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  1. Do know whatever happen to my favorite Chicago Night Club, called Baja Beach Club?: Erie: live - Illinois (IL)
  2. Need short term housing for July 09: Chicago: extended stay, sublets, apartments - Illinois (IL)
  3. summer work: Chicago: area, Irish, students - Illinois (IL)
  4. Does Chicago have a low or high real estate property tax?: Palatine: sales, private school - Illinois (IL)
  5. cool nature places in Chicago?: Wheaton, Zion: live, garden, beach - Illinois (IL)
  6. Southport & Webster: apartment, college, living - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  7. Overall 3 best neighborhoods to buy in Chicago IYO: Lincoln: foreclosure, condo - Illinois (IL)
  8. Best Apartment Tower: Chicago, Peru, Burnham: lease, condo, neighborhoods - Illinois (IL)
  9. Best/easiest way to Union Station from Schaumburg: train, car - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  10. Film Festivals in Chicago?: house, cinema, to live in - Illinois (IL)
  11. I could use a for a bike shop...: Chicago: to buy, live - Illinois (IL)
  12. Speed Reading - Best book and resources?: Chicago: shops, classes - Illinois (IL)
  13. CTA - Chicago Cards Breaking More Easily?: Time: credit card, bus - Illinois (IL)
  14. In need of first time contact lens exam: Chicago: insurance, to buy - Illinois (IL)
  15. United Center Parking: Chicago, Madison: to buy, costs, parking ticket - Illinois (IL)
  16. studio space to work on jewelry project?!: Evanston: to rent, live in - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  17. Overnight parking near Intercontinental on N. Michigan?: Grant Park: hotel, garages - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  18. How to find a business partner in Chicago?: transfer, school - Illinois (IL)
  19. Need help with the usual - neighborhoods, schools, Have read though the read this first: Chicago: apartments - Illinois (IL)
  20. what if...: things to do, murder rate, rated - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  21. Is this unit fairly priced or overpriced?: rent, condo - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  22. Moving NYC to Chicago - help finding quality movers: Lexington: apartment, new home - Illinois (IL)
  23. Jackson Park/Highlands Area: Chicago: homes, purchasing, schools - Illinois (IL)
  24. U of L basketball fans in Chicago: Lincoln, Roscoe: university, deal - Illinois (IL)
  25. Real commute - Gold Coast to UIC: Chicago: condos, transfer - Illinois (IL)
  26. Is The Green Line Expanding?: Clinton, Ashland: 2015, to buy, construction - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  27. High Speed train Chicago to Mpls: Madison: cost, deal, cities - Illinois (IL)
  28. Chicago is a city of park neighborhoods: Lincoln, Washington: suburbs, stone - Illinois (IL)
  29. Rules on gas heating in apartments? Is my landlord ripping me off?: Chicago: rent - Illinois (IL)
  30. Going to Chicago for a couple of days what to do: coupons, how much - Illinois (IL)
  31. Commute Time: Wicker Park/Bucktown to Warrenville: Chicago, Arlington Heights: house, construction - Illinois (IL)
  32. Obama got a nose job: Chicago, Time: camp, to move, photos - Illinois (IL)
  33. Who remembers Old Chicago?: Lemont: amusement park, house, live - Illinois (IL)
  34. Extra Alarm Fire in Lake View: Chicago, Roscoe: school, live, floors - Illinois (IL)
  35. Graduating from College...: Chicago: sales, home, find a job - Illinois (IL)
  36. Shipping cost in chicago-Patio cover: construction, cost of, shop - Illinois (IL)
  37. CPS $475 million budget shortfall: school, income, property taxes - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  38. Loyola University - Lake Shore and Water Tower: Chicago, Lincoln: rent, how much - Illinois (IL)
  39. Sears tower to be renamed.: Chicago: tenant, history, good - Illinois (IL)
  40. HELP!! Lien against condo building prevents me from selling: Chicago: for sale, insurance - Illinois (IL)
