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  11. Cain-ach: Jehovah, believe, evolution, Bible - Christianity
  12. the Spirit begat El-o-hym upon the face of the waters: Bible, God - Christianity
  13. St. Michael, St. Gabriel, & St. Raphael Ė The Archangels: hell, church, scripture - Christianity
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  15. People Say The Preaching Of John 3:16 Gest The Dope Addict Off Dope But What's Christianity Really All About ?: Micah, dinosaur
  16. People Talk About Good Ground To Sow Tithes And Offerings; WHAT'S THAT EXACTLY ?: church, Revelation - Christianity
  17. Was Simon a true believer?: pray, sin, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ - Christianity
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  19. Attending a Local Baptist Church (Evangelically Slanted) But Have Issues.: doctrine, lukewarm - Christianity
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  21. What's The New Man In Christ EXACTLY ?: women, believers, exodus - Christianity
  22. Babel: pagans, Jews, God, heaven - Christianity
  23. Community Development NOT Necessarily Christianity ?: hell, testimony, church, Revelation
  24. Inviting People To Jesus Means Nothing If Your Messing With Bible Mocker ?: testimonies, Revelation - Christianity
  25. Shem, Adam, and Japheth: exodus, Bible, Kingdom, Israel - Christianity
  26. Travel group for Christian singles in their late 20s, and 30s?: churches, Holy Spirit - Christianity
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  28. Kadmonites = Kittim: tradition, Antichrist, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  29. From the Bible; From the fruits we will know the tree (Matt 7:18): churches, beliefs - Christianity
  30. Time is now to pray for salvation: believe, scripture, evolution - Christianity
  31. Unity Goes Beyond Getting Along With People And Inviting Them To Jesus ?: testimony, woman - Christianity
  32. very important work is gospel mission: women, churches, preach, believe - Christianity
  33. not ye shall die for knowing El-o-hym: woman, believe, Jesus - Christianity
  34. The greatest gift!!!: disciple, Jesus, God, bless - Christianity
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  36. Jesus from what he says: Torah, woman, Messiah, Revelation - Christianity
  37. The Voice of a Broken Heart: God - Christianity
  38. What is this creed?: crucified, hell, church, believe - Christianity
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  41. Christian Magicians -- Gospel Magic: messages, abomination, preach, believe - Christianity
  42. Ofte Religion Attempts To Manufacture Dogma To Fit Their Thinking: fanaticism, scripture - Christianity
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  44. At-a-glance/Revelation: church, Holy Spirit, Jesus, worship - Christianity
  45. From the Bible; The law and the prophets (Matt 7:12): sinned, heaven, perfect - Christianity
  46. God longs as we do: doctrine, believe, rituals, sinned - Christianity
  47. Gadarenes = Gether: myth, Jesus, Bible, God - Christianity
  48. WHY People Are Confused With This Saved By The Cross Only Teaching ?: women, churches - Christianity
  49. Who is my neighbor? part deux.: believe, scriptures, ritual, Jesus - Christianity
  50. Plea to stop the killings of christians by others, but..: doctrine, prayers - Christianity
  51. Think your courageous for jesus ?: dinosaur, testimony, doctrine, church - Christianity
  52. Abel = Seth!: Bible, Abraham, God, bless - Christianity
  53. Evangelical refugees--where to go?: Lutheran, hell, church, Jesus - Christianity
  54. From the Bible; Love your enemies (Luke 6:27-33): pray, sinners, God - Christianity
  55. New Mormon policy bans acceptance of children of same-sex couples ~ LA Times: Latter-Day Saints, Mormons - Christianity
  56. The Uniersality of the Catholic Church was on Display: Christ, mission, America - Christianity
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  60. Today is the Feast of Tabernacles, the day Jesus was born.: church, Revelation - Christianity
  61. Hebrew ח: believe, Zen - Christianity
