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  12. Sanctification:: the passion, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  13. Does Dialogue Really Exist or Is It All Just Rhetoric?: crucifixion, messages - Christianity
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  20. Testimony of rodger tutt: Gospel, hell, punishment, doctrine - Christianity
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  24. Palm Day: crucifixion, Gospel, praying, Jesus - Christianity
  25. The Case for Christ: believe, scripture, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  26. Years later after the cross the Gospel of Grace..........: testimony, Messiah, believe - Christianity
  27. Life-changer: Gospel, agnostic, sin, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  28. News, Christian Drag Queen Nedra Belle Finds Acceptance in Church: service, Article - Christianity
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  31. Pope Francis blesses homes outside of Rome: door-to-door, priest, Vatican - Christianity
  32. I believe in the Kingdom Come...Then all the colours will bleed into one: Jesus Christ, Bible - Christianity
  33. Fan snaps compelling photo of Tim Tebow in the outfield: God, Romans - Christianity
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  35. Franklin Graham visits small community churches.: women, praying, Bible, protestant - Christianity
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  41. Does your God have this sense of humor?: church, sin, verse - Christianity
  42. Did God eliminate the middle man with HIs FREE gift of grace?: woman, church - Christianity
  43. How can of Jesus's ancestors be fictional, while are real?: church, believe - Christianity
  44. The Bible and the mythical unicorn: church, Deuteronomy, Moses, translation - Christianity
  45. I would like to tell you about Jesus Christ, the only way to God: tradition, Gospel - Christianity
  46. New interpretation: Gospel, believer, Jesus Christ, Christians - Christianity
  47. I was fired :): church, preaching, beliefs, prayer - Christianity
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  49. Jesus' God: Jehovah, Revelation, believe, prayer - Christianity
  50. To be worthy ?: Gospel, believe, scriptures, sinned - Christianity
  51. How United is Christianity in the 21st century?: tradition, Lutheran, Mormons
  52. Rules Governing The Gift Of Teaching: doctrine, churches, scripture, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  53. If we are born spiritually dead how can we be saved?: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  54. A Muslim calls the Patrick Madrid show to ask about Jesus---: godless, Revelation - Christianity
  55. God has dealt to each one a measure of faith: preach, believers - Christianity
  56. The 3 ABSOLUTES we all must face............: crucify, believe, sinned, mystic - Christianity
  57. What is the difference between faith and belief?: beliefs, Biblical, experience - Christianity
  58. Inspirational Quotes from the Bible (Game): Micah, believe, scripture, prayer - Christianity
  59. Which is True? Creationism or Evolution: scrutiny, believe, Bible, verse - Christianity
  60. Two-faced Christian Men: hell, women, sin, Christ - Christianity
  61. What Do You Tell Self Destructing People? How will You Console Them To Stop Hurting Themselves?: Eden, women - Christianity
  62. Why ask the opinions of Internet strangers rather than ...: tradition, Gospel, Jehovah - Christianity
  63. I Am So Freaking Boned ~ I Have Been Wrong All This Time ~ So Sorry: hell, believe - Christianity
  64. Is Gods wrath in operation globally today?: Jehovah, Deuteronomy, believe - Christianity
  65. Beginning of wisdom:: Jehovah, believe, prayer, Jesus - Christianity
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  69. Heaven or hell: believer, ritual, sin, Holy Spirit - Christianity
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  71. Billy Graham was severely beaten as a child: hell, testimony, punishment - Christianity
  72. People Who Hold Space Will Heal The Church.: churches, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  73. Lawfull To Eat.: Moses, pray, sin, Isaiah - Christianity
  74. Will you be you in heaven?: Gospel, reincarnation, hell - Christianity
  75. CS Lewis's denial of the Atonement: paradise, hell, punishment, believe - Christianity
  76. Amos 3:7 the New Testament & the Commandments: Torah, traditions, Sodom - Christianity
  77. ~ How many Christians know...~: Torah, crucifixion, Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  78. In The Image And Likeness Of God?: woman, Revelation, sin - Christianity
  79. Rules Governing The Gift Of Wisdom: church, pray, priest, Solomon - Christianity
  80. a global warning: Gospel, Leviticus, hell, testimony - Christianity
  81. Isaiah 53 and the Suffering Righteous Servant who dies for the sin of the Transgressors: Torah, punishment - Christianity
  82. What is Your Take on Street Preaching?: Gospel, church, preach - Christianity
  83. Manasseh devours Ephraim, and Ephraim Manasseh, And Together They Are Against Judah.: Torah, Ramadan - Christianity
  84. Legalization of Marijuana (from a Christian's perspective): Torah, church, zealous - Christianity
  85. Jesus came ONLY to the House of Israel in earthly ministry....: Torah, Gospels - Christianity
