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  159. So. I have a date tommorow.: marriage, woman, family, children - Relationships
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  161. Will my race or his race get in the way of him being fully interested/attracted to me?: dating, Asians - Relationships
  162. seeking for advices: marry, girls, love, meaning - Relationships
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  166. Aside from maturity considerations alone, how exactly do women change emotionally, from between the ages of say 20-28?: younger, family - Relationships
  167. did i screw up? what should i do?: date, women, older - Relationships
  168. It has nothing to do with: A job,cars,money,material items,education. Than what is it?: how to, girl - Relationships
  169. verbally abusive relationships/marriages: woman, spouse, partner, passive
  170. I think I cheated: date, girlfriend, how to, women - Relationships
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  175. She said, Sorry, but I have been so busy: date, children - Relationships
  176. Does confidence matter?: dating, married, women, love - Relationships
  177. Do you think men care about the number of men a woman has slept with.: dating, Christian - Relationships
  178. online dating: how to get more guys to message me?: women, young - Relationships
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  183. Dating is like doing door to door sales.: women, love, personality - Relationships
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  185. My wife is pissed off because I want two seperate beds in our room..: boyfriend, marriage - Relationships
  186. Forever making him happy?: wife, how to, men, love - Relationships
  187. Women and Attraction / Sexual Appetite: how to, sex, interested, physically - Relationships
  188. Will societies' views on promiscuity, monogamy, and fidelity ever change?: loyalty, cheating - Relationships
  189. Kissing - did you kiss all your exes the way you kiss your SO?: marriage, women - Relationships
  190. Why did you divorce?: wife, long-term, how to, marriage - Relationships
  191. Can you analyze my mothers: how to, girls, love, therapy - Relationships
  192. for that are in/have been in a bad marriage.: women, love - Relationships
  193. Companionship and Marriage: dating, wife, long-term, man - Relationships
  194. GF is a bit too.....close.: wife, boyfriends, girlfriends, women - Relationships
  195. passive agressive in relatiosnships?: dating, how to, woman, husband - Relationships
  196. Fellas, when a guy says lets go with the flow does that mean he isn't serious?: dating, boyfriend - Relationships
  197. What to do about our changing living situation?: dating, boyfriend, love - Relationships
  198. Would you, could you should you be naughty while dressed up in a costume?: party, opening - Relationships
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