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  1. square footage: appraisal, condo, property, developer - Real Estate
  2. Cash Buyer. What are the advantages: foreclosures, mortgages, sales, banks - Real Estate
  3. Filing Taxes - Form 5405 FTHB and what to include?: documents, income tax, settlement - Real Estate
  4. Reducing # of Bedrooms to create master: square footage, sales, housing, contract - Real Estate
  5. Does feel STUCK in their home: incentive, foreclosures, housing - Real Estate
  6. two real estate agents: contingency, agent, sale, Realtors
  7. Stupid the $8,000 first time home buyer thingy: income tax, deductions, homeowners - Real Estate
  8. Is the double dip ? Looks so in markets according to Mark Hanson: foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  9. about Discount Real Estate Broker: incentive, 4%, agent, commissions
  10. buying your own property: mortgage, mortgages, sale, banks - Real Estate
  11. What Does It Cost To Canx: contingencies, appraisal, fees, property - Real Estate
  12. Inspection morning of closing.: incentive, builder, house, interest - Real Estate
  13. Agents, would you? and Sellers, would you?: feedback, recommendation, agent - Real Estate
  14. To Appraise or Not To Appraise?: appraisal, foreclosures, agent, investment - Real Estate
  15. Credit Score: mortgage, mortgage, percentage, house hunting - Real Estate
  16. Say I'm paranoid: investment, insurance, property, attorney - Real Estate
  17. finding a real estate agent match in your area: sales, price, properties
  18. Best and Final not final: auctions, foreclosed, negotiating - Real Estate
  19. How to find a good buyer's agent: housing, properties, offer - Real Estate
  20. Can I charge renter for it?: tenant, landlord, agreement, claim - Real Estate
  21. about selling/moving: mortgages, state, house, buy - Real Estate
  22. Can a home you made an offer on appear as Under Contract before you know, if it is you?: agent, agreement - Real Estate
  23. selling one home and buying another: contingent, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  24. News, Couple buys house to help neighbor stay.: auction, foreclosure, sale - Real Estate
  25. First Time Home Buyer's Tax Credit: claim, contract, closing, process - Real Estate
  26. do iget earnest money back?: agent, agreement, percentage, price - Real Estate
  27. Tax Selling a Rental Property at a Loss.: appraisal, commissions, sale - Real Estate
  28. Do I have obligation to this agent? No contract.: 2%, investment - Real Estate
  29. First Time Home Buyer in 2010 - Claim in 2009?: price, contract, homebuyers - Real Estate
  30. who pays what when buying/selling home: appraisal, foreclosure, negotiations - Real Estate
  31. Am I entitled to deposit?: feedback, agent, agreement, attorney - Real Estate
  32. Recommendations as far as getting your license in VA.....: state, requirements, Virginia - Real Estate
  33. Floridaaaaa!: RE market, square foot, 2015, foreclosures - Real Estate
  34. commercial grade carpet?: sale, price, offer, advantage - Real Estate
  35. following up on repairs: appraisal, agent, properties, offer - Real Estate
  36. Gas line running through property: claim, contracts, lender, company - Real Estate
  37. how do you determine how much house you can afford: mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  38. water, plumbing, sump pumps on properties: offer, state, homes, vs - Real Estate
  39. how much you sell your house for: square footage, agent, sales - Real Estate
  40. Knoxville Home Buying: construction, renting, contract, advantage - Real Estate
  41. As a Rep For the Seller Should I Get A Waiver of Liability ?: RE agent, agent - Real Estate
  42. Inspecting a mobile home: RE agent, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  43. Good comps?: appraiser, agent, sales, percentage - Real Estate
  44. 10-Year bond breaking out: mortgage rates, mortgage, housing, banks - Real Estate
  45. Where do I get the value of an inherited property: appraiser, income tax - Real Estate
  46. have luck with a Wells Fargo HAMP?: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  47. Commercial Real Estate - Marketing: tenant, building, cheaper, company
  48. Home with non-permit room: square foot, sale, property, inspection - Real Estate
  49. Oh the lessons learned: Realtor, state, seller, homes - Real Estate
  50. Where can I find real estate outlooks for my area?: foreclosures, 5%
  51. how much are buyers asking off the price: appraiser, 5%, clause - Real Estate
