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  1. Help me choose a tree,: flowers, grow, Arborvitae, Forsythia - Garden
  2. tree ID: flowers, landscape, growing, Fruit Trees - Garden
  3. Fish emulsion: fertilizer, vegetable, plants, price - Garden
  4. I need Pond Pump & Filter suggestions: grown, city, summer - Garden
  5. ID help for a shrub: grow, trees, leaf, blooms - Garden
  6. Seeds not germinating: mushrooms, growing, tomato, vegetable - Garden
  7. fuchsias: growing, how to, north, frost - Garden
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  10. Hanging Flower Pots on Wood Wall without Nails: backyard, outside, catalog - Garden
  11. How do you kill a crape myrtle?: flower, grow, trees - Garden
  12. Plant Porch dweller: flowers, grown, vines, cypress - Garden
  13. What is this in my lawn?: crabgrass, mowing, weeds, how to - Garden
  14. Need ideas to take lawn mower to the backyard through pool fence: flowers, landscaping - Garden
  15. Could unusually warm spring affect asiatic lilies?: flowers, landscape, growing - Garden
  16. Green grass???: lawn, irrigation, growing, fertilizer - Garden
  17. Suggestions for plant-n-forget-about-it summer vegetables?: irrigation, growing, vines - Garden
  18. I need help identifying my indoor tree.: flowers, Hibiscus, identify this tree - Garden
  19. Growing A Chilli Plant... Supposedly: peppers, planting, greenhouse, weed - Garden
  20. Asparagus plant: growing, spring, plants, trim - Garden
  21. Help me choose a backpack blower: yard, Kansas, best, new - Garden
  22. Mulch mixed in with soil when planting: bush, new, cedar - Garden
  23. Growing plants in an enclosed balcony garden: insects, feedback, fruit
  24. Allamanda bushes in Tennessee: trees, south, leaves, freeze - Garden
  25. News, ‘No-till farming’ revolution grows in Indiana.: growing, fertilizer, cutting - Garden
  26. What are good websites with gardening tips?: flowers, plant, usda
  27. Do perennial shrubs have a life expectancy?: flowers, grown, fertilizing - Garden
  28. Bush Lily: Problem with Leaves. Fungus?: grown, insects, south, cold - Garden
  29. fence covering vine for zone 4?: growing, Clematis, Honeysuckle, Hydrangea - Garden
  30. Hosta .What to use to prevent leaf eating bugs??: hostas, leaves - Garden
  31. Zoysia grass: lawn, mower, yard, spring - Garden
  32. Starter seeds won't start: cucumber, cold, plants, fast - Garden
  33. May and our backyard maple tree is bare: no leaves, minimal buds?: growing, trees - Garden
  34. Weeds in bed of liriope...: growing, grass, shade, cover - Garden
  35. needs help w/new tree: growing, trees, veggies, backyard - Garden
  36. Suggestions needed for shade-tolerant vegetables: mushrooms, growing, cat, trees - Garden
  37. Wilting Leap for Newly Planted Purple Lantana: flowers, grow, fertilizer - Garden
  38. Cherry tree trouble?: weeping cherry, grown, grass, leaves - Garden
  39. Tree Trouble: What should I do?: trees, city, leaves, house - Garden
  40. What kind of Lawn Mower do you Have: grass, yard, leaves - Garden
  41. What to plant for seasonal changes of sun and shade?: flowers, spider - Garden
  42. Leaf Miners: tomato, how to, leaves, plants - Garden
  43. Ok to fertilize before fruit?: growing, fertilizer, containers, tomatoes - Garden
  44. Tree stumps and honey fungus: trees, plant, fruit, roots - Garden
  45. Plant Saucers: plants, root, purchase, water - Garden
  46. Columbine (and bees): flowers, growing, butterfly, trees - Garden
  47. New to gardening- want to grow spinach and kale indoors: lawn, growing
  48. Small Tree leaning heavily: landscape, front yard, leaves, plant - Garden
  49. Identify this Flower: Honeysuckle, plant, Oklahoma, live - Garden
  50. Last year there was Black spots over all maple tree leaves: trees, spring - Garden
  51. Planting grape year - Garden
