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  1. Life After the Oil Spill: safety, beaches, health - World
  2. Best program for learning a language?: school, live, price - World
  3. Montreal vs Buenos Aires vs Auckland - Nightlife, Food, Language Barrier, Dating Culture?: rent - World
  4. Sad Story (for the Tasmanian Devil lovers in the audience): science, control - World
  5. News, 5.4 Quake Jolts Guam: tornado, earthquake, island - World
  6. Antarctica: live, island, photos - World
  7. peace corps?: appointed, high school, university - World
  8. Coolest Mountains: common, loud - World
  9. Living Abroad: home, schools, income - World
  10. The world at night: station, cities, international
  11. News, World's biggest beaver dam can be seen from space.: how much, construction
  12. Great places for college: schools, contractor, universities - World
  13. Worlds most awaken city?: nightlife, cities, people
  14. Where Should I Intern Abroad This Summer?: hotel, home - World
  15. Social Service Jobs Abroad?: moving to, office, education - World
  16. Unique - With Of Things To Do To Visit: university, electricity - World
  17. Teaching english overseas: school, road, cafe - World
  18. Teaching English in a foreign land: apartment, safe area, cost - World
  19. How to travel on a college budget a.k.a. CHEAP?: insurance, credit card - World
  20. Which countries are still ruled by kings, queens...: suite, rank - World
  21. Top 20 Global Financial Centers: lender, rankings, metro area - World
  22. House Hunters TV Show: real estate, how much, new home - World
  23. What place do you love and enjoy, but could never live in and why?: public schools - World
  24. Los Angeles or Tokyo?: quality of life, live, nightlife - World
  25. Where to Visit with Children?: beach, friendly, best - World
  26. American Expats Where U AT: live, places to visit, places - World
  27. Best Place For Americans to Look Living Abroad?: living in, cost of - World
  28. What is the easiest place to move and work for a Canadian citizen?: moving to - World
  29. The Foreign Service officer test: bad credit, buy, school - World
  30. Where can I find....: education, rankings, best - World
  31. Shipping services from another country?: to buy, live, deal - World
  32. News, Earthquake rattles Vanuatu.: how much, island, epicenter - World
  33. Places that have mild/cool temperature, but little rain?: top, climates - World
  34. How much land: real estate, homes, taxes - World
  35. Civilizations Map: safe, areas, population - World
  36. What city is this?: background - World
  37. Future chiropractor wants to know where to go: fit in, insurance - World
  38. Which factor is the World's greatest cross-barrier to mankind: Food or Music?: allergies
  39. Do Dubliner's and Corkonian's get alone, or is there a rivelry there?: how much - World
  40. What are the best places to...: buy, beach, vacation - World
  41. News, Police arrest man, then give him bike.: office, donate - World
  42. What do you call it when you can hear a language . . .: how much, Russian - World
  43. Cape Town Vs. Sydney: house, live in, swimming - World
  44. Comparing the size of the BP oil mess to your chosen location..: home - World
  45. Finding apartments/flats overseas: sublets, rentals, hotels - World
  46. The Meaning of Wealth Translated Around The World: rich, retirement
  47. Fruit or vegetable: elementary school, live, vs - World
  48. Perfect place?: taxes, safe, affordable housing - World
  49. Red Sea-is it safe,as American's to visit?: to live in, dangerous - World
  50. One thing you did not know about my city/state/country is...: places - World
  51. Places like Maui without the hype?: hotels, construction, bus - World
  52. Volunteering in the wake of Tropical Storm Agatha???: oil, build - World
  53. Teaching English Overseas: loans, home, public schools - World
  54. Protecting Native Culture: disposal, living in, land - World
  55. Why is showing your ID such a big problem?: hotel, law - World
  56. I looking a place from photo :): photos, stone, hills - World
  57. Relocating to another Country: living, Colombia, where is - World
  58. Funny - just put two and two together and realized seasons in the S.Hem are opposites!: spring break - World
  59. Most fulfilling place(s) to explore or live: crime, school - World
  60. Cheapest Carribean Island to live?: crime rates, living, cost of living - World
  61. What city do you think has the best New Years Eve fireworks display?: hotel - World
  62. Need on Material Supplies in Zambia: school, prices - World
  63. When is the next daylight savings day?: date, free - World
  64. News, Women to row Atlantic naked.: best, expenses, island - World
  65. Which would be more interesting and easier to get to: Samoa or American Samoa?: better - World
  66. International Work Programs: money, teaching, pay - World
  67. Why the superlatives?: restaurant, places, worst - World
  68. Study abroad in High School? NEED HELP!: crime, credit - World
  69. Your favorite DJ's: music, personal, sound - World