  52. Japan's Lost Decade (make that a score now) versus our current RE meltdown...: RE market, square foot - Real Estate
  53. guesses as to raising a home's value?: disclosure, appraised, housing - Real Estate
  54. Searching for water meter parts: cheaper, check, articles, purchase - Real Estate
  55. End the madness: foreclosures, 3%, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  56. Title Company Closed-now what: insurance, property, attorney, escrow - Real Estate
  57. Spring Outlook: Housing Sales Are Looking as Bleak as Ever: mortgages, condo - Real Estate
  58. about MLS fees: agent, monthly fee, broker, Realtor - Real Estate
  59. Good Time to Buy, But No Need to Rush: 6%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  60. Motgage Credit Certificate program (MCC): mortgage, mortgage, location, county - Real Estate
  61. Should I use a real estate agent or exclusive buyer's broker?: negotiations, housing
  62. cash sale of house: commission, mortgage, condo, price - Real Estate
  63. Real estate as connected to home value: sale, price, seller
  64. FTHB tax credit: settlement, prices, claim, contract - Real Estate
  65. The appraisal - It's supposedly scheduled but I can't get a specific date.: RE agent, agent - Real Estate
  66. Financing a house that has structural damage: mortgage, mortgage, inspection - Real Estate
  67. closing-what to expect: agent, mortgage, mortgage company, fees - Real Estate
  68. How to get a 60 LTV loan in Florida by non resident: mortgage, attorney - Real Estate
  69. Owner's ability to select a renter when leasing a home: tenant, property - Real Estate
  70. Received offer from excluded party but via a realtor!!: agent, commissions, sale - Real Estate
  71. 1031 Exchange Questions: documentation, agent, investment, sales - Real Estate
  72. Im a first time home cash buyer help asap: sales, price - Real Estate
  73. Sellers didn't realize they had to pay excise tax: documents, agent, insurance - Real Estate
  74. News, Tiny apartment worth up to $273,000.: agents, value, state, home - Real Estate
  75. Help-How do we get rid of a money pit!: agents, investment, price - Real Estate
  76. Behind on HOA, can I save my home?: foreclose, attorney, advantage - Real Estate
  77. Job Loss Protection Plan now available for buyers!: RE agent, incentive, mortgage - Real Estate
  78. Can you tell me what document types are on my county website?: mortgages, sales - Real Estate
  79. Help with home survey: property, attorney, state, company - Real Estate
  80. To move, or not to move....: renting, offering, furniture, kitchen - Real Estate
  81. Can a non-US citizen buy apartment in New York?: tenants, investment, property - Real Estate
  82. Tax Credit: documentation, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  83. Advice needed.....need to make my offer stand out!: contingency, agent, sale - Real Estate
  84. Are FSBOs comps?: disclosure, appraiser, agent, sales - Real Estate
  85. Buyer present at termite inspection?: agent, property, inspectors, Realtors - Real Estate
  86. Not around for sale: documents, agent, accept, inspector - Real Estate
  87. Mold coverage needed for Texas home insurance?: property, claim, homeowner - Real Estate
  88. legal assistance on title ownership: banks, property, attorney, contract - Real Estate
  89. Home Buyer Tax Credit for Non-first Time Buyers: incentive, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  90. real estate lisence with record??: sales, requirements, disclose, payments
  91. Can we cancel contract?: documents, clause, agent, commission - Real Estate
  92. Escalator Clause: agent, sale, price, offers - Real Estate
  93. Compensating buyer's agent if decide to buy home now renting?: commission, sale - Real Estate
  94. usda loan-what are the odds?: appraisal, agent, mortgage, accepting - Real Estate
  95. First Time Home Buyer: documentation, investment, property, renting - Real Estate
  96. Appraisal report? Do we get a copy?: 4%, comparables, price - Real Estate
  97. what details do agents know about a house for sale: disclosure, square footage - Real Estate
  98. Buyer's agent from out of state collecting 3% to buy New Home: incentive, clause - Real Estate
  99. Should we insulate for re-sale?: percentage, price, inspectors, inexpensive - Real Estate
  100. Commission on lot purchase: 3%, agent, commissions, agreement - Real Estate
  101. All State Home owner insurance?: agent, price, property, claim - Real Estate
