk: weather, work, social - Houston, Texas (TX)
  193. Cy-fair before/after school Programs: Houston: school district, jobs, kids - Texas (TX)
  194. Yoga in Northeast of Houston: summer, good - Texas (TX)
  195. Looking for Commercial Leads: Beaumont, Port Arthur: floors, business, windows - Houston, Texas (TX)
  196. Katy/Far West Rentals: Houston: apartment, townhome, live - Texas (TX)
  197. Sugarland/woodlands Or Richardson TX: Houston: humidity, compare - Texas
  198. Canyon gate at North point: crime rate, first time home buyer, neighborhood - Houston, Texas (TX)
  199. What are good Tree Farms in H-Town: Sugar Land, Missouri City: place, looking for - Houston, Texas (TX)
  200. water softener permit in Houston: live in, install, required - Texas (TX)