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  1. How do Quebeckers regard Bataille des Plaines d'Abraham?: vs., deal - Canada
  2. Who joins the Canadian military?: program, better, typical - Canada
  3. finding a job in canada. where do I start?: find a job, school
  4. Who do you want as Prime Minister?: mortgage, salary - Canada
  5. Why is Canada getting tough with Iran?: buy, live
  6. Favourite beer: top, Russian, stone - Canada
  7. Are trailer parks common in Canada?: townhouse, gated communities, subdivisions
  8. 'Lean Cuisine' in Canada: buy, live, prices
  9. Chance or Should I Hang it Up?: job market, schools - Canada
  10. can u see the northern lights from Toronto: shop, cabin - Canada
  11. Certificate in City/Urban Planning: employment, schools, universities - Canada
  12. In Need Of A New CellPhone Plan: insurance, bankrupt - Canada
  13. Wind chill days.: home, stats, airport - Canada
  14. Quebec religious shrines: homes, live, yard - Canada
  15. Does Canada have popular initiatives?: system, free, government
  16. Best Place to buy Investment property for under 200K: low income, real estate - Canada
  17. American wanting to study pre-pharm in Canada: transfer, schools
  18. bilingual Canadian TV shows?: movies, title, teaching - Canada
  19. Quebec Election now?: 2013, university, population - Canada
  20. Best Atlantic province to visit?: vacation home, to live in, price - Canada
  21. Things Canadians memorize in school: elementary school, camp, live - Canada
  22. Gypsies in Canada: high school, living, cities
  23. China’s CNOOC to buy Nexen for $15.1-billion: buying, oil - Canada
  24. Rick Mercer Report: Canada Explained.: to live, military, kids
  25. Winnipeg?: camping, live in, beach - Canada
  26. Best neighbourhoods/areas to live in Toronto?: apartments, for rent - Canada
  27. Is Stanstead mostly English-speaking?: subdivision, statistics, towns - Canada
  28. How many 'Canadas' would you say there are?: area, island
  29. Disappearing Canadian institutions: theater, restaurant, shop - Canada
  30. Moving from Detroit to Windsor, Need Urgent help: apartments, rent - Canada
  31. Switching from Electronics to Computer/IT: universities, requirements, engineering - Canada
  32. Speeding ticket in New Brunswick - Will the points transfer to my PA license?: house - Canada
  33. Documents required for applying: 2013, universities, admissions - Canada
  34. New Democrats consider resurrecting provincial party in Quebec: place, offer - Canada
  35. with the Mac-Paps ?: live in, party - Canada
  36. Consequence of not paying ticket in the states: drivers license, car - Canada
  37. Funny Quebeckers: business, Americans, MBA - Canada
  38. Justin Bieber - tweeting America Olympians; Canadians: house, military - Canada
  39. Trip to Alberta: mall, vacation, parks - Canada
  40. Should Yukon become a province?: money, population, student - Canada
  41. The myth of the friendly Prairies: fit in, cliquey - Canada
  42. Canada and the Summer 'lympics: home, buy, swimming
  43. Canadians do you buy Native smokes ?: live, price - Canada
  44. Which climate is hotter in the summer, Winnipeg or Southwestern Ontario?: area, average - Canada
  45. Not the friendliest place for BitTorrent users: how much, dog - Canada
  46. What type of cars do canadians drive?: live, prices - Canada
  47. Russell Woods Black Mold - Lakeshore Ontario: houses, to live in - Canada
  48. How do I become a licensed pharmacy tech in Canada if I am one in California?: education
  49. Origins of British Columbians: homes, buying, to live - Canada
  50. Canadian Made on History Channel: worth, free, interest - Canada
  51. does Bell throttle bit torrent?: deal, area, business - Canada
  52. Tourist Centers: rating, best, areas - Canada
  53. Extreme Canada: activities, to work, outdoor
  54. Winning at cost?: business, competition, become - Canada
  55. Best time to visit NWT (Yellowknife): live in, summer, territories - Canada
  56. Windsor vs. Saskatoon: crime rate, cheap house, job market - Canada
  57. What Ontario towns would you pair with BC towns: live, rated - Canada
  58. hmm was thinking if we could have a Canadian version of City Vs. City added to this forum?: fit in - Canada
  59. Life in the Quebec heartland: vacation, area, annex - Canada
  60. Moving to Canada only for college?: apartment, prices, stores
  61. Quebec - wildlife - types of snakes seen on trails: live in, metro area - Canada
  62. I want to be a Rifle owners/Hunters: how much, home - Canada
  63. Happy Canadians: camping, tuition, vacation - Canada
  64. Canada Day - Celebrations: construction, living, legally
  65. Studying English as a Second Language in Vancouver or Toronto: houses, cinema - Canada
  66. Chinook Jargon - an extinct Canadian/American language: school, colleges - Canada
  67. Is Canada still Great Britain's breadbasket?: association, Irish, national
