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  22. Jehovahs Witnesses inadvertanlty protect child molesters.: Jehovah's Witnesses, religion, children, people - Christianity
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  51. How am I supposed to follow a faith that justified the enslavement of my ancestors?: scriptures, pray - Christianity
  52. If you go back to your sin, you're much worse than you were before: sinners, disciples - Christianity
  53. Catholics out there re-discover the rosary?: hell, doctrine, woman - Christianity
  54. Does this sound like a good Ash Wednesday fast or did I eat too much?: hell, church - Christianity
  55. God has prepared good works for us to walk in and he has prepared us to do them: Messiah, believe - Christianity
  56. How All the Apostles Died & Where You Can Find Their Remains Today: churches, gnostic - Christianity
  57. Indeed Very Many: Universalism in the Early Church: Gospel, coffin, hell - Christianity
  58. National Council of Churches: White Christians Must Repent for ‘America’s Original Sin’ of ‘White Racism’: Lutheran, presbyterian - Christianity
  59. Diversified Oneness: incarnation, Jehovah, doctrine, Darwin - Christianity
  60. John 5:38: believe, scriptures, Jesus, verses - Christianity
  61. What is the meaning of the Parable of the Wedding Feast?: scripture, Jesus - Christianity
  62. Christianity is love of money: church, preach, Bible, New Testament
  63. Sacrificial Violence and Jesus dying for your sins: crucifixion, believe, evolve - Christianity
  64. JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis: hell, doctrine, church, Revelation - Christianity
  65. Love your enemies!: women, sinned, disciples, Jesus - Christianity
  66. But they that wait for God shall renew their strength: woman, preach - Christianity
  67. Reckless Love - Soldier Way: churches, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, worship - Christianity
  68. Major Protestant YouTube Star is Received into Catholic Church at Easter Vigil (With Pictures!): Antichrist, dogma - Christianity
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  70. Do we really have free will? 1 John 5:14: Gospel, church, Revelation - Christianity
  71. To fear the Lord: believe, scriptures, sinners, Jesus - Christianity
  72. God is righteous: Gospel, hell, women, church - Christianity
  73. According to the Bible, we don't need the Bible: Torah, Tanakh, Gospel - Christianity
  74. Joseph Prince: messages, hell, churches, Revelation - Christianity
  75. Dear Christian brothers and sisters, how do you recover from attacks from a person who envies you and others?: hell, punishment - Christianity
  76. Is it the Christian thing to do, to be for Reparations?: churches, believe - Christianity
  77. How do I get over the awkwardness of going to Mass alone?: woman, church - Christianity
  78. Why weren't the 12 disciples waiting at the tomb for Jesus to rise?: crucifixion, traditions - Christianity
  79. The pastor's counseling skills: church, believe, scripture, prayer - Christianity
  80. No closer to understanding what Nephilim are: women, dogma, scripture - Christianity
  81. Magic and Miracles = Fantasy: believe, Bible, creation, faith - Christianity
  82. There goes the neighborhood...: hell, believer, pray, baptized - Christianity
  83. Does Yahweh fit the profile of an abuser?: Leviticus, hell, myth - Christianity
  84. Midnight: Leviticus, woman, Deuteronomy, exodus - Christianity
  85. Thousands surround University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus to pray rosary for peace: praying, worship - Christianity
  86. What purpose does Hell serve God? Why do so many belivers have a problem with annihilation?: doctrine, believe - Christianity
  87. On the National Day of Prayer: Let us pray that our nation is on God's side: Tanakh, women - Christianity
  88. UR member stories I would like to hear: hell, testimony, punishment - Christianity
  89. Evangelical Adviser Says You Don’t Need Flu Shots When You Have Jesus: Gospel, women - Christianity
  90. Marcionism: Christians Must 'Unhitch' Old Testament From Their Faith, Says Andy Stanley: Torah, Gospels - Christianity
  91. Rejecting the core message of the Bible: messages, doctrine, Messiah - Christianity
  92. I dont need the law, I have the Holy Spirit, What does that mean???: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  93. Sabbath Shalom: Jehovah, hell, woman, churches - Christianity
  94. india and the mark of the beasts systems of trade: Torah, tradition - Christianity
  95. I loved Jesus until I heard the good news: Jehovah, church - Christianity
  96. Proof Jesus is God: myth, woman, church, believe - Christianity
  97. We are undergoing another Mass Extinction according to Scientists: Jehovah, Revelation, beliefs - Christianity
