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  1. What National Tax Increase Would Be Widely Accepted And For What?: Clinton, best - Great Debates
  2. Alpha male definiton: society, American - Great Debates
  3. News media v. News commentary: interview, legal, CNN, solution - Great Debates
  4. A nation of Iagos?: drugs, extremist, racism, school - Great Debates
  5. Is charity to medical problems just a bunch of scams.: wages, salary - Great Debates
  6. Should Mergers/Buyouts Between Large Companies Be Allowed?: Congress, ethics - Great Debates
  7. Are GoFundMe accounts a slippery slope for donations?: ethic, drugs, regular - Great Debates
  8. Should witnesses not be allowed to make deals in court cases, cause it influences their testimony?: interview, illegal - Great Debates
  9. Old America: ethics, Canada, Hispanic, suburban - Great Debates
  10. Student reaction............: school, terrorists, gun owners, laws - Great Debates
  11. If The Israeli's Were In Charge Of Our Water In The U.S.?: Palestinians, solution - Great Debates
  12. Aren’t extreme sports game basically their own genre?: state, community, - Great Debates
  13. Farmer & Corporate Welfare - Gasoline Subsidies: gallon, global warming, statistics - Great Debates
  14. I'm a Bad American - I Don't Like Fireworks: illegal, party, states - Great Debates
  15. U.S. Suicide Rates Are Climbing: generation, stats, suspected, deaths - Great Debates
  16. Are the US's relations with the foreign world going to get better or worse in the next 20 years?: military, politicians - Great Debates
  17. Varieties of feminism: compared, countries, articles, - Great Debates
  18. Brain Drain of Old World; Brain Gain for New World: illegal, Indiana - Great Debates
  19. Does Federal Authority Really Trump State And Local Laws: interstate - Great Debates
  20. Another reason for non-employer-based health coverage: employment, healthcare, insurance, medical - Great Debates
  21. organizations that promote soft on crime mentality: attorney, FBI, healthcare - Great Debates
  22. The Interplay of Good, Bad, Consciousness, Ethics, and Value: economic, education, money - Great Debates
  23. Is WASP a meaningless term?: private school, party, money - Great Debates
  24. Are the sins of the father really visited upon the son?: racism, religion - Great Debates
  25. another teacher busted for sex with student.: legal, 18 year old, school - Great Debates
  26. Is paying too much for something being generous or unethical?: economy, money - Great Debates
  27. State of Uniom address on tickets for the House: best - Great Debates
  28. Why Conservatives or Republicans Appear to Be Against Welfare: generation, Obama - Great Debates
  29. How strong is the so called culture of honor in today's US of A ?: generation, school - Great Debates
  30. Survey and opinion Poll: Small Talk is necessary to make friends?: world, workers - Great Debates
  31. Is 2018: Why are you all still obsessing over patriotism?: patriots, thoughts - Great Debates
  32. Do you think dating sites can be sexist when it comes to censorship in this case?: illegal, examples - Great Debates
  33. More and more sites not allowing comments fighting discord: accuse, regular, extremist - Great Debates
  34. Do Americans really live in fear?: statistics, crime rate, tasers, compared - Great Debates
  35. Why I Don’t Buy That the “Weak”, “Stupid”, , Deserve Scorn: speech, compared - Great Debates
  36. Next major infrastructure projects: interstate, generation, highway, cost - Great Debates
  37. What Would The U.S. Be Like If We Didn't Need A Military Budget?: Congress, enemies - Great Debates
  38. Is the one drop rule actually non-existent in the U.S.?: Iraq, middle east - Great Debates
  39. Was it Easier and More Sensible to be Socialist or Liberal Decades Ago Than Now?: wages, illegal - Great Debates
  40. Populists, Marxists, Fundamentalists and SJW's: legal, conspiracy, marijuana, how much - Great Debates
  41. Does welfare state lower IQ, making democracy unsustainable: drugs, health care, statistics - Great Debates
  42. Why shouldn't the federal government fund public transportation in metropolitan areas?: interstate, Congress - Great Debates
