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  1. From the Trenches....100 Years.....1000 Faces: war, Canada, Toronto - History
  2. Julia C. Stimson. First US Army Major.: England, military, Americans - History
  3. The invention of addresses: influence, state, Japanese, origin - History
  4. Bessie Coleman Aviator - History
  5. Did the Italians, Romanians, and Serbs in Austria-Hungary want to join Italy/Serbia/Romania before WWI?: war, empire - History
  6. When did ordinary people become able to afford taking large numbers of photos?: 60s, invention - History
  7. Collection of vintage Thanksgiving photos: ancient, general, dress - History
  8. Oldest footage of London: bomb, years, USA, government - History
  9. Grey Owl the Imposter.: Britain, raids, Spanish, years - History
  10. Looking for an excellent book on the Bronze Age Minoan civilization: ancient, influence - History
  11. A the outbreak of WWII who would have won in a fight, Hitler or Stalin?: WW2, biggest - History
  12. WW II from space: WW2, bomb, Britain, colonies - History
  13. History of White House (sites and workers): war, Europeans, slave
  14. The introduction of telephones to congress: 80s, years, country, United States - History
  15. Why political affiliation with city positions?: state, years, cities - History
  16. Human Sacrifice In Europe: ancient, Romans, Europeans, historical - History
  17. Netherlands and farming: ancient, Spanish, conquer, years - History
  18. are my parents right to lock me in my room as punishment because i sneak out when grounded ?: historical, battle - History
  19. Samuel Huntington: president, United States, government, historians - History
  20. What if someone from the upper paleolithic happened to survive to today?: years, why - History
  21. What if the Allies in WWI had been determined on unconditional surrender?: WWII, war - History
  22. 1968 US Election: assassin, assassination, peace, army - History
  23. The century of greater political evolution in the United States - 1810 to 1910, or 1910 to 2010?: greatest, influence - History
  24. knowledgeable about Millard Fillmore?: presidency, years, language, Canada - History
  25. The Clydebank Blitz in Scotland: WW2, bomb, Hitler, American - History
  26. Pedophilia In Ancient Greece & Rome?: Romans, general, 80s, facts - History
  27. Compare John Tyler and James Polk: presidents, Allies, how, ally - History
  28. WWI Footage Colorized and Slowed - History
  29. Archaeologist in Egypt discover mummification workshop - History
  30. Are all isolated tribes destined for extinction?: war, events, colonization - History
  31. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution: WWII, war, Eisenhower, president - History
  32. Dick Leitsch, the very civil protester: rights, how, ally - History
  33. Ships that sank on their maiden voyages: war, 1950s, Japanese - History
  34. New miniseries on Starz channel--Maximillian set in late 1400s: European, historical, ally - History
  35. How come the Mongols did not continue efforts to conquer Japanese Archipelago: Chinese, empire - History
  36. What is the general consensus on ancient Israel & Judah?? - History
  37. Dr McCune Smith..: England, Washington, state, origin - History
  38. Why do generations bash the decade after?: influence, 80's, ally - History
  39. with the Dominguez & Escalante expeditions?: Spanish, country, United States - History
