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  33. Who is the most important person in your life? Honestly.: wife, boyfriend - Relationships
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  45. I don't get why people act like relationships are just not important: dating, girl
  46. Never felt so alone: love, family, separated, friend - Relationships
  47. Are men portrayed as being goofy and immature and women as sensible and serious?: wife, girlfriend - Relationships
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  51. Love should be recklessly fun: dating, marriage, attracted, family - Relationships
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  53. Relationships btw people of totally different political views: Christian, wives, Asians
  54. Will guys still like a girl if she unfriendly/reserved (but is just shy)?: friends, different - Relationships
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  56. If you knew your SO didn't love you.: date, girl, older - Relationships
  57. Poor decision..lots of regret: wife, woman, love, friend - Relationships
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  64. How big of a difference can clothes make?: women, kid, attractive - Relationships
  65. What is your Race/Ethnicity and which race do you find....: dating, women - Relationships
  66. Is it true that black man prefers light skinned woman???: dating, Asians - Relationships
  67. What's your favorite compliment to receive?: woman, love, beautiful, serious - Relationships
  68. Are you over it ?: older, separate, children, sex - Relationships
  69. In a relationship with a widower for three years, what do i do next??: wife, girls - Relationships
  70. Does Blonde hair and Blue eyes still signify beauty in American society? (your experience, no race): women, family - Relationships
  71. Would you marry someone who was hot/short-tempered?: marriage, love, husband - Relationships
  72. Has .. of gender... ever felt or .. anyTHING... about other gender OR their own?: woman, free - Relationships
  73. Infertile women and men & if you have too many 'rules' surrounding sex.: dating, younger - Relationships
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  75. How long do you date a chick before you start telling her how to dress?: dating, woman - Relationships
  76. Moving too fast...I don't think this is the key.: dating, long-term - Relationships
  77. Do minorities have it easier dating in your opinion?: Asian, women, average - Relationships
  78. Is he stringing me along?!: dating, girlfriend, married, women - Relationships
  79. hopeful or hopeless relationship: dating, boyfriend, guys, love - Relationships
  80. Do men really accept opportunity for sex?: Asian, woman, love - Relationships
  81. Hey, how are you?: man, single, conversation, feeling - Relationships
  82. Rape fantasies: girlfriend, women, call, friend - Relationships
  83. My date is ok if I bring kid to our date (??): dates, marriage - Relationships
  84. Sending someone a gift anonymously?: dating, woman, love, friend - Relationships
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  86. The past was so much better/happier.: how to, older, family - Relationships
  87. So who are rich, ugly women getting with?: dating, wives, girlfriends - Relationships
  88. Emotional/physical difficulties -- need advice: date, girls, love - Relationships
  89. As a man do you think the male sex drive is a curse: dating, marriages - Relationships
  90. Happy women's day!!!: married, love, single, American - Relationships
  91. If a person has been average to below average looking for their first 18 years, can they become good looking?: dates, how to - Relationships
  92. Why are you on a dating website if you say: I'm very busy , I have limited time ....: girl, interested - Relationships
  93. feel like they were an extrovert as a child and introvert as an adult?: how to, married - Relationships
  94. Differences in careers & money.: dating, women, love, family - Relationships
  95. Is this lust or do i really like her?: man, love, Valentine's Day - Relationships
  96. Policy on lip kissing: boyfriend, married, male, gay - Relationships
  97. I want a friendship... she wants more.: dating, wife, guys - Relationships
  98. Do you think good looks play out heavily in terms of social life and relationships?: dating, women
  99. Has ever this way and just went on with life alone?: dating, boyfriends - Relationships
  100. Do less attractive women make better long-term partners?: dating, wives, how to - Relationships
  101. Ever lucked out and met someone without trying: dating, wife, women - Relationships
  102. Can women's sexual orientation drift or change? Are all women bisexual?: lesbians, attracted - Relationships
  103. We shouldn't care so much about chemistry ...: dating, wife, boyfriend - Relationships
  104. I have a much older woman fetish.: dating, women, attracted - Relationships
  105. Can She really not realize that our intimate life is UTTERLY BORING ??: wife, marriage - Relationships
  106. Mind blowing...: dating, marriage, woman, lover - Relationships
  107. Girlfriend hooked up with someone on break now shes running back to me?: dating, how to - Relationships
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  109. Would you be ok with this arrangement?: marriage, woman, husband - Relationships
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  111. She has a new friend: dating, movies, boyfriend, girl - Relationships
  112. Undefined relationship?: dating, boyfriend, girlfriends, how to - Relationships
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  114. Relationship with no direction...: dating, long-term, marriage, women - Relationships
  115. Guy I'm seeing disappeared. Why?!: guys, young, sex, couple - Relationships
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  117. Less sex due to bad economy?: dating, women, love, single - Relationships
  118. Is it my baby?: dates, boyfriend, woman, husband - Relationships
  119. YOU MUST HAVE A PASSPORT! ..........that's what she said. (Now I know why you're sinlge): dating, love - Relationships
  120. She left my place in the middle of the night after sex.: dating, women - Relationships
  121. Would you date an amputee?: dating, woman, friends, beautiful - Relationships