  52. Pond Algae as Fertilizer: flowers, vegetables, backyard, plants - Garden
  53. about compost for organic vegetables in containers: flowers, growing plants, fertilizer - Garden
  54. Royal Poinciana, Dwarf Poinciana, & Golden Rain Tree: flowers, growing, ficus - Garden
  55. Help! Bamboo ID needed... may have planted invasive type.: growing plants, grass, butterfly - Garden
  56. Too late.......: flowers, peonies, spring, north - Garden
  57. Plain soil instead of bark mulch?: flowers, lawn, landscaping, trees - Garden
  58. Can you explain how rain barrels for watering work?: lawn, irrigation, landscaping - Garden
  59. planting bushes: growing, Forsythia, magnolia, apple trees - Garden
  60. Beni Hemi Dwarf Maple - White stuff in soil: growing, spring, leaves - Garden
  61. Little black flying thing?!: growing, tomatoes, veggies, leaves - Garden
  62. Tree Alternatives to LA's Plan: flowers, landscape, growing, Arborvitae - Garden
  63. Where to buy Harglow dwarf apricot tree?: trees, yard, plant - Garden
  64. Specific weed identification (New Jersey): flowers, growing, roots, bush - Garden
  65. Aerogarden,: grown, cats, how to, northern
  66. Trivia: What is this growing on my lawn ??: crabgrass, vines, yard - Garden
  67. Trees similiar to Crepe Myrtle (shade, not root aggressive): grow, snakes, concrete - Garden
  68. Caring for Indoor Herbs (currently with Fungus Gnats): compost, watering, seeds - Garden
  69. Is it normal to have crabgrass growing in my new Zoysia sod just 6 weeks in: lawns, lawn - Garden
  70. News, Snake Bites in Wal-Mart Stores Not Isolated Incidents: lawn, grow, cover - Garden
  71. Squirrels in the tomatoes: trees, front yard, peach, how to - Garden
  72. Support for tomatoes and peas and beans: flower, veggies, front yard - Garden
  73. Clay flower pots - what is the best way to decorate and fill them?: how to, plants - Garden
  74. Specific weed identification (New Jersey): flowers, growing, weeds, spring - Garden
  75. Divide daises now or wait?: blooming, year - Garden
  76. Uneven water amounts from sprinklers: lawn, irrigation, growing, how to - Garden
  77. Lilac yellowing: bug, worms, leaves, plant - Garden
  78. Identify This Weed In Indiana--Photos: winter, best, green - Garden
  79. First, weeds, now this!! *Pics*: spiders, lawns, crabgrass, lawn - Garden
  80. old peach trees which haven't been pruned.: flower, grow, Fruit Trees - Garden
  81. Crepe help: growing, trees, crape, myrtles - Garden
  82. Fewer blooms on Miss Kim lilac this year: grown, fertilizer, Lilacs - Garden
  83. Dog causing brown/dead spots on bushes: landscaping, grass, yard - Garden
  84. Whats new in veggie garden?: landscaping, grass, cilantro, tomatoes
  85. Edger Suggestions: lawns, growing, grass, trees - Garden
  86. What is that dark matter from decomposed logs???: growing, yard, plant - Garden
  87. News, Monstrous New Wasp Species Discovered in Indonesia: insect, rats, California - Garden
  88. Plants Growing, But ...: growing plants, containers, veggies, greenhouse - Garden
  89. Can someone identify this plant. thanks! - Garden
  90. Grass to grow in small area; will this be ok?: lawn, fertilizer - Garden
  91. Help save my Orchid: flowers, cold, plant, sale - Garden
  92. ID Flower: grow, winter, keep, year - Garden
  93. Plant options for little sunlight outdoors: anthurium, grown, palm, Ferns - Garden
  94. Companion planting: flowers, growing, grass, Ornamental Grasses - Garden
  95. Best/Worst plants - Arkansas: growing, Dogwood, Ferns, Honeysuckle - Garden
  96. How to Bring Daffs Inside?: flowers, growing, south, plants - Garden
  97. What to do with daffodil plant after it has bloomed: flowers, grow - Garden
  98. Alberta Spruce Spiral: spider, landscape, grow, fertilizer - Garden
  99. Paper Birch: tree, front yard, home, ground - Garden
  100. What is eating my blueberries?: trees, squirrel, fruit, rabbits - Garden