  41. Apartment recommendation - Lakeview: Chicago, Lincoln: apartment complex, rentals, condos - Illinois (IL)
  42. Evening Day care or 24-Hour?!?: Chicago: house, school, living in - Illinois (IL)
  43. Vintage Leather Goods: Chicago: store, market, great - Illinois (IL)
  44. Needs to know what CTA bus to take.: Union: buses, station - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  45. state ID assistance for the elderly?: shop, suburban - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  46. Recruiter Salary Talk Frustrations: real estate, costs, budget - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  47. Interesting proposal for improving transit in Chicago: transfer, live - Illinois (IL)
  48. Indie coffee shop in downtown area on Sunday?: Chicago, Marshall: sale, school - Illinois (IL)
  49. Closer to Home...: Chicago, Wayne: live in, price, military - Illinois (IL)
  50. Help! Boater Chicago: a fit?: Waukegan, Wilmette: home, neighborhoods, camping - Illinois (IL)
  51. Logan Square boundary: Chicago, Bloomington, Bloomingdale: crime, neighborhoods, to live - Illinois (IL)
  52. Paul Harvey died this past weekend: Chicago: employment, military, move to - Illinois (IL)
  53. Moving from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to Chicago: Evanston, Lincoln: apartments, for rent - Illinois (IL)
  54. Help with City Sticker transfer...: Chicago, Addison: to buy, costs, stores - Illinois (IL)
  55. Which of the three properties has the best location?: Ashland: cul-de-sac, buyer - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  56. Medical district: low income, apartments, lawyers - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  57. Lincoln park or loop: Chicago, Manhattan: neighborhoods, to live, safe - Illinois (IL)
  58. Fish Fry's: Ashland: school, restaurants, food - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  59. Evanston-Rogers Park Health Center: Chicago: crime, safety, title - Illinois (IL)
  60. Psychology Practicum Ideas: schools, university, location - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  61. Milo Cereal: Chicago, Washington, Davis: sales, home, promotional - Illinois (IL)
  62. Are there Chicago based realtors that have sub 6% commisions?: Lincoln: flat fee, for sale by owner - Illinois (IL)
  63. Slightly older female with large dog looking to rent: Chicago: apartment, rental - Illinois (IL)
  64. Your Chicago Sun-Times: buy, live, price - Illinois (IL)
  65. Advice From Chicagoans Needed: apartment, rent, credit - Illinois (IL)
  66. 1974 Chicago Skyline - Sears Tower: Cleveland: title, best, buildings - Illinois (IL)
  67. Where to get a shipping box for a queen size bed: Chicago: mattress, hotels - Illinois (IL)
  68. Looking to move from Las Vegas: Chicago: job market, move to, things to do - Illinois (IL)
  69. have a house built around Chicago??: Naperville, Joliet: how much, home builders - Illinois (IL)
  70. going to the Chicago Tea Party?: income, income tax - Illinois (IL)
  71. flirty girls?: Chicago: buyer, college, live in - Illinois (IL)
  72. Kenwood, Hyde Park and Mckinley park: Chicago, Brighton: real estate, condo, neighborhoods - Illinois (IL)
  73. Networking: Chicago, Mark: where to stay, sales, real estate - Illinois (IL)
  74. Go outside!: suburbs, county, summer - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  75. WHAT IF: a Midwest without Chicago: Metropolis, Sullivan: living, move to, yard - Illinois (IL)
  76. Will Chicago ever see another white flight?: moving to, park - Illinois (IL)
  77. Windy City Meaning: Chicago: live in, radio, cities - Illinois (IL)
  78. Guardian Angels: neighborhoods, dinner, arrests - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  79. Chicago Named Best City for 20-Somethings: Lincoln, Kell: cliquey, apartment, neighborhoods - Illinois (IL)
  80. Guns in Chicago: sales, house, transfer - Illinois (IL)
  81. How much will your productivity decrease tomorrow?: Peoria: layoffs, business - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  82. How safe is the area around the border between Logan Square and Bucktown compared to University Village?: Chicago: crime rate, neighborhood - Illinois (IL)