  62. Survey: Alarming rate of Christian men look at porn, commit adultery: hell, women - Christianity
  63. This Protestant Researched Marian Miracles, & What He Learned Blew His Mind: tradition, Buddhism - Christianity
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  65. But If An Angel Of God Says Contrary to Me, He Is Cursed! Face It: Paul Was One Sick Puppy!!: crucified, Gospels - Christianity
  66. Can fundamentalism be defined?: Epistles, Revelation, believe, scripture - Christianity
  67. Time to be about the work of Jesus: Gospel, preach, believe - Christianity
  68. A.D. 67-76 date for Clement's Letter to the Corinthians: tradition, Gospels - Christianity
  69. TOP Mormon official supports LGBT: Latter-Day Saints, Gospel, Mormons, LDS - Christianity
  70. Hateful Christians: hell, women, churches, believers - Christianity
  71. If it exists what does the deity look like?: Latter-Day Saints, Mormons, believe - Christianity
  72. Church celebrating anniversary, need advice: verse, charity, preferences, America - Christianity
  73. 7 Years Until the kings of the East come: abomination, Messiah, Antichrist - Christianity
  74. Catholics and the literal interpretion of Genesis: doctrine, woman, believe - Christianity
  75. Slow development gives more growth: Gospel, testimony, preach, believe - Christianity
  76. As a Christian how do you make the lives of others better?: Gospel, believe - Christianity
  77. Is the New Testament historically accurate?: crucified, Gospels, testimony, women - Christianity
  78. Went to a new little church, now could use advice...: woman, believe - Christianity
  79. Kirk Cameron says fornication and adultery are bigger problems than gay marriage: hell, church - Christianity
  80. Sin causing my life to be miserable?: church, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  81. Who were the two lampstands of Rev 11?: testimony, doctrine, Messiah - Christianity
  82. Which of Bible stories is the most credible or historical?: Micah, Gospels - Christianity
  83. Are We Seeking Happy Church By Embracing Casual Overload?: women, churches, believers - Christianity
  84. Tense change in Acts 16: Epistles, Revelation, Holy Spirit, verse - Christianity
  85. From the Bible; Love of God (1 John 4:9-10): crucifixion, beliefs, scripture - Christianity
  86. Believer, are you worthy of love? Why or why not?: crucifixion, messages - Christianity
  87. Facts And Speculations Many Christians May Not Know !: crucifixion, Jehovah, church - Christianity
  88. The Real Reason Liberal Churches Are Losing Members: Gospel, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons - Christianity
  89. Who Can Hear His Voice ?: preacher, believe, prayer, sin - Christianity
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  91. Is Obeying God Just Loving People Today ?: doctrine, church, Revelation - Christianity
  92. Oldest version of KJV found!: Gospel, woman, believe, Jesus - Christianity
  93. Open letter to god-in-the-tiny-box: believe, convert, faith, Christians - Christianity
  94. Do you wish everybody was a Christian?: traditions, Gospel, hell - Christianity
  95. Catholics And Lutherans Release ĎDeclaration On The Wayí To Full Unity: tradition, Gospel - Christianity
  96. Explain By Faith Alone: paradise, woman, believe, sin - Christianity
  97. The way, the truth, THE ONLY?: Gospel, believe, scriptures, pray - Christianity
  98. The Old Testament NEVER Prophecized The Messiah Would Be Crucified!: Torah, Tanakh - Christianity
  99. How to protect children/vulnerable from extreme Christian abuse?: hell, churches, believe - Christianity
  100. Abiding in His Word ?: lordship, Gospel, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  101. YECs: dinosaur, church, believe, evolution - Christianity
  102. Inerrancy and Infallibility - Are they the same thing?: Gospels, doctrine, woman - Christianity
  103. Ben Carson: doctrine, churches, beliefs, Christ - Christianity
  104. Deuteronomy 22:28--Rape or Consensual Sex?: women, church, preacher, Moses - Christianity
  105. Happy Reformation Day everyone!: church, history, protestants, bishop - Christianity
  106. The Kingdom of God is Within You: women, beliefs, scripture - Christianity
