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  96. Is this: Gospels, testimony, church, believe - Christianity
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  99. Who is my mother? and who are my brethren?: doctrine, believe - Christianity
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  101. U.S. News on MSNBC (12/14/11) ... adults who are married dropped to a record low in 2009-2010: hell, women - Christianity
  102. Jesus was born during the feast of tabernacles: purification, Leviticus, zacharias - Christianity
  103. Bringing Down Full Preterism - Step 1 - City Data: crucifixion, Gospels, Epistles - Christianity
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  115. Christ in YOU Colossians 1:27: Gospel, church, believe, Jesus Christ - Christianity
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  117. Ultimately, there is Good news: Gospel, hell, church, believe - Christianity
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  128. Your opinion?: mystic, Jesus, confess, POV - Christianity
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  139. The Bible is the very breath of God: Gospel, doctrine, women - Christianity
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  149. Sometimes life is just so very sad . . .: believe, prayer, Jesus - Christianity
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  168. for Christians: Why is it important: traditions, minority, prayers - Christianity
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  200. gospel harmony: Matthew, religion, Passover - Christianity