  68. What was Canada like before NAFTA?: unemployment rate, business, trading
  69. Which American border state is most Canadian?: home, live - Canada
  70. Nova Scotia or PEI?: waterpark, beach, best place - Canada
  71. Who's seen a Canadian tractor?: train, company, buildings - Canada
  72. Did Canada have a civil war?: military, bill, ethnic
  73. allophone Canadians - Canada
  74. Favourite TV Stations when you were a kid: luxury, school - Canada
  75. What would you consider less unlikely?: education, rain, working - Canada
  76. Moving to New Brunswick- advice from who know the region: homes, employment - Canada
  77. What percent of the population of cities would you guess are natives?: living - Canada
  78. Nervous about border crossing: lease, home, school - Canada
  79. Are the Maritimes an extension of the New England region IYO?: versus, land - Canada
  80. This might be funny...: storage, deal, business - Canada
  81. Landslide in British Columbia, 13 july 2012: houses, live, pictures - Canada
  82. First black Canadian politician?: rated, island, race - Canada
  83. Do Canada's major newspapers have political leanings?: sunshine, party
  84. Vin Du Quebec?: yard, rapes, population - Canada
  85. Gulf Provinces.: land, cities, population - Canada
  86. Immigration frustration!: home, look for a job, construction - Canada
  87. Contemporary songs that celebrate Canada: home, land, dating
  88. Do Canadians shop mostly in the U.S. rather than Canada?: sales, health insurance
  89. Thinking of relocating to Canada from US..: 2013, home
  90. Poppies: transfer, buy, school - Canada
  91. Get me OUT OF: attorney, home, employment - Canada
  92. Does Canada have a Rust Belt ?: low crime, home
  93. What is going to happen now with Quebec?: costs, stats - Canada
  94. Leaving job opportunities behind.: homes, buying, university - Canada
  95. Breakdown the good the bad and the ugly of Vancouver, Ottawa and Calgary: crime, vs - Canada
  96. Can you stand notwithstanding ?: appointed, law, legal - Canada
  97. Forbes ranks Canadian Internet behind 3rd world countries: condo, live in - Canada
  98. Wanting to Move Out of The 'Concrete Jungle' We Call Toronto: fit in, house - Canada
  99. How strongly associated with Canada are St. Pierre and Miquelon?: universities, vs.
  100. Off the top of your head...: famous, hockey - Canada
  101. What are Canadian prisons like: appointed, crime rates, house - Canada
  102. Are Regina and Saskatoon as bad as people make it out to be?: real estate, rental - Canada
  103. What out-of-province plates do you see most?: live, moving to - Canada
  104. French Canadians v. Anglo Canadians: incomes, standard of living - Canada
  105. How are things in New Brunswick?: house, gated, live - Canada
  106. Is proposed Quebec charter controversial?: dangerous, bill, privacy - Canada
  107. Live in the US, got a traffic ticket in Windsor 12+ years ago...: house, transfer - Canada
  108. What's up with all the ultra-violent murders in Canada lately?: violent crime, live
  109. Quebec, a second France?: appointed, how much, home - Canada
  110. How is history taught in Quebec?: how much, high school, living in - Canada
  111. Do you think St. John's has more in common with Dublin or with Vancouver?: live, pub - Canada
  112. What do Conservatism and Liberalism mean in Canada?: credit, farmers
  113. Montreal or Toronto for extended weekend vacation: live in, restaurants - Canada
  114. Canada's most expensive neighbo(u)rhoods: for sale, real estate, crime
  115. What does Quebec export to the U.S.?: buy, airplane - Canada
  116. Canadian railfans: appointed, amusement park, home - Canada
  117. Is assimilation the 'Canadian nightmare'?: public schools, live in, health - Canada
  118. Fed up with st johns.: job market, school, living in - Canada
  119. Canada and 9/11/01: home, deed, living
  120. Worst Canadian movies and TV EVER?: vs, train, gas - Canada
  121. Quebec and Canada.: living in, association, best
  122. Walking every street of Toronto to raise awareness of global warming: to buy, tax - Canada
  123. When did the culture in Canada become recognizably 'Canadian'?: cities, place
  124. Help American moving to Southwestern Ontario (London): homes, university - Canada
  125. Assimilation in Canada vs the States: fit in, to live in, floor
  126. Quebec elections: bill, rating, transit - Canada
  127. moving from USA to Canada...How is life in Canada?: best city, rent
  128. Do Italian Canadians seem as 'Italian' as Italians: crime, home - Canada
  129. about Joe Canadian character: live, rated - Canada
  130. Favorite Quebecois actors & actresses: cinema, live, best - Canada
  131. Is rural Canada becoming obsolete?: home, live in, centers
  132. Canadian places with funny names: store, food, money - Canada
  133. Canadians' attitude towards the military: move to, cars, business - Canada
  134. English speakers in Quebec, French speakers outside Quebec: live in, move - Canada
