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  1. Do Well-Intentioned Regulations Price Necessities Out of Reach?: employment, ethics, legal - Great Debates
  2. What conspiracy theories do YOU believe in?: interviews, Israel, FBI - Great Debates
  3. What if news had equal coverage, geographically?: Iraq, middle east, dollars - Great Debates
  4. What made USA great ?: elect, government, voted, jobs - Great Debates
  5. Where Death with Dignity is legal - only 1/4 of 1% choose it - why?: generation, drugs - Great Debates
  6. DNA database legal and ethical ramifications for the future: Putin, high school, retired - Great Debates
  7. Summer soul project: radical, education, world, kids - Great Debates
  8. An alternative to the sex offender registry?: employment, illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  9. Striking difference between brains of two three-year old babies: unemployed, drugs, racist - Great Debates
  10. Putting America in perspective about interference: Iran, accuse, health care - Great Debates
  11. College Education V Critical Thinking: controversial, speech, first amendment, world - Great Debates
  12. Ages Restrictions For Smartphone Users?: high school, versus, laws, parenting - Great Debates
  13. Allopathy vs Alternative Medicine: injection, drugs, regular, suspect - Great Debates
  14. To who complain about Californians moving to their state and ruining it.: legal, states - Great Debates
  15. For the Monday eclipse, things STOP: regular, cost, school - Great Debates
  16. googles great dilemma: lawyers, controversial, death, money - Great Debates
  17. Why do people blindly believe media stories?: fast food, election, elect - Great Debates
  18. Is censorship ever justified?: speech, Jesus, state, support - Great Debates
  19. Guilty or not guilty? Why is this happening and what to do?: crimes, Massachusetts - Great Debates
  20. Should Poor Countries Build New Capital Cities?: economy, education, money - Great Debates
  21. Sarco Capsule Euthanasia Machine assists with dying: legal, drugs, deaths - Great Debates
  22. The world as we know it is about to end — again — if you believe this biblical doomsday claim: Brown, crime - Great Debates
  23. Lower the age of liability for contracts?: suspect, elect, states - Great Debates
  24. Can Just Become A Fix-It-All/Handyman?: Christmas, cost, compared - Great Debates
  25. Homeopathy Debate: world, great, reasons - Great Debates
  26. can really understand a tribal mentality?: middle east, generations, nationalist - Great Debates
  27. What do you think is more important, the collective, or the individual?: nationalist, racism - Great Debates
  28. Is Technology A $ Making Scam?: injection, Simpson, how much, cost - Great Debates
  29. At what point to you quit working and move to Slab City?: employment, wages - Great Debates
  30. The NFL won't die: salaries, generations, regular, millionaire - Great Debates
  31. Should Car insurance be mandatory?: gallon, premium, how much, companies - Great Debates
  32. Are the new opioid prescribing restrictions pushing innocent people to the streets to buy heroin?: Mexican, illegal - Great Debates
  33. Spanish monuments in the US becoming controversial: Mexican, racism, Hispanic - Great Debates
  34. is it the law to hire illegals?: employment, minimum wage, hiring illegals - Great Debates
  35. A Tale of Two Persecutions & Discriminations Through History; Blacks and Jews: employment, Clarence Thomas - Great Debates
  36. Why weed should be legal.: illegal, drugs, death, marijuana - Great Debates
  37. How Do We Preserve Civilization?: generation, party, state, propaganda - Great Debates
  38. Why do many women cite discrimination at work when HR is a female-dominated industry?: employment, interviews - Great Debates
  39. Cigarette advertising/ marketing: drugs, gasoline, military, companies - Great Debates
  40. Should We Blindly Bail Out Natural Disaster Victims?: unemployed, regime, insurance - Great Debates
  41. Is diversity really so great in practice?: middle east, activist, suspect - Great Debates
  42. Confederate Symbolism; Time to Stop Nursing Grievances and Relitigating Past: Merry Christmas, regime - Great Debates
  43. Should the FDA ban medicines made in India?: drugs, regular, insurance - Great Debates
  44. Are races stupid or do they make sense?: enemy, statistics, Hispanic - Great Debates
  45. News, 8 million dead - what nuclear war with North Korea could look like: Congress, Iran - Great Debates
  46. Should K-9s be allowed to bite suspects?: death, crime, taser - Great Debates
  47. Charlottesville: Testosterone Vacuum?: fast food, interview, generation, extremist - Great Debates
  48. Is There Too Much History and Civics to Teach in School.: revolution, companies - Great Debates
  49. As I see it Nothing is Absolute, So Much Grey: injection, stats - Great Debates
  50. Which is more important: freedom of speech, or avoiding offending others?: illegal, poll - Great Debates
