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  1. Obama Health Care Plan Takes Shape: unemployed, health care system, premium, Clinton - Great Debates
  2. Do you have a favorite political cartoon?: Nebraska, Lincoln, official - Great Debates
  3. Of Modern Industrialized Nations Which One Is The Least Anti-Intellectual?: American, thoughts - Great Debates
  4. Did Scientist predict Italy quake?: news, - Great Debates
  5. Chrysler Corp.'s Bankruptcy: Walmart, jobs, business, roads - Great Debates
  6. Gay Rights: how much, party, Massachusetts, education - Great Debates
  7. Taxes: interview, legal, Wyden, how much - Great Debates
  8. Increasing revenues for the states and balancing budgets: unemployment, salaries - Great Debates
  9. Gitmo Detainees: official, work, news, countries - Great Debates
  10. Proposed Energy Tax - A/K/A Cap & Trade: gas prices - Great Debates
  11. De-reputation: against, problem - Great Debates
  12. Faked evidence of Gay conversion.: Brown, community, work, society - Great Debates
  13. What's more evil: Nice material rewards or crack cocaine?: drugs, economic, elect - Great Debates
  14. Privacy: Congress, FBI, soldiers, suspected - Great Debates
  15. Polarization of America: Christmas, politicians, party, vs - Great Debates
  16. Economic Stimulus Act - come the vultures: companies, economy, money - Great Debates
  17. Opinion on what this country needs to do...: unemployment, illegal, border - Great Debates
  18. The American Jury System: legal, attorneys, Simpson, dollars - Great Debates
  19. Is ReCycling Worth It?: interstate, gallon, highway, how much - Great Debates
  20. Miss California Stripped of Crown: Impact on Same Sex Marriage Movement: ethics, regular - Great Debates
  21. French or Italian: compared, party, attractive, working - Great Debates
  22. Dual Citizenship: Iran, illegal, visa, states - Great Debates
  23. National Pre-eminence: Iran, Iraq, enemy, generation - Great Debates
  24. Is this slander?: accuse, racist, free speech, money - Great Debates
  25. Why are we alive?: generations, drugs, wisdom, politician - Great Debates
  26. Can a State Defend it's Borders: Mexican, illegal, drugs, health care - Great Debates
  27. Will a time come where we can't sing the National Anthem?: Mexican, patriot - Great Debates
  28. Americans and Another Language Besides English: stats, Canada, dollar, school - Great Debates
  29. Is it to discriminate against homosexuals?: interview, crimes, cost - Great Debates
  30. Would you move to a nice community/neighborhood where everyone was a different race?: Mexican, Hispanic - Great Debates
  31. What Are Your Weird Pet Peeves ?: interview, work, American, registered - Great Debates
  32. In school suspension or out of school suspension?: ethics, regular, government - Great Debates
  33. How is homosexuality not chosen?: bias, billion, world, kids - Great Debates
  34. How has TV, Movies cahnged how people view and act in their world?: generations, legal - Great Debates
  35. Should a preacher have a MILLION dollar salary?: salaries, controversial, dollars - Great Debates
  36. Do people believe stats unquestioningly?: ethical, polls, statistics, death - Great Debates
  37. Change the world...better?: dollars, politicians, economy, money - Great Debates
  38. A scenario for wholeheartedly opposed to abortion: cocaine, drugs, death - Great Debates
  39. If we started over today: suspect, abortion, government, state - Great Debates
  40. Do you believe in the 2012 Apocalypse?: parties, abuse, overpopulation, California - Great Debates
  41. World overpopulated? Not exactly...: global warming, health care, borders, how much - Great Debates
  42. Robo Call Scams-Fighting Back?: legal, lobbyists, lobby, insurance - Great Debates
  43. Are you happy that you were born or no?: insurance, rating, economic - Great Debates
  44. What's Wrong With Blacks, Hispanics but Not Asians?: generations, drugs, statistics - Great Debates
  45. Should sex offenders be branded for what they done?: death, carry, states - Great Debates
  46. If you could,would you want to be live forever?: working, family - Great Debates
  47. Failure of Deinstitutionalization: borders, independent, how much, high school - Great Debates
  48. Sports and Drugs: salary, generations, illegal, dollars - Great Debates
  49. Liberalism & Conservatism = Confusion: Iran, illegal, highway, death - Great Debates
  50. don't you think it's time for global peace day??: Christmas, goverment, murder - Great Debates
  51. America - The Nation of Spenders: generation, suspect, economy, money - Great Debates