  70. Do Latin Americans prefer Aussies than Yanks?: rent, hotels - World
  71. Most amazing views in the world: yard, money, skyline
  72. Top 5 Skylines Of The World: metro, population, pictures
  73. Good Foreign Places For Uninsured Americans To Receive Medical Procedures?: credit, living - World
  74. What language is second most useful after English in the World?: live, business
  75. Your new country vs your home country: live, cell phone - World
  76. What's the best sounding/most romantic language?: German, about - World
  77. David and Sean Goldman, going home!: homes, place to live - World
  78. Americans emigrating...: living, transit, America - World
  79. Itchy and Scratchy land?: lawyers, fence, lawsuit - World
  80. Most alien country been to?: school, living in, food - World
  81. Customer service in other countries?: sales, credit card, buying - World
  82. Alternatives to Babelfish???: best, job, free - World
  83. Reincarnated from a Foreign Country/City ?: home, find a job, living - World
  84. for study Surgery which one is better?!Canada Or USA?: schools, incomes - World
  85. Is there a city like London but with real good beaches?: neighborhoods, ferry - World
  86. Are there Big World Cities with a slow-paced lifestyle?: live, population
  87. What are best places to live like a king or queen outside US?: organic, living - World
  88. What's The Difference Between Christians In America and Europe?: home, living in - World
  89. Best prison system in which to spend 5 years?: house, live in - World
  90. A more open minded place to live in opposite to where I live now: find a job, living in - World
  91. Countries with the largest food servings: how much, home, live - World
  92. Free country: taxes, live, legal - World
  93. The Real World Map: school, income, coastal
  94. Americans immigrating: violent crime, job market, transfer - World
  95. Which countries celebrate New Year with loud firecrackers!: to buy, live in - World
  96. Do you think there will ever be a one world government?: lease, military
  97. Worldwide New Year Superstitions..Go....: apartment, credit card, house
  98. calendars: live, vs., offices - World
  99. What do you think will be the linguistic situation in 50 years?: home, movies - World
  100. Rent in the countries of the former Soviet Union: middle-class, apartments - World
  101. Bookstores like Barnes and Noble in other countries?: how much, buying - World
  102. Can you guess what country this talk show is from?: Filipino, place - World
  103. Most family-oriented country/region/culture in the world?: renting, to live in
  104. American Expat: crime, home, quality of life - World
  105. are there more frontiers in the world?: construction, law school
  106. Highest Point in Your Country, What Can You See? How far?: average, race - World
  107. Is the U.S. really the best country to live in?: real estate, apartment - World
  108. What are the least polluted/most cleanest Major cities(500,000) in the world as well as least polluted countries?: versus, buses
  109. Which language is more grammatically organized Japanese or French?: theater, school - World
  110. Show pics of where you live!: neighborhood, restaurants - World
  111. I've got one month to go anywhere in the world...: apartment, rent
  112. Does every nationality have their own look ?: live, vs - World
  113. How much do you pay for healthcare?: health insurance, pros and cons - World
  114. World cuisines tried, but disliked?: restaurant, shoppers, safe
  115. Should Americans threaten violence against innocent Muslims when they burn our flag?: live, fence - World
  116. America-The most powerful nation to ever exist?: movies, high school - World
  117. What are you grilling, barbecuing, or otherwise cooking outside?: camping, live - World
  118. Most Liberal/Conservative country: taxes, budget, money - World
  119. Guess the city: buildings, skylines, place - World
  120. Great places to visit...: bus, island, accents - World
  121. If not USA - Where would you settle down?: low crime, theater - World
  122. Best city to move to?: school, calculator, salary - World
  123. country you would choose to live if u had 20mil. $: tax, money - World
  124. US City with Most International Recognition: live, oil, prestigious - World
  125. Safest inexpensive countries in the world: food, murder rate, cities
  126. International telecommute. How rare?: insurance, home, to live - World
  127. Say something nice about another country or culture: home, university - World
  128. Traveling solo: Where would you go?: to rent, purchase, activities - World
  129. Will the entire world be American someday?: houses, universities
  130. How much do you tip the waitresses outside the US?: salaries, restaurants - World
  131. Is the New Zealand accent annoying to non-New Zealanders?: Australian, Scottish - World
  132. Can you hear the ocean where you live?: apartment, house - World
  133. I dream of vacationing in fields and fields of Lavender: home, association - World
  134. How many countries have you visited..pictorial: living in, places - World