  51. Japanese Lifespan: Fact or Fiction: fast food, enemy, generation, health care - Great Debates
  52. NFL concussion problem over hyped?: regular, military, dollars, compared - Great Debates
  53. Is Israel of Strategic Value to the U.S. and the West?: middle east, Israeli - Great Debates
  54. What jobs are illegals taking??: minimum wage, generation, Mexicans, accuses - Great Debates
  55. Are sex offender registries unconstitutional?: employment, crime, government, state - Great Debates
  56. Unpatriotic or not: Marines, independent, lobbyist, lobby - Great Debates
  57. On Godwin's Law: From Godwin Himself: Israel, legal, accuse, regular - Great Debates
  58. What if all countries banned all refugees?: ethics, illegal aliens, drugs - Great Debates
  59. money isn't everything ?: Israel, drugs, death, wisdom - Great Debates
  60. Why are people turning to Astrology and woo to guide their lives?: Reagan, illegal - Great Debates
  61. When does a government become a gang?: John Kerry, McCain, Congress - Great Debates
  62. Is more government intervention needed in controlling airlines: interstate, military, economic - Great Debates
  63. Will Our Electronic Epoch Survive Time?: death, how much, state, claim - Great Debates
  64. Liberation Movements (including gender); Equality or Special Pleading?: employment, ethics, speech - Great Debates
  65. Thanksgiving and Debates: Christmas, holidays, regular, doctor - Great Debates
  66. America's racial divide is a dangerous farce: generations, legal, drugs - Great Debates
  67. Smartphones’ Negative Effects:: generation, drugs, premium, regular - Great Debates
  68. Child sex offenders to be named as such in US passports: drugs, revolution - Great Debates
  69. Fixing a healthcare system: ideas: salaries, legal, drugs, lawyers - Great Debates
  70. Is torture always wrong, if the person is 100% evil?: FBI, regular - Great Debates
  71. I think v. I feel v. I believe: legal, drugs - Great Debates
  72. A Fat-Free America! What Would It Be Like?: unemployed, generations, drug - Great Debates
  73. Should there be less liability surrounding minors?: employment, minimum wage, legal - Great Debates
  74. Sexual Harassment Continuum: Franken, accuse, suspected, how much - Great Debates
  75. Is Canada the New Land of Opportunity?: generation, ethic, illegal - Great Debates
  76. Should U.S. Put Its Interests Before World - Examples Jerusalem as Capital, Paris Accords?: employment, Congress - Great Debates
  77. Child drugging in schools, time for it to stop ?: drugs, death, abuse - Great Debates
  78. Was Bush v. Gore (2000) actually as bad as its critics say it was?: house of illegal - Great Debates
  79. What's to be done about the oncoming technological advancement singularity?: legal, heroin - Great Debates
  80. Safe injection sites.. a Good or Bad idea.: illegal aliens, heroin, drugs - Great Debates
  81. Why can't we end world hunger?: activist, how much, myth, politicians - Great Debates
  82. Punishment or prior restraint?: crime, party, government, laws - Great Debates
  83. Should We Pay Our Legislators and Officials More to Get Cleaner Service?: house of Congressmen - Great Debates
  84. Is it natural for the younger generation to bash it's elders?: generations, Baby Boomers - Great Debates
  85. Problems With Millenials and Keeping America's Unique Advantages: Al Gore, generation, ethical - Great Debates
  86. Should VP Pence sit down with NFL on 60 Minutes?: soldiers, racism, border - Great Debates
  87. Why must there be White Guilt to resolve racism?: ideology, stereotypes - Great Debates
  88. Is Capitalism Failing?: financial, government, alternatives, worker - Great Debates
  89. Why is there such an intense hatred towards drugs by cops/politicians?: illegal, heroin - Great Debates
  90. addicted to a drug before trying it: illegal, heroin, drugs - Great Debates
  91. Homelessness Worse Than Ever: Iran, middle east, Reagan, weapons - Great Debates
  92. Take a Knee + stop supporting= racism?: boycott, solution, crimes, military - Great Debates
  93. Who Should Pay For Wilderness Rescues?: wages, illegal, drug, healthcare - Great Debates
  94. BLM and Police officers would have common ground if they'd just talk to each other: enemy, heroin - Great Debates
  95. Hypocricy in NFL Flag Etiquette: employment, speeches, March - Great Debates
  96. Do you still believe in the effectiveness of debates?: global warming, illegal, soldier - Great Debates
  97. Why is it that Africas problems still exist..: racist, how much, school - Great Debates
  98. Democracy cannot permanently survive: enemies, regime, revolution - Great Debates
  99. Do you see Michael Jordan as a black man or as Michael Jordan?: generation, racism - Great Debates
  100. Why does the media harp on climate change so much?: unemployment, gas prices - Great Debates
  101. Why is Colin Kaepernick always referred to as black ?: suspect, racist - Great Debates
