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  1. Port Orangle Schools: Port Orange: crime, house, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  2. Nursing Schools in and around Lakeland?: Tampa: credit, private school, area - Florida (FL)
  3. move from Oregon/NY?: job market, beaches, cities - Florida (FL)
  4. one more ins ?: insurance, house, live in - Florida (FL)
  5. The Miami market is in the dumps, but how come Orlando is not listed !?: low income - Florida (FL)
  6. What's the best Florida Community To Live In For a Wheelchair-user?: Miami: condo, mobile home (FL)
  7. Take heart, Newsmax money newsletter shows...: real estate, mortgage, first time home buyer - Florida (FL)
  8. St. Augustine... Locals??: Jacksonville, Daytona Beach: spring break, apartment, rentals - Florida (FL)
  9. Florida outflow is like other places: Miami: taxes, moving to, housing (FL)
  10. Fires in Florida: St. Petersburg, Delray Beach, Bradenton: houses, subdivision, allergies (FL)
  11. looking at rentals what does CHA mean?: Leesburg, Lee: apartment, live in - Florida (FL)
  12. Moving to Florida. Should I Keep My Car Registered in GA?: rent, condo (FL)
  13. Florida Home buyers at risk can get help: Orlando, Cape Coral: real estate, apartments (FL)
  14. Help with Inverness area: Tampa, Gainesville: for sale, real estate, insurance - Florida (FL)
  15. 12,000 jobs lost in South Florida: Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise: real estate, homes, job market (FL)
  16. A new old approach for FL ins: Hernando: insurance, home - Florida
  17. Florida Will auto insurance become optional?: Tallahassee: house, to buy, property tax (FL)
  18. Flea World Celebrates 25th Anniversary: Miami, Orlando: condo, shoppers, county - Florida (FL)
  19. Relocation: rent, home, employment - Florida (FL)
  20. is it legal: Miami: how much, limo, cost - Florida (FL)
  21. Cedar Creek is starting to see the effects: Sarasota: home, buying - Florida (FL)
  22. Citizens....sinkhole option/Pasco/Hernando Cty: Tallahassee, Spring Hill: for sale, insurance, condo - Florida (FL)
  23. Advice for Florida for sale by owner people: Tampa: real estate, mortgage broker (FL)
  24. Florida Without Storms?: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa: best city, renting, neighborhoods (FL)
  25. LEGISLATORS! Fix the mess or gone!: rental, insurance - Florida (FL)
  26. Hardee County: Wauchula, Bowling Green, Zolfo Springs: hotels, live in, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  27. Market stabilizing?: Miami, Sarasota, Bradenton: for sale, to rent, new home - Florida (FL)
  28. Condos?: insurance, townhomes, association fees - Florida (FL)
  29. Property taxes from Orlando Sentinel: Miami, Tallahassee: how much, new home, buyers - Florida (FL)
  30. Palm Coast Schools: Flagler Beach, Bell: elementary school, live in, beach - Florida (FL)
  31. Leesburg - Fountain Lake Park: to live in, restaurants, club - Florida (FL)
  32. Lease purchase: sale, renter, mortgage - Florida (FL)
  33. Destroyed Bridge Becomes Reef: Pensacola, Sanibel: construction, island, underwater - Florida (FL)
  34. Insurance officials offer consumers sobering forecast of rising costs: Miami: living in, law - Florida (FL)
  35. What's the difference?: Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando: homes, living in, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  36. Vacationing in Fort Walton for the first time: Jacksonville, Tampa: spring break, rent - Florida (FL)
  37. Most are in Florida -->Top 20 Cities with Highest Percentage of Foreign-Born Residents: Miami: university (FL)