  43. Should free speech be more restrictive?: illegal, racist, Missouri - Great Debates
  44. What group has the very worst of the arrogant male ego ?: attorneys, politicians - Great Debates
  45. So we’ve got transgender, a few instances of transrace. What about trans-age?: generations, ethical - Great Debates
  46. Is there to stop the most evil and corrupt people from getting in power regardless of system?: wage, ethical - Great Debates
  47. Is (and should) military service put on a pedestal to the detriment of other public service?: drug, lawyers - Great Debates
  48. Which would lose its value quicker: A new car or a new video game?: vote, own - Great Debates
  49. Diversity in sport: Iraq, Israel, nationalist, racism - Great Debates
  50. Is it realistic for marriage to be a lifelong commitment/contract?: money, states - Great Debates
  51. Did the US make a mistake in not taking over the world when they were the only country with nuclear weapons?: Putin, Congress - Great Debates
  52. Colonialism v. Immigration v. National Borders v. Compassion - What's the Solution?: Congress, Israel - Great Debates
  53. Should the US steal the strongest and advantaged from third world countries, leaving behind disadvantaged?: salary, racist - Great Debates
  54. If brain transplants were would the soul be removed with the brain do you think?: doctor, religion - Great Debates
  55. Organ Donation Should be Compulsory: ethical, death, state, religion - Great Debates
  56. I'm almost ready to give up talking.: Congress, enemies, CNN - Great Debates
  57. Is Panhandling Become an Industry?: interview, drugs, dollars, school - Great Debates
  58. Is It To Survive Without The Internet Today?: generations, radical, elect - Great Debates
  59. Honduran migrants on their way to U.S.: Mexicans, drug, Pelosi - Great Debates
  60. How much disruption by a protester(s) is acceptable?: Congress, illegal, soldiers - Great Debates
  61. Racially Integrated Society - Is the U.S. Doing Well in Unique Experiment?: Congress, middle east - Great Debates
  62. Why blame Al-Qaeda for 9/11 when our politicians were the cause of it?: Israel, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  63. Are America's poor the envy of the world?: wages, healthcare, statistics - Great Debates
  64. Machine Superintelligence is One of the Greatest Threats Facing Humans Today: unemployment rate, Putin - Great Debates
  65. Are the prairie dog relocators morally just?: ethical, illegal, Brown - Great Debates
  66. Should it be illegal to fire someone over a conduct not related to work duties?: employment, regular - Great Debates
  67. Why does the Canadian justice system have such pacifist views in this case?: legal, death - Great Debates
  68. Mariachi band & guayabera shirts for weddings--cultural appropriation?: Mexican, examples, Seattle - Great Debates
  69. Liberation Movements Gone Mad - Bad Behavior, Teen Pregnancy, Truancy and Hopelessness in the Heartland - Solutions: generations, Baby Boomers - Great Debates
  70. Are mandatory vaccinations good for kids?: military, school, states, claim - Great Debates
  71. Did millennia of divergent evolution lead to psychological as well as physical differences between races?: racist, Canada - Great Debates
  72. Is There Really, A Worker Shortage Today?: unemployment rate, wage, Mexican - Great Debates
  73. Gun Control? What About Minding Your Own Community as Well?: generation, legal - Great Debates
  74. Does the Social Justice Movement Represent True Pluralism?: enemy, illegal, death - Great Debates
  75. Is another person's health your business?: fast food, illegal, drugs, lawyers - Great Debates
  76. One world government: would we still need a military?: Iraq, Afghanistan, nationalist - Great Debates
  77. Does being anti United States equal being anti American ?: Congress, Mexican, revolution - Great Debates
  78. Veganism and Vegetarianism is a Knee Jerk Reaction to a Real Problem. Food Sustainability: legal, death - Great Debates
  79. The Totality of Evil: illegal, soldiers, suspected, how much - Great Debates
  80. Diversity Can Include Normally Successful Minority Groups Too: Palestinian, ethic - Great Debates