  102. Space Exploration. Justified?: Congress, illegal, drugs, weapons - Great Debates
  103. Have handicap plates Abuse: legal, highway, military, school - Great Debates
  104. Why are sexual assaults still so under reported?: enemy, illegal, drug - Great Debates
  105. who is behind the gay movement?: generation, illegal, accuse, death - Great Debates
  106. Why is no one concerned with Automation?: unemployment, Congress, wages - Great Debates
  107. Should disciplining your children include 'whippings', 'spankings' or 'beatings': speech, school, abuse - Great Debates
  108. Violence comes in all genders and races: death, Minnesota, crime - Great Debates
  109. Rise of AI and Capitalism: unemployed, minimum wage, injection, health care - Great Debates
  110. Is the ACLU and similar organizations like it good for America?: Congress, illegal - Great Debates
  111. Are there still good people left in today's world?: generation, lobby, program - Great Debates
  112. What would the country look like if no one was on welfare and everyone had a bachelors degree?: employment, crime - Great Debates
  113. Racist are not dangerous, but bigots are.: racism, KKK, school - Great Debates
  114. Will Cities and States be seeking more autonomy?: illegal, health care - Great Debates
  115. What is the point of artificially keeping incurables alive?: legal, health care - Great Debates
  116. Violence is not black, white or Muslim. It's male.: activist, FBI, statistics - Great Debates
  117. Robots, sex partners, worker replacements, or ... ?: minimum wage, how much, cost, states - Great Debates
  118. Should animals be used for scientific or commercial testing?: Putin, drug, pros and cons - Great Debates
  119. How much more abuse can this planet take before it becomes inhabitable?: Al Gore, arsenal - Great Debates
  120. Why Don't More People See The Merits/Benefits of Astrology?: illegal, how much - Great Debates
  121. Proof the end is near: interviews, generation, solution, retired - Great Debates
  122. Are race relations actually getting worse in your personal experience?if: Corporate Profit, Mexicans - Great Debates
  123. Why is plastic surgery stigmatized by society?: illegal, compared, vs - Great Debates
  124. Should Conservatives Feel Unsafe About NYC Parade Honoring FALN Leader?: legal, lawyers - Great Debates
  125. On The Revolution: illegal, Pelosi, polls, accuse - Great Debates
  126. What Constitutes a 'Win' in the War on Terror and How Do We Get There?: wage, Palestinians - Great Debates
  127. Does the human race's best days lay ahead of us?: generation, death - Great Debates
  128. What does a SIGNATURE mean more?: employment, legal, Clinton - Great Debates
  129. if U.S. got into a war with China would you eat in Chinese restaurants?: Iraq, middle east - Great Debates
  130. For better, for worse: McCain, ethical, death, financial - Great Debates
  131. Ease healthcare cost and overpopulation with assisted suicide.: illegal aliens, drug, health care - Great Debates
  132. Partial legal emancipation of teenagers...why not?: employment, drug, wisdom - Great Debates
  133. Security Theater v. Profiling - Are Blocked Streets Warranted?: generation, Israeli, drug - Great Debates
  134. Why are many people disgusted with transgender people?: gay people, versus, support - Great Debates
  135. Are not for profit organizations a worthwhile endeavor for society to keep?: statistics, military - Great Debates
  136. What is the future of the mainstream media?: Al Gore, interview, CNN - Great Debates
  137. Could the world actually be getting BETTER? The case for optimism in the future..: employment, Iraq - Great Debates
  138. What regional cultures exist in the United States?: generation, Canada, Alabama - Great Debates
  139. What Would Mandatory Voting Accomplish?: generation, death, Obama, high school - Great Debates
  140. Too old to enjoy: deaths, military, insurance, cost - Great Debates
  141. do social movements still come out of the east and west coasts?: Reagan, revolution - Great Debates
  142. Is diversity really that great how much conflict it causes?: generations, legal - Great Debates
  143. Biowar - Exporting Excess Population: Iraq, middle east, generations, illegal - Great Debates
  144. Should prisons be comfortable.: regular, Minnesota, violent crime, states - Great Debates
  145. Can you talk sense to your children from having more & more babies they can't afford?: employment, fast food - Great Debates
  146. Micro-chipping employees!: carry, assault, pay, workers - Great Debates
  147. Social media has created a generation of self-centered people: speeches, parties, carry - Great Debates
  148. Most of the world's current problems are caused by poor people having too many children: enemy, generations - Great Debates
  149. Should humans be allowed to evolve?: generations, ethical, how much, ideology - Great Debates
  150. Cashier gave me $20 extra...: insurance, dollars, retirement, money - Great Debates
