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  1. of the Oldest Things on Earth - History
  2. 5.3 Million Years of History on a Cliff Face: how, ally
  3. California Was an Island: Mexico, interior, historical, years - History
  4. British Pathé uploads 85,000 historic films to YouTube.: events, historical, USA - History
  5. Why did this future never come to be?: general, 60's, colonies - History
  6. Things that are much older/more recent than you'd believe: war, Mexico - History
  7. Found German war hero Kurt Knispel: greatest, tanks, military, battle - History
  8. Why did the democracy become the polity of Europe around the year 1900?: European, Greek - History
  9. Falkland Palace Fife Scotland: England, origin, kings, years - History
  10. Alternate History A U.S.-British-French Alliance in 1919-1920 and Beyond: WW2, war
  11. If You're Into Dinos.: historical, ally - History
  12. What were the evil influences in history?: German, peoples, how
  13. Alternate History Eventual Likelihood of Various Teritorial Gains for Germany After World War I Without Nazis?: Hitler, state
  14. The Lascars: England, years, ally - History
  15. Hank: 5 Years from the Brink: general, Washington, economic, president - History
  16. News, Hungarian Jews mark 70th anniversary of Nazi Germany invasion: WWII, invaded - History
  17. Assassination attempts on Hitler: war, bomb, Britain, France - History
  18. When did people first settle in the different regions of earth?: women - History
  19. Which southern states had the most action/changes during the Civil Rights Movement of the 60's?: bomb, state - History
  20. Was Andrew Jackson born in North or South Carolina?: historical, years, why - History
  21. The Battle of Athens 2 AUGUST 1946: general, Mexico, 60's, Washington - History
  22. Houston History - Moody Park Riots: state, years, officers, rights
  23. News, President Harrison Didn't Die How We: United States, historians, ally - History
  24. Good Muslims of Paris in WW2: document, popular - History
  25. Alternate History The History of France Since 1848 Had Napoleon III Died Young: WW2, assassin
  26. Post-World War I Plebiscite (Referendum) Requests Which Were Rejected: France, president, Germans - History
  27. Wreck of Christopher Columbus' flagship Santa Maria found off Haiti?: years, America - History
  28. The interesting story of Captain Edward Vernon Rickenbacker: war, battle, America - History
  29. How would you compare and contrast the Oregon spotted owl laws with the UK mine closures?: Britain, general - History
  30. Amending the U.S. Constitution: state, kings, years, government - History
  31. Ghost Shirt of the Lakota People: war, years, battle, weapons - History
  32. unofficial/unauthorized but successful military operations: Britain, general, attack, peace - History
  33. News, Museum receives rare footage of FDR walking Video: state, president, Americans - History
  34. Behind The Iron Curtain videos: war, Roman, 80s - History
  35. Boys. Two Words: Time Share.: tanks, military, Latin, Vietnam - History
  36. The Future of the Family: general, economy, state, country - History
  37. Just fnished The Last Days Of Socrates by Plato: war, Romans, influence - History
  38. First Lincoln monument outside the US.: war, president, USA - History
  39. Robert the Bruce brother..: Ireland, country - History
  40. What happened after Rome fell?: Roman, invaded, empire, conquer - History
  41. Airhead Quotes: 70's, Eisenhower, president, years - History
  42. Why did the west go through secularizetion but the middle east didn't?: Romans, Egypt - History
  43. A few questions about Julius Caesar' Assassination.: Romans, general, captive - History
  44. The 9th Legion; Fact or Fiction: Roman, Britain, 1950s, historical - History
  45. The 369th Infantry Regiment: African, American, Africa, combat - History
  46. The Stuart name and why it was changed from Stewart: France, descendants - History
  47. Life Before Artificial Light: invention, German, America, London - History
  48. Sixty-nine years ago today: war, European, France, German - History
  49. Origins of the saying, blah, blah, blah, blah: ancient, war, years - History
  50. Who were the most socially revolutionary people in history?: Roman, England, generals