  83. Where to buy Dell Mini 9 in Chicago next week (21,22 of March)?: sales, option to buy - Illinois (IL)
  84. How much are you paying for rent in Chicago?: lease, car insurance - Illinois (IL)
  85. You know summer is coming....: Chicago, Pulaski: crime, neighborhoods, living in - Illinois (IL)
  86. what are the well known good neighbourhoods: Chicago, Lincoln: apartments, rental - Illinois (IL)
  87. Buy in City or Suburb - Children's Education?: Chicago, Evanston: real estate market, renting - Illinois (IL)
  88. to know if rent will be raised?: Chicago, Lincoln: real estate, apartment - Illinois (IL)
  89. Why are suburban housewives afraid of Downtown?: Elgin, Schaumburg: taxes, living - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  90. Should tenant pay for new toilet?: lease, tenants, landlord - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  91. I broke a 51 miler - on a BMX Bike in Chicago!: Addison: home, construction - Illinois (IL)
  92. Which apartment should I choose in Ravenswood/Lincoln Square?: apartments, crime - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  93. Name the neighborhood!: Chicago, Lincoln, Roscoe: safe area, college, live in - Illinois (IL)
  94. The Boroughs of your city: Chicago, Evanston: houses, neighborhood - Illinois (IL)
  95. What does this mean in Cook County Circuit Court?: Time: lawyer, live in - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  96. And you we had trouble with the CPD...: Chicago: appointed, rent - Illinois (IL)
  97. Shots fired in the Hotel Chateau (unconfirmed): Sheridan: apartments, home - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  98. I hate articles like ...: Chicago: how much, hotel, bars - Illinois (IL)
  99. How long do I need to rent a flat in Chicago: Union: sublease, sublet - Illinois (IL)
  100. Northside-off brown line: Lincoln, Roscoe, Irving: apartments, dorms, neighborhoods - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  101. I am addicted to ice!: Chicago, Aurora: refrigerator, living in, restaurants - Illinois (IL)
  102. 19-year-old moving to Chicago: Deerfield, Oak Brook: sublet, apartment, neighborhoods - Illinois (IL)
  103. How safe is the area right around North Ave and California?: Chicago: condo, townhouse - Illinois (IL)
  104. Places in Chicago for thirty somethings....: Lincoln, Pontiac: neighborhoods, landlord, living in - Illinois (IL)
  105. Does Chicago have a passenger ferry service: Waukegan: taxi, live - Illinois (IL)
  106. River City Condos: for sale, living, prices - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  107. Wicker Park :) and Downtown: Chicago, Ashland: club, shops, activity - Illinois (IL)
  108. Talman and Cortland St.: Chicago, Lincoln: neighborhood, to buy, living in - Illinois (IL)
  109. Negotiate Better Rent With or Without Apt Finding Service?: Chicago: sales, apartments - Illinois (IL)
  110. Doggie daycare in the city?: Chicago, Lincoln: how much, house, living - Illinois (IL)
  111. Biggest mexican/hispanic neighborhood?: Chicago, Cicero: condos, new construction, price - Illinois (IL)
  112. Could I find a 3 bed, 2 bath foreclosure near chicago such as Skokie, O'hare... for less than $140,000?: Cicero: real estate, foreclosures - Illinois (IL)
  113. has take on 2530 N Ashland?: Lincoln, Avon: real estate, condos - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  114. Why Doesn't Wear a Dinner Jacket Anymore?: Chicago, Mark: bankruptcy, restaurants - Illinois (IL)
  115. Embelezar moves from Chicago to Milwaukee.: Mark, Victoria: home, neighborhood, marketplace - Illinois (IL)
  116. As seen on the CTA: Troy: legal, bus, moving - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  117. What can you do if tenant still does not move out after settlement?: Skokie: lease, condo - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  118. How crowded is Chicago?: Brooklyn, Detroit: rent, neighborhoods, to live in - Illinois (IL)
