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  1. Are oil temperature and pressure readings available on your obd2 model?: vehicles, fuel - Automotive
  2. Legitimate Upsells Vs Overselling/Stealing: vehicle, brake, purchase, sell - Automotive
  3. Why automakers made trunk or liftgate latches fully power dependent?: 2010, sedans - Automotive
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  7. know of SUVs or mid-size sedans i can get for $1000 or less: vehicle, gaskets - Automotive
  8. Quick Brake: replace, problem, 10k, cleaning - Automotive
  9. cars and new vs CPO questions: lease, luxury car, spark plugs - Automotive
  10. President's New Limo is a GMC Truck: pickup truck, Benz, Cadillac - Automotive
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  12. Review of my Carvana purchase: vehicle, 2015, best, mileage - Automotive
  13. Sawed cars: Japanese, buy, sell, American - Automotive
  14. good dash cam for parking mode?: buy, battery, car, money - Automotive
  15. Have you ever been charged a prepayment penalty on a car loan? Were you expecting it?: credit, truck - Automotive
  16. Larger tires for 2010 F-150 XL 4x4 Super Crew?: truck, replacement, Ford - Automotive
  17. Do dealership usually call back after declining a price offer?: coupe, buy - Automotive
  18. Oh, No!!! Gear Oil In The Yard!!! What Do I Do?: best, Subaru - Automotive
  19. Quickest Seen A Tech Quit/Get Fired?: CV, auto, fuel - Automotive
  20. How long for battery to disintegrate?: ABS, car, winter, Denver - Automotive
  21. Headlights Installed: vehicles, auto, buy, engine - Automotive
  22. Car brand website build your own feature: F150, vehicles, auto - Automotive
  23. Cars on tv, which did you own?: vehicles, 2015, trucks - Automotive
  24. Will plastic welding (bumper repair) alternative to bumper replacement ?: paint, shops, damage - Automotive
  25. Automobile repair cost calculator: brake, replacement, transmission, estimate - Automotive
  26. What to put under reason when asking for a speeding ticket reduction plea?: insurance, gas - Automotive
  27. List of Free Stuff for Maintaining Your Vehicle: credit, buy, sell - Automotive
  28. My new (Used) Car has an irritating vibration coming from the heat/air conditioning vent!: BMW, cost - Automotive
  29. Best Way to Sell You Car?: vehicle, tire, California, price - Automotive
  30. Has got a significant discount on a no hassle used car price at a dealer?: insurance, vehicles - Automotive
  31. Actuator for heater door: vehicle, air conditioning, SUV, valve - Automotive
  32. Does your repair facility rock?: truck, engine, Ford, Toyota - Automotive
  33. Heat causing a cracked windshield?: F150, vehicle, chip, truck - Automotive
  34. inherited car in Colorado/title lost: car insurance, vehicle, camper, truck - Automotive
  35. Advice For Tech Starting In New Shop?: best, chip, engine - Automotive
  36. Uber/Lyft Drivers - How many miles do you typically put on your vehicle a year?: rental, fuel - Automotive
  37. Should I buy this car according to the CarFax? Thanks!: lease, insurance - Automotive
  38. What is the Grease to use for power window regulator tracks?: replace, battery - Automotive
  39. Comming to a Dodge dealer near you soon: muscle car, vehicles, convertible - Automotive
  40. auto repair tip #66.: 2015, replace, used, work - Automotive
  41. Headers on my GMC: vehicle, fuel, best, exhaust - Automotive
  42. Can I apply wax after clay bar?: exhaust, buy, cost - Automotive
  43. The Elio Motors saga continues.: vehicle, 2013, credit, miles per gallon - Automotive
  44. Florida Resident being gifted car in Texas - Reg. & Taxes?: insurance, vehicle - Automotive
  45. Second Opinion Fred...: insurance, best, purchase, replacing - Automotive
  46. Best Used Crossovers Under $3200: rental, vehicle, joint, salvage - Automotive
  47. Gm going to use 4 bangers in their pickup痴: vehicle, spark plug, valve - Automotive
  48. How to work with Mobile Mechanic, side work mechanic ?: van, credit, seats - Automotive
  49. Crossover and SUV owners, do you prefer 2-2-3 seating or 2-3-2 setups seating wise?: F150, vehicle - Automotive
  50. People in the South who use hazard lights when it rains: drivers, wagon - Automotive
  51. Automatic transmissions, vs Standard, vs dual-clutch, vs CVT.: vehicle, fuel, lane - Automotive
  52. air conditioning troubleshooting tips?: vehicle, windshield, spark plugs, replace - Automotive