  122. Do you believe most couples are equally matched? 9-9,7-7,5-5?: dating, married - Relationships
  123. I'm a 21 year old male virgin, is that a turn off?: dating, movies - Relationships
  124. Emotionally Distant from Everyone: dating, women, husband, family - Relationships
  125. My friends and family think I'm gay.: dating, girlfriend, married - Relationships
  126. friend-zone = not good-looking enough: dating, women, love, attracted - Relationships
  127. Most romantic thing a girl done for U?: girlfriend, women, love - Relationships
  128. Will I find a man? Ever? I'm one f'd up mess...: date, love - Relationships
  129. Common Sentiment AA Males?: dating, movies, Asian, women - Relationships
  130. Chivalry - When is it too much?: dating, boyfriend, women - Relationships
  131. What makes people bitter/jaded?: women, husband, experiences, message - Relationships
  132. My first ever cold approach: dating, women, love, single - Relationships
  133. Hypothetical Situation #2: wife, marriage, man, love - Relationships
  134. Should I forgive her?: dating, boyfriend, girlfriends, how to - Relationships
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  136. Love or Money (hypothetical situation): surrogate, married, women, single - Relationships
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  138. S.O. Friends With Ex-Spouse (No Kids): dating, wife, boyfriend - Relationships
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  140. Women who do online dating, what would you think about this guy?: attractive, friend - Relationships
  141. Is the USA the only country where infidelity is tolerated and acceptable?: movies, married - Relationships
  142. Why women let themselves be treated like crap?: boyfriend, girlfriend, love - Relationships
  143. How much time does it take to know a person for marriage?: date, women - Relationships
  144. Things NOT to say when trying to pick someone up...: girls, attractive - Relationships
  145. Gentleman of City Data! You're needed !: marriage, women, younger - Relationships
  146. marriage to sex: women, love, cheating, divorce - Relationships
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  154. Says Get Lost . . . now reappears like it's cool...What gives??: woman, young - Relationships
  155. Why do Americans marry so many times?: wife, movies, marriage - Relationships
  156. ohhhh rejecteddd: boyfriend, how to, girls, sex - Relationships
  157. Do think this is true about people in their 30s?: dating, married - Relationships
  158. What to do?: dating, Christian, movies, marriage - Relationships
  159. Which liar is the worse?: wife, husband, friend, betray - Relationships
  160. Bf wow ed a woman on TV: girlfriend, how to, women - Relationships
  161. Did I do something offensive?: dating, women, love, personalities - Relationships
  162. Are the sexes judged differently by people?: women, love, attractiveness - Relationships
  163. If a guy asks you to his place...: date, girl, attracted - Relationships
  164. Ladies..For the over 35 crowd... do you deal with this??: women, love - Relationships
  165. Unsure if I have a problem or him.: how to, marriage, women - Relationships
  166. Is it weird that..: dating, boyfriend, woman, sex - Relationships
  167. Is weight a deal breaker for you: date, women, attracted - Relationships
  168. I absolutely Hate my husband now: marriage, young, family, children - Relationships
  169. PSA for the fellas: be nice to her best friend, or it's over.: dating, boyfriends - Relationships
  170. Whether or not this is true is irrelevant....: wife, how to, marriage - Relationships
  171. Why can't we take our own advice?: love, cheating, friends - Relationships
  172. My unemployed husband spends $75 to $100 a week on cigarettes & refuses to quit: family, clothes - Relationships
  173. Dont know why fear of rejection effects me so much: dating, how to - Relationships
  174. Thinking about joining eharmony? What are your online match or dating website experiences?: Christian, wife - Relationships
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  176. If your current partner/spouse is divorced ...: dating, wife, marriage - Relationships
  177. Can you love someone too much?: feeling, different, relations, reason - Relationships
  178. If you're not grocery shopping with your spouse, you should: boyfriend, women - Relationships
  179. Really bizarre date: dating, woman, dance, jealous - Relationships
  180. Male friend who talks about his Girlfriend: boyfriend, girls, attracted - Relationships
  181. Do Abusive Relationships Ever Get on the Right Track?: dating, girlfriend, women
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  183. When to meet the partner's kids~: dating, girlfriend, marry, women - Relationships
  184. Should I seek a divorce?: wife, marriage, women, cheating - Relationships
  185. is it selfish to never want to have kids because you value your personal time?: married, children - Relationships
  186. My living situation stinks: wife, marriage, females, love - Relationships
  187. Dating in the winter vs other seasons: women, kiss, clothes - Relationships
  188. Update on the Update on Wife, Emotional affair,: how to, marriage, guy - Relationships
  189. What do you miss the most in a realtionship?: wife, love, sex - Relationships
  190. Why is the focus always on giving the woman pleasure?: how to, women - Relationships
  191. Little mannerisms, gestures that SO does that makes you melt?: guy, love - Relationships
  192. Never it would happen to me (cheating): dating, boyfriend, girl - Relationships
  193. Leaving Your Family For Another Woman: wife, marriage, love, cheating - Relationships
  194. Feminists are not the only problem. Other men contribute to misandry as well.: Christian, wife - Relationships
  195. Times are changing in this aspect of relationships.......: marry, women, attractive
  196. New boyfriend is wonderful, but the 24 year old daughter is a mess: dating, married - Relationships
  197. Feeling down - help: girlfriend, women, singles, kids - Relationships
  198. Why is marriage and a family THE main life aim for so many girls/women?: dates, wife - Relationships
  199. How big of a sign is physical contact?: boyfriend, married, women - Relationships
  200. What helped you through your worst breakup?: Asian, girls, family - Relationships