  101. azalea bushes: landscaping, growing, mower, hostas - Garden
  102. Is this a weed?: lawn, grow, back yard, plants - Garden
  103. Moles or gophers?: lawn, growing, vegetables, worms - Garden
  104. Need advice on Raised Vegetable Beds: landscape, growing, manure, grass - Garden
  105. What are cute little helicopter like mini dragonflies?: insects, north, mosquitoes - Garden
  106. fake flowers that look real?: Ferns, city, plants, indoors - Garden
  107. Japanese beetle preventative: Fruit Trees, spring, leaves, fruit - Garden
  108. Help Identifying Weed (New Jersey): lawn, growing, grass, Ivy - Garden
  109. Understanding the root system ....: growing, trees, Arizona, leaves - Garden
  110. All purpose spray for Roses?: flowers, grow, bugs, Rose Bushes - Garden
  111. green inchworms (cankerworms) have killed my trees?: flowers, containers, insect - Garden
  112. day lillies care: flowers, grown, DayLilies, spring - Garden
  113. Shrub/tree ID: flowers, trees, backyard, nursery - Garden
  114. Storm drain and sewer easement creates wet ground/ dead grass: trees, front yard - Garden
  115. Mosquitoes? suggestions: lawn, insects, back yard, spring - Garden
  116. Coconut Liners: price, cement, Home Depot, best - Garden
  117. Is my tree sick?: growing, trees, backyard, spring - Garden
  118. Want a fresh new backyard.: flowers, landscaping, grow, grass - Garden
  119. Themed gardens: flowers, iris, landscaping, growing
  120. How do you avoid farmer's tan ?: gardening, big, brown
  121. Passion Vine and Gulf Fritillary: passion flower, flower, grow, grass - Garden
  122. Crows preying on baby birds: butterflies, trees, yard, how to - Garden
  123. Dog friendly backyard??: flowers, lawn, landscaping, fertilizer - Garden
  124. Hornets' Nest: exterminator, growing, grass, butterfly - Garden
  125. ID on this is driving me crazy: flowers, growing, south - Garden
  126. Enhancing a concrete backyard wall?: flower, growing, Honeysuckle, vines - Garden
  127. The weeds have won.......: flower, iris, landscaping, growing - Garden
  128. Gone are our baby birds: grown, grass, insects, worm - Garden
  129. Can someone ID this bush: flowers, landscaping, Dogwood, Hydrangea - Garden
  130. help me design the best fence for my backyard: lawns, landscaping - Garden
  131. Ticks in the Garden: bugs, mowing, insect, dogs
  132. A Somewhat Silly About Ticks: lawn, grow, grass, trees - Garden
  133. Let's build a gardening library!: landscaping, growing, trees, insects
  134. Impatients wilting at the slightest drop of heat: flowers, growing, palm - Garden
  135. Foundation for garden shed: tree, concrete, back yard, northern
  136. WWIII starts TODAY in my backyard: grown, tree, groundhogs, veggies - Garden
  137. What is fair pay for simple garden work: lawn, landscaping, trees
  138. THIRD time planting grass seed and still NOTHING??: lawn, landscaping, growing - Garden
  139. Need suggestions on difficult garden area. Pics!: flowers, landscaping, growing
  140. Squireels eating my sunflowers: flower, growing, strawberries, cats - Garden
  141. My garden in 2012: landscaping, growing, 2013, flowering trees
  142. Lucky Bamboo: grown, north, south, plants - Garden
  143. Roses...RUGOSA types: growing, manure, trees, vines - Garden
  144. What is eating my canna leaves?: flower, crickets, fertilizer, bug - Garden
  145. what is this tree???: flowers, grown, trees, summer - Garden
  146. Most unusual or eye-catching garden plants personally seen?: flowers, growing, palms
  147. Hibiscus plants?: flowers, landscape, grown, fertilizer - Garden
  148. One year later...before and after: landscape, grown, tree, cypress - Garden
  149. Fertilizer Facts: manure, water, large, decks - Garden
  150. I need your help.....: flowers, grow, cilantro, strawberries - Garden
  151. Roundup: flowers, lawn, landscape, growing - Garden