  53. Pretty Little Car and Ugly CarFax report: lease, insurance, vehicles - Automotive
  54. My brother only buys his used cars from a major dealer, no small lots- spends more money...: F150, vehicle - Automotive
  55. People calling me to chat while they're driving in their car: vehicle, drivers - Automotive
  56. Repair Warranty not being honored: auto, brakes, engine, replacement - Automotive
  57. What Would You Buy?: rental, vehicle, sedan, hybrid - Automotive
  58. Ever purchase the wrong new car?: lease, rentals, insurance, vehicle - Automotive
  59. Fuel mileage increase secret: brakes, MPG, valve, trucks - Automotive
  60. Cruise nights and get togethers: muscle car, vehicles, joint, motorcycles - Automotive
  61. The deadly danger of keyless cars: vehicle, 2015, auto, idle - Automotive
  62. Got a ticket.... can I fight it ?: insurance, driving record, vehicles - Automotive
  63. 13 inch performance wheels, why no more?: vehicle, German, Japanese, brakes - Automotive
  64. Do you shift into N in traffic?: red light, manual transmission, brakes - Automotive
  65. Who uses auto climate control correctly and if you don't, why not?: luxury, Audi - Automotive
  66. Would car crashes be less fatal if our vehicles were all made out of plastic instead of metal?: vehicle, fuel - Automotive
  67. Cargo Van comparisons: vehicles, 2014, pickup truck, buy - Automotive
  68. Pulled over yesterday for not wearing seatbelt.: insurance, drivers, Texas - Automotive
  69. Rental cars: Favorite, least favorite, and issues?: rentals, vehicles, 2012 - Automotive
  70. Renting a storage unit to detail car: vehicle, battery, lights - Automotive
  71. I think my mechanic is trying to rip me off, break fluid leak.: insurance, auto - Automotive
  72. First time speeding ticket, is it worth going to court?: driving record, best - Automotive
  73. Why Own a Car When You Can Subscribe to One Instead?: lease, insurance - Automotive
  74. Prince Harry's Jaguar: best, price, head, 1998 - Automotive
  75. How much do cellphones distract drivers.: red light, traction, speeding, head - Automotive
  76. Ownership philosophy on your new car: lease, insurance, vehicle, 2014 - Automotive
  77. Bumper stickers on cars: credit, drivers, American, paint - Automotive
  78. Tips to avoid speeding tickets.: vehicle, speed trap, credit, brakes - Automotive
  79. Best Car to Bring to Europe: muscle car, vehicle, 2015, German - Automotive
  80. Graphic example of why engine failures occur on newer engines.: fuel, best - Automotive
  81. Police auction cars: luxury, vehicle, idle, best - Automotive
  82. For of you trying to impress the ladies with your ride: luxury, vehicle - Automotive
  83. Have you read your new cars owners manual.You may find out the rules have changed.: 2015, tires - Automotive
  84. The Weird Things Car Thieves Steal: insurance, vehicle, auto, air conditioning - Automotive
  85. can't afford to fix daily driver or buy used car: vehicle, gasket - Automotive
  86. Single Seat Car Coming: luxury, vehicle, sedan, SUV - Automotive
  87. Car Loan Application: vehicle, credit, best, truck - Automotive
  88. Multi-national car development: luxury, vehicles, Germany, sedan - Automotive
  89. How much would it cost to install keyless entry into a car?: sedans, plugs - Automotive
  90. Questions about speedometer and MPG: vehicle, 2015, fuel, tires - Automotive
  91. Wireless ignition keys vs standard ignition keys. Which do you prefer?: vehicle, SUV - Automotive
  92. LOL At Craigslist Ads: 2015, convertibles, mileage, buy - Automotive
  93. Rev engine to increase cooling fan speed?: vehicles, idle, trucks - Automotive
  94. obesity and crossovers/SUVs: vehicle, van, CUV, AWD - Automotive
  95. How much is your net; How much your car payment?: car payments, purchase - Automotive
  96. New shocks make truck rear axle shake in sand.: vehicle, traction, tires - Automotive
  97. Car shaking/wobbling on bridges?: fast and furious, traction, brakes, tires - Automotive
  98. Can dealership lower interest?: auto, credit, best, buy - Automotive
  99. what's better: old car with fewer miles, newer car with lots of miles: vehicle, 2015 - Automotive
  100. high milage car: vehicles, 2012, sedan, best - Automotive
  101. Do You Have a Spare Car in Your Driveway?: insurance, vehicle, auto - Automotive