  86. Proverbs 13:24 Spare the Rod Spoil the Child, what does this mean to you?: punishment, beliefs - Christianity
  87. The Worst Sin Is Idolatry: punishment, Revelation, prayer, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  88. Christianity Lite and the war for the soul of Christianity: Gospels, Buddhism
  89. Poorly skilled in English and literature: doctrine, believers, dogma, Bible - Christianity
  90. Slavery and the formation of the Southern Baptist Church: hell, doctrine, women - Christianity
  91. Yogananda on New Testament: Gospels, believe, sin, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  92. Documentary: Is Genesis History: myth, believe, Bible, Israel - Christianity
  93. A riddle a Propthet?: Gospel, churches, prayer, sin - Christianity
  94. The Apostle Paul concerning the physical bodily Resurrection of Jesus: Gospels, myth - Christianity
  95. Is it ok to kill to cessate lawlessness?: beliefs, Christ, Bible - Christianity
  96. Doctrine of salvation:Needs to have the shedding of blood, logical?: tradition, woman - Christianity
  97. The Christianity Lite version of loving your neighbor as yourself: hell, abomination
  98. The God of Love: incarnation, hell, preach, believe - Christianity
  99. Jesus describes His friends....: doctrine, believe, scripture, Moses - Christianity
  100. Rules Governing The Gift Of Learning: hell, doctrine, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  101. Paula White: woman, churches, scripture, Bible - Christianity
  102. Izzy ~ The Stone: woman, Revelation, preach, exodus - Christianity
  103. The Gospel of the Holy Twelve fits the Bible: Leviticus, doctrine - Christianity
  104. Why the Bible condemns sexual immorality - and Christians should too: punishment, woman - Christianity
  105. The only way to God is via the son of man !!!: Jehovah, believe - Christianity
  106. Is Salvation Limited To Homo Sapiens?: hell, myths, doctrine, believe - Christianity
  107. Reincarnation and the bible: Torah, Gospel, doctrine, church - Christianity
  108. 666~The Lawless One~Abomination Of Desolation~The 7 Year Covenant After Christ: Torah, tradition - Christianity
  109. Did Jesus provoke Judas with jealousy?: crucify, Gospels, disciple, Bible - Christianity
  110. Ruth and Boaz: crucified, women, believe, priest - Christianity
  111. Gods plan and purpose: Torah, Sodom, Messiah, Revelation - Christianity
  112. Can Christians get to heaven without being fundamentalists?: Deist, hell, testimonies - Christianity
  113. Knowledge of Good and Evil: hell, Moses, sin, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  114. Keeping score, what does works mean?: myth, evolve, sin - Christianity
  115. Not Christian - celebrating Easter with bunnies: traditions, doctrine, believer - Christianity
  116. Why Jesus Didn't Stay Dead: crucifixion, purification, Gospel, Leviticus - Christianity
  117. When one sees the glory of God .....: believe, sinners, Jesus - Christianity
  118. I know there are who believe in demons, do of you believe in ghosts?: women, Deuteronomy - Christianity
  119. Jesus days after the Resurrection...What did he do in 40 days???: Torah, Gospel - Christianity
  120. The prayer of the righteous?: scripture, prayers, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  121. How to keep the 10 commandments and the feasts of the God: Torah, Messiah - Christianity
  122. If God puts His spirit in Israel then ?: Tanakh, beliefs, scriptures - Christianity
  123. Bible doctrine re sex: the passion, tradition, myths, church - Christianity
  124. Jesus said get up early and go to church..: crucified, Gospel, churches - Christianity
  125. How old did they get pregnant: women, church, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  126. Was Pentecost the beginning of todays church?: crucified, traditions, Gospels - Christianity
  127. about a Bible passage: crucifixion, Leviticus, believe, evolution - Christianity
  128. Cardinal O'Malley a Breath of Fresh Air in handling RCC pedophilia problems: Lutheran, churches - Christianity
  129. Pilates's Decision: crucifixion, Gospel, Messiah, priests - Christianity
  130. Freedom from traditional Christianity: punishment, church, believe, scriptures
  131. Who Was Caiaphas? Co-Conspirator in the Death of Jesus?: Holy Ghost, prophets, Pilate - Christianity
  132. Sanhedrin What Was the Sanhedrin and How Did it Play a Part in Jesus' Death?: after life, believe - Christianity
  133. Rightly dividing the Truth: Torah, punishment, woman, church - Christianity
  134. God loves righteousness: abomination, believe, Moses, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  135. Alternative Orthodoxy (St Francis): doctrine, church, agnostic, beliefs - Christianity
  136. Resurrection: Not a One-Time Miracle (Sermon): Gospel, messages, churches, believe - Christianity
  137. How Should We View The Bible: Gospel, preach, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  138. How do you determine which are the real words of Jesus?: disciples, Jewish - Christianity
  139. Encouraging acceptance of LGBT: hell, churches, scriptures, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  140. What is at work in this scenario?: church, preacher, worship - Christianity
  141. The War Of The First Born ~ Redemption Of The First Born: Torah, tradition - Christianity
  142. why is there an underlying tension between me and preacher?: hell, churches - Christianity
