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  16. Seller Hiding from Mutual Release: recommendation, documents, clause, agent - Real Estate
  17. Appeal to the Agents on this Board Unrepresented Buyers/Sellers: incentive, 3% - Real Estate
  18. Tax free excange: property, illegal, check, survey - Real Estate
  19. buying over renting: feedback, 4%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  20. Sign Stolen/Taken in broad daylight?: agent, sale, condos, broker - Real Estate
  21. What is the best decision out of options?: 5%, mortgages, sale - Real Estate
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  23. Houses that are bought at auction by contractor, fixed up and sold at market value is it a red flag?: agent, sale - Real Estate
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  33. Do real estate firms really ask for your credit card numbers and balances for renting a house?: tenants, mortgages
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  37. foreclosing on an owner financed property - GA: documentation, 2015, foreclosure - Real Estate
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  51. Seller's Agent the Buyer's Agent?: dual agency, commission, property, brokers - Real Estate
  52. What is typical if you list with an agent but may bring forward a buyer who you have shown property to?: new agent, state - Real Estate
  53. Failure to disclose on roof: agent, insurance, legal, inspection - Real Estate
  54. Inheriting a House That Needs a Lot of Work: recommendation, property, attorney - Real Estate
  55. News, Calif.'s New Rage: Fake Grass: 2015, California, Washington - Real Estate
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  57. School rankings, how accurate are they?: incentive, fees, property tax, HOA - Real Estate
  58. Slow at the end of May?: feedback, agent, sale, prices - Real Estate
  59. Do Luxury/Exclusive Condos Usually require a credit check before viewing?: agent, prices - Real Estate
  60. condo management - hybrid models?: recommendation, 2014, bank fee, insurance - Real Estate
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  65. Don’t the buyer and seller split the closing costs? If yes,hich one: 2014, 2% - Real Estate
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  67. contract extension: contingency, agent, investment, sale - Real Estate
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  72. Taking a property off the market paperwork: contingent, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  73. Ideas to Market yourself and your business: new agent, investment, sales - Real Estate
  74. Which National website do you prefer ( Zillow,, Trulia,: auctions, foreclosures - Real Estate
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  76. What's with all the hype over laminate flooring?: cheapest, landlords, price - Real Estate
  77. HOA telling me I can't store my car in my garage.: tenant, housing - Real Estate
  78. When townhouses are too old and need to be rebuilt, what happens?: condos, properties - Real Estate
  79. Does this wheelchair ramp add value to my home?: lawsuit, property, inspected - Real Estate
  80. Does this sound suspect?: RE agent, incentive, appraisal, new - Real Estate
  81. Buying REO w/ cash to flip. post close finance options?: tenants, investment - Real Estate
  82. Is this a way that I would have to trade up homes?: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  83. house bellow street level: agent, price, value, homeowner - Real Estate
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  89. Buying a house - previous owner had a dog: clause, negotiating, property - Real Estate
  90. Advice for Buyer who has offer on home.: contingent, clause, agent - Real Estate
  91. lowered price, now no showings: property, inspector, renting, interest rate - Real Estate
  92. If Interest Rate Goes Up.....: mortgage rates, mortgage, housing, prices - Real Estate
  93. Getting tired...: agent, sale, price, broker - Real Estate
  94. Lower unit owner wants me to pay his ceiling and loss of rent because of my toilet leaking: insurance, property - Real Estate
  95. Pros and Cons of using a friend as your realtor...: feedback, new agent - Real Estate
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  97. Double dipped: tenant, cheapest, fees, landlords - Real Estate
  98. If you play drums...suggestions?: price, bedroom, garage, options - Real Estate
  99. I need help understanding this transaction!: RE agent, appraisal, sale, fees - Real Estate
  100. How to buy a house NOT for sale??: tenants, incentive, appraisal - Real Estate
  101. If you have a job that requires you to be away from home for large amounts of time does it make sense to own a home?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  102. Buying a tenant occupied house: tenants, appraisal, foreclosure, investment - Real Estate