  102. Thinking about how much we really pay to finance a car!: car loan, credit - Automotive
  103. Coincidence or Not? Compressor replaced; manual transmission promptly fails: 2009, windshield, fuel - Automotive
  104. 96 month car loans: car payments, vehicle, auto, credit - Automotive
  105. Fiat Abarth -vs- Mazda MX-5 Miata RF: manual gearbox, targa, Japanese - Automotive
  106. Chase Banker asking me to sign on a blank Form 4506 (Request for Transcript of a Tax Return): auto, bank - Automotive
  107. Rats can't resist the wiring in newer cars: s why: insurance, vehicle - Automotive
  108. How can I rent the car I really want?: rental, vehicle, 2011 - Automotive
  109. OHV in-line 6 engine: F150, fuel, MPG, engines - Automotive
  110. Very impressive 2018 Camry crash: car engine, vehicle, auto, sedan - Automotive
  111. Check engine light came on, disabled it but came back on: exhaust, mileage - Automotive
  112. Best online site to learn fair price for car?: vehicle, purchase, average - Automotive
  113. Would you accept all cash for a used car?: buy, driver, bank - Automotive
  114. What convertible can I buy with a 30,000 a year income?: insurance, windshield - Automotive
  115. Chances of being approved?: insurance, vehicle, fast and furious, 2015 - Automotive
  116. Kia Soul vs Mazda 3 vs Camry/Corolla? Others??: lease, rentals, vehicles - Automotive
  117. 16-Year-Old Boy Crushed to Death by Third-Row Seat While Retrieving Tennis Gear: vehicle, seats - Automotive
  118. So many new/semi newish cars still have really cheap interiors: vehicle, 2015 - Automotive
  119. Help me identify the age of tires: vehicle, traction, best - Automotive
  120. Electrified Road... The Technology is definitely coming... ICE Cars are as good as dead.: vehicles, 2013 - Automotive
  121. Don't do this when buying a used car: vehicle, salvage, brakes - Automotive
  122. Police seizing cars involved in crimes?: vehicle, buy, sell, bank - Automotive
  123. Check Engine Light on = cannot get oil changed?: auto, brakes, tires - Automotive
  124. No Pressure Car Dealers: lease, auto, versus, truck - Automotive
  125. spark plug replacement interval: vehicles, spark plugs, trucks, purchase - Automotive
  126. did you know there's a right way to exit a car?: 2013, brake - Automotive
  127. Bumbper stickers: vehicles, truck, engine, Jeep - Automotive
  128. Is it because I知 a girl: insurance, vehicle, 2014 - Automotive
  129. Has ever get stopped by police in the middle of nowhere and get their car seized, effectively stranding them.: vehicle, 2014 - Automotive
  130. Have cop cars lost their presence?: vehicle, SUV, best, pickup - Automotive
  131. People who rebadge/falsely badge their cars. Why?: vehicles, GTR, coupe - Automotive
  132. What happened to simple cars?: vehicle, tire, best, pickup truck - Automotive
  133. silly oil change: F150, car engine, vehicle, brakes - Automotive
  134. on new sedan: 2010, German, auto, mileage - Automotive
  135. Parking: What does Early Bird mean?: price, cars, cheaper, free - Automotive
  136. Shipping a car with uShip bidding.: insurance, vehicle, best, pickup - Automotive
  137. Expectations after car was serviced?: vehicle, joint, SUV, best - Automotive
  138. Epic crash of a raised dump trailer full of canola seed: vehicle, truck - Automotive
  139. Uber rental car damaged: car insurance, vehicle, best, truck - Automotive
  140. Transmission disengages after a few minutes... Thoughts?: lease, auto, van - Automotive
  141. GM Kills Off Sonic, Ford Won't Bring New Fiesta To USA: rentals, vehicle - Automotive
  142. Venting, wife wants the nearly impossible: lease, vehicle, sedan, SUV - Automotive
  143. Do you stay clear of cars of certain license plates when it snows?: luxury, vehicles - Automotive
  144. We are near the death of the Sedan in America. Why are people no longer buying cars? [MERGED]: luxury car, vehicles - Automotive
  145. Saving money running winter tires all year long?: traction, motorcycle, good tire - Automotive
  146. Kelley Blue Book Trade-in vs. Private Party Price: vehicle, 2011, auto - Automotive
  147. Will leakdown test show false positive on non interference engine?: gasket, plugs - Automotive
  148. Porsche 968 vs. Mustang Cobra: insurance, convertibles, best, exhaust - Automotive
  149. Dear Auto Body Experts.: traction, windshield, best, chip - Automotive