  119. THANK GOD, Chicago didn't make America's top 10 unhappiest cities list.: crime rates, unemployment - Illinois (IL)
  120. Why don't poor neighborhoods have Grocery Stores?: Ashland, Union: sales, health insurance - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  121. Where did you meet your friends? Apts or Work: Chicago: apartments, home - Illinois (IL)
  122. Chicago or Nashville: Which is Better for a Musician?: Hamel: transplants, buy - Illinois (IL)
  123. My little piece of culture shock...: Chicago: credit card, live, delivery - Illinois (IL)
  124. The people of Illinois are unfree?: Chicago: sales, crimes, home - (IL)
  125. Does the Chicago Spire have a chance in hell of ever being completed?: condos, construction - Illinois (IL)
  126. Where to get cheap DIET Soda in Chicago?: Detroit: restaurants, store - Illinois (IL)
  127. So who are of the more famous Chicagoans?: Lincoln: appointed, live - Illinois (IL)
  128. Places to scream: subway, best, underwater - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  129. Nashville #1 manliest city...Chicago 46th: how much, home, theater - Illinois (IL)
  130. for Chicago natives: Davis: movies, title, driver - Illinois (IL)
  131. What is the best value neighborhood in Chicago? (poll): Addison: magnet school, quality of life - Illinois (IL)
  132. Loop Luxury hotel plan dropped: Chicago: moving, garage, office - Illinois (IL)
  133. The Signature Room: restaurant, price, floor - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  134. Most Iconic Chicago Landmark (of era): Cicero, Niles: garden, building - Illinois (IL)
  135. 1964 Chicago Skyline - The Prudential Bldg: Grant Park: suburbs, park, buildings - Illinois (IL)
  136. boundaries for where you would live in Wicker Park/Bucktown/South Loop: Chicago: low income, apartment - Illinois (IL)
  137. bakeries that deliver? A birthday cake!: Chicago: neighborhood, live in - Illinois (IL)
  138. Trash TV leaving Chicago..: credit, tax credit, commuter - Illinois (IL)
  139. Who is going to see Britney Spears in Concert?: Chicago: train, rain - Illinois (IL)
  140. Promis1's soul mate is black: Chicago, Algonquin: section 8, apartments, felony - Illinois (IL)
  141. W. Hastings St and S. Damen Ave, safe area to work?: Chicago: transfer to, school - Illinois (IL)
  142. Where do you buy your upscale/modern furniture?: Chicago, Lombard: condo, price - Illinois (IL)
  143. Most loyal fans: Cubs or Sox: Chicago: home, buy, live - Illinois (IL)
  144. Give me the downlow on Pilsen.: Chicago, Ashland: middle-class, condos, neighborhoods - Illinois (IL)
  145. Chicago Companies Hiring.....List It Up: store, move, finance - Illinois (IL)
  146. Chicago tea party protest: live in, gay, race - Illinois (IL)
  147. Chicago as a Sanctuary city: live, legally, office - Illinois (IL)
  148. Getting out of Downtown: Chicago, Berwyn: house, neighborhoods, buying - Illinois (IL)
  149. Bucktown or Logan Square?: Chicago, Lincoln: apartment, rental, crime - Illinois (IL)
  150. What is a good area of the city to live in for single, young professionals: Chicago: apartment, rentals - Illinois (IL)
  151. Car Insurance cost in Chicago: Lincoln: car rental, renting, how much - Illinois (IL)
  152. How much can you rent a brand new two bedroom in lakeview for?: real estate, apartments - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  153. Where is the recession in Chicago?: Evanston, Lincoln: lease, insurance, condominium - Illinois (IL)
  154. Balkan Areas of Chicago?: Addison, Irving: neighborhood, landlord, live in - Illinois (IL)
  155. Cubs Vs Cardinals: Diamond: layoffs, to live in, metro - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  156. Dressing in the Cold: Chicago: how much, to buy, bus - Illinois (IL)
  157. Illinois to raise income tax by 50%: sales, insurance, quality of life - Chicago, (IL)
  158. A fun about the hobbies of our Chicago Forum posters: real estate, rental - Illinois (IL)