  51. Did You Know that Tea Bags, Zippers, and Kleenex Came From WWI?: war, invention - History
  52. Scots sworn to secrecy over German subs: surrender, document - History
  53. What will the world look like in 2050?: events, civilization, cities - History
  54. Audrey Hepburn and the Dutch Resistance: war, Hitler, years, countries - History
  55. Very Detailed Summary of Russia's Situation and Efforts During World War I: Russians, historical - History
  56. Was North Carolina or Tennessee the last state to secede from the Union?: war, general - History
  57. Who is your favorite Greek mythological hero?: war, Roman, Egyptian - History
  58. Singer Sewing Machines: England, 80s, events, Russian - History
  59. The Pyramids of Scotland: ancient, Egypt, why, ally - History
  60. Footage of Riots in 1930s?: Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh - History
  61. good reading material on Winston Churchill? factoids about him?): war, Britain - History
  62. 72 interesting facts about Adolf Hitler: German, American, leader, Berlin - History
  63. The Poor Tax: war, 1930's, economy, years - History
  64. Elks, Shriners, and Masons: How 'old man' frats got their names and symbols: why - History
  65. The greatest fighter ace in history Erich Hartmann: WW2, German, Germany
  66. How Prominent a Role did Ukraine, and Ukrainians play in running the Soviet Regime, and October Revolution?: Hitler, state - History
  67. Hitlers Romances: 1930s, years, historians, female - History
  68. Spain in the American Revolutionary War: Great Britain, colonies, state, Spanish - History
  69. The Crimean War: Britain, European, events, empire - History
  70. The French revolution.: general, why - History
  71. The Union Army Victory Parades And How They Saved The Nation: ancient, war - History
  72. If Homer Simpson and Gilligan Commanded A U.S. Naval Vessel...: war, compared - History
  73. Downloadable Halder's diaries 1939-1942: WW2, war, general, origin - History
  74. RFK Conspiracy: JFK, assassin, assassination, Eisenhower - History
  75. did U.S. gov.betray German Americans in ww1: WW2, war, Mexican - History
  76. 1997 - more like 1980 or 2014?: war, 80's, economy, state - History
  77. Churchill Great War Leader Or Wartime Figurehead.: WW2, Roman, influence - History
  78. Definitive early, mid, and late '90s: influences, 1990s, events - History
  79. The History of Walls.: Romans, Britain, Mexico, biggest
  80. How Would A Well-Armed Citizenry Have Changed History?: war, Hitler, Chinese
  81. The what if: war, 1950's, assassin, assassinated - History
  82. Why don't we have jetpacks and flying cars?: WWII, general, 1950s - History
  83. Plantations in the Confederate States: war, economy, state, slavery - History
  84. Could US win a war vs Russia?: influence, Hitler, Russians - History
  85. Where and what has traditionally been the boundary between the Slavic People and the easterly, mongoloid, nomads: ancient, Romans - History
  86. Historically most sucessful 'race'?: Roman, influence, general, Asians - History
  87. Jimmy Hoffa - A Fading Dark Presence: war, Roman, influence - History
  88. Lawrence of Arabia: war, influence, Britain, general - History
  89. The Crimea in 1954: WWII, general, facts, European - History
  90. Did the US Make the Cold War Worse: WW2, greatest, Britain - History
  91. Were 90s teenagers more similar to 50s teenagers and are today's teens more like 70s teens?: 1990s, events - History
  92. Three trivia questions: war, influence, Mexican, European - History
  93. Was Lincoln a Great President?: war, greatest, England, economic - History
  94. How will history remember the hunger strikers in the Maze Prison in Northern Ireland?: bomb, 80's
  95. The Ulster-Scots/Scotch-Irish in America: England, 60s, colonies, Washington - History
  96. Election of 1968: Nixon over Humphrey.....: war, general, sixties, Washington - History
  97. How long did the Greek philosophy last?: Roman, general, empire - History
  98. What did the B.C. Calendar look like? (As opposed to A.D.): years, date - History
  99. Questions about indentured servants in the Southern colonies: Great Britain, European, economic - History
  100. Benefits of War?: WW2, greatest, Mexican, economy - History
  101. Which year in your opinion was the most changeful?: greatest, 80s, historical - History
