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  10. tick: vet, skin, fleas, outside - Dogs
  11. Rhino had really bad hives!: vet, skin, diet, allergies - Dogs
  12. Using Control to Combat Fleas on Your Dogs: breeding, prescription, skin
  13. Victoria Stilwell, pekingese terror....: biting, barks, adoption, kids - Dogs
  14. SNL skit about dog food: shepherd, german, brand - Dogs
  15. If you feed Diamond products...: cost, pups, food, cats - Dogs
  16. News, You may now kiss the... dog! Vicar halts wedding rehearsal to give mouth-to-mouth to choking pet.: terrier, pomeranian - Dogs
  17. Whinning: clean, rescue, natural, kids - Dogs
  18. Beware of thin gage crates!: kennels, failure, pups, shelters - Dogs
  19. ear problems: boxer, skin, rescues, adopted - Dogs
  20. Dogs and Biking: weight, test, home, keep
  21. Sentinel + Nausea: vet, stomach, fleas, ears - Dogs
  22. Coondog Cemetary - I went!: ears, home, keep, Alabama - Dogs
  23. kidney damage/disease -- dog food?: lab, science, diet, problems - Dogs
  24. min pin weight: how much, chihuahua, adopt, puppy - Dogs
  25. New shelter adoption: housebreak, black, train, outside - Dogs
  26. Noah's Arc Rescue ~ Helping the most abused animals: wound, training, surgery - Dogs
  27. Bet you chuckle too: poop, Texas, yard - Dogs
  28. Head Bobbing and Tremors: boxers, vet, rescued, outside - Dogs
  29. Dog with diabetes: shots, best, treats, feeding - Dogs
  30. For the pampered pooch who has everything . . . - Dogs
  31. Wheres Safest Place To Order Pet meds ?: vet, prescription, husky - Dogs
  32. My dogs keep me young!!: size, work
  33. Lab Mix Incredibly Skittish Around Other Dogs: pitbulls, aggressive, teeth
  34. Dog intervenes in grizzly attack: boxer, black, natural, cross - Dogs
  35. another hoarding situation: paws, Arizona, California - Dogs
  36. My Westie: barking, black, training, walk - Dogs
  37. More raw ?s: diet, cost, bones, chewing - Dogs
  38. American Bulldogs and Kids: bulldog, boxer, vet, toy
  39. English Bulldog: beagle, humping, children, ears - Dogs
  40. Schnauzer owners!: schnauzers, toy, black, train - Dogs
  41. Crate training set back?: clean, poop, cleaning, stomach - Dogs
  42. lou reed & laurie anderson compose concert for dogs: bird, effects, paws
  43. News, Dog Tags Pairs Wounded Soldiers With Homeless Dogs To Get Them Ready For Adoption: train, Washington
  44. doing the Couch to 5K program with their dog?: boxer, training - Dogs
  45. Great Vincent at Lost (a dog-related post, not a tv one): swimming, owner - Dogs
  46. Dogs Swimming in Lakes, Parks, PA,NJ,DE,MD: clean, natural, kids
  47. i rescued a human today: rescue, adopt, kennels, maltese - Dogs
  48. Puppy Temperment----Growling----Is there reason to be Concerned?: border collie, labrador, bite - Dogs
  49. Azodyl: shih tzu, vet, stomach, skin - Dogs
  50. people selling puppies out of their truck: chihuahuas, breeders, legal - Dogs
  51. US Postal stamps for rescue animals: shelter, work - Dogs
  52. Comfortis (once a month flea tab): boxers, vet, fleas, effects - Dogs
  53. Prescription dog foods?: vet, tropical, diet, bones - Dogs
  54. New postage stamps to support animal rescue: puppies, shelters, difference - Dogs
  55. Cat trying to be a dog???: black, drool, outside, cats - Dogs
  56. pup has lost apetite & randomy panics. help!!!: allergy, yorkie, poop - Dogs
  57. Training can be funny sometimes: clean, toy, cleaning, puppies - Dogs
  58. treating ear mites: clean, vet, cleaning, black - Dogs
