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  32. God stopped Emperor Julian and the Jews from rebuilding the temple in 363 A.D.: Revelation, preacher - Christianity
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  52. The Quaran has never been tampered with, the Christian bible with has been tampered with several times.: God, religions - Christianity
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  77. Pope Sylvester in 325a.d. Collaborated with Constantine To Change Sabbath: tradition, doctrine - Christianity
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  79. Oh noOOoo, Kentucky Kim Davis' latest: scrutiny, women, scriptures, Jesus - Christianity
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  84. Jesus was the annoited High priest of God and the prophet: Torah, Tanakh - Christianity
  85. Marriage – between a man and a woman – is under attack, Pope Francis says: procreation, churches - Christianity
  86. Jesus is God's Son. The Gift God sent to Redeem Mankind.: women, Messiah - Christianity
  87. Book of Genesis: Gomorrah, tradition, Sodom, myths - Christianity
  88. Christian Sharia Law comes to Arizona: prayers, Bible, atheists, God - Christianity
  89. Pope Francis says all priests can forgive women who've had abortions: doctrine, church - Christianity
  90. Scare Tactics Or Are Radical Muslims Infiltrating American Churches?: hell, agnostic - Christianity
  91. David defines the law of the Lord.: Moses, sin, disciple - Christianity
  92. One does not need the Pope to exsonerate women who had abortions!!: punishment, church - Christianity
  93. Roman Catholicism, Confirmation, and other Catholic sects: Buddhism, woman, church - Christianity
  94. Calendars, Feast Days, and Torah.: Gospel, testimony, woman, church - Christianity
  95. Why does homosexuality anger conservative Christians more than other sins?: beliefs, abortion - Christianity
  96. Don't Lose Your Head: Gospel, doctrine, believe, Moses - Christianity
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  98. The Law and The Prophets.: testimony, abomination, punishment, godless - Christianity
  99. Matthew 10:23 ?: reincarnation, preaching, believers, disciples - Christianity
  100. Lunatic Rally Held for to Celebrate Anti-Gay Bigot Kim Davis' Jail Release: woman, beliefs - Christianity
  101. Was Hungary justified at having shut off its border in order to defend Christianity?: Leviticus, punishment
  102. If Jesus came back would he suffer the same fate?: crucify, Christians - Christianity
  103. Examples of John 14:12?: doctrine, church, believe, scripture - Christianity
  104. Am I really supposed to fear Hell when Zoroastians cut & pasted the concept into Christianity?: paradise, tradition
  105. You can sign up to win a trip for the opening of the Bible Museum: creation, protestant - Christianity
  106. Obama to kiss the ring of the Pope.: muslims, Articles, people - Christianity
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  108. What is definition of Kingdom, and Why Did Jesus Say The Kingdom Is In Your Midst?: lordship, Gospel - Christianity
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  112. If The flood killed all but 8 humans: Gomorrah, Sodom, believe - Christianity
  113. To Christians.. read this article and tell me what you think: hell, testimony - Christianity
  114. Love women and children but not men: Antichrist, sin, Jesus - Christianity
  115. Why was Paul still keeping the Feast Days years after Jesus death if they were supposedly abolished as we are taught?: the passion, crucifixion - Christianity
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  117. The first seven books of the Bible are folklore, not history.: Torah, exodus - Christianity
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  119. Church of Christ, United Church of Chist and United Church of Christ?: hell, doctrine - Christianity
  120. Is it Christian to never forgive?: doctrine, woman, believe, praying - Christianity
  121. If Jesus said no one has ascended to Heaven & David didnt ascend to Heaven, why do we think we will go when we die?: paradise, Gospel - Christianity
  122. …I have finished the work which You have Me to do. John 17:4: crucified, Gospels - Christianity
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  155. is that what Christianity is all about?: hell, testimony, church
  156. Who ever set his hope to our Lord Yeshua, will purify himself as he is pure.: Christ, faith - Christianity
  157. Does your church make you pledge money to stay in good standing?: woman, churches - Christianity
  158. Good tree bringeth forth good fruits (Luke 6:43-45): Gospel, churches, Messiah - Christianity
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