  102. Re-evaluating Presidents......: war, bomb, general, Mexican - History
  103. Who brought African slaves to America?: ancient, general, sixties, Washington - History
  104. WHEN did English become the unofficial global lingua franca?: war, influence, 1990s - History
  105. The World Wars - The Sixties: WW2, war - History
  106. The Saeculum is upon us: ancient, war, Romans, England - History
  107. Had she been captured should Eva Braun have been executed?: war, Hitler - History
  108. Why did the people of 1920s and early 1930s Germany elect Adolf Hitler?: war, greatest - History
  109. Was the year 2001 more like 1997 or 2005?: influence, 1990s, Hitler, events - History
  110. Roma people, lack of assimilation: war, Roman, Egypt, general - History
  111. If the Soviet Union had Fallen Sooner.....??: WW2, war, bomb - History
  112. People who were alive and remember life before 2000. What did you think it was going to look like?: war, general - History
  113. When did humans leave Africa?: general, Chinese, DNA, Spain - History
  114. Chester Nimitz WWII Diary posted on line today: 60s, Japanese, historical - History
  115. Which decade was more revolutionary overall? 1960s or 1990s?: war, general, JFK - History
  116. Why did the French sit on their hands early in World War Two?: WW2, Britain - History
  117. If Japan never attacked Pearl Harbor and Germany hadn't invaded Russia...: WW2, war - History
  118. Year famous people would have died if they lived until 80: 90s, Hitler - History
  119. Why the fascination with the German war machine?: WW2, influence, bomb - History
  120. Is WWII really the good war? Is War Ever Justified?: WW2, influence - History
  121. Hitler vs Stalin (Who was worse)?: WWII, European, invaded, Russians - History
  122. 12,000 Year-Old Skeleton to Further Study of American Natives: ancient, Mexico, facts - History
  123. Who would win between the Roman Empire and the Mongol Empire?: Romans, greatest - History
  124. Was Churchill an anti-semite ?: WW2, war, influence, Great Britain - History
  125. Dig finds hidden Nazi death camp & gas chamber: WW2, war, Germans - History
  126. The Internet and the End of the Cold War: general, 1990s, biggest - History
  127. Why do societies develop dialects over time?: Romans, influences, European - History
  128. Why did people in the mid 20th century think the future was going to be super advanced?: 1950s, biggest - History
  129. What about the 2010s will seem cheesy and dated to people in the 2030s and 2040s?: 90s, president - History
  130. What was the best financial decade for the United States?: greatest, general - History
  131. What were the 1970s like?: war, 70's, drugs, president - History
  132. Modern Germans prefer to ignore and not celebrate the 100th anniversary of WW1: WWII, war - History
  133. Did You Know the U.S. Had Troops in Siberia?: war, general - History
  134. The U.S. Asking To Be Forgived, Which Countries?: Britain, economy, Chinese - History
  135. How is the Vietnam War now taught in school history books?: WW2, 70s
  136. When did people stop using typewriters?: 90s, assassin, assassination, countries - History
  137. Did You Know About Racial Massacre in Haiti?????: England, state, Spain - History
  138. War Aims of Britain and France In 1939-1940: WW2, influence, bomb - History
  139. June 28, 2014, How will we mark the day?: war, colonies, Europeans - History
  140. The 1950s were a great decade.....: state, drugs, years, Latin - History
  141. Had Hitler used chemical weapons would that have helped the Nazis much?: bomb, European - History
  142. 'Clash of Color', an interesting documentary of the LA Riots from a Korean perspective: greatest, general - History
  143. 2000 - more like 2014 or like 1986?: 80's, economy, events, USSR - History
  144. Which civilization was the horniest?: ancient, Romans, Egypt, Asians - History
  145. 10 lost tribes of Israel---fact or fiction: Roman, Britain, 1980s, European - History
  146. Most effective gun of WW2 - the Sten Gun: war, economic, state - History
  147. A Cold War Between the U.S. and the German Empire Had Germany Won World War I: WWII, influence - History
  148. News, Why Jews Fought Alongside Hitler.: war, bomb, Britain - History
  149. Questions about Medievel warfare and tactics.: ancient, war, Romans, general - History