  150. transmission problem = death of car?: vehicle, 2012, gaskets, versus - Automotive
  151. dealer doc fees?: vehicle, best, buy, sell - Automotive
  152. Looking for a new 1/2 gas job: F150, lease, 2013, auto - Automotive
  153. Swivel out front seat: lease, vehicle, seats, engine - Automotive
  154. New Car Bargains, saving money buying a new car in another state.: vehicle, best - Automotive
  155. Dodge Journey: Why are so many used ones available for sale?: vehicles, 2009 - Automotive
  156. Having An Auto Shipped: rental, vehicle, pickup truck, buy - Automotive
  157. Average car age in the United States is 11.5 years: F150, vehicles, 2014 - Automotive
  158. brake service at the dealer vs. Mavis discount tire (local shop): brakes, AWD - Automotive
  159. Oil viscosity requirements have changed a lot lately: vehicles, motorcycles, fuel - Automotive
  160. For that lease: How do you guys stay under 15,000 miles per year?: vehicle, SUV - Automotive
  161. What causes floor jacks to suddenly go bad?: brake, truck, buying - Automotive
  162. When car shopping how many models do you test drive on average???: F150, muscle car - Automotive
  163. Trailer hitch: vehicle, best, truck, towing - Automotive
  164. Why is the majority of vehicles tuned for sportiness and being aggressive??: luxury, tires - Automotive
  165. Clutching with sore right hip: vehicle, manual transmission, trucker, buy - Automotive
  166. Car owner quiz: MPG, valve, pickup, engines - Automotive
  167. Lifted trucks?: credit, tires, pickup trucks, California - Automotive
  168. Emergency car fixes that got you home. We all have proud moments.: vehicle, auto - Automotive
  169. This is the kind of idiot who will discourage development of autonomous vehicles.: vehicle, driver - Automotive
  170. Ooo-ooo, That Smell!: vehicles, best, seats, truck - Automotive
  171. What's been your longest lasting car Battery? Whats been the shortest?: vehicle, 2012 - Automotive
  172. What is the typical pay and hours for car salespeople?: auto, best - Automotive
  173. Did you participate in Cash-for-clunkers: F150, vehicles, 2009, credit - Automotive
  174. Tell us about your cars best attributes.: F150, 2015, alarm - Automotive
  175. When would you say gasoline is too expensive?: vehicle, MPG, truck - Automotive
  176. John Deere 210 losing fuel prime: auto, exhaust, buy, engine - Automotive
  177. Website similar to lease, vehicles, auto, SUV - Automotive
  178. Ford to drop cars the Mustang: F150, vehicles, sedan - Automotive
  179. Stories of blown engines?: insurance, windshield, idle, motorcycle - Automotive
  180. Anti theft system activated, truck won't start: vehicles, alarm, brake - Automotive
  181. Cars with surprising gas mileage: F150, rental, 2015, fuel - Automotive
  182. Did I walk away from a running car?: rental, idle, hybrid - Automotive
  183. How long is to long to keep a car........: vehicle, mileage, buy - Automotive
  184. What do you consider a car to be reliable and worth keeping?: insurance, car payments - Automotive
  185. Bad cars that you can't help but like.: F150, gasket, coupe - Automotive
  186. Beeping Your Car After You Close the Doors and Walking Away: alarm, buy - Automotive
  187. Truck Owners...Registration: F150, vehicle, camper, seats - Automotive
  188. Can I buy a car on behalf of my friend?: insurance, vehicle - Automotive
  189. Walmart Value Car Batteries: 2010, truck, buy, selling - Automotive
  190. Leather wrapped steering wheels: vehicles, heated seats, buy, BMW - Automotive
  191. What kind of floor jack to get for a 2009 diesel F-250?: insurance, vehicles - Automotive
  192. Why are tractor trailers built so underpowered?: trucks, engine, towing - Automotive
  193. Almost Killed By Seat Belt, Closest I've Ever Came To Death: vehicle, driver - Automotive
  194. Why don't identical keys work with different cars?: alarm, Japanese, chip - Automotive
  195. Cloth interior vs leather what's your experience?: windshield, heated seats, driver - Automotive
  196. Strange trend with tuner cars?: muscle car, vehicle, fast and furious, SUV - Automotive
  197. Do most drivers never use shortcuts to get around traffic?: GPS, California - Automotive
  198. Dieseling: vehicle, idle, fuel, octane - Automotive
  199. Lady gets hit and continues driving like it didn't happen: van, best - Automotive
  200. Airbag front suspension: air bag, towing, Ford, 2005 - Automotive