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  69. Why or How Has Life Been Good to You?: wife, love, family - Relationships
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  79. Husband doing things for others, but doesn't for me.: wife, marriage, women - Relationships
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  81. Women Relationships: dating, movies, boyfriend, girlfriends
  82. married women that have cheated on their husbands i have a: wife, how to - Relationships
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  84. It's someone's Birthday TODAYYYYY!: never - Relationships
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  98. talking dirty: dating, men, love, husband - Relationships
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  101. Opening my age gap a bit - younger: dating, married, women - Relationships
  102. I love my wife though she had an affair: marriage, women - Relationships
  103. Did You Or They Ever Get It Really Wrong?: how to, woman, love - Relationships
  104. Should you tell your Current about your past?: dating, girlfriend, men - Relationships
  105. You May Not Be Usingt It: wife, love, single, dance - Relationships
  106. How do you tolerate inlaws: married, family, kids, advice - Relationships
  107. Does it bother you that you'll never have that Anxious feeling again?? (Married People): dating, wife - Relationships
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  109. Dating in your 30's compared to your 20's?: how to, married, women - Relationships
  110. what would be the appeal for the guy?: dating, older, sex - Relationships
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  112. Must Be Getting Old: how to, women, younger, clothes - Relationships
  113. Does everything have a cost?: free, never - Relationships
  114. Boyfriend and I come from completely different backgrounds: women, love, cheating - Relationships
  115. Is this crossing boundries?: wife, married, women, husband - Relationships
  116. how do you figure out: boyfriend, how to, women, love - Relationships
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  133. Ever met women who self identify through their men. What's with that?: wives, boyfriends - Relationships
  134. Adult friendships & Clicks: Christian, Asians, how to, married - Relationships
  135. Has on met someone at a Bookstore?: dating, women, love - Relationships
  136. For Men Only: wives, how to, marriage, women - Relationships
  137. Wow, I really feel for you single people who are looking.: dating, wife - Relationships
  138. Are we just friends or is there a chance for something more?: date, girl - Relationships
  139. talking about marriage: boyfriend, women, love, engagement - Relationships
  140. Such a pretty face.... how to encourage....: dating, wife, girlfriend - Relationships
  141. Does Male/Female courting still exist? Do people still Date anymore without Sex?: dating, women - Relationships
  142. how can i make her see? help: dating, marry, women - Relationships
  143. Why do girls have to start acting so weird when they're coming onto you???: dating, women - Relationships
  144. Do not understand the point of romantic relationships: loyalty, love, too young
  145. She just wants us to be dating and not in a relationship .: wife, girlfriend - Relationships
  146. Best thing ever done with your S/O?: wife, marriage, husband - Relationships
  147. why are my friends like this in their relationships?: dating, boyfriends, lesbians
  148. getting engagement ring back- how do I handle situation?: how to, man, love - Relationships
  149. The Playboy Types: woman, love, attracted, gay - Relationships
  150. Married people posing as single.: dating, women, love, cheating - Relationships
  151. Men: Would you approach a woman... / Ladies: Have you been approached...: dating, wife - Relationships
  152. Competing with other women.: boyfriend, girlfriends, loving, attracted - Relationships
  153. Apparently I am too men, younger, friends, feelings - Relationships
  154. need help with custody/visitation rules with new relationship involved.....: dating, movies - Relationships
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  162. Wing Girl: date, women, attractive, friend - Relationships
  163. What should I do?: dating, girlfriend, marriage, girls - Relationships
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  165. Meet The Perfect Catch: women, single, call, personality - Relationships
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  167. Country girl to city girl. Is it Are we doomed?: wife, long distance - Relationships
  168. When are red flags and dealbreakers real, and...: dating, wife, movies - Relationships
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  170. News Video, Scorned Wife Exacts Revenge on Hubby With Rush Hour Sign.: guy, love - Relationships
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  173. So, How Many of You Call Your Husband/Wife/SO by His/Her Real Name?: friend, relations - Relationships
  174. Internet first date/meet ideas?: dating, married, women, single - Relationships
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  178. Does personal style affect what you go for?: dates, wife, women - Relationships
  179. Dating the friend of an ex?: married, girls, family, separated - Relationships
  180. Break-Up Bootcamp: how to survive (live through) a break-up: girls, love, relations - Relationships
  181. Come to my house, we can drink beer and watch a movie: date, movies - Relationships
  182. Ever Been Attracted To Someone You Normally Wouldn't Be?: women, attractive, personality - Relationships
  183. Why the hell...: Christian, cheating, husband, children - Relationships
  184. Pics of ex and friendships with ex.: boyfriends, women, love - Relationships
  185. Long-Distance Relationships: dating, boyfriend, long distance, married
  186. Does it matter who they been with?: dating, wife, partner - Relationships
  187. Is the other just as responsible as the adulterer?: marriage, woman - Relationships
  188. Why are women so nasty to other women that look good?: love, gay - Relationships
  189. How to tell g/f I'm a HS dropout?: dating, girlfriend, marriage - Relationships
  190. MEN: What is more attractive: Thin women or thick women?: dating, love - Relationships
  191. Jasmine Fiore/Ryan Jenkins: date, wife, women, love - Relationships
  192. Are kids really a dealbreaker for that many people?: dating, wife, boyfriend - Relationships
  193. WOMEN: Are big men a turn off?: wives, boyfriend, girlfriends - Relationships
  194. Keep your tool out of my inbox.: how to, women, love - Relationships
  195. Should completely broke and unemployed men be dating?: women, Latin, internet - Relationships
  196. How do men deal with broken hearts?: wife, women, love - Relationships
  197. He called me Susan. . .: dating, woman, loving, kissing - Relationships
  198. are you anti-intellectual?: guy, husband, college, meaning - Relationships
  199. Older white men and young asian women: wife, movies, girlfriends - Relationships
  200. News, Tightwads and Spendthrifts Attract, Marry, Fight.: money - Relationships