  59. dog scooters?: training, weight, cheap, bought - Dogs
  60. anesthesia issues: poodles, vet, toy, surgery - Dogs
  61. Newfoundland Lion: hair, beach - Dogs
  62. Plaque Attack: clean, vet, husky, teeth - Dogs
  63. Rescue Transport: ears, eating, Virginia, people - Dogs
  64. Need to kill time?: work - Dogs
  65. Katherine Heigl steps up, once again: chihuahua, rescue, adopted, shelters - Dogs
  66. News, Toronto firefighters to get pet oxygen masks.: animals - Dogs
  67. What to do?: goldendoodle, vet, spaniel, shaking - Dogs
  68. raw feeding questions: poodle, clean, toy, cleaning - Dogs
  69. have a Chuck it?: labs, retriever, schnauzer, kids - Dogs
  70. Ok Got a about my dog..: laser, clean, vet - Dogs
  71. excessive panting, biting and scratching: allergy, vet, prescription, heartworms - Dogs
  72. SUV smashes into dog grooming shop: owner, hurt, man, floor - Dogs
  73. SLC, UT area home visit for adoption: vet, pomeranian, heartworms - Dogs
  74. WAHL E Z Nail Clippers...: black, noise, puppy, ears - Dogs
  75. Do you take your pets along with you?: skin, best, weight - Dogs
  76. Children Tormenting Dogs: boxer, bite, train, rescue
  77. Vote for Mr. Beesley!: black, paws, cross, Arizona - Dogs
  78. Can Greyhounds and Cats live together?: poodle, yorkies, poop, rescue - Dogs
  79. How to keep wound on foot clean: tumors, vet, surgery - Dogs
  80. News, US dog owner builds mansion for pets.: American, treats, keep - Dogs
  81. Best dog clippers?: poodles, terriers, yorkie, clean - Dogs
  82. about labrador retriever: how much, labradors, clean, vet - Dogs
  83. Puppy Barely Eating: vet, prescription, stomach, surgery - Dogs
  84. 4 Month old puppy: retreiver, biting, vet, beagle - Dogs
  85. It's not about Artie's poop, it's about his chipmunk this time: clean, vet - Dogs
  86. Puppy Mill Bill in Missouri: bulldogs, vet, breeders, teeth
  87. Where to adopt?: how much, clean, vet, breeder - Dogs
  88. What is your favorite things to do with your dog?: boxer, fleas - Dogs
  89. Getting a cat for your dog: husky, rescue, cost, adoption - Dogs
  90. Destroying toys?: lab, bulldogs, clean, vet
  91. Boxers!!!: lab, yorkie, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  92. My best pal: costs, adopt, puppies, grass - Dogs
  93. My vet is recommending that I wait until after pups 1st heat cycle to get her spayed???: border collie, lab - Dogs
  94. Dog missing 13 years returns home: shih tzu, skin, mice, noise - Dogs
  95. Can your dogs spell?: lab, boxer, rottweiler, year
  96. Sunscreen?: lab, bulldog, boxer, vet - Dogs
  97. Adoption after spaying.. How long to wait: lab, boxer, poop - Dogs
  98. what can you tell me about dachshunds?: shihtzu, bulldog, boxer - Dogs
  99. forget the weight - now it's the liver!: labs, clean, vet - Dogs
  100. Ticks from my dog in my house?: poodle, bites, vet - Dogs
  101. Pitty or Pitt mix adoptions local to LI: pitbull, breeder, rescue - Dogs
  102. Ground cover for outdoor kennel for puppies: clean, cleaning, skin - Dogs
  103. How will we know? Yes...another is it time post: how much, lab - Dogs
  104. I had to post this from utube...: beagle, puppy, best - Dogs
  105. Pancreatitis: terrier, vet, prescription, skin - Dogs
  106. Who would you think is least adoptable ?: lab, terrier, black - Dogs
  107. Facing A Tough Decision- Putting Dog To Sleep: lab, boxer, veterinarian - Dogs
  108. Retraining my Alpha Dog!: yorkie, bite, toy, barks - Dogs
