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  112. about asian guys and white girls?: dating, boyfriend, women - Relationships
  113. Conyugal Visits: couple, Michigan, alone, public - Relationships
  114. [i know this is shallow to but girls w small breast dont turn me on: women, attracted - Relationships
  115. Why Can't People Just Let It Go?: date, wife, married - Relationships
  116. Who has a psych backround: date, single, advice, psycho - Relationships
  117. write NWS if you're going to publish racy pics: women, beautiful - Relationships
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  143. Age- Do you downplay it or tell it like it is?: dating, women - Relationships
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  145. I can see why you are divorced: girl, single, sex - Relationships
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  163. How would you feel if your lady got sick/deformed from implants you talked her into?: dating, how to - Relationships
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  172. Frasier trapped in a town of Larry the Cable Guys HELP: dating, Christian - Relationships
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  188. In general, how long does it take for an uncontested divorce to be finalized?: wife, marriage - Relationships
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  190. Guys: Are You A Big Butt Guy?: women, love, meaning - Relationships
  191. Married: Do you try to avoid men/women you are attracted to so you are fair to your spouse?: dating, wife - Relationships
  192. Clothing in relationships: dating, wife, how to, married
  193. Bald men Do you ladies think they are scrumpious???: love, sexy, looking - Relationships
  194. You really don't know what you're missing.: dating, wife, women - Relationships
  195. Single Post - I hate my... because...: family, child support, advice - Relationships
  196. How much DO people change?: therapy, older, sex, personality - Relationships
  197. This is it! He/She is the one!: dating, married, love - Relationships
  198. one have a myspace/ club: call, stalk - Relationships
  199. Your type of dude?: man, attractive, interested, attract - Relationships
  200. Relationships are like a glass, capable of shattering at time!!!!!!!!