  107. How Can You LOVE GOD If You Don't Believe All The Bible ?: doctrine, Revelation - Christianity
  108. Am I morally wrong for wanting to use medical marijuana to treat my congenital glaucoma?: believe, pray - Christianity
  109. If Christians Are FISHERS OF MEN, Who Are They Fishing For ?: doctrine, women - Christianity
  110. Gosepl .. wonderful gift of God: Gospels, testimony, Messiah, Revelation - Christianity
  111. What God says to who fail to keep His law...........: hell, Deuteronomy - Christianity
  112. 21 Flavors of Christ: Deist, Lutherans, churches, agnostic - Christianity
  113. Soon it will be Christmas...: tradition, woman, churches, Bible - Christianity
  114. Are the Resurrection and atonement just a story?: Epistles, women, preacher - Christianity
  115. Questions about Seventh Day Adventists: hell, doctrine, church, believe - Christianity
  116. Muslim truck drivers awarded 240,000: hell, believe, marriage, morals - Christianity
  117. Understanding both the first and second resurrection: traditions, doctrine, woman - Christianity
  118. John 5:37,38: believe, Solomon, mystic, Jesus - Christianity
  119. God Is A Hottie: woman, believe, Christ, soul - Christianity
  120. Oregon shooter was apparently religiously motivated: lukewarm, believe, theist, faith - Christianity
  121. Can loving your neighbor produce hate ?: hell, church, believe, disciples - Christianity
  122. NEWS: EAT more chicken!: hell, beliefs, moral, pastors - Christianity
  123. All who claim to be christian: Jehovah, doctrine, prayers, disciples - Christianity
  124. How do God's people walk ?: Micah, Gospel, scripture, priest - Christianity
  125. God bless the Vicar of Christ Pope Francis.: doctrine, church, believe - Christianity
  126. I keep thinking about the folks in Oregon: woman, Jewish, God - Christianity
  127. Tree first knowing good and evil: believe, sin, mystic, Jesus - Christianity
  128. Pope Francis DOES NOT Support Kim Davis: church, marriage, Orthodox - Christianity
  129. The Apostasy what Wasn't---: traditions, Gospel, LDS, hell - Christianity
  130. Vatican position on gay's: celibacy, church, priest, nuns - Christianity
  131. Was the Miracle at Fatima of Mother Mary an actual Resurrection?: paranormal, church - Christianity
  132. Christians: Do you believe you are supposed to die for your faith? Are you taught this?: hell, testimony - Christianity
  133. Oslo Peace Accords--A 22-Year Great Tribulation: church, Antichrist, Revelation - Christianity
  134. Pope Francis to fire Archbishop 4 Kim Davis: woman, church, Antichrist - Christianity
  135. married couples who feel that God brought them together?: messages, Mormons - Christianity
  136. Do you worship God or Mr Big?: church, pray, sin - Christianity
  137. How far would you travel for Church: churches, believers, prayer - Christianity
  138. Pope On Fundamentaism.: godless, church, believe, minority - Christianity
  139. God Breaks His Promise to Israel: Torah, Tanakh, Jehovah, hell - Christianity
  140. People not knowing what the term Christian means at church: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  141. Where are the Protestants?: praying, Israel, proselytize, faith - Christianity
  142. What Are Christians TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH In Their Effort To Win Souls To Jesus ?: women, church - Christianity
  143. What is the difference between the Episcopal Church and Roman Catholic Church: traditions, Gospel - Christianity
  144. A name that will not be cut off ?: prayers, sinners, disciples - Christianity
  145. Why the silence from moderate evangelicals?: Gospel, hell, preach, believe - Christianity
  146. Gay christians: Why i canít affirm or condemn them: preacher, beliefs - Christianity
  147. In Surprise move Pope Francis meets with the Little Sisters of the Poor.: dogma, nuns - Christianity
  148. Pope's grasp on science: myth, church, believe, translation - Christianity
  149. Pope tells congress to kiss .....: beliefs, abortion, Israel, Catholics - Christianity
  150. From the Bible; Love your enemy (Matt 42-48): church, believe, pray - Christianity