  109. How do I get my lab to stop chasing my cats when they run???: labrador, retriever - Dogs
  110. about neutered male dogs: laser, vet, aggressive, skin
  111. Do like your dogs more than your SO?: boxer, poop, kennel
  112. Your opinion .. Cruel to pen my dog while I work?: boxer, clean - Dogs
  113. Travolta's dogs die in airport accident: cross, best, ears, test
  114. have you ever seen a dog have a stroke?: shih tzu, vet, barking - Dogs
  115. How Much Do You Love Your Dog?: collies, sheltie, children - Dogs
  116. Silent Victims of Unemployment?: lab, boxer, vet, rescue - Dogs
  117. If you volunteer for a shelter/rescue: adopt, shots, shelters - Dogs
  118. Sick Golden: English Mastiff, vet, treatment, diarrhea - Dogs
  119. mastiff crate training: English Mastiff, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  120. dog food for large breed puppy: lab, English Mastiff, poop, legal - Dogs
  121. share you pets rescue story!!: pitbulls, ridgeback, border collie, lab - Dogs
  122. Dog Surprises Officer: rescue, home, owner, hurt - Dogs
  123. Psstt... Pittie people - lookie!: vet, teeth, rescues, puppy - Dogs
  124. Pet Health Insurance? Worth it?: how much, lab, vet, schnauzer - Dogs
  125. Seizures? Liver?: yorkies, vet, shaking, symptoms - Dogs
  126. Puppy potty training....: clean, poop, stomach, train - Dogs
  127. Need advice quick-need to make a decision by tomorrow about keeping the second dog, not sure if other dog likes him: poodle, bite - Dogs
  128. Dog transport 5/15/2010: boxer, black, rescue, puppy - Dogs
  129. getting a dog lot!!: poop, odor, adoption, best - Dogs
  130. Birthday queen: how much, vet, puppy, cats - Dogs
  131. Happy Mother's Day!: paws, test, doggie - Dogs
  132. How are Beagles?: how much, terrier, clean, breeders - Dogs
  133. Butts & Carpets: poop, vet, outside, eat - Dogs
  134. Do you know what breed this puppy is?: pitbull, shepherd, boxer - Dogs
  135. Bet I can beat Artie's poop stories: biting, clean, vet - Dogs
  136. Who knew all that fur we brush out could help save the world?: clean, schnauzer - Dogs
  137. Siberian Huskey versus German shepard: shepherd, shepherds, yorkie, clean - Dogs
  138. Dog Park Agressive or just trying to learn?: border collie, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  139. Switch foods again or just wait?: lab, poop, vet, wound - Dogs
  140. Jai and her ears UPDATE!: clean, vet, aggressive, test - Dogs
  141. know how smart Weenie Dogs are?: breeders, barking, wound
  142. Process to get puppy from breeder: bulldog, boxer, rottweilers, patella - Dogs
  143. Graduation from puppy to adult food?: lab, stomach, cost, puppies - Dogs
  144. Silent Flood Victims: shepherd, poodle, yorkies, bite - Dogs
  145. Why do dogs eat grass, everyday?: vet, wound, stomach, treatment
  146. My Puppies And Water - Longwinded Sorry!: barking, natural, kids - Dogs
  147. English Bulldog: lab, vet, breeder, aggressive - Dogs
  148. Driving with a dog in the summer?: outside, legs, walk - Dogs
  149. this is so disturbing: how much, rottweiler, chihuahua, barking - Dogs
  150. German Shepard: shepherd, housebreak, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  151. I HATE dog owners who tie their dogs up!!: chihuahuas, barking, skin
  152. Do they know how much we love them ?: rescue, natural, shelters - Dogs
  153. What non-food item does your dog love to eat?: vet, bones, chew - Dogs
  154. [Cheap] Quality Dog Food: lab, boxer, poop, vet - Dogs
  155. Well, it happened......: vet, black, treatment, odor - Dogs