  143. Invitation to a First Communion: traditions, women, Bible, Catholic - Christianity
  144. Why is Easter Not Call Passover.: traditions, Messiah, Jesus, worship - Christianity
  145. It is FRIDAY....guess what's coming...: church, disciples, Jesus, Pilate - Christianity
  146. crying today?: women, believe, sin, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  147. Sweet Morning Thoughts: believe, scriptures, sin, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  148. Time we all accepted the reality: godless, woman, churches, believe - Christianity
  149. Crucifixion Day 2017: belief, prayer, priest, sin - Christianity
  150. Eat fish to remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ: traditions, hell, Revelation - Christianity
  151. Christ's Crucifixion With Foods: women, Jesus, Kingdom, last supper - Christianity
  152. Sad and depressing music: woman, non church, believe, Jesus - Christianity
  153. What percentage of population do you think is saved?: Gospel, churches - Christianity
  154. Why do churches charge for VBS?: believe, Bible, verses, Christian - Christianity
  155. Dan Fogelberg - who knew he was Christian?: Jesus, spiritual, religion - Christianity
  156. Quick for Christians, answer: doctrine, church, Revelation, beliefs - Christianity
  157. Male circumcision of a baby on the 8th day: Torah, traditions, believer - Christianity
  158. Pastor Steven Anderson of FWBC denies the cross: Gospel, hell, churches - Christianity
  159. Perspective of non-confrontational Christians: hell, beliefs, pray, Christ - Christianity
  160. In the Bible what does it mean to Shed blood ?: doctrine, woman - Christianity
  161. God doesnt sleep but humans do: crucifixion, Leviticus, Isaiah, Matthew - Christianity
  162. Is Western Europe lost?: tradition, Gospel, churches, preacher - Christianity
  163. Curious what you guys think about this...: hell, doctrine, women - Christianity
  164. The kingdom of heaven is at hand ?: Gospel, preaching, believe - Christianity
  165. Why the Christian does not defend his faith: doctrine, churches, preacher - Christianity
  166. Take this scientism !!: Revelation, agnostic, disciples, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  167. The Burning Of Incense As 30 Minutes Of Silence Begins: zacharias, women, Revelation - Christianity
  168. Doug Bachelor of amazing facts says Jesus is Michael: tradition, Lutheran, Jehovah - Christianity
  169. Father forgive them for the know not what they are doing: crucified, believers - Christianity
  170. What would you ideally like to happen after you die?: Torah, paradise - Christianity
  171. God Uses the Wicked to Punish the Wicked: hell, punishment, church - Christianity
  172. The Coming Of The Lord ~ Tuesday, August 1, 2017 ~ 9 Av, 5777: Torah, Gospel, testimony - Christianity
  173. Jesus the man verses the son of man: woman, believe, verse - Christianity
  174. Disputes over the age of the earth?: dinosaur, believe, evolution - Christianity
  175. If sex before marriage is considered a sin then why do many think it's to look at porn?: woman, abortion - Christianity
  176. God or an angel spoke to me i heard the female voice plain as day..It said What can I help you with?: hell, church - Christianity
  177. In meekness of wisdom:: punishment, doctrine, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  178. The Alter and the Sabbath: woman, disciples, worship - Christianity
  179. Sir Isaac Newton - divinely inspired?: hell, doctrine, beliefs, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  180. Be careful little eyes what you see...: crucified, woman, Deuteronomy - Christianity
  181. Women priests: churches, dogma, scripture, priest - Christianity
  182. This i believe strongly after a serious wake-up call: paradise, crucified, woman - Christianity
  183. Only A Prophet: Torah, zachariah, woman, believe - Christianity
  184. 100th Anniversary of Fatima (1917-2017): woman, church, exodus, evolution - Christianity
  185. The New Covenant didn't start until Calvary: Tanakh, scriptures, sin - Christianity
  186. Faith Without Work vs Faith with Work: Gospel, hell, believe - Christianity
  187. Do you deserve heaven? if so why?: after life, beliefs, sinners - Christianity
  188. Stephen Fry accused of blasphemy: beliefs, Bible, God, Christian - Christianity
  189. Jesus Christ CAME TO TEACH us the TRUE COMMANDMENTS of God...: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  190. Do You Worship the REAL Jesus? Don’t Fall For Common Imposters: Gospel, church - Christianity
  191. This scholar says that the Dead Sea Scrolls directly oppose Christianity...: Gospels, church
  192. World Mission Society Church of God: lordship, Gospel, incarnation, Jehovah - Christianity
  193. Man describes a vision of the lake of fire: messages, hell, woman - Christianity
  194. Rules Governing The Gift Of Tongues: doctrine, women, church, preacher - Christianity
  195. Which Book Did C. S. Lewis Least Enjoy Writing?: devil - Christianity
  196. Trying to remember classic book...: woman, church, spiritual, God - Christianity
  197. From Bible:: God, Lord - Christianity
  198. How the Church is helping Christians return to Aleppo: Catholic - Christianity
  199. Gospel of the Kingdom-earthly ministry-before the cross: Messiah, disciples, Jesus - Christianity
  200. Messianic Rabbi, Greg Hershberg: Torah, messages, hell, Messiah - Christianity