  135. Best Country to live in, and why?: how much, to buy - World
  136. Moving to Another Country with Animals: home, living in, legally - World
  137. Israel vs. Switzerland Smackdown: fit in, homes, military - World
  138. What are other countries' equivalents of food stamps / EBT cards?: unemployed, to buy - World
  139. Most beachy countries in the World: home, calculation
  140. what's the funnest country to study abroad in?: credit, high school - World
  141. Best very inexpensive retirement spots: best city, crime, house - World
  142. Better to study in Australia or the USA: chapel, credit - World
  143. Expensive Cities - How do people afford to live there???: houses, neighborhood - World
  144. How well do you know your world geography?: island, place
  145. If you had to leave the U.S. forever...: how much, income - World
  146. Top 5 Most Similar Countries To The US?: how much, living in - World
  147. World's most dangerous cities: violent crime, university, live
  148. Trying to understand the fascination with America: appointed, big house - World
  149. Is every black majority place a bad area to live?: low crime, homes - World
  150. What is going on with all the seismic activity?: transfer, earthquakes - World
  151. Most boring countries to live in?: movies, rated, cities - World
  152. Most unique, off the beaten path place ever been?: living in, airport - World
  153. Which is the Slowest-Paced Region?: live, vacation, retiree - World
  154. Teaching English in a foreign country: school, university, salary - World
  155. Which Country Would You Rather Visit: rd 2, Canada or Mexico?: pubs, beaches - World
  156. Working Abroad - Where?: lawyer, house, university - World
  157. The best country in the world for foodies!!: neighborhood, organic
  158. The Trouble With Learning Languages On Your Own. (Rant): buying, school - World
  159. Advice needed for moving abroad: find a job, to buy, go bankrupt - World
  160. What does this language sound like to you?: loan, Vietnamese - World
  161. Wheres the Foreign Aid from the Arab Nations?: loan, live - World
  162. Which country/culture has men that value tradition/virtue: live, legal - World
  163. Living/Working Abroad: Best Age to do This: fit in, credit - World
  164. Countries that are out-of-place?: island, Hispanic, Cuban - World
  165. Which countries have the lowest cost of living/crime and high salary?: big house, money - World
  166. What Country Has The Best Looking Flag?: county, Argentina - World
  167. Emigrating from the US, which countries are easier?: find a job, school - World
  168. I want to leave the United States: how much, home - World
  169. What will I miss when moving to the US?: home, buy - World
  170. Worlds 24 hour cities?: casinos, shops, bars
  171. I dare you can't guess right at the name of this 10-million metropolis````: live, Chinese - World
  172. Public Restrooms: hotels, home, floor - World
  173. Warmest Major city in...: beaches, train, ticket - World
  174. Montreal vs. Berlin... Which would you pick?: apartment, rent - World
  175. Open and Reserved People: how much, house, school - World
  176. Which culture/country has women with more traditional values?: for sale, live - World
  177. What countries are hobbies popular (and unpopular) in?: home, movies - World
  178. Helping a recently retired friend decide where to relocate?: real estate, health insurance - World
  179. A picture from your window: apartment, house, living - World
  180. More uptight: British or Americans?: upper-class, education, money - World
  181. McDonalds around the world. Same-same?: for sale, eyeglasses, school
  182. Weird News, Blood Falls: waterfall, place, dry - World
  183. Studying Abroad Questions, help me pick a country: living, cost of living - World
  184. Vlogs from Latin America or Spain?: vacation, Argentina, road - World
  185. American/French and Bahamian Couple Want to Move!: live in, move to - World
  186. Countries in the Pacific: radio, island, place - World
  187. News, The World's Most Deadly Terror Attacks: worst
  188. News, Countries clash in Lincolnshire egg throwing contest.: village, competition - World
  189. News Video, Ringing in 2010 from Australia to London: New Year's celebrations around the world.
  190. Looking to Network....and for advice: employment, law school, law - World
  191. Global discussion - kids Birthday party food: renting, live - World
  192. News, Quake strikes off Papua New Guinea coast.: earthquake, island - World
  193. Maldives (and you) in peril: living, estimated, best - World
  194. about Australia Vs. South Africa: business, building, culture - World
  195. August month - suggest?!?: cities, place, travel - World
  196. Celebrate Earth Day : April 22, 2010: safe, children, environmental - World
  197. Holiday Lights Around the World: used, cool, love
  198. Are there LIVE webcams for this country?: pictures, streaming - World
  199. News, Sauna World Championships, Man Dies in 230 Sauna Contest.: required, Russian
  200. Bizarre beaches of the world: travel, interest