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  79. time of year the deschutes is swimmable?: swimming, things to do - Bend, Oregon (OR)
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  82. Good dermatologist in Bend or Redmond?: recommend, appointment, recent - Oregon (OR)
  83. New dex Yellow Pages: 2013, cost, car - Bend, Oregon (OR)
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  97. Landlord rented my apartment out from under me NEED ADVICE: Bend: 2014, apartments - Oregon (OR)
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  100. Oregon Car Exhaust: Bend, Independence: home, incomes, air quality - (OR)
  101. local forum/BBS?: Bend: school, living, moving to - Oregon (OR)
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  104. experience with Pahlisch homes?: Bend: home builders, buy, university - Oregon (OR)
  105. Very tight rental market: Bend: 2013, apartment complex, renters - Oregon (OR)
  106. Moving to or rent?: Redmond, Deschutes River Woods: real estate market, rental, crime - Oregon (OR)
  107. Moving to Bend about jobs/income: for sale, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  108. Murphy Road Construction: Bend, Redmond, Sisters: houses, cost, safety - Oregon (OR)
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  112. Cougar sighting: Portland, Bend: living in, safety, parks - Oregon (OR)
  113. Prettiest Driving Route Between Portland and Bend: Eugene, Salem: home, move to - Oregon (OR)
  114. Neighborhood Recommendations in Bend: Deschutes River Woods: house, to buy, maintenance - Oregon (OR)
  115. Class warfare in Bend?: low income, real estate, 2014 - Oregon (OR)
  116. Prineville Is Jumpin': Bend, Redmond, La Pine: sales, foreclosures, rent - Oregon (OR)
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  118. Bend does not live up to its propaganda: Portland, Eugene: short sales, foreclosures - Oregon (OR)
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  123. help Moving to Bend: schools, live, vs. - Oregon (OR)
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  126. Plenty of (School) Free Lunches in Bend?: Amity: real estate, how much - Oregon (OR)
  127. From Texas to Oregon: Portland, Eugene: apartments, rental, violent crime - Bend, (OR)
  128. The Importance of Tourism to Bend: Portland, Eugene: middle-class, ski resort, 2015 - Oregon (OR)
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  130. Bend Publicity: rental car, 2014, rental - Oregon (OR)
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  142. Best time to move to Bend (and rent)?: Green: apartment complexes, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  143. Swimming holes around Bend: dangerous, legality, beach - Oregon (OR)
  144. Breathing in Bend: Redmond: houses, to live in, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  145. Wind: Portland, Bend, Klamath Falls: house, calculating, living - Oregon (OR)
  146. seeking pet friendly home rental in Redmond: Bend: extended stay, sale - Oregon (OR)
  147. Looking for rental home in redmond area: Bend: section 8, for sale - Oregon (OR)
  148. Teaching and Construction Jobs in Bend?: La Pine: new home, construction, school district - Oregon (OR)
  149. Winter in Bend: Three Rivers: 2013, live, activities - Oregon (OR)
  150. Bend or Prescott, AZ?: Phoenix: how much, living, restaurants - Oregon (OR)
  151. Inforcing CC&R'S: HOA, attorney, mobile home - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  152. Is Bend The Right Move?: Portland, Eugene: find a job, university, minimum wage - Oregon (OR)
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  154. Everybody Is Moving All Of A Sudden: Bend: real estate, 2014 - Oregon (OR)
  155. She said, BEND? You be kidding!: Portland: middle-class, sales - Oregon (OR)
  156. When I cross the Blue Mountains....: Eugene, Salem: to buy, live in, law - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  157. Rentals Getting Tight: Bend: short sales, 2015, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  158. Family values / culture in Bend: Portland: houses, neighborhoods, theater - Oregon (OR)
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  160. New to Prineville: Groceries and stuff: Salem, Bend: sales, home, buying - Oregon (OR)
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  162. GMO Free?: Bend, Madras: gated, organic, live - Oregon (OR)
  163. Bend economy...better?: real estate, apartment complexes, foreclosures - Oregon (OR)
  164. Bend Utilities: Redmond: real estate, co-op, how much - Oregon (OR)
  165. Bend sunny, summer, watch for wild fires, whirnot picking the hottest week of the year to pour concrete uot;: Independence: how much, cost of - Oregon (OR)
  166. Starting a business in Bend?: 2013, closing, income - Oregon (OR)
  167. Is Bend going to accept us?: Portland, Eugene: appointed, ski resort, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  168. Sustainability vs Sprawl - UGB: Bend, Hines: real estate, condos, big house - Oregon (OR)
  169. Living in Bend, Oregon: Portland, Eugene: school rankings, camper, safe - (OR)
  170. A chilly start to autumn: Bend, Redmond: new home, trailer, bike - Oregon (OR)
  171. Free TV: Bend, Redmond, Dallas: house, buy, movies - Oregon (OR)
  172. Do I need studded tires?: home, neighborhood, luxury - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  173. Recycle 101: Bend, Redmond: fit in, lease, how much - Oregon (OR)
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  175. Retire in Bend vs. Portland, Redmond: sales, how much - Oregon (OR)
  176. Recommended camp sites for beginner: Bend, Prineville: home, buy, camping - Oregon (OR)
  177. Bend - Redmond real estate taxes: Sisters: sales, house, buying - Oregon (OR)
  178. Winter 2013/2014: Bend, Redmond: coop, houses, living in - Oregon (OR)
  179. Activities? What to do in the fall and winter.: Bend: house, movie theater - Oregon (OR)
  180. Is Bend Ready for a 4 Year College Campus in Town?: Eugene: 2013, universities - Oregon (OR)
  181. Horse properties around Bend: Redmond, Sisters: rent, big house, purchasing - Oregon (OR)
  182. North Dakota winter or Bend, OR winter?: place to live, store - Oregon
  183. apartments in bend?: rentals, condo, bad credit - Oregon (OR)
  184. Bend - favorite places to eat: Green, Sisters: houses, live, restaurants - Oregon (OR)
  185. Crime rate in Redmond: Bend: neighborhood, calculating, living in - Oregon (OR)
  186. Favorite Lunch Places during the weekend?: Bend, Newport: live in, restaurant, price - Oregon (OR)
  187. Best weather months ???: Bend, Redmond: home, neighborhood, to live in - Oregon (OR)
  188. Bend with a Baby: Redmond, Prineville: 2013, rentals, houses - Oregon (OR)
  189. The charm that is Bend: Redmond: transplants, real estate, how much - Oregon (OR)
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  191. Where Will The University Be Located?: Bend: houses, neighborhoods, universities - Oregon (OR)
  192. Looking for quality dog boarding facility: Bend: extended stay, real estate, renters - Oregon (OR)
  193. Bend, OR. ---- Couer d'Alene, ID.: Portland, Eugene: sales, real estate, custom home - Oregon
  194. what happened to the snow capped mountains?: Bend, Jefferson: how much, living - Oregon (OR)
  195. Best speed/cost of Internet providers for telecommuting: Bend: neighborhood, buy - Oregon (OR)
  196. Home Builders in Bend: Portland: for sale, condos, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  197. Bend Area Rock Hounds: camp, creek - Oregon (OR)
  198. Is this going on in your nieghborhood?: pollution, community - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  199. Bend's newest brewery set to open Feb. 4th - Worthy Brewing: 2013, live in - Oregon (OR)
  200. LaGrande, OR visit: motel, live in, area - Bend, Oregon