  103. Replace carpet or not?: foreclosure, sale, landlord, banks - Real Estate
  104. Do I need an attorney at closing?: documents, agent, sale - Real Estate
  105. Settlement or Foundation Issue?: inspector, bedroom, repair, sellers - Real Estate
  106. Unrealistic Buyers and crazy requests: feedback, recommendation, foreclosure, negotiation - Real Estate
  107. Negotiating comission on selling our house before making an offer to purchase one?: contingent, 1% - Real Estate
  108. Pipes Bursting under Contract?: agent, insurance, price, inspector - Real Estate
  109. My broker doesn't want to show sellers counter offer: tenant, documents, negotiating - Real Estate
  110. stop painting your walls diarrhea color: furniture, buying a house, buyer - Real Estate
  111. Conventional or Cash Only??: appraisal, commission, sale, fees - Real Estate
  112. why my agent is in hurry?: contingent, appraisal, commission, sale - Real Estate
  113. Vetting Tenants - Background Check: agent, fee, accept, landlords - Real Estate
  114. Current trends in houses: Paint, Appliances and flooring: price, kitchens, hardwood - Real Estate
  115. Funds owed to our realtor.. !: feedback, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  116. Can a local market improve that much in less than a year?: square foot, 2013 - Real Estate
  117. Can an agent do this??: incentive, price, property, legal - Real Estate
  118. Saturday showing only: agent, accept, price, inspection - Real Estate
  119. shopping around: documents, mortgage, mortgage company, fees - Real Estate
  120. closing on house but seller is keeping POD in driveway. what are my rights? (CA): disclosure, documents - Real Estate
  121. FSBO: Listing your home, delisting, then relisting after a break: foreclosures, sales - Real Estate
  122. Schedule viewing with listing agent?: commission, sales, agreement, construction - Real Estate
  123. HELP-Settled only on half of the duplex condo I purchased: square footage, appraisal - Real Estate
  124. 22 year old-- thinking about buying a condo & renting it out-- advice?: cheapest, agent - Real Estate
  125. Deliberately underpricing home as a sales tactic: agent, commission, accept - Real Estate
  126. Can't I Benefit from Having a Listing Agent Be My Buyer's Agent in a Seller's Market?: incentive, negotiation - Real Estate
  127. Landscaping, pretty gardens & house value: square foot, investment, sales, comparable - Real Estate
  128. Home Inspection..not good: contingency, appraise, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  129. Should I sell or rent my apartment: feedback, 3%, commission - Real Estate
  130. Advice needed. I am the seller. Home inspection gone wrong: plumber, mortgage - Real Estate
  131. Lennar Everythings Included ...: RE market, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  132. Buyers agent weirdness.: feedback, appraisal, 2%, negotiation - Real Estate
  133. Zestimate quite below asking price: appraiser, agent, percentage, value - Real Estate
  134. Pre-Approval/Proof of Funds Poll-Vote Now!: contingency, disclosure, foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  135. Would you buy a house that sits next to a busy freeway?: feedback, price - Real Estate
  136. Why is it so difficult to sell vacant land?: auction, foreclosures, sales - Real Estate
  137. Inspection Period Exceeded: contingency, feedback, documents, clause - Real Estate
  138. Seller was to pay $1,500 of closing cost, only paid $400?: disclosures, appraisal, 6% - Real Estate
  139. Are home warranty's a scam?: plumber, inspector, contract, Realtor - Real Estate
  140. Offer expected today after 4 DOM: RE agent, negotiating, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  141. Time from showing till offer?: contingency, agent, price, inspection - Real Estate
  142. Multiple offer situation....what would you do?: contingency, disclosure, appraisal - Real Estate
  143. Man comes home to find neighbor has taken half his driveway: 2015, property - Real Estate
  144. Would you purchase after seeing water in basement?: duplex, agent, insurance - Real Estate
  145. Is a relator allowed to do this?: 6%, clause, agent - Real Estate
  146. Covenants and restrictions: documents, property, lawyer, approved - Real Estate
  147. about wording on our house listing: agent, housing, price - Real Estate
  148. real estate definitions...?: agent, properties, legal, contract
  149. Dishonest Seller - would you still consider purchasing home?: contingency, incentive, plumber - Real Estate
  150. Unique appraisal - professionals welcome: mortgage, mortgage, sales, comparables - Real Estate