  38. Farm land for rent near Plant City: leasing, insurance - Florida (FL)
  39. Safe Florida Schools: home, high school, taxes (FL)
  40. How Florida Schools Measure Up: high school, live, assessment (FL)
  41. UF or FSU: Gainesville, University: credit, home, law school - Florida (FL)
  42. Visiting Lakeland...: moving, good - Florida (FL)
  43. Snakes in the Pools: Miami, Everglades: house, law, pool - Florida (FL)
  44. Port Orange?: Orlando, Daytona Beach: spring break, low crime, house - Florida (FL)
  45. Relocating to Florida: Tampa, Orlando, Dunedin: HOA, crime rates, new home (FL)
  46. Taxes and Homeowners Insurance in Central Florida: Homestead, Leesburg: homes, property taxes (FL)
  47. Can't Breathe.: Tampa: homes, living in, pine - Florida (FL)
  48. FL & GA Fire: Lee: live, stats, best - Florida
  49. Dockominiums in Florida: Jupiter: real estate, lease, prices (FL)
  50. School district hint: Miami, Fort Myers, Naples: for sale, houses, moving to - Florida (FL)
  51. Ponte Verde Beach area?: Jacksonville: real estate market, house, place to live - Florida (FL)
  52. Affordable 55+ Communities near The Villages with public transportation: Naples: hair salon, condo - Florida (FL)
  53. Movers: Celebration: sale, to rent, insurance - Florida (FL)
  54. Florida Franchise-Reform Bill: law, bills, requirement (FL)
  55. Buying/Selling: Bradenton: area, seller, offer - Florida (FL)
  56. Fire Fighters In Florida: Miami, Coral Springs: how much, job market, tenant (FL)
  57. S FL Faces Toughest Water Restrictions Ever: Miami: neighborhood, homeowner - Florida
  58. Fire season in Florida: Gainesville, Kissimmee: living in, beach, deal (FL)
  59. How does lease purchase works?: sale, insurance, mortgage - Florida (FL)
  60. Insurance rates: Miami, Orlando, Melbourne: house, property taxes, shop - Florida (FL)
  61. BOA Eliminates Closing Costs: Punta Gorda: lender, homes, buyers - Florida (FL)
  62. Where to live in Fl when commuting to Mobile, AL: Pensacola: private schools, distances - Florida (FL)
  63. Opinions needed - sell or Home Equity Loan?: Tampa, Lakeland: sales, real estate - Florida (FL)
  64. Gainesville ranked #1 out of 400 cities in US and Canada: Jacksonville: transplants, university - Florida (FL)
  65. Sea turtle nesting seasons begins: Marco Island: live, legal, beach - Florida (FL)
  66. Does get bottled water delivered to their home: Crystal Springs: bankruptcy, prices - Florida (FL)
  67. Childhood nostalgia for Florida- but where to live now?: Jacksonville: condo, school (FL)
  68. Florida: Boca Raton, Pensacola, Panama City: job market, to live in, to move (FL)
  69. Winter Springs: Orlando: crime, houses, employment - Florida (FL)
  70. i wan to swim: Hudson: new house, contractors, price - Florida (FL)
  71. Relocating Within FL: Miami, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach: apartment, to rent, houses - Florida
  72. Nell Lorraine Sanders: Crestview: live, move to, Korean - Florida (FL)
  73. Lets talk Banks: Ocala, Leesburg, San Antonio: credit, house, living in - Florida (FL)
  74. Additional tax in our water bill ... today's Sun Sentinel: property tax, living - Florida (FL)
  75. Yankees on TV?: Tampa, Orlando: live in, station, best - Florida (FL)
  76. Florida bad debt, Who will pay for it ?: Lee: sales, real estate market (FL)
  77. New Bay County Airport Project: Miami: live, lawsuits, legal - Florida (FL)
  78. Trying to go WEST or EAST in Florida . . .: Fort Myers, Naples: neighborhoods, school districts (FL)
  79. Ready for a property tax......INCREASE?: Tallahassee: house, schools, taxi - Florida (FL)
  80. Property taxes in The Villages: schools, property tax, to live in - Florida (FL)