  40. How long do Mass Extinctions take to actually do the job: war, facts - History
  41. Lakebed preserves secrects of Mayan civilization's collapse: ancient, years, decline - History
  42. Meteor airburst in Middle East, 3700 years ago resembles Biblical destruction - History
  43. Infantile Paralysis in the early 1900s: 1950s, countries, torture, document - History
  44. Herman Shine, Auschwitz escapee, dies at 95: years, how, best, ally - History
  45. How will history remember George H.W. Bush?
  46. How Much Did Slave Money Build The U.S?: Mexican, European, economy - History
  47. Help re Battle Action and locations of HQ ETOUSA in WWII: WW2, war - History
  48. When did New York City reach the same level as London?: war, influence - History
  49. The 1800s: When Americans Drank Whiskey Like it was Water - History
  50. Was the Battle of Actium a Coup ??: war, Roman, Egyptian - History
  51. my Nazi history: WWII, war, England, general
  52. How Does a King/Queen Address Nobility?: England, general, European - History
  53. Albert Einsteinís private diaries reveal his racist views: general, 1920s, Europeans - History
  54. Would JFK be reelected: WW2, economy, assassin, assassinated - History
  55. Footage from Berlin in 1936: war, bomb, Russians, conquer - History
  56. To REALLY be American do your roots in the land have to go back to before 1865?: events, slavery - History
  57. Why 536 was Ďthe worst year to be aliveí: Roman, Egypt, empire - History
  58. Would the great Napoleonic generals be able to adapt to modern mechanized warfare? - History
  59. How different would things had been had both Nazi Germany and the USSR collapsed during WWII?: WW2, general - History
  60. How did people react towards the first WTC attack?: bomb, general, 90s - History
  61. Riddles of History: Coincidence, cycles of life, pre-programmed fatality?: greatest, general, Lincoln
  62. The End Of WW I: WWII, war, Britain, general - History
  63. did ancient and medievel armies attach whetstones to their shield or armour: war, viking - History
  64. Ancient Rome?: Romans, economic, events, slaves - History
  65. The truth about Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and the Iranian revolution of 1979: war, influence - History
  66. Russia's 20th century development without Communism: WWII, war, Roman, Britain - History
  67. German Prisoner of War Camps in the US: WWII, general, 60's - History
  68. Collapse of the Bronze Age - 1150-1000 B.C.: ancient, war, Roman - History
  69. Native American testimonies: ancient, 60s, Washington, president - History
  70. D day: WW2, war, Britain, generals - History
  71. Viking festival at Largs in Scotland: influence, Britain, biggest, kings - History
  72. Had Germany been aware of D-Day could they have repulsed it?: bomb, Hitler - History
  73. Had Stalin not implemented his purge how much more effective would the USSR been in WWII?: war, Roman - History
  74. Why the morbid fascination with the German military?: WW2, war, general - History
  75. 1988 US military vs 2018 US military: who would win in a war?: 1980s, events - History
  76. Robert E. Lee - was no saint, can we end this myth?: ancient, war - History
  77. People In China 2 Million Years Ago?: general, 1990s, facts, Chinese - History
  78. Supplementary reading for learn the basics of American Civil War?: influences, Lincoln - History
  79. Why weren't other forms of sailing more prevelant?: 70s, European, biggest - History
  80. Just how accurate are facts about the American Revolutionary War?: Great Britain, general - History
  81. Why Did Native Americans Practice Slavery?: war, Egypt, European, colonization - History
  82. Cities and territories that begin with New: WWII, Britain, Mexico - History
  83. The most and least qualified US Presidents: war, Washington, Lincoln - History
  84. Horses and where they originated.: ancient, general, Europeans, economic - History
  85. What Did Ancient Egypt Contribute?: Roman, Egyptian, influence, 1990s - History
  86. Why World War I is considered much more horrific than previous wars in History?: influence, Great Britain
  87. Who are really great american born mathematicians ?: general, biggest, economic - History
  88. Napoleon Bonaparte: WW2, greatest, generals, Hitler - History
  89. about World War I draft: WWII, Spanish, France, military - History
  90. McCain vs. Bush: war, economy, origin, president - History
  91. Why did the Southeastern US's population grow much faster than the interior South's?: England, 1950s - History
  92. Did in the Politburo actually believe the we are all equal garbage?: biggest, USSR - History
  93. Why were so many Civil War generals bad?: Lincoln, biggest, president - History
  94. The failed American Revolution: war, Britain, general, colonies - History
  95. V2 Rocket - What if The Americans Or UK Got It First?: WW2, war - History
  96. Soviet-Afghan War: Did America learn from the Soviet Union's mistakes?: WW2, invaded - History
  97. Why ancient Egyptian bronze age swords take this awkward shape: WWII, war - History
  98. Was king James (cf KJV Bible) likely a homosexual?: general, origin, country - History
  99. Pre-World War II Travel Between Countries: WW2, Rome, bomb, 1930s - History
  100. What made German Wehrmacht so Effective in WW2, 1939-42: war, bomb, Britain - History
  101. Why German Wehrmacht Failed in Barbarossa / Russia 1941: WW2, war, bomb - History
  102. National Parks Service .. numerous articles on different subjects: interior - History
  103. Classic & Rare Photos Of Yesteryear - History
  104. A book about Europe's danger spots in the late 1930s: Roman, Hitler - History
  105. What is your theory on why Edward the confessor changed his mind: war, England - History
  106. C-span's The Contenders: president, political, historians, Eugene - History
  107. Harold Hayes, ex-WW2 died at 94: war, German, attack, American - History
  108. The most tornado in history: war, Washington, invaded, historical
  109. Amateur Video of L.A. Riots: war, language - History