  52. Monsanto is Evil: legal, conspiracy, Canada, borders - Great Debates
  53. Should Catholic priests be able to marry within the church?: Jesus, money - Great Debates
  54. Arrest Warrant Issed For Mom: legal, Minnesota, abortion, abuse - Great Debates
  55. Can someone be both pro-choice and pro-life?: legal, highway, how much - Great Debates
  56. Defamation.: legal, lawyer, free speech, companies - Great Debates
  57. Who should have run for president?do you think?: Ron Paul, Iran, death - Great Debates
  58. Could withstand torture and not give up information?: military, terrorists, leader - Great Debates
  59. H.I.V.AIDS what happened?: generation, drug, statistics, regular - Great Debates
  60. workers should not be immune from layoffs: salaries, companies, school - Great Debates
  61. Common sense gun laws ?: illegal, lawyer, premium, weapons - Great Debates
  62. Why the opposition to high speed rail and amtrak funding?: interstate, Congress - Great Debates
  63. Are You Happy with your Life?: drugs, regular, high school, money - Great Debates
  64. What firearm for when TSHTF?: regular, weapons, fence, ammunition - Great Debates
  65. A Wasted Life: ethical, death, racism, Brown - Great Debates
  66. Is Abortion Murder? If Abortion Was Illegal...: death, abortions, federal government - Great Debates
  67. Are men obligated?: legal, abortion, parties, financial - Great Debates
  68. The Ultimate Experiment in Homo/Hetero-Sexuality - Surrogate Experiment: suspect, Brown, compared - Great Debates
  69. What is morally better? Pornography versus violence!: Franken, rating, money - Great Debates
  70. why isn't it ok to be white?: extremist, nationalist, identities - Great Debates
  71. High School Drop-Out Rates: unemployed, minimum wage, salaries, lawyer - Great Debates
  72. The Inevitability of Global Governance.: generation, Reagan, weapons, radical - Great Debates
  73. Obama New Vehicle Voucher Plan: unemployed, Franken, health care, insurance - Great Debates
  74. Insurance mandates, NOT healthcare reform: Congressmen, salary, illegal, drug - Great Debates
  75. Abstinence-Only Role Model, or....: accuse, regular, Jesus, school - Great Debates
  76. something many do not realize about US manufacturers vs other nations: Congress, interview - Great Debates
  77. Should America still be a land of second and third chances?: employment, Congress - Great Debates
  78. the battle of the political extremes, communism, facism, anarchy,: Iran, legal - Great Debates
  79. Is Manufacturing in the US Really Permanetly Dead/Leaving?: companies, cost, high school - Great Debates
  80. LA basketball fans -- worse than animals? (moved from L.A. forum): illegal, violent crime - Great Debates
  81. Is obama?: Chicago, presidency, socialist, President - Great Debates
  82. Karma: death, Jesus, world, own - Great Debates
  83. 1 out of every 15 Americans will serve time in a Federal or State Prison: leader, economic - Great Debates
  84. Should a parent refuse to speak their native language to American born kids?: generation, Mexican - Great Debates
  85. Why doesn't the U.s. have a name?: Mexican, Canada, states - Great Debates
  86. What do You Think of Catholic Priests?: employment, regular, school - Great Debates
  87. Why we should leave gay people alone...: parade, legal, serial killers - Great Debates
  88. Labor Unions: salary, enemy, ethic, healthcare - Great Debates
  89. Too Big to Fail: Congress, pros and cons, high school, party - Great Debates
  90. Why Are Liberals So Concerned With...: millionaire, school, states, claim - Great Debates
  91. Should abortion laws be federal?: interstate, legal, death, Canada - Great Debates
  92. Québec and the French Language: Canada, borders, school, education - Great Debates
  93. Will being bilingual be required to work in the US?: generations, illegal aliens - Great Debates
  94. What has happened to America?: Canada, retired, money, government - Great Debates
  95. We can officially be harassed at the borders now....: enemies, illegal - Great Debates
  96. DUI With Little Sleep, Similar to Drinking and Driving?: regular, death, state - Great Debates
  97. Where is the American Economy headed?: unemployment, Obama, rating, elect - Great Debates
  98. US Immigration: Should It Be More Strict?: illegal, deported, illegal immigration - Great Debates
  99. A Nation of Thieves: unemployed, generations, legal, drug - Great Debates
  100. Milton Friedman - Greed: unemployment, ethics, Pelosi, wisdom - Great Debates
  101. California contemplates ultimate reform - no welfare: how much, Michigan, education system - Great Debates