  81. Florida site eyed for new green town SKY, Fla.: appliances, houses (FL)
  82. legislative session came to an end: Tallahassee, Cape Coral: insurance, homes, buy - Florida (FL)
  83. More ideas for property tax: low income, spring break, sales - Florida (FL)
  84. Sewers in East Englewood soon?: Rotonda: utilities, taxes, cost - Florida (FL)
  85. EMT Certification - NY to FL - Help!: Plantation, Panama City: house, transfer to - Florida
  86. motorcycle insurance: Jay: health insurance, purchase, school - Florida (FL)
  87. This forum is for complainers!!!: Miami, Orlando: homes, living, club - Florida (FL)
  88. West Palmers': Miami, Tampa, Orlando: apartment, crime rates, houses - Florida (FL)
  89. What does this mean?: Miami: apartments, to rent, HOA - Florida (FL)
  90. Can Someone Recommend a Great OB/GYN in the Daytona Area?: Orlando: obgyn, living in - Florida (FL)
  91. Finding an affordable place to live in Florida: Tampa, Tallahassee: section 8, apartments (FL)
  92. on the beach at Daytona Beach: Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach Shores: spring break, coupon, rent - Florida (FL)
  93. 12 Million more Floridians by 2030: Miami, Orlando: insurance, house, buy - Florida (FL)
  94. for relocators with children: Spring Hill: for sale, leasing, house - Florida (FL)
  95. Where would you stay in Fl if you had a choice?: Jacksonville: where to stay, vacation home - Florida (FL)
  96. Rental Houses: Tampa: real estate, insurance, condos - Florida (FL)
  97. Abandoned areas of Florida: Miami, Surfside: hotels, houses, buyers (FL)
  98. Florida Home Prices: Orlando, Lakeland, Largo: sales, real estate, foreclosure (FL)
  99. Why do people move to FLorida and....: crime, home - Florida
  100. Cops working for cash on the side in uniform and using patrol car owned by the city in a small town in Florida: crime, hotel (FL)
  101. Check out this complete and total jerk...: Cape Coral, San Carlos Park: fit in, foreclosure - Florida (FL)
  102. People that love Florida: Naples: real estate, insurance, house (FL)
  103. Do you need to be a Florida resident to get a job in FL?: insurance, exemption
  104. Taxes out of a paycheck: calculator, income, income tax - Florida (FL)
  105. Synthetic Stucco Homes in Gainesville: Orlando, Plantation: insurance, relocation company, new house - Florida (FL)
  106. Brooksville, Margate, North West Tampa..Which 1?: Miami, Clearwater: middle-class, home, closing - Florida (FL)
  107. Florida Prepaid College Program: University: credit, how much, transfer (FL)
  108. Wild Animals in Florida: Fort Lauderdale, Mango: house, live in, groceries (FL)
  109. Realty Check: insurance, house, buy - Florida (FL)
  110. Shillings forecast on housing 40-50% drop: rental market, mover, townhouse - Florida (FL)
  111. Minnesota Sucks... Does Florida?: Jacksonville, Miami: for rent, insurance, condos (FL)
  112. Florida Boomers Not Ready to Retire: condo, home, employment (FL)
  113. Enrollment Dropping at Florida Schools: Alachua: home, public school, salary (FL)
  114. Florida Drought: Miami, Fort Myers, Jupiter: house, living, moving (FL)
  115. Best place to live and work in Florida?: Jacksonville, Miami: crime, home (FL)
  116. license plate: live, shop, move to - Florida (FL)
  117. good new about homes sold?: Tampa, Lee: transplants, for sale, real estate - Florida (FL)
  118. How negotiable is rent in Florida?: Orlando, Melbourne: real estate market, apartments, renter (FL)
  119. Looking for website about Florida: home, school, live (FL)
  120. Florida public access channels??: Miami, Sarasota: neighborhood, theatre, income (FL)