  151. Blood Moon On Sukkot (feast of tabernacle) What now?: woman, believe, Christ - Christianity
  152. Pope: workers have right to refuse gay marriage licenses: birth control, presbyterian - Christianity
  153. What is the Baptism, the Indwelling, and the Filling with the Holy Spirit?: church, believer - Christianity
  154. Why are people offended when I put my Christmas lights up the day after Halloween?: tradition, Lutherans - Christianity
  155. without form, and void: Eden, woman, believers, quotes - Christianity
  156. Is it bad and selfish for me to feel this way about lukewarm Christians?: traditions, hell - Christianity
  157. Christianity and Sex. What are the rules?: women, believe, marriage
  158. A I Have Posed to Bible Literalists Repeatedly That They Have NEVER Been Able to Answer: myths, women - Christianity
  159. WHAT CHANGED IN YOUR LIFE After Believing The Cross Of Jesus Is Salvation ?: the passion, tradition - Christianity
  160. Example of a Dead Church: paradise, hell, testimony, doctrine - Christianity
  161. 75 years later, IMAGINE: hell, woman, church, preacher - Christianity
  162. Face-to-face with God....: punishment, Christians, eternal, people - Christianity
  163. A Bald-Faced Contradiction in Paul's Writings?: Gospel, Harry Potter, woman, church - Christianity
  164. pray for this week ministry: Gospel, believers, prayer, holidays - Christianity
  165. Good checklist to see if your church is a cult: doctrine, churches - Christianity
  166. Is it a sin to go to a strip club?: women, believe - Christianity
  167. Letting your children decide for themselves about religion: hell, churches, beliefs - Christianity
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  169. I suggest that every time Jesus talks about.....: traditions, doctrine, Messiah - Christianity
  170. God has a job, Jesus has a job, What is our job?: believe, sinners - Christianity
  171. Overview of the Bible: hell, church, dogma, Jesus - Christianity
  172. Rappin for Jesus: church, Christians, devil, people - Christianity
  173. Life Review: testimonies, myth, after-life, believers - Christianity
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  179. Can God be saved?: Buddhism, churches, Revelation, beliefs - Christianity
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  182. 607 Reasons Christianity is False: Gospels, hell, myths, punishment
  183. Conservative Christians love LGBT people, but....: Gomorrah, hell, Sodom - Christianity
  184. Why didn't Jesus address homosexuality?: woman, Revelation, believe, sin - Christianity
  185. The Devil takes it away !!!: believe, disciples, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
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  187. A few questions about heaven (and hell): doctrine, believe, dogma - Christianity
  188. If Not 100% Bible Believers WHAT ARE YOU SEEKING ?: churches, Revelation, preacher - Christianity
  189. Bible clauses to mark 16:15 or not ?: Jesus, Isaiah, Matthew, Hebrew - Christianity
  190. From the Bible; Woe unto the world (Matt 18:7): reason - Christianity
  191. From the Bible; Secret alm (Matthew 6:1-4): heaven - Christianity
  192. What Comments Matter Unless We Mess With All The Bible ?: believe, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  193. If Somebody Mess With All The Bible Would It Say Your A John 8:31 Child Of God ?: testimony, Revelation - Christianity
  194. Brag Your A 100% Bible Believer Then Being A Former Dope Addict Means Something ?: women, church - Christianity
  195. Herod, Sadducees and Pharisees: women, fanaticism, beliefs, minority - Christianity
  196. garden in Eden: Bible, religion - Christianity
  197. Open letter to Fortoggie, Toolyps, Zarakali, and all present and previous Bible Talk members, including Jews, Catholics,: believe, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  198. IS EVANGELISM Just Inviting Every Jones And Smith Family To Jesus ?: dinosaur, church - Christianity
  199. If You Tell People Tithing Is Holy Why Isn't It Holy The Honor The Sabbath ?: Gospel, testimony - Christianity
  200. What Good Is Recruitment Of People If We Mock Unity Needed ?: church, Revelation - Christianity