  151. Why is the Getting a Mortgage Experience So Difficult...........: documentation, income tax, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  152. Buying a house from the seller directly?: 2015, appraise, 3% - Real Estate
  153. Do Most Buyer's Agents Work on Weekends........: agent, investment, Realtors - Real Estate
  154. Compensation after termination of sales agreement - what is typical?: 2014, agent - Real Estate
  155. Seller took another offer during legal review: negotiations, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  156. Home Purchase !CAN A BUYER CHANGE FINANCING DOWN PAYMENT AFTER CONTRACT IS EXECUTED??!: contingency, appraisal - Real Estate
  157. prepping house for sale: square footage, cheapest, agents, investment - Real Estate
  158. MUST SELL house by June 15: feedback, 6%, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  159. on dual agency/representation: feedback, documentation, 2013, 6% - Real Estate
  160. How do you know if your loan is clear to close?: disclosures, documents - Real Estate
  161. Should my HOA be responsble to repair my floor caused by foundation or plumbing?: condo, attorney - Real Estate
  162. Danger Report Discussion: 2015, agent, commission, fees - Real Estate
  163. Musts I don't get: clause, agent, fee, price - Real Estate
  164. Skip the real estate agent?: 1%, commission, sales, fee
  165. Should I rent my house out, just live with it or try and sell it?: tenants, cheapest - Real Estate
  166. Older home vs newer home.: feedback, construction, inspector, expensive - Real Estate
  167. Would you hire a realtor that kived in your neighborhood?: feedback, new agent - Real Estate
  168. Accept Offer or Wait?: feedback, agent, agreement, price - Real Estate
  169. Why are so many realtors complete morons?: RE agent, clause, agent - Real Estate
  170. help with fraud: appraiser, foreclose, clause, agents - Real Estate
  171. Reality of owning a Manufactured Home: investment, mortgage, mortgage, banks - Real Estate
  172. Reselling a Newly Purchased Condo: mortgage, mortgage, fee, condos - Real Estate
  173. How does one find a specialty inspector?: recommendation, plumber, agent - Real Estate
  174. unerground gas supply line near house property..​. should i be concern?: 2014, agent - Real Estate
  175. FHA Loan Limit (and Rant): auction, foreclosure, 3%, mortgage - Real Estate
  176. Gated Communities - what do you like about them?: sales, fees, condo - Real Estate
  177. Housing Bubble Again: 2015, appraisal, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  178. Seller's Market: 2014, new agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  179. Landlocked Land and Easements: appraiser, sale, settlement, comparable - Real Estate
  180. Looking for homes in large price range: agent, commission, properties - Real Estate
  181. For sale by owner: recommendation, cheapest, appraise, 3% - Real Estate
  182. Should I settle for this house?: condos, prices, offer, room - Real Estate
  183. What is your preferred direction your house faces?: advantage, room, garages - Real Estate
  184. Best way to leave my house to a younger, poor friend: tenants, cheapest - Real Estate
  185. Personal When Submitting an Offer: negotiating, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  186. Selling Condo in Northern Va: tenants, 2015, 3%, investment - Real Estate
  187. Vent/Request: Why do so few listings have on basement vs slab?: agent, inspection - Real Estate
  188. Buying in a new development - questions on process, their lender,: incentive, appraisal - Real Estate
  189. Should I buy my friends' house? And how would you do it?: RE agent, appraisal - Real Estate
  190. How long? am I to picky?: agent, price, house hunting, Realtors - Real Estate
  191. Time Frame and Activities from Contract to Closing..........: contingency, documents, appraisal - Real Estate
  192. In relation to CC&Rs: agreement, property, lawyer, value - Real Estate
  193. Not Sure This is Right?: contingent, 2015, agent, escrow - Real Estate
  194. Buy vs Rent: tenants, investments, commissions, mortgage - Real Estate
  195. Should I tell my agent my max budget?: commission, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  196. Why do buyers shy away from a house with a tax Lien?: mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  197. Which Texas Newspapers best for advertising real estate?: sale, property, broker
  198. Video News, Pennsylvania teen ordered to tear down treehouse after neighbor complains: 2015, housing - Real Estate
  199. Price jump of $139k in ONE year with NO work done on the house: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  200. Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in the Northeast in 2015?: investment, investing