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  62. Coconut Crab - Nature
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  102. Watch this octopus. - Nature
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  105. ......... Owen & Mzee....... - Nature
  106. ........Piglet taking a bath in a bidet...... - Nature
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  108. Guinea hens: bugs, birds, chicken, coyote - Nature
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  116. Do you watch Nature on PBS or Nova?: wild
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  124. Whats up with cactuses and stuff, you guys? - Nature
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  129. Humpback Whales: look - Nature
  130. Honey Bees Extinction.: insects, snake - Nature
  131. Outside in my little pond..: wildlife, wild, look - Nature
  132. cows get cabin fever in the winter: look, Tennessee - Nature
  133. Nature Vs Man: The Atlantic Road,a Highway in Norway: cold
  134. Young fox is playful on golf course - Nature
  135. Upsetting experience at the zoo: dog, pet - Nature
  136. Is this going to be another bumper crop of acorns?: wildlife, wild - Nature
  137. Horned Green Caterpillar with eggs attached?: insect, chicken, look - Nature
  138. Is this Weird For A Squirrel?: bug, birds, mice, dog - Nature
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  140. Which would you rather wake up to in bed?: bug, mouse, spider - Nature
  141. Fostering baby squirrels: raccoon, dog, wildlife, survive - Nature
  142. Critters that stink??: bugs, dog, coyote, eagle - Nature
  143. help me identify what is this!!!: bugs, insects, beetle - Nature
  144. Lion kills woman interning at Calif. sanctuary: wildlife, wild, look - Nature
  145. The misunderstood opossum: dog, pet, wild, look - Nature
  146. Animal print clothing can confuse zoo animals: insects, birds, snakes - Nature
  147. Can a raccoon climb out of a large, empty Dumpster?: dog, noise - Nature
  148. Defense Attorney Urgently Needed!: bug, cold, Indiana, Massachusetts - Nature
  149. You worried about Yellowstone?: eruption, bird, volcano, cam - Nature
  150. Cows mooing all night...why?????: coyote, Angus - Nature
  151. 727 lb alligator caught in Mississippi this weekend - Nature
  152. What Kind of Animal Would You Be: bird, dog, eagle - Nature
  153. Coyotes. How dangerous?: dog, chicken, pet, New York - Nature
  154. Ever gone naked in the wild?: dog, look, Alabama - Nature
  155. Best cities for nature lovers(in North America): wild, look, Alaska
  156. where do birds sleep: feathers, turkey, robin, windows - Nature
  157. about my recent encounter...: birds, wildlife, pet, wild - Nature
  158. How Does Luck Bamboo Grow with Just Water???? - Nature
  159. Raccoon bandit last 10 seconds are absolutely hilarious!: birds, noise, wild - Nature
  160. Nature Mistakes in Movies: birds, spider, spiders, eagle
  161. Bee/Wasp nest underground: dog, look - Nature
  162. Cardinal constantly flying at our window?: birds, robin, windows, robins - Nature
  163. Skunk?: bugs, dog, coyote, eagle - Nature
  164. Hybrid animals- not the natural order of things: wild, look - Nature
  165. Is there possibility to save forest from summer fires?: insects, pet - Nature
  166. Mama Duck alerts cops she and her ducklings need help: pet - Nature
  167. This moose is in love.: look - Nature
  168. A ludicrous belief about opossums.: bird, raccoon, dog, chicken - Nature
  169. ....... Tortoise helping a friend ......: bug - Nature
  170. Stop Feeding The Ducks: insects, birds, mice, geese - Nature
  171. What would steal a robin's egg?: birds, snake, robins, pet - Nature
  172. Scat on the lawn - whose?: bug, raccoon, dog, look - Nature
  173. Crow Terrorized By Tiny Mockingbird: birds, geese, chicken, noise - Nature
  174. ever see this?: birds, mice, dog, wildlife - Nature
  175. 30,000 bees attack couple and kill 2 horses: insects, Arizona, Texas - Nature
  176. What would happen if everyone stopped watering their lawns?: birds, wildlife, survive - Nature
  177. Violent Wolf Attacks Leading Cause of Death in USA-: birds, survive, wild - Nature
  178. Wildflowers when traveling: bird, snakes, snake, robin - Nature
  179. News, Snake-bite victim socked with $55K bill: snakes, look, Florida - Nature
  180. World's Largest Insect so Big it Eats Carrots: bugs, insects, mice - Nature
  181. Did King Cobra really guard 2 puppies who had fallen in a well?: snakes, snake - Nature
  182. Unidentified Animal Skeleton: bug, raccoon, look - Nature
  183. Five moths in my room now.: spider, spiders, Michigan - Nature
  184. Now this is a Real Life Angry Bird!: birds, feathers, geese - Nature
  185. Where Have All The Pheasants Gone -- Long Time Passing: bugs, birds - Nature
  186. Your preferred terrain type: bug, birds, cold, wildlife - Nature
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  200. Disabled foal inspires disabled boy - Nature