  121. Second thoughts about relocation?: Orlando: hotels, home, layoffs - Florida (FL)
  122. Darden abandons Smokey Bones Florida: Orlando, Tallahassee: closing, live, restaurants (FL)
  123. Not Moving To Florida After All! Thank You: homes, job market (FL)
  124. To Buy or Rent??: Melbourne: sale, real estate market, to rent - Florida (FL)
  125. Is it a repeat of the 1998 fires this year?: Deltona: house, school - Florida (FL)
  126. Jacksonville or Sarasota???: Tampa, Bradenton, University: appointed, insurance, countertops - Florida (FL)
  127. Moving to Florida - Bringing Plants?: Miami: rental, movers, house (FL)
  128. Want to move from U.K to Florida: Miami: low crime, how much (FL)
  129. Best gas generator for preparedness?: Coleman: house, buying, schools - Florida (FL)
  130. Skeeered of Gators: Tampa, Gainesville, Jupiter: house, live in, safe - Florida (FL)
  131. LGBT couple looking for tolerant area near Lakeland: Jacksonville, Gainesville: apartments, loft - Florida (FL)
  132. Should we remove Crist and replace him with Tallrick?: insurance, to buy - Florida (FL)
  133. New plan to fight underage drinking Florida: Cape Coral, Panama City: renting, attorney (FL)
  134. Another Rental: new home, tenants, deposit - Florida (FL)
  135. Gainesville Rated Best Place To Live In Usa: best cities, theatre - Florida (FL)
  136. a little advice?: Homestead, Stuart, Palm Beach: for sale, apartments, rent - Florida (FL)
  137. Citrus County Florida questions: Miami, Tampa: best city, low crime, homes (FL)
  138. Best Small Beach Town In Florida?: Orlando, Daytona Beach: apartment, good schools, living (FL)
  139. in a real estate recession...first [nationwide] price drop since the Great Depression said David Lereah: sale, foreclose - Florida (FL)
  140. Moving to Key West...wallet needs help!: Largo, Key Largo: for sale, real estate market - Florida (FL)
  141. Sorta interesting: Miami: sales, real estate, apartment - Florida (FL)
  142. Florida vehicle registration: insurance, loan, transfer (FL)
  143. I think I sold my house!: how much, inspections, prices - Florida (FL)
  144. If you need a reason to like FL right now...: Orlando: hotel, houses - Florida
  145. Need to Sell/Get out of Mortgage FAST!: Panama City, Panama City Beach: sale, renting - Florida (FL)
  146. Attractive job market in Florida?: Jacksonville, Tampa: renting, health insurance, condo (FL)
  147. Moving with Pets to Florida: Jacksonville, Hernando: house, live in, costs (FL)
  148. If you arent retiring and have no (or little capital) why move to Florida?: Miami: home, transfer (FL)
  149. Surf's Up: New Smyrna Beach: house, beach, rating - Florida (FL)
  150. Free College: schools, universities, tuition - Florida (FL)
  151. Florida is Smoking Today!: Orlando, Sarasota: yard, cars, health (FL)
  152. Queston about the fires in Florida?: Jacksonville, Orlando: houses, live, to move (FL)
  153. Moving. Auto Insurance: car insurance, prices, license plates - Florida (FL)
  154. Just turning 55-looking for adult communities: Jacksonville, Tampa: rental, HOA, homeowners insurance - Florida (FL)
  155. Gas Prices: purchase, live, costs - Florida (FL)
  156. How is Florida for single people: Laguna Beach: appointed, how much, home (FL)
  157. Why are Floridians relocating out of state: Miami, Tampa: real estate, HOA - Florida (FL)
  158. Real Estate - Is it REALLY this bad there?: Hollywood: sales, rent - Florida (FL)
  159. Eglin AFB area: Jacksonville, Pensacola, Panama City: middle-class, fit in, real estate - Florida (FL)
  160. What is the Florida Lifestyle ?: Palm Beach, Beverly Hills: credit, school, contractors (FL)