  159. Best cheap housing near union station?: Chicago, Roscoe: insurance, how much, college - Illinois (IL)
  160. Help...and I have read a bunch of: Chicago: apartments, rent - Illinois (IL)
  161. Should I relocate away from Chicago for a job?: Washington: apartments, rentals - Illinois (IL)
  162. How's the market for a Dearborn Park II Townhome?: Chicago: real estate, renting - Illinois (IL)
  163. Chicago will receive $1 billion in stimulus money: low income, city hall - Illinois (IL)
  164. Should I take public transportation to the South Side St. Paddy's Parade?: Chicago: transplants, neighborhoods - Illinois (IL)
  165. Diplomat Hotel ordered to be emptied of residents by judge: Chicago: crime, house - Illinois (IL)
  166. Sears Tower names changes to Willis Tower: Chicago, Marshall: for sale, lease - Illinois (IL)
  167. Job Search Advice: Chicago: look for a job, theater, school - Illinois (IL)
  168. Man I need a job: felony, unemployment, high school - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  169. Bike/Cycling around Chicago......: Lincoln: sales, neighborhoods, buy - Illinois (IL)
  170. Does Chicago have a lot of Massage Spas: clubs, suburbs - Illinois (IL)
  171. Bartender Beat By Cop: Chicago: condo, office, medical - Illinois (IL)
  172. expired license plates: Chicago: credit card, DMV, drivers license - Illinois (IL)
  173. parking meters: Chicago: law, transportation, ordinance - Illinois (IL)
  174. Sears Tower to become Willis Tower: Chicago, Standard: real estate, tenant, store - Illinois (IL)
  175. Safe neighborhoods on the southside?: Chicago, Bridgeport: apartments, to rent, violent crime - Illinois (IL)
  176. Tolls on the Interstates (90, 294,: Chicago, Worth: costs, legal, pay - Illinois (IL)
  177. The Dark Knight Rises: Chicago: permits, location, filmed - Illinois (IL)
  178. They just want to buy black: Oak Park: neighborhoods, buying - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  179. Why do people have wrought iron fences?: Chicago: how much, houses - Illinois (IL)
  180. The Uptown Theater: Chicago, Time: house, neighborhood, to buy - Illinois (IL)
  181. Interesting South Deering Google Maps error: Chicago, Paxton: transporting, houses, neighborhood - Illinois (IL)
  182. Do cabs hate it when you pay witha credit card?: Chicago: taxis, live - Illinois (IL)
  183. Don't you hate it when they rename stadiums?: Chicago, Media: to buy, stadium - Illinois (IL)
  184. Opinions,: Chicago: job market, to live, price - Illinois (IL)
  185. Art Institute entrance fee hike?: Chicago, Forest Park: hotel, house, taxes - Illinois (IL)
  186. Safe Downtown Location for Young, Single Professional Female Living Alone: Chicago: rental market, neighborhood - Illinois (IL)
  187. spinning out of control?: crime, buy, school - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  188. CPD is incredible: Chicago, Time: live, office, speeding tickets - Illinois (IL)
  189. China/Koreatown and Little Vietnam Restaurants: Chicago, Pekin: home, live, train - Illinois (IL)
  190. Heating Cost: Chicago: apartment, condo, house - Illinois (IL)
  191. U2 is hanging out on Clark Street at the Metro and Smart Bar.: Chicago: neighborhood, nightclubs - Illinois (IL)
  192. Sun Times Article - getting around town: Chicago: taxi, transportation - Illinois (IL)
  193. Thinking about moving to Chicago...THINKING: job market, college, military - Illinois (IL)
  194. My latest journey: Chicago, Detroit: college, stores, safe - Illinois (IL)
  195. Driving Cicero South - Midway to Matteson, IL: Lincoln: versus, maps - Chicago, Illinois
  196. SPD apparel-this may sound silly, but just go with me ..: better - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  197. Tax returns for Part-year Illinois residents: message - Chicago, (IL)
  198. Nightclubs???: appointed, friendly, place - Chicago, Illinois (IL)
  199. Cubs sale nearly finalized, Cubs to open restaurant at Wrigley, may move Spring Training to FL: Chicago: baseball - Illinois (IL)
  200. just .: Chicago: places, good - Illinois (IL)