  81. The whole reporting sexual assault decades later debate: employment, interview, candidacy - Great Debates
  82. Break down of society: generations, regime, high school, rating - Great Debates
  83. Are sex crimes so heinous that they shouldn't be subject to the presumption of innocence tradition in our legal system?: accuse, crime - Great Debates
  84. We should gradually reduce the 40 hour week to 30 hours: Congress, wages, middle east - Great Debates
  85. Has our aversion towards violence contributed to the rise of more serious violence ?: generations, drugs - Great Debates
  86. Do Evangelicals support Isreal for biblical or secular political reasons?: Iran, Palestinians - Great Debates
  87. winning the lottery is better for people?: lawyers, dollars, school - Great Debates
  88. When you see a Homeless person, Do you give to them or ignore them?: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  89. Why the USA in 2018 is similar to Mexico: Mexicans, legal - Great Debates
  90. Do people like Harvey Weinstein deserve the death penalty?: accuse, independent, crimes - Great Debates
  91. Should we be less harsh on people with learning or other mental disabilities: attorney, violent crime - Great Debates
  92. would it be right to harvest the organs of the lowest killers on death row?: legal, injection - Great Debates
  93. Should U.S. Have Placed Nuclear Weapons in South Vietnam?: Israeli, arsenal - Great Debates
  94. Foreign languages in public: generation, illegal, regular, racist - Great Debates
  95. Salmonella terrorism ? Could it be all outbreaks are deliberate?: Palestinians - Great Debates
  96. What if police were only allowed to use self-defense in the case where someone attacked them first?: interview, drugs - Great Debates
  97. Why wasn't there more outrage to the Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage?: generation, legal - Great Debates
  98. Are circumcisions for newborns unethical?: Hispanics, high school, state, laws - Great Debates
  99. If you knew that a family member or friend committed a heinous crime, would you turn them in?: ethical, legal - Great Debates
  100. US Life expectancy decreases.: illegal, drugs, health care system, statistics - Great Debates
  101. Do you think killing of the worst mass murders as infants would honestly be that bad?: independent, terrorism - Great Debates
  102. Do you think that caffeine should be banned in workplaces?: legal, drugs - Great Debates
  103. America is Great (and Always Has Been) - My Post Labor Day thoughts: legal, revolution - Great Debates
  104. The Deteriorating American Center: party affiliation, Congress, interview, Reagan - Great Debates
  105. As an adult are you more a product of Nature or Nurture? what %?: 9/11, school - Great Debates
  106. Mental Health Therapy--Hustle, or: health care system, elect, state, medical - Great Debates
  107. Why societies are more technologically advanced than others: economic, education, government - Great Debates
  108. Do you think anything someone says to a cop warrants the cop arresting/beating them?: salary, suspected - Great Debates
  109. How Should We Define the Social Justice Movement/Advocacy in a Historical Context?: nationalist, death - Great Debates
  110. Should jails be allowed to refuse someone medicine if they are arrested?: illegal, heroin - Great Debates
  111. Are Americans less hardy and self-reliant now than they were in previous centuries?: unemployment, generation - Great Debates
  112. Can mass killings in the US ever be greatly reduced?: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  113. people don't know how easy it is to buy a gun....: legal, FBI - Great Debates
  114. Could America go back to Articles of Confederation: federal government, states, federal - Great Debates
  115. Mass Shootings ARE Domestic Terrorism: generation, drugs, Brown, revolution - Great Debates
  116. Guns and entertainment: interviews, enemies, illegal aliens, weapons - Great Debates
  117. Whites Need Not Apply: Canada, carry, states, claim - Great Debates
  118. Surveillance Creep, At What Point Has It Gone Too Far?: generation, weapon - Great Debates
  119. Should we put age restrictions on Guns like Alcohol: enemy, legal, drugs - Great Debates