  98. Is the Gospel of Matthew historically accurate?: tradition, Gospels, believe - Christianity
  99. Our G-d heals today.: Jehovah, belief, pray, faith - Christianity
  100. Shall we sin?: hell, grace, God, Lord - Christianity
  101. Why do they stumble ?: Torah, scripture, sinners, disciples - Christianity
  102. The Law that is inscribed on your heart: believers, sin, Jesus - Christianity
  103. Is shaving a sin?: Sodom, women, believe, Bible - Christianity
  104. Happy Easter.: Jesus, risen - Christianity
  105. What's Heaven to 'you'?! there, within, in future, now...?: believe, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  106. Yahweh - the tribal god: Tanakh, Gospel, myths, Messiah - Christianity
  107. The Purpose of Evil: paradise, doctrine, women, believe - Christianity
  108. Astounding: Mysterious Electromagnetic Field Discovered at Tomb of Christ: church, Baptist, Biblical - Christianity
  109. Matthew 24 ~ All The Stones Will Be Thrown Down: punishment, Revelation, exodus - Christianity
  110. Praise Him: Revelation, Christian, song - Christianity
  111. Aww..Bill Gates gave 20k poor students full about great...: believe, Matthew - Christianity
  112. Advice for non-religious person: door-to-door, hell, churches, agnostic - Christianity
  113. If Tele-evangelists Are Phony, How do They Live With Themselves??: punishment, church - Christianity
  114. People who acknowledge a creator God: doctrine, church, lukewarm, believe - Christianity
  115. Doing the right thing: hell, punishment, woman, churches - Christianity
  116. Destined for fire !!!: purification, tradition, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  117. Why does God must destroy Sodom?: Gomorrah, Jehovah, hell, Revelation - Christianity
  118. Cremation for Christians: tradition, coffin, Lutheran, hell - Christianity
  119. Is there a modern day Gnosticism movement?: hell, myths, churches - Christianity
  120. Healing and Casting Out Demons: Torah, Gospel, hell, churches - Christianity
  121. From the Bible: Adultery: woman, scripture, pray, sinned - Christianity
  122. Top Vatican official: Gay sex in Vatican ‘never been worse’ than under Francis: Sodom, church - Christianity
  123. Hmmm . . .Christian conduct ...?: church, believe, pray, Jesus - Christianity
  124. Quote of the Day - Christianity
  125. What came first?: believing, Jesus, Bible, Kingdom - Christianity
  126. Be not conformed to this world: Sodom, churches, scripture, Moses - Christianity
  127. Looking for advice: Gomorrah, Lutheran, Sodom, women - Christianity
  128. Belief Jesus Is Only Way to Heaven Is ‘Insanity,’ Megachurch Pastor Michael A. Walrond Jr. Says: preaching, believe - Christianity
  129. souls ties .. a warning: Micah, hell, woman, churches - Christianity
  130. Christianity and science: dinosaur, believe, Moses, Jesus
  131. What happens to cats when they die?: Gospel, reincarnate, preach - Christianity
  132. Curious. How do you feel about the movies/plays Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar.: myth, doctrine - Christianity
  133. Is the bible the basis of your faith and being convinced of the reality of God: beliefs, scriptures - Christianity
  134. My sins are many: church, believe, scriptures, prayer - Christianity
  135. Daniel's End-Time Message: Revelation, scripture, sinners, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  136. It is a MAJOR challenge to be a Biblical Christian: Gospels, women - Christianity
  137. Who is your favorite Christian speakers?: messages, church, Antichrist, preacher - Christianity
  138. Ecclesiasticus 31 21 (vomit if you overeat): scripture, Bible, Israel, verse - Christianity
  139. Can self professed ‘Christians’ who the Scripture be saved?: Gospel, Epistles - Christianity
  140. How To Recognize Idolatry: believe, Jesus, blood, Old Testament - Christianity
  141. American Pastors are creating an army of nominal Christians!: Gomorrah, Gospels, messages - Christianity
  142. The 2300 days of Daniel: Torah, abomination, Messiah, believe - Christianity
  143. The latter state of organized Christianity: doctrine, believe, Jesus, Bible
  144. Did Jesus come only for the Jews and not the Gentiles?---if so, what was God's plan for the Gentiles????: Torah, crucified - Christianity
  145. What does Let Jesus into your heart mean exactly?: tradition, Gospel - Christianity
  146. Interfaith Dating/Relationships...Protestant and Catholic: women, church, beliefs, scripture - Christianity
  147. Kevin Smith and the Reality of Hell: Jehovah, beliefs, praying - Christianity
  148. Shaking my head at blogs who say fundie as if it was a bad thing: crucifixion, traditions - Christianity
  149. The soul that sins shall die: Leviticus, hell, abominations, punishment - Christianity