  150. What ethnicity was Abraham, Noah, Moses: ancient, Romans, general, economic - History
  151. President Carter: war, Roman, Egypt, greatest - History
  152. Was the world not globalized until the 1990s?: war, England - History
  153. Why did Gutenberg's printing press change the world, but not Asia's printing?: ancient, Romans - History
  154. How far back could one go in time and still communicate effectively?: historical, years - History
  155. What would a man from 1714 think of 2014?: general, decline, why - History
  156. Biggest Irony in History: England, 60s, Hitler, state
  157. This is not the pop culture forum, this is the STORY forum: war, 90s - History
  158. Alternate history subforum: bomb, Hitler, JFK, state
  159. Do people overrate how liberal and progressive today is compared to other times?: influence, general - History
  160. How long ago is story ?: ancient, war, general - History
  161. Why Are There so Many Threads that Ask About a Year or Decade?: WWII, 90s - History
  162. How about this.......USA vs USSR ?: WW2, war, bomb, general - History
  163. A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: Rank the 13 original colonies in terms of importance during the colonial period: influence, England - History
  164. Why is history often taught in such a boring manner?: ancient, war
  165. Why are people so angry at history.: England, Hitler, economic
  166. Can someone tell a bit about the French revolution?: Roman, influence, European - History
  167. Why does every day life still feel like the 80s, 90s?: general, 1990s - History
  168. Can somone shortly tell the story of the U.S.A?: war, general - History
  169. Was Louis XVI the last king of France?: WW2, empire, Spain - History
  170. When did the era of Globalization begin?: war, Romans, Egypt - History
  171. What is the difference between a democratic republic and a non-democratic republic?: Mexico, Washington - History
  172. Was Kennedy and Lincoln a threat?: general, 60's, USA, leader - History
  173. What is your opinion of the Treaty of Versailles Wiemar Germany was forced to sign?: war, influence - History
  174. History of the Pelopponesian War is Killing Me: ancient, Romans, greatest
  175. Unveiling the First Africans in America 1619: war, England, Mexico, facts - History
  176. Who is the most charismatic President of all time?: England, JFK, countries - History
  177. How Could the French Revolution of 1789 Have Permanently Succeeded?: war, Roman, colonies - History
  178. Did Hitler Win WWII?: war, Roman, general, state - History
  179. Narrowly Missed Opportunities for U.S. Territorial Expansion: war, Great Britain, Mexico - History
  180. Christopher Colmbus was likely Jewish: ancient, Spanish, country, Columbus - History
  181. Analogy for the The Maginot Line........!: WW2, war, greatest, bomb - History
  182. Did most everyone dress nice back in the day?: 60s, origin, years - History
  183. why does the south still threaten to sucede?: war, England, generals - History
  184. The History of the Avtomat Kalashnikova 47: WW2, war, Chinese, years
  185. Did Japan have no choice but to attack the US in WWII?: war, influence - History
  186. What if no Stalin ??: WWII, war, 1930s, Hitler - History
  187. Black in the 60's: 80s, origin, years, segregation - History
  188. Mad that Vichy France supported Hitler...why!???: war, Britain, generals - History
  189. The Other 1936 Olympic American Hero: 1950's, Hitler, Germans, Germany - History
  190. Battle of Stalingrad: WW2, German - History
  191. Texas City Explosion: years, Houston - History
  192. Charleston, SC Pirates - A Good Read! - History
  193. All Worldwide Nuclear Detonations Between 1945 and 1998 - History
  194. Last Surviving Person Who Attended the 1919 Paris Peace Conference: years - History
  195. Liverpool, England - The Home of the Confederate Fleet: war, Washington, Lincoln - History
  196. History - In perspective: facts
  197. Will there be a bigger difference between 2000 and 2010 or 2010 and 2020?: 90s, how - History
  198. Glasgow For Orphans of Foreigners - History
  199. North Carolina and Virginia, a good pair based off similarities?: Georgia, South Carolina - History
  200. News, Maryland man may have found two lost or forgotten photos of Lincoln’s funeral procession.: 1800s, Washington - History