  102. Are you ready for a lower standard of living?: illegal, independent, millionaire - Great Debates
  103. How does one choose a church? Or should one?: gay people, religion, pay - Great Debates
  104. What Do You see When You Look At A Hispanic Family?: employment, illegal - Great Debates
  105. Twitter, Good or Bad?: program, work - Great Debates
  106. What Do You Think Of Couples Who Don't Want Children?: Iraq, support - Great Debates
  107. How Should a Supreme Court Justice Ajudicate?: legal, activist, accuse - Great Debates
  108. Militarized Police complainers: drug, Pelosi, FBI, weapons - Great Debates
  109. People with crazy eyes: drug, poll, crimes, abuse - Great Debates
  110. A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash: middle east, stats, Saddam, companies - Great Debates
  111. What do you guys think of the Queen's iPOD: Brown, Barack Obama, March - Great Debates
  112. Tobacco VS Obesity: fast food, health care, statistics, death - Great Debates
  113. People are - by definition - selfish. Always.: ethical, soldier, serial killers - Great Debates
  114. Welfare handouts: unemployment, illegal, drug, regular - Great Debates
  115. If the British had not colonised: Canada, Australia, country, history - Great Debates
  116. When did elitist become a bad word?: Rush Limbaugh, border, Obama - Great Debates
  117. Homophobia rare or not?: poll, suspected, high school, gay people - Great Debates
  118. Schrödinger's Cat: Dead or Alive: vote, problems, radio, best - Great Debates
  119. Tribal Societies vs The Modern World: Iraq, ethics, legal, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  120. Fitness gyms everywhere! Joggers everywhere! What do Americans do to work out their brains?: regular, how much - Great Debates
  121. Do we control our decisions?: pros and cons, bias, state, claim - Great Debates
  122. Why Was the U.S. In WWII?: middle east, enemies, Mexicans - Great Debates
  123. Incestuous and polygamous marriages: legal, statistics, abuse, government - Great Debates
  124. Should Americans challenge our: Ron Paul, house of Congress, Iraq - Great Debates
  125. Everything we do is a choice...EVERYTHING!!!!!: school, support, laws - Great Debates
  126. Despondency and It's Consequences: Murder & Suicide: unemployed, interviews, enemy - Great Debates
  127. Multiculturalism - for or against?: Iraq, myth, compared, economic - Great Debates
  128. Would legalizing prostitution prevent rape?: statistics, money, female, pay - Great Debates
  129. Why Aren't More People Outraged by the 1000 Page Stimulus Bill?: Ron Paul, - Great Debates
  130. Would you post on a forum where word filters kept you from using the presidents name?: legal, Obama - Great Debates
  131. Colonialism/Slave trade. Do your really believe it was a good thing?: wage, ethics - Great Debates
  132. United Ireland: generations, drug, Afghanistan, nationalist - Great Debates
  133. Racial slur on network television.: Mexican, racist, speech, programs - Great Debates
  134. Dolphin vs. Cow; which is more tasty?: elect, voted, work - Great Debates
  135. Should Incest, between consenting adults, be prosecuted: legal, high school, states - Great Debates
  136. Pope issues comments on condoms.: illegal, abortions, programs, world - Great Debates
  137. With the Economy Down, Vasectomy Rates Are Up: generations, solution, insurance - Great Debates
  138. Kids Growing Up Poor: ethics, drugs, school, party - Great Debates
  139. Is it fair that Churches are exempt from Property tax?: Reagan, school - Great Debates
  140. Susan Atkins is coming up for parole again: legal, drugs, compare - Great Debates
  141. Freedom of Speech vs. Political Correctness: Obama, free speech, Hispanics, school - Great Debates
  142. Has ever changed your mind?: illegal, drugs, death, illegal immigration - Great Debates
  143. Why can insurance companies discriminate in ways but not others: illegal, healthcare - Great Debates
  144. Since Social Engineering is the new fad...: fast food, Jesus, examples - Great Debates
  145. Consumption based Economy is not sustainable, US needs a lot more manaufacturing: revolution, cost - Great Debates
  146. Water, water everywhere...: health care, how much, insurance, elect - Great Debates
  147. Rule By Majority???: Congress, wisdom, Obama, revolution - Great Debates
  148. Facebook or Twitter: high school, economic, spend, great - Great Debates
  149. What does INFRINGE mean?: enemies, illegal, weapons, border - Great Debates
  150. If a tree falls...: accuse, elect, radio, great - Great Debates
  151. For/against death penalty: accuse, health care, independent, March - Great Debates