  150. Christian Molech Worship: Gospel, hell, myth, doctrine - Christianity
  151. Day Of His Holiness?: dinosaur, church, preacher, beliefs - Christianity
  152. As a Christian, What Are Your Feelings about Malignant Narcissism?: doctrine, godless - Christianity
  153. The Lord will see to it: Jehovah, hell, testimony, women - Christianity
  154. About Noah's ARk: woman, evolve, Israel, prophets - Christianity
  155. Are holidays in opposition to the Christian ethos?: crucifixion, tradition, church - Christianity
  156. Is it God, Satan, or Me?: messages, hell, abomination, church - Christianity
  157. Can a true BELIEVER in the body of Christ be demon possessed?: hell, testimony - Christianity
  158. Sodom and Gomorrah?: believe, Jesus, Kingdom, Matthew - Christianity
  159. The Bible states that the dead are presently 'sleeping' in their graves. disagree? If so, why?: paradise, hell - Christianity
  160. Liberal & Fundamentalist Christianity in a Nutshell: beliefs, scriptures, Jesus
  161. What do small groups mean when they say no rescuing people ?: church, Jesus - Christianity
  162. One God, One Bible, Why Not Just One Religion?: doctrine, churches, Messiah - Christianity
  163. ‘I Can Only Imagine’ film -- It’s time for anti-Christian bigots to stop mocking and start listening: Gospel, preaching - Christianity
  164. Christian Influence the Super Bowl Champions: preaching, believe, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  165. Psalm 96:13: believe, scripture, mystic, Jesus - Christianity
  166. There's more joy over one sinner who repents than all the just persons who need no repentance: pray, sinners - Christianity
  167. Resist the devil: believer, sinners, Jesus, faith - Christianity
  168. Follow me versus Get thee behind me!: preach, believe - Christianity
  169. King james version bible vs. Modern english bible: Gospel, Lutheran, Book of Mormon - Christianity
  170. If you used to be agnostic, how did you become a believer?: hell, myth - Christianity
  171. Believing the Bible = Accepting RC authority: traditions, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, churches - Christianity
  172. THIS is NOT an open-ended Christians ...answer HONESTLY!: Leviticus, punishment, believe - Christianity
  173. Pope Francis: 'There Is No Hell': believe, evolve, sin, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  174. Abraham and Adultery, why??: hell, woman, believe, Moses - Christianity
  175. Shroud of Turin Unveiled for Youth in Documentary: Darwin, believe, evolution - Christianity
  176. When does the angel of death fly over?: crucifixion, tradition, Gospel - Christianity
  177. How do you keep Easter?: the passion, tradition, church, rituals - Christianity
  178. First Day in Heaven: woman, Jesus, experience, God - Christianity
  179. Do Christians have to observe the Jewish feasts?: Torah, crucifixion, church - Christianity
  180. Is Jesus the Messiah that the Jews were waiting for?: crucified, traditions - Christianity
  181. Does a Christian ever have a right to be angry with God?: preach, believe - Christianity
  182. Does it Make Sense to Worship Jesus if He Did Not Rise Again?: crucifixion, hell - Christianity
  183. The rejection of God and His Word: coffin, hell, punishment - Christianity
  184. When religion kills: Jehovah's Witness, woman, churches, zealous - Christianity
  185. Worry and Anxiety: Jehovah, Bible, Kingdom, Matthew - Christianity
  186. Billy Graham dead at age 99: Gospel, church, preacher, believe - Christianity
  187. Prediction What do you think will happen in the next 25 years?: crucified, evolve - Christianity
  188. You believe homosexuality a sin. What if you're wrong?: hell, abomination, women - Christianity
  189. God's Money: churches, believe, prayer, sin - Christianity
  190. Are you SEALED with the Holy Spirit?: Micah, Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  191. Why can cats and dogs see or sense spirits?: hell, experience, God - Christianity
  192. Why I could personally never chose to be Catholic: myth, doctrine, church - Christianity
  193. The love of God: women, beliefs, scripture, mystic - Christianity
  194. Reformed theology. ECO: hell, presbyterian, punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  195. Is it wrong for Christians to use Marijuana if it is legal where they live?: church, preach - Christianity
  196. Vatican to Hold International Conference on Exorcisms - Christianity
  197. Hosting a book Author? - Christianity
  198. Grace and peace: Jesus, God - Christianity
  199. Atheist Richard Dawkins Warns Post-Christian Europe May Be Worse, Quotes Catholic Writer: church - Christianity
  200. Conservative Evangelical, we agree on one thing. I *am* in rebellion.: hell, church - Christianity