  120. What do you think the outcome would be of a total gun ban?: Congress, illegal - Great Debates
  121. England whole of Europe has gun problems.......: illegal, drugs, statistics - Great Debates
  122. A new militia......: minimum wage, legal, accuse, solution - Great Debates
  123. When are your really dead ??: legal, healthcare, deaths - Great Debates
  124. Why do people say you have total freedom to be whatever you want to be?: salary, legal - Great Debates
  125. Declaration of Independence vs Second Amendment: death, high school, abuse, government - Great Debates
  126. Has SNL crossed a line in joking about the Florida shootings?: accuse, solution - Great Debates
  127. Constitutionality of Spending Vast Sums (Taxes) due to Gun Proliferation: ethical, legal - Great Debates
  128. How about Tiers of Gun Ownership??: weapon, death, 18 year old - Great Debates
  129. Can't Beat the Jump: weapon, school, terrorists, vs - Great Debates
  130. Amend the Constitution to Make Driving a Vehicle a Right.: employment, poll - Great Debates
  131. putting all our eggs in one basket with smartphones: revolution, how much, money - Great Debates
  132. African Migrants In Israel Being Forcibly Deported: middle east, Israeli, illegal aliens - Great Debates
  133. The Me-Too Movement - Is Merit and Skill on the Job Important?: employment, accuse - Great Debates
  134. Why Is Hollywood A Political Target?: candidacy, boycott, free speech, money - Great Debates
  135. Should Palestinian Arabs Continue to Have Their Own Refugee Agency?: Iraq, Palestinians - Great Debates
  136. Why So Hard For So Many Husbands To Stand Up To Their Wives?: accuse, Obama - Great Debates
  137. Redistribution of wealth: wages, salary, death, millionaires - Great Debates
  138. Would color meanings play a role in racism?: Brown, stereotypes, Jesus - Great Debates
  139. Controversial Are we the most tribalistic/greedy culture/society ever?: revolution, rating - Great Debates
  140. WW I, Korea, WW II and Israel; Heads You Win Should Not be Tails I Lose: Iran, middle east - Great Debates
  141. minority status in the future?: legal, racism, Hispanics, companies - Great Debates
  142. Automation will be the greatest threat to non-STEM workers: Putin, lawyers, healthcare - Great Debates
  143. Why Is Accountability a Dirty Word Today?: employment, illegal, racism - Great Debates
  144. What Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers has wrong:: Canada, 18 year old, high school - Great Debates
  145. The Superbowl Half time show YAH or NAY ?: million, world, country - Great Debates
  146. We fight for non-segregation but we segregation our selfs: Taliban, legal, racism - Great Debates
  147. Are the tales of the ''unsocial bullied kid'' in high school succeeding over the 'sociable bully'' the other way round?: lawyer, regular - Great Debates
  148. Human population at this rate...(what will planet look like in 100, 200..500 years..): middle east, global warming - Great Debates
  149. In the America we are in. Actions Speak Louder Than Words, or Words Speak Louder Than Actions: racist, free speech - Great Debates
  150. Time to Treat Texting While Driving Like DWI: legal, drugs, statistics - Great Debates
  151. SNAP benefits covering pet food: money, program, state, support - Great Debates
  152. When us aren't who we think they are...: generations, dollars - Great Debates
  153. Re; School Shootings by minors- Why aren't parents charged?: legal, drugs, lawyers - Great Debates
  154. Is it right to condemn terrorists as 'cowards'?: middle east, regular, revolution - Great Debates
  155. Is there really harm when it comes to public nudity, especially in regards to children?: regular, crimes - Great Debates
  156. If lab grown meat replaces conventional meat, will you eat it?: Franken, injection - Great Debates
  157. Is Corporal Punishment Child Abuse?: drugs, Canada, fence, school - Great Debates
  158. Man Whistles At Woman In France, $880 Fine! Too Much, Too Little?: legal, free speech - Great Debates
  159. Civil Rights Attorney on Standing For National Anthem: Brown, speech, elect - Great Debates
  160. Should We Have A Maximum Wage Law?: employment, Congress, minimum wage - Great Debates