  152. Wild Strawberries...are they safe to eat?: growing, yard, weed - Garden
  153. Is my shed worth saving?: lawn, lawn mower, insect, ants - Garden
  154. Grass and weed Advice (Nashville): weeping cherry, flowers, lawns, landscaping - Garden
  155. Porch Shaded Container Flowers: grow, Hibiscus, Hydrangea, containers - Garden
  156. Tips to make lawn look green?: fertilizer, grass, spring, leaves - Garden
  157. Garden vine driving me nuts: flower, grow, trees, vines
  158. Lawn Mower - Husqvarna vs Toro vs Craftsman: seeding, grass, yard - Garden
  159. Landscaping Shrub Suggestions?: flowers, irrigation, spring, feedback - Garden
  160. Found termites in a flower bed :(: weeping cherry, landscaping, tree, insects - Garden
  161. Snapdragons: flowers, grass, planting, sweet - Garden
  162. I hate the moles!: flowers, lawn, cats, mowing - Garden
  163. Planting trees with burlap root ball: landscape, grow, violet, nursery - Garden
  164. brown caterpillar: grow, grass, worm, yard - Garden
  165. poisen Ivy :(: growing, grass, trees, vines - Garden
  166. Attack birds!: bugs, cats, trees, insect - Garden
  167. MoJack garden tractor lift.......: mower, tractors, water, cement
  168. Suggestions for perennial spillers ?: flowers, growing plants, grass, trees - Garden
  169. What to plant near Air Conditioner, soggy soil: iris, landscaping, Ferns - Garden
  170. know what this is called?: flowers, growing, yard, weeds - Garden
  171. Container tomatoes: flowers, growing, strawberries, containers - Garden
  172. metal trash can: landscape, grow, fertilizer, manure - Garden
  173. Grubs Under Vegtable Garden: lawn, manure, grass, tomatoes
  174. How would you feel if you spotted a stranger taking pictures in your back yard?: flowers, trees - Garden
  175. My Veggie Garden 2012(Pics): grow, fertilizer, strawberries, butterfly
  176. Back to Eden gardening: lawns, landscape, growing, manure
  177. Practical to lay sod down in July/August? (North Carolina): seeding, grass - Garden
  178. pumpkin seeds: growing, fertilizer, nursery, how to - Garden
  179. ID this unknown stalk?: flower, mushrooms, growing, grass - Garden
  180. have veggie container gardens?: growing, containers, tomatoes, cucumbers
  181. Bare Root Rose Questions...I need guidance!: growing, fertilizer, grass - Garden
  182. Outdoor Fountain: concrete, fencing, planting, bush - Garden
  183. Vinegar isn't killing weeds particualrly well.: grow, veggies, concrete, north - Garden
  184. Air plant aka Tillandsia: exterminators, trees, front yard, weeds - Garden
  185. Lilac: flowers, growing, Lilacs, trees - Garden
  186. New wood fence around yard: how to kill weeds?: grass, plant, pets - Garden
  187. critters/skunks caught in hav-a-hart traps: flowers, exterminator, lawn, grow - Garden
  188. Big tree - too close to the house?: lawn, grass, magnolia - Garden
  189. Weed it or Keep it?? Help me decide! PART 1. Test your plant knowledge! : ): flowers, iris - Garden
  190. Transplanting Roses? and knock out rose: flowers, lawn, growing - Garden
  191. Another Tree: flowers, lawns, irrigation, landscaping - Garden
  192. Growth rate for a newly planted crape myrtle: flowers, growing, fertilizer - Garden
  193. Problems Mowing Soft and Spongy Sod: lawns, irrigation, landscaping, grass - Garden
  194. Unusual Cold/Frost/Freeze Warnings Past 3 nights...: flowers, peonies, trees - Garden
  195. News, Tomato genome project bears fruit: plants, produce - Garden
  196. Bamboo palm, in our out of the 14in container?: lawn, tree, nursery - Garden
  197. has Gynura nepalensis, Okinawa spinach or holesterol Spinach in his/her garden?: grown, vegetable
  198. How badly did frost hurt your fruit trees?: north, bloom, winter - Garden
  199. Pruning Family Jewels Milkweed: leaves, Houston - Garden
  200. Organic gardening mag. 1 yr $4.99: grow, plants, weed, price