  152. Should Obama Have Power to Seize Companies?: Hugo Chavez, Congress - Great Debates
  153. Saving TOO Much Now: suspect, Obama, how much, dollars - Great Debates
  154. Understanding Why People Take Drugs: legal, heroin, abuse, addictive - Great Debates
  155. Ethnic, ??? What does it all mean???: wage, middle east, generation, drug - Great Debates
  156. Is this service economy thing working out for us?: wages, generations, companies - Great Debates
  157. Should I be able to do anything about a barking dog next door?: fence, solution - Great Debates
  158. Embryoes = Human Life. Irrefutable proof:: death, abortions, facts, arguments - Great Debates
  159. Western Society Newborn Naming Conventions: generation, legal, borders, parties - Great Debates
  160. What is Hard Work: employment, Congress, wages, border - Great Debates
  161. I'm All In Favor of People Not Smoking BUT: premium, insurance, companies - Great Debates
  162. Would the world be better off after mass deaths due to Swine Flu?: health care, suspect - Great Debates
  163. Do You Trust the Police?: racist, school, carry, kids - Great Debates
  164. Swine Flu: wage, Mexicans, racism, border - Great Debates
  165. What Is Genius?: Congress, regular, Clinton, how much - Great Debates
  166. cremation or burial?: carry, state, kids, places - Great Debates
  167. Crime Control versus Gun Control: parade, illegal, drug, activist - Great Debates
  168. Topic about all kinds of RACISM and opinions (&questions): generation, accuse - Great Debates
  169. A gunfree USA: drugs, weapons, carry, federal government - Great Debates
  170. Stephen Hawking's Bride: Pelosi, compared, rating, vote - Great Debates
  171. is Christianity superior to other religions?: enemies, support, Muslim, liberals - Great Debates
  172. Is things getting better for ?from real people: unemployment, economy - Great Debates
  173. Why Are You: Al Gore, global warming, illegal, regular - Great Debates
  174. Which is more important? Winning debates or changing minds?: controversial, suspect, abortion - Great Debates
  175. Obama first black or first muslim president?: radical, racism, black president - Great Debates
  176. Should we basically eliminate all zoning and give property owners total rights on their property?: death, Minnesota - Great Debates
  177. If marijuana was decriminalized or legalized?: interstate, illegal, heroin, cocaine - Great Debates
  178. Americans live too big: Canada, cost, economic, money - Great Debates
  179. The Patriotic Responsibilities of Citizenship: Iran, enemies, Taliban, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  180. would you report an unsolved murder?: crime, Denver, against, family - Great Debates
  181. Most people deny being racists, but how do the racists reveal themselves to be racists?: Mexicans, illegal - Great Debates
  182. Too Much Electronic Connection?: generations, accuse, school, compared - Great Debates
  183. 'Job well done' in Somali action?: Corporate Profit, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  184. Do you think people in the U.S. have too many rights?: Congress, legal - Great Debates
  185. is the world overpopulated ??: Iran, drugs, companies, abortions - Great Debates
  186. Lack of morals destroying society?: ethical, drugs, 18 year old, how much - Great Debates
  187. Immigrants vs Androids: wages, ethical, health care, borders - Great Debates
  188. Is it ok to eat meat again?: bias, laws, religion - Great Debates
  189. The Wussification of America: illegal, high school, leader, program - Great Debates
  190. The Demise of Craigslist?: illegal, cost, politicians, rating - Great Debates
  191. Can a Non-Politician Become President of the US?: Colin Powell, party affiliation, lobby - Great Debates
  192. Would marijuana legalization prevent jail/prison overcrowding?: Congress, illegal, drug - Great Debates
  193. What is poverty?: death, school, economic, money - Great Debates
  194. Bullying at school - child dead in De Kalb Illinois: Iraq, deaths - Great Debates
  195. Finding Emotional Damage for Pets as Humans: wages, legal, attorneys - Great Debates
  196. What if States Closed Their Borders To Other Americans?: unemployment, interstate, pros and cons - Great Debates
  197. Legislating morality: illegal, drugs, crimes, federal government - Great Debates
  198. Interesting Take on the Future of America: ethic, suspect, downturn - Great Debates
  199. in your opinion what is the greatest debate of all time?: legal, drugs - Great Debates
  200. Will idealistic youth save the world?: generations, premium, suspect, radical - Great Debates