  161. Speed and cell phone laws - Self-Inflicted Drag on Productivity: enemy, illegal - Great Debates
  162. Can One Be a Leftist or Liberal and Believe in Constitution and Deep-Rooted American Values: unemployment, Israel - Great Debates
  163. Can Incipient Violent Killers be Committed for Protection of Society?: Israel, illegal - Great Debates
  164. Should America disband the Electoral College?: interstate, Congress, interview - Great Debates
  165. Do you think the media should not be allowed to mention the races of homicide victims in news headlines?: suspect, crime - Great Debates
  166. Is society becoming too collectivist?: pros and cons, Canada, government, England - Great Debates
  167. Will we have popular presidents in the foreseeable future?: Congress, Iran - Great Debates
  168. Sanctions Are Not a Substitute For Military Action: Congress, Iran, Iraq - Great Debates
  169. why don't obituaries state cause of death more?: generation, drug, rating - Great Debates
  170. did see where consequences went? they were around where: illegal, lawyers - Great Debates
  171. What matters more: needs of immigrants or needs of current natives?: NAFTA, wage - Great Debates
  172. Inequality of Power in Intimate Relationships: Al Franken, interviews, impeachment, Clinton - Great Debates
  173. Are We Diluting the Importance of the Bullying Problem?: generation, boycott, stereotypes - Great Debates
  174. Should the USA adopt European-style license plates?: solution, compared, rating - Great Debates
  175. Once trustworthy professions now looked at suspiciously.: drug, lawyers, accuse - Great Debates
  176. Is Marijuana a gateway drug?: unemployed, illegal, heroin, drugs - Great Debates
  177. 911 officers went to wrong house, one killed after. Who's at fault?: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  178. London Bans Knives Despite Failure Of Gun Ban: weapons, death, compared - Great Debates
  179. What if JFK had lost? 5 things that might be different: drugs, Kennedy - Great Debates
  180. Japanese Internment and the 2nd Amendment: generation, legal, lawyer, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  181. Why are Suburbs Bashed So Hard and Cities Glorified days?: global warming, regular - Great Debates
  182. What explains the decline of social capital in the USA?: generations, Baby Boomers - Great Debates
  183. Animal Rights v. Peoples' Rights; People Trump Animals: activist, solutions, school - Great Debates
  184. Traffic fines ) should be scaled to income for fairness: unemployed, illegal - Great Debates
  185. Is NIMBYism anti-Capitalist?: legal, lawyer, millionaires, cost - Great Debates
  186. Are Merit Systems in Academia and Work a Method of Enforcing White Dominance?: attorney, racism - Great Debates
  187. Why don't we use nitrogen asphyxiation for death sentence?: injection, lawyers, deaths - Great Debates
  188. My problem with the IRS.: Congress, illegal, healthcare, death - Great Debates
  189. Is it really that unbelievable our government played a part of allowing 9/11 to happen?: legal, conspiracy - Great Debates
  190. What has changed in America with Mass shootings?: serial killers, weapon, death - Great Debates
  191. Is Society Becoming Too Extreme?: enemies, accuse, radical, solutions - Great Debates
  192. Should women be held to the same standard as men in the criminal justice system?: attorneys, activist - Great Debates
  193. What Should Be Allowed in Protecting Property?: illegal, weapons, suspect - Great Debates
  194. Why are we dumping so much money into the fight against drug abuse ?: Congress, heroin - Great Debates
  195. Is There A future for Jews Outside Israel, the U.S., Canada & Australia?: Palestinians, generation - Great Debates
  196. Students class room are now armed: weapon, solution, school - Great Debates
  197. The Parkland survivors just got the cover of TIME magazine.: generation, Israel - Great Debates
  198. Should the Government worthily pay researchers so their accomplishments are affordable?: drug, companies - Great Debates
  199. Countries with thee most for people in the world: country - Great Debates
  200. MacKinnon and Carlson on the harassment debate: controversial, school, Michigan - Great Debates