  135. I would like to know about Newfoundland: house, theater - Canada
  136. Would you say Canada has a better standard of living than the US or worse?: health insurance, condos
  137. Elizabeth II & the Speech from the Throne: to live in, move to - Canada
  138. Where Can I find Reeses Bites in Canada?: live, groceries
  139. Do you think Canada is becoming more or less like the States?: gated, live
  140. Canadian tipping (as in for services) culture, influenced by American tipping culture?: sales, salon - Canada
  141. News, Hardheaded Socialism Makes Canada Richer Than U.S.: real estate market, how much
  142. What province has the best weather?: moving, coastal, humidity - Canada
  143. Sunbathing in Canada: best cities, university, club
  144. Americans moving to Canada: mortgage, credit, houses
  145. Do you think the Mr. Sub (formerly Mr. Submarine) sandwich chain is still popular?: live, restaurants - Canada
  146. Canadian prices: home, unemployment rate, buy - Canada
  147. What do people in Canada think about President Obama?: insurance, to buy
  148. Was Andy Griffith popular in Canada?: gas, top, small town
  149. Whistler, CA.. Whats it like?: crime rates, attorney, home - Canada
  150. Honeymoon Ideas Canada: good hotel, live, pubs
  151. Canadian guitar greats?: live, villa, Dutch - Canada
  152. Do you feel most people know enough of canadian geo: live in, costs - Canada
  153. Coastal City for US Family: condo, school district, income - Canada
  154. Do you buy Canadian?: appliances, buying, tax - Canada
  155. Best Canadian PMs?: move, food, job - Canada
  156. Kelowna Heat vs. Toronto Heat?: how much, health, rated - Canada
  157. Work experience in Canada - advice needed!: home, find a job
  158. What province is more progressive/liberal: Ontario or British Columbia?: suburbs, rank - Canada
  159. Looking for my family name in Canada: house, wages
  160. Favorite Canuck eats and drinks: storage, stores, food - Canada
  161. What does it mean to be Canadian?: living in, land - Canada
  162. To study in Canada, or stay in America: employment, buying
  163. Relocating to Vancouver Island with small children- lots of questions!!: hotels, house - Canada
  164. Moving Back to Canada: taxes, live in, cost
  165. 82% of British Columbians want the death penalty back?: apartment, violent crime - Canada
  166. Thinking about moving to canada(need help): best city, sales
  167. Who's driven across Canada?: construction, school, camping
  168. What element dominates/defines Canada most iyo?: live, ethnic
  169. Cheap hotel in Banff?: hotels, homes, camping - Canada
  170. Irish Quebecers: house, living in, title - Canada
  171. 'All-Canadian' towns and cities?: live in, activities, best place - Canada
  172. Who remembers Canadian singers?: best, rain, street - Canada
  173. Canada's strong anti-americanism: school, university, rating
  174. Canadian income taxes: sales, insurance, calculator - Canada
  175. What U.S. plates do you usually see?: hotel, home - Canada
  176. What exactly is your position on Quebec Seperatism?: living, accept - Canada
  177. How much do Canadians really dislike Americans?: movies, living in - Canada
  178. Why was Conrad Black unpopular in Canada?: felon, buying
  179. How does Canada measure up?: how much, homes, school
  180. A Pipeline through the Northwest Territories?: costs, military, safest - Canada
  181. Least interesting province: transit, cities, accent - Canada
  182. Best Soccer City in Canada: gated, live, vs
  183. What province feels the most 'American' to you?: live in, shop - Canada
  184. Two questions about the people of Quebec: tenant, catholic schools - Canada
  185. People Who Say They're Moving To Canada Because Of ObamaCare: taxes, living in
  186. Beamsville VS Ridgeway (Ontario): low income, for sale, real estate - Canada
  187. What Canadian big city (500k+) has the largest percentage of African-Canadians: college, live - Canada
  188. Quebec election called: college, live, move to - Canada
  189. Is the war of 1812 still well remembered?: house, versus - Canada
  190. Will Canada surpass California in population?: buying, costs, shop
  191. How to get US-Canada dual citizenship if you're Canadian?: find a job, legal
  192. How was the holiday traffic for you (if applicable, of course)?: island, county - Canada
  193. Olympic ceremonies - what are they wearing?: closing, pictures - Canada
  194. Canada low in corporate accountability: crime, tax, office
  195. Studying in Canada/Nipissing University: nursing, students, accepting
  196. Alliance Films with Kokanee - It's The Movie out: commercials, people - Canada
  197. Police presence in your city: cars, cities, driving - Canada
  198. Does Canada subsidize agribusiness?: prices, food, farmers
  199. Wind Mobile in Canada - experiences?: limit, coverage, plans
  200. Canadian reality show on The Weather Channel: company, good - Canada