  102. If a home has been on the market for 604 days...: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  103. How can and why would a property have no property records?: property tax, lawyer - Real Estate
  104. Deal Fell Through on As Is Property: disclosure, agent, settlement - Real Estate
  105. Business real estate: Realtor, commercial, cost, location
  106. Need UICK advice- hot tub removal: incentive, disclosure, appraisal - Real Estate
  107. Inspection: lawsuit, inspectors, contract, offer - Real Estate
  108. Is It Time To Buy Now?: 2%, sales, housing, prices - Real Estate
  109. Bought a house with major defects not disclosed sellers knew about: tenant, disclosure - Real Estate
  110. Buying from a relocation company: disclosures, clause, negotiations, agents - Real Estate
  111. we closed we closed: escrow, state, home, transaction - Real Estate
  112. What happens after April 30? Get out your crystal balls.: 6%, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  113. Where to find sold prices?: disclosure, appraiser, agent - Real Estate
  114. Congress lets National Flood Insurance Program lapse: housing, properties, claim - Real Estate
  115. Poll: Ugliest post-war American residential construction type?: sale, realty, housing - Real Estate
  116. BPO Came back too high.: appraisal, 5%, agent, price - Real Estate
  117. Is it ethical for me to do this?: tenant, clause, negotiating - Real Estate
  118. I want to put an offer on a house w/o a real estate agent.: contingent, commissions
  119. Buyer's agents are wasting my time with worthless clients: 3%, agent, investment - Real Estate
  120. Is there a way to research a home's past building permits?: disclosing, appraiser - Real Estate
  121. my poor friend: sale, price, lawsuit, inspector - Real Estate
  122. Insurance Co. Won't Cover Vacant SFD For Sale--HELP!: agent, condo, price - Real Estate
  123. multiple offers (over asking) - YEAH RIGHT!: clause, agent, sale - Real Estate
  124. selling a home after realtor's contract expires: agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  125. Coldwell Banker Buyer Bonus Program: incentive, 3%, agents - Real Estate
  126. Should We Keep Subsidizing the Housing Market?: mortgages, sale, percentage - Real Estate
  127. Would you buy this house?: contingencies, appraisal, agent, condo - Real Estate
  128. Why doesn't the government (Freddie/Fannie owned homes) be landlords: foreclose, mortgage - Real Estate
  129. Buyers Remorse: agent, accept, states, room - Real Estate
  130. High Tension Wires...Cancer Causing Molecules? Brain Fryers? Is Safe?: property, residential - Real Estate
  131. Realtor!: 6%, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  132. My new house has mold. Looking for advice/opinions...: appraisal, clause - Real Estate
  133. Where to enter Gift of Equity on purchase agreement?: RE agent, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  134. Can you make an offer before speaking to a lender?: recommendation, documentation - Real Estate
  135. picking an agent: recommendation, sales, price, Realtors - Real Estate
  136. Tax Implications ?!?: mortgage, mortgage, sale, price - Real Estate
  137. Seller asking for my Bank Statements???: contingencies, agent, accept, price - Real Estate
  138. Can a Landlord do this?: tenants, commission, fees, property - Real Estate
  139. What just happened?: documentation, foreclosure, negotiating, second mortgage - Real Estate
  140. A nice real estate story: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage, sales
  141. Advice Needed: almost 20% difference between appraisals...: foreclosures, sales, banks, comparable - Real Estate
  142. buying a house without a down payment: tenant, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  143. What's a fair price for this house?: appraisal, agent, sale - Real Estate
  144. Priced to sell and It won't last long at this price: conversion, fees - Real Estate
  145. MLS Flat Fee Broker for my FSBO Questions...: foreclosures, 2%, clause - Real Estate
  146. Dropping price and waiting for offers?: feedback, appraisal, 2%, new agent - Real Estate
  147. Office messed up showing: agent, commission, sale, price - Real Estate
  148. closing escrow and getting the house key issue: contingency, documents, agent - Real Estate
  149. California: FTHB credit extended to December, and increased to $10k?: sales, percent - Real Estate
  150. Should I feel this nervous about signing a contract?: agent, accepting, price - Real Estate
  151. Can you do this?: auction, clause, agent, sales - Real Estate