  161. Are there really no good places to raise kids in Florida? Need advice!!!: Miami: crime, home (FL)
  162. Damn flying LoveBugs !! When do they leave?: Miami: live in, moving - Florida (FL)
  163. Tax, insurance, bills: Miami, Vero Beach: rental, homeowners insurance, mortgage - Florida (FL)
  164. Happy Mothers day Florida: Tallahassee, Bell: live, metro, registered (FL)
  165. New Home Construction: Contractor Problems: St. Petersburg, Port St. Lucie: real estate, lawyer, home builders - Florida (FL)
  166. Florida Interview--Should I Go?: hotels, bankrupt, theatre (FL)
  167. Why Why Does Everything Have To Shutdown At 2am?: Miami: buy, college - Florida (FL)
  168. Homeowners may soon be allowed to capture and kill small alligators found on their property: Miami: HOA, condo - Florida (FL)
  169. Lease Breaking: Jacksonville: apartments, rental, credit report - Florida (FL)
  170. Florida Residency: lease, vehicle registration, health insurance (FL)
  171. Beaches For Dogs?: Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Ponce Inlet: rentals, condos, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  172. Crushing house payments are sending Floridians to credit counselors in staggering numbers: Hernando: real estate, foreclosure - Florida (FL)
  173. BEst High Speed Internet: Melbourne, Ocala: house, buy, prices - Florida (FL)
  174. English couple emigrating to Florida: Bonita Springs, Naples: insurance, mortgage, house (FL)
  175. Disaster Loan Assistance in Florida Still Available: Jacksonville, Seminole: loans, small business (FL)
  176. places near universal studios: apartment complexes, school, moving to - Florida (FL)
  177. Florida Fires...who is still having problems: pool, congested (FL)
  178. Virgin gets OK for airline, eyes South Florida: Jacksonville, Miami: prices, airport (FL)
  179. This is not good for Florida !: real estate, lenders, attorney (FL)
  180. live in Lake City/Live Oak Area?: St. Augustine: closing, driving - Florida (FL)
  181. LAKE COUNTY RESIDENTS: Town Hall Meeting: Tallahassee, Eustis: homes, purchases, community college - Florida (FL)
  182. monroe st. in Lakeland: renting, neighborhood, safe - Florida (FL)
  183. Safe areas near Orlando or Tampa: Miami: home, living, moving - Florida (FL)
  184. Florida Green Lodging: hotels, purchases, gated (FL)
  185. Governor Crist Recommends Budget for 2007-08: Holiday, Okeechobee: sales, health insurance, school - Florida (FL)
  186. a theory on current florida market was planned: Iona: foreclosures, rentals - Florida (FL)
  187. Florida Future: residents, interest (FL)
  188. Im looking for IT sales career opportunities in Fla: good schools, live in - Florida (FL)
  189. Lakeland and Lake Wales area: living, cost of living, shop - Florida (FL)
  190. Dreaded think envelope received from Federated National: house, limits - Florida (FL)
  191. florida ranks 31st place in 2004 on services for people with disabilities: ranked, money - Florida (FL)
  192. Nightline on property tax: sales, home, to move - Florida (FL)
  193. Miami Beach Senior Hight School Graduates-2003-04: graduated, important - Florida (FL)
  194. Florida ranks No. 2 in April foreclosures: cities, 2007, daily (FL)
  195. Relocating to Florida: Tampa, Orlando: employment, neighborhood, theater (FL)
  196. residents of SUMMER COVER in St Cloud out there?: live, family friendly - Florida (FL)
  197. Crime statistics for Florida cities: Ocala: crime rates, metropolitan area, areas (FL)
  198. Wild Fires In Florida and Georgia: Hilliard: house, live in, health (FL)
  199. Gainesville pictures???: centers, communities, - Florida (FL)
  200. Gainesville photographs?: relocating to, area, photos - Florida (FL)