  151. M-103 Law in Canada: generations, arsenal, weapon, racism - Great Debates
  152. Do we really want to win the War on Drugs?: Mexican, illegal - Great Debates
  153. America's Other Drug Problem & Waste: drugs, states, senators, laws - Great Debates
  154. What makes a hero ....: enemy, soldiers, highway, military - Great Debates
  155. What would the consequences be if the War on Drugs were to end?: illegal, heroin - Great Debates
  156. Is a Paralyzed Government a Positive?: Congressmen, generations, impeachment - Great Debates
  157. Sperm Counts down 50% - were the Hippies right?: suspected, rating, elect - Great Debates
  158. Should people be arrested on what they intend to do, instead of for what they've done?: suspected, conspiracy - Great Debates
  159. Is segregation really by choice?: racist, rating, economic, examples - Great Debates
  160. Is equal non-monogamy really: ethical, legal, myth, financial - Great Debates
  161. Who will replace the United States as World's greatest superpower?: McCain, Iraq - Great Debates
  162. How influential were the Puritans on today's American culture?: Al Gore, generations, ethic - Great Debates
  163. Can Free Markets Prevent Monopolies?: Canada, Rockefeller, independent, companies - Great Debates
  164. Is everything a FRAUD now? This needs to stop!: interview, how much, cost - Great Debates
  165. Why isn't eating insects more popular in America?: regular, death, programs - Great Debates
  166. Should people under 18 have the right to move out of their parents' home?: generation, legal - Great Debates
  167. Is Flag Burning a Good Method of Expression of Political Views?: Congress, soldiers - Great Debates
  168. Is it necessary to make deals with the bad guys for the world to function?: Iran, middle east - Great Debates
  169. Resolved: asking people to post to back up their claims is often a cheap rhetorical tactic: legal, bias - Great Debates
  170. how is this a disease?: Rush Limbaugh, illegal, drugs, death - Great Debates
  171. Is the Electoral College Flawed and if So How do We Change It?: house of Congress - Great Debates
  172. Polyamory, Why not?: ethical, program, marriages, problems - Great Debates
  173. Do you ever consider how fortunate we are to live in times?: regular, death - Great Debates
  174. Why drug companies can't/won't produce drugs w/out side effects: Congress, conspiracy - Great Debates
  175. Does the life of a woman mean more than a man?: military, money - Great Debates
  176. Would it be better if the U.S were to cease and desist all foreign activities?: Iran, enemies - Great Debates
  177. Should We Use Health Care to Infinitely Extend Life?: drugs, death, Clinton - Great Debates
  178. No Men's Studies major: gender discrimination?: activist, healthcare, death - Great Debates
  179. Does someone having done and be willing to do very bad things make them a bad person?: legal, soldier - Great Debates
  180. Logic and Diversity: middle east, Mexicans, holidays, regular - Great Debates
  181. Is advertising too politically correct?: Mexican, legal, statistics, conspiracy - Great Debates
  182. Who would be dominant in a post-apocalyptic scenario of 1 male and 20 females?: generations, regime - Great Debates
  183. Interesting Read: millionaires, leader, economic, languages - Great Debates
  184. Why is secondhand smoke not considered a form of assault?: highway, death - Great Debates
  185. Can a woman desire to enter a lesbian relationship for non-sexual reasons?: lobby, stereotypes - Great Debates
  186. How old should someone have to be to drop out of school?: salary, legal - Great Debates
  187. Unbiased media, just the facts: Does it exist anymore?: radical, teleprompter, states - Great Debates
  188. Are teenagers unfairly demonized by the media?: generation, border, downturn - Great Debates
  189. Dehumanization of immigrants in America: illegal, borders, deport, speech - Great Debates
  190. Is homeopathy a scam?: ethical, drugs, health care, insurance - Great Debates
  191. Solar Has Serious Environmental Problems; But it Feels So Virtuous: death, revolution - Great Debates
  192. The Discrimination isn't Against the Person, but the Event: parties, financial - Great Debates
  193. Missionaries In The 3rd World, The Good And The Bad?: drug, health care - Great Debates
  194. What good comes of internet debate?: global warming, fence, ideologies, government - Great Debates
  195. Why is it socially unacceptable to hate today's technology?: generation, health care, cost - Great Debates
  196. What is it that defines diversity ?: Brown, Hispanics, bias - Great Debates
  197. What to Do with the Poor?: fast food, minimum wage, generations, drugs - Great Debates
  198. As a nature lover, should you travel more or less?: Congress, generation - Great Debates
  199. Should Senators Be Forced to Obstain From Confirmation Votes with Donors: McCain, controversial - Great Debates
  200. What do we do about poorer areas?: minimum wage, stats, school - Great Debates