  152. advice on getting offers: feedback, incentive, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  153. FSBO? w/5% for higher-end property - thoughts?: 3%, agent, commission - Real Estate
  154. Why I hate R.E. agents: agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  155. Would you consider this listing agent?: feedback, incentive, 4%, commission - Real Estate
  156. Different Agencies: agent, commission, sales, fees - Real Estate
  157. How bad is the RE market in YOUR neighborhood/area/city/state?: square foot, 3% - Real Estate
  158. Help:Making an offer: 1%, negotiation, agent, investment - Real Estate
  159. Credit scores drop after getting a loan modification.: mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  160. 1st time HB. Inspection showed issues. Opinions?: feedback, recommendation, plumber - Real Estate
  161. My realtor wrote in email this about condo documents: As far as...: RE market, agents - Real Estate
  162. Fannie Mae First Look timeline?: appraisal, foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  163. Help! Trying to sell a house with a sloped backyard: agent, prices - Real Estate
  164. How long has your house been on the market?: feedback, appraisal, negotiation - Real Estate
  165. What has better value?: countertop, price, points, kitchens - Real Estate
  166. Third time may not be the charm, too many dishonest seller's out there!: contingencies, disclosure - Real Estate
  167. Tenant paid rent with Credit card, I need help: tenants, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  168. Why no showings???: feedback, agent, sales, comparable - Real Estate
  169. down payment for buying a home: documents, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  170. FSBO vs Agent?: appraisal, negotiating, investment, commission - Real Estate
  171. Buying Home - Federal Tax Lien on Previous Owner - Help!: documents, foreclosed - Real Estate
  172. We have only had one showing plus open house: square foot, agent, sale - Real Estate
  173. In trouble with large deposit and FHA loan approval.: sales, state, loans - Real Estate
  174. Where is the lowest priced property in the US?: agents, investment, properties - Real Estate
  175. Windows with Problems: RE agent, contingency, incentive, disclosure - Real Estate
  176. Are realtors painting a realistic picture of the market to sellers?: RE agent, agent - Real Estate
  177. Wingnut realtor - part 2: agent, sale, properties, broker - Real Estate
  178. determining down payment for house: appraisal, 5%, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  179. What's the best home warranty company?: feedback, plumber, 2013, fees - Real Estate
  180. Showing with listing agent: dual agency, commissions, housing, agreement - Real Estate
  181. Shop & Buy without an agent to save seller the $$ Commission?: incentive, 3% - Real Estate
  182. 2 homes on one property ?: mortgage, mortgage, housing, price - Real Estate
  183. Did my agent do her job?: commission, agreement, properties, attorneys - Real Estate
  184. It's a GRRRRRRRRRREAT time to buy a home right now! Or is it?!?: 2013, foreclosed - Real Estate
  185. What length of time to receive a response?: clause, agent, sale - Real Estate
  186. Real Estate Investing: properties, broker, home, credit
  187. feel like their market is getting worse by the day?: foreclosed, 3% - Real Estate
  188. have we really learned anything since the boom?: appraisal, sales, housing - Real Estate
  189. Under Contract (hurray!) and a Tricky Situation (need your advice): contingent, appraisal - Real Estate
  190. Is there chance, at all, that the 1st time homebuyer tax credit will extend past April 30th?: investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  191. Should I breathe a sigh of relief?: agent, accept, price - Real Estate
  192. Cost to remove tennis court?: houses, Florida, money - Real Estate
  193. FICO: Americans More Likely to Default on Mortgages than Credit Cards: historical, recession - Real Estate
  194. Knoxville Real Estate: construction, renting, contract, advantage
  195. Certificate of forfeiture of Real Property: credit - Real Estate
  196. Home Buying Assistance Programs and Tax Credits: tenants, incentive, documents - Real Estate
  197. Orleans home builder bankrupt: builders, best - Real Estate
  198. Florida Market: housing, price, different - Real Estate
  199. Homebuying Assistance Programs in Texas: 1%, sales, housing, price - Real Estate
  200. FHA loans: RE agent, agent, condos, townhouse - Real Estate