  156. Guard dogs, they're not: shepherd, boxer, barking, shaking
  157. English Bulldog and Black Spots: allergic, vet, skin, diet - Dogs
  158. Labradoodle creator regrets creating designer breed: labrador, allergy, poodles, breeder - Dogs
  159. Jack Russell Terrier - share your experiences!: bulldog, breeder, barking - Dogs
  160. Tar Removal.. ideas?: clean, vet, skin, rescue - Dogs
  161. Delta loses dog.: problems, normal, mean, owner - Dogs
  162. I almost got scammed!!: vet, breeder, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  163. Help me figure out what dog to get: pitbull, allergic, yorkies - Dogs
  164. what kind of bowl do you use?: rescue, noise, food - Dogs
  165. Owning a dog in an apartment building?: how much, terriers, yorkie - Dogs
  166. Brown grass spots. Are the pills ok??: vet, train, diet - Dogs
  167. Which photo should I pick?!: test, treats, brand, doggie - Dogs
  168. Questions...thinking of getting a dog (we have cats now): train, rescue - Dogs
  169. Is it normal for an old dog to withdraw from the family?: shih tzu, vet - Dogs
  170. My Bella is a woman now....HELP: tumors, clean, vet - Dogs
  171. stairs and dogs: how much, shih tzu, poodle, surgery
  172. What to expect from a home visit (rescue adoption): how much, shepherd, shepherds - Dogs
  173. Procter & Gamble acquires Natura Pet Foods: vet, cost, natural - Dogs
  174. Good News: vet, diet, failure, best - Dogs
  175. i think Im in love...: vet, rescue, shots, ears - Dogs
  176. I'd love to put my two large breeds on a raw diet... Raw Diet Suggestions?: bulldog, clean - Dogs
  177. My rescued boxer has had diarrhea for 2 weeks...suggestions?: allergic, poop, vet - Dogs
  178. Have you had personal experiences with Poodles?: border collie, shih tzu, patella - Dogs
  179. Animal Planet Investigates: Petland: bite, bird, puppies, food - Dogs
  180. Adopter wants fee returned: vet, skin, training, rescues - Dogs
  181. Are habits unbreakable?: breeding, beagle, chew, westie - Dogs
  182. no proof of vaccinations: labs, allergic, bites, vet - Dogs
  183. tricks to helping dogs get along?: shepherd, yorkie, bite
  184. Experience w/ old dogs and hip dysplasia? ( esp lrg breeds): labs, vet
  185. Patricia McConnell returns her puppy: breeder, puppies, best, dominant - Dogs
  186. Hoarding situation in Palmdale, CA have rescue contacts?): boxer, euthanize - Dogs
  187. Recent fosters: border collie, spaniel, breeders, rescue - Dogs
  188. my dog just ate a BUNCH of raisins: lab, vet, black - Dogs
  189. I have a sure-fire way to dramatically reduce the Lost & Founds ads on Craigslist and: how much, vet - Dogs
  190. Does your dog fart and run?: bulldogs, poop, husky, bird
  191. Weird Poodle Pictures: labradoodle, allergies, walk, home - Dogs
  192. LOST DOG Inland Empire, CA Fontana SHeetz Tsu (had to misspell so it will post): shih-tzu, vets - Dogs
  193. Breed guess for new grandpuppy: shepherd, pomeranian, rescue, bird - Dogs
  194. My Dog will not walk or budge on a leash..I have tried EVERYTHING everyone says to do !!!: poodles, bite - Dogs
  195. crate training adult dog: shepherd, boxer, vet, barks - Dogs
  196. Love This Story (if you haven't seen it): poop, adopting, best - Dogs
  197. News, Pet Cemetery Exhumes Deadbeat Dog.: keep, New York, owner - Dogs
  198. Undercover Dog Auction Investigation: clean, breeders, cross, puppy - Dogs
  199. CAPS is Tops in Protecting Pets!: legal, animal - Dogs
